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The Wonderland Theory

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“He’s not there,” A voice said making Kikki and Circe jump in surprise. The musical voice continued like she didn’t scare the crap out of the two who were trying to stare into Lucien’s office, “the professor went out a half-hour ago.” 

Circe was the first one to turn around to see a pitte girl with pink ombre hair- going from a dull hot pