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The Wonderland Theory

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“Guy invites you out to eat with him, and you ask to bring you, sister,” Circe muttered, not wanting to admit that she was curious about the idol they were going to meet, “And I’m guessing that you are going to use this as an excuse to ask the owner if you can flim there for a show.”

Eva looked away, which told Circe that is what she was going to do.

“Really?” Circe asked pretending to sound annoyed.

“It’s just… if we showed something with good food that flies under the radar imagine what would happen!”

“I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this place because of the bad service. You read them right, the owner is an absolute ba-”

“Hey, Miss Chips!” A voice called out.

“Kir- ,” Eva started to call back, “Oh wait.”

Circe’s brown eyes widened when she saw a familiar blonde-haired man with bright blue eyes. The idol most girls dreamed about, Kiro. Circe had to agree that Kiro was cute, he wasn’t really her type.

“You must be Miss Chip’s sister,” Kiro said smiling at Circe.

“That’s me,” Circe said lamely, she honestly didn’t know what to say to this guy. He seemed nice, but as Eva and Anna keep saying, Circe didn’t tend to like strangers. Though around Kiro it wasn’t full-on hatred… however, that couldn’t change for the better or worse.

“Circe is a lot the main editor of Miracle Finder,” Eva said, “She’s been so helpful throughout most troubled time and really has stepped up to help!”

Circe knew that Eva didn’t mean anything by it but it still made Circe look down in guilty. Those words made her feel like she didn’t really do anything until the company was holding on by a thin string.

Eva wanted to make her sound interesting to her new friend, and while part of Circe was happy about that there was another that was a bit more reserved.

“Ah that’s so cool,” Kiro exclaimed clasping Circe’s hands, “really Circe you do an amazing job with the episodes! The transitions and everything look so clean.”

Circe’s face turned bright red as her mind went blank, no one has praised her like this- well who wasn’t her twin- ever.

She couldn’t even say thank you.

“Anyways,” Kiro started as he let go of Circe’s hands, “I think they’ll finally open up today! Come on!”

“You know where it is?” Eva asked as they walked, “we looked all over the internet this morning but we couldn’t find the address- not even there hours.”

“Oh that’s because of the boss,” Kiro explained, “from what I understand he only opens up on a whim and that Sevunior is actually a hobby so he doesn’t honestly care if it’s busy or not… frankly, I think he prefers not to be busy.”

Kiro smiled and continued, “I came across it by accident a while ago but it was so good that I keep coming back so I know exactly where to find it. Sadly they don’t open up a lot.”

How could someone run a restaurant and stay in business for that?  Then again Kiro did say that it was the owner’s hobby and not a career.

A picture of a grumpy old man entered Circe’s mind as she pictured what the owner must look like. 

Though for a split second Victor flashed through her mind, she didn’t know the man but after hearing about him from Eva and seeing him last night the thought it did enter her mind. But that was impossible- hence why Circe ended up picturing an older man.

“Hey!” Kiro called out while waving his arms, “Mr. Mils!”

Circe saw a kind looking older man holding a bag of groceries in front of a door and talking to…

It’s that girl again! 

It actually was that girl. Same blonde hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and the same fear of others.

“Hey, Krystal,” Kiro said, “it’s been a while.”

The girl didn’t answer as she continued to hide behind the older man.

Circe saw that Kiro’s face fell as he muttered, “She’s still afraid of me…”

“Sorry,” Mr. Mils said, “She’s usually like that with everyone. Don’t take it to heart. Krystal is just an extremely shy girl.”

Circe gave the girl a soft smile and said, “I’m sorry if I scared you the other day.”

I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

“I’m sure she’s not…” Mr. Mils started to say but stopped when the girl pulled on his sleeve and help up a notepad.

“Can you tell her that I’m sorry for running away?”

“It’s okay,” Circe said as she read the words before Mr. Mils could say anything, “I’m the one who sneaked up on you… I should have tread carefully but that guy…”

Circe noticed that Krystal was writing something else down.

“Sorry I can’t apologize for him… not that he would. But he’s really not that bad… most days”

“You know him?” Circe asked.

The girl’s face turned bright red as she helps up her next set of words, “Yes, he’s my..”

“He’s in some of my classes.”

Well, that was an odd way to talk about a classmate… and was she going to write down a friend or something else? Based on the blush that made her the same color as a peach there was more to that than she let on.

“How are you getting her to ‘talk’ to you?” Kiro asked curiously, “Krystal doesn’t do that often.”

Mr. Mils let out a chuckle, “Krystal tends to judge people on their actions, If you’re nice to her, she’ll end up warming up to you” he looked at Circe, “You gave her a reason to trust you. To communicate with you, Krystal is mute so she doesn’t tend to associate with anyone. So for her to have a conversation with you is amazing, Miss.”

“Oh just call me Circe,” She said, “and I’m not something special, some guy on a skateboard almost hurt her so I wanted to make sure she was okay. She still ran away from me though.”

Krystal pulled on Mr. Mils’s sleeve again.

“Would the owner mind if I worked on some homework?”

“Oh he doesn’t mind, he understands why you tend to come here to study,” Mr. Mils replied with a chuckle, “since you’re quiet so he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, you’re his favorite customer.”

“I highly doubt that. I just don’t annoy him like other people.”

“Come on in,” Mr. Mils said, as he opened the door for them. Circe noticed how quickly Kyrstal went in followed by Kiro who had a huge smile on his face. 

Before Circe herself went in she noticed that Eva stopped Mr. Mils.

“Um... Could I asked the owner something?” Eva asked, “I’m a producer and I was wondering if it was possible to flim here?”

Mr. Mils looked at her with… pity?

“I can ask him but I doubt he’ll let you, also if must warn you to not take photos instead… V- He might end up banning you from here.”

Good thing that I have the camera otherwise she might try to… oh wait she has her phone!

To Circe’s surprised she saw her sister shut it off. Then Eva grabbed her arm and together they walked in.

The inside was pretty small with only a small bar, which Krystal sat out with a laptop in from of her, and about four small tables. 

Kiro sat at one with three chairs acting like a child on Christmas day. He couldn’t sit still. Oh my god, he’s adorable!
They had just sat down when Mr.Mils came out with an odd expression on his face.

“He said no,” Mr. Mils said, “he also wanted you to leave... but I managed to talk him into letting your stay. Sorry, but the boss is a very private person.”

For some reason, Krystal gave out a snort and tried her best to hid the smile on her face. Did she know something or was it something on her computer that made her laugh.

Krystal, you are a very strange girl.