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The Wonderland Theory

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It’s always something, Eva thought as she left. The sky was just starting to get dark, Eva didn’t notice how fast time moved as she waited to talk to Kiro’s agent… thought it probably didn’t help that she was mistaken for a part of the crew and like an idiot, she didn’t bother to say anything.

Once she was finally able to sit down with Kiro and his agent, she was told that he could spear on an episode but…

It was always a but with people isn’t it. Eva had tried her best to keep an emotionless face as the agent talked.

“Look Kiro would love to be on your show, but right now we just can’t.  He has tours coming up and we aren’t sure what the future would hold four your show,” the agent explained, though to Eva, it sounded more like excuses, “if you manage to stay on the air for the next few months Kiro would definitely be on your show…”

The conversation ended not long after that. Eva could still see the sadness on Kiro’s face as she thanked them and left.

I was supposed to meet with Victor but...

That could wait until tomorrow right? It wasn’t Eva’s fault that time got away from her and most people would be off of work right now.

Eva didn’t realize until she was at the doors that she had already made her way to LFG. 

She stood at the door for a few moments, debating whether or not she should go in or wait until tomorrow. But he said you have to meet him today... 

I haven’t prepared anything, my proposal is still on my computer. Not done!

“Hey,” a voice said breaking her out of her thoughts, “Are you coming in, or are you just going to stare like a sad, lost puppy.”

Eva looked at Goldman who had come outside.

“You’re here to see Mr. Li right?” Goldman asked.

Mr. Li… Oh, wait he means Victor.

Eva nodded, “I know it’s late but he said to come by later.”

“At the moment… you might actually be a welcomed sight,” Goldman muttered, barely loud enough for her to hear but before she could ask about his words he continued, “Well you know where to find him. Goodnight Miss.”

Then he walked away.

Eva watched him walked away before turning her attention back towards the building. 

Let’s just get this over with, She thought as she went inside.

“Oh good evening miss,” Cindy said with a smile as she walked in, “here to see the CEO, right? Well, be careful he might not be in a good mood.”

“Why?” Eva asked the dark-haired receptionist.

Cindy gave her a disgusted look, “a demon has come to and everyone has been… well, in a bad mood.”

Then the receptionist took Eva’s hands, “So if he says anything to you that hurts your feelings, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Okay,” Eva said as she let go.

“Well, good night Miss Eva,” Cindy said before exiting.

Why do I feel like I’m going to regret coming here?

Eva heard yelling, well a woman angrily yelling at someone. And it was coming from… Victor’s office.

Turn around slowly and run.

Eva didn’t have a chance to do that was the door burst open and a beautiful woman stepped out, and then proceed to storm up to Eva who was a few feet away.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” The woman asked, glaring at Eva. Sizing her up to see if she was a threat… and Eva had no idea why, until Victor decided that was a good time to say something to her.

“Eva,” he said cooly, “you’re late.”

If looks could kill…

Eva really, really wanted to run away and never return.  But she managed to swallow her fear and embarrassment and replied.

“Well,” she started to say but paused for a few moments. Yeah probably wasn’t a smart move. Not only did she look up to see Victor in more casual clothes- while Eva liked the suit this outfit did look good on… crap!

Why am I attracted to the asshole!

Because you like men in suits...

And unless her mind was playing tricks on her Victor did smirk, but it was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Just give me your proposal in the morning,” Victor said once he realized that Eva.exe was not responding, “I’ll take you home.”

That definitely didn’t please the woman who was still glaring at Eva, in fact, she could feel the women’s gaze- it felt like she was trying to melt Eva’s brain with that stare.

“Okay,” Eva said as he walked past, she was about to follow when the woman grabbed her and hissed.

“Listen here, Victor is mine got it!” 

“Eva? You coming?” Victor asked, his voice causing the woman to jump and let go.

“Yes,” Eva said, catching up to him and thankfully leaving the other woman behind.

“You should be nicer to your girlfriend,” Eva said without looking at him, “she seemed angry.”

That was an understatement. That woman was absolutely furious and turned that anger on Eva.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Victor said as he turned another corner, “We went on a few dates, but that was it. She’s just persistent and getting pissed because I keep refusing her. Frankly, I can’t stand her.”

“Oh,” Eva muttered, for some reason, those words made her heart flutter, “So no girlfriend?”

“Don’t have time for them. Why are you asking about my love life?”

I have no idea, Eva though even though part of her and heartbeat said otherwise. 

“You don’t have time for them? I bet you drive them away because of your personality is so bad,” Eva replied. “I bet you’re telling yourself that to make yourself feel better.”

The car stopped.

“Oh really,” Victor said leaning towards her. He didn’t look annoyed or angry, “And what is my personality like?”

“Oh where to start,” Eva said, “You’re cold and mean. Pretty much your an…”

Eva trailed off finally noticing just how close he was, she could feel his warm breath caressing her checks and she could smell his cologne.  His eyes stayed unreadable but she swore that they kept moving down to her lips.

Eva felt her body shifting closer to his. Part of her screaming about how she can’t kiss a man she barely knew and that she couldn’t believe herself for wanting to kiss him in the first place.

It was like a spell on her, and Eva was doing nothing to fight it. Did she want him to kiss her? Did she want to kiss him? Should she get closer? Pull him closer? Or find the strength to push victor away?

Even as her thoughts ran wild her body remained still.

What was going to happen next? Eva didn’t know as their heads leaned and the distance between their mouths grew closer.

And then her phone rang making Eva jump back.

“Hello?” Eva asked sheepishly, while she tried her best to forget what just happened.

“Oh my god that is you!” her sister yelled that out so loudly that Eva was forced to move her phone away.

“Oh no, there are two of you,” she heard Victor mutter. Victor had recovered a lot faster than Eva did and was now staring at Circe who was glaring at the both of them. 

The phone was close enough to Victor that Circe heard it and flipped him off.  Then she turned her attention back to Eva and gestured to her to get out of the car.

“Um… thank you for the ride,” Eva said, letting out an embarrassed chuckle, “and I’m sorry about her. My Twin can be rather…”

“It’s fine,” Victor interrupted, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Eva nodded as she opened the door.

“So…” Circe said crossing her arms over her chest, she was going to start interrogating Eva again wasn’t she. Then again what she expect she had a near-death experience and a total “stranger” had given her a ride home, which was out of character for Eva.

Eva gulped.

“Why were you in that car and why did you almost kiss the driver?” Circe asked that in a usually soft voice which freaked Eva out more.

And before she could stop herself Eva replied, “It was late and Victor offered me a ride home and…”

“Hold up! Victor as in the man who almost pulled our funding!”

And the one who saved me yesterday.

“And you almost… wait a second you didn’t…”

“No!” Eva said, her face burning, “what you just saw was just…”

Attraction? At least on her part. Weakness? Maybe. Sexual tension? Impossible!

“I mean I told him that he was going to regret defunding us and he wanted me to prove it by giving us more time,” Eva explained.

“Then what did I just see?” Circe asked, her voice sounding genuine and somewhat worried like she thought there was something more going on.

Oh just me wanting to make out with an attractive man, like a lovesick teenager.

“I don’t know!” Eva could feel frustrated tears well up in her eyes, “I had a long day and I want…”

“Shush,” her twin whispered as she hugged her, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable and almost make you cry.”

Eva hugged her back right as her phone beeped, making her let go of her sister.

Kiro: Sorry about earlier… I didn’t know he was going to say that. 

Kiro: oh and thanks for the snack! It tastes just like the one they make at souvenir!

“Kiro, who is… wait it’s not that Krio is it? When and how?” Circe asked.

“It was a chance meeting? I’m not sure how it happened,” Eva said, “it was a coincidence I swear.”

Her phone dinged again.

Kiro: you need to try Suvenior sometime it’s so good! I can take you tomorrow if you want… and if they’re open.

Eva looked at her sister and he shocked expression.

Eva: Sure… could I bring my sister along?

Kiro: Yeah! The more the merrier.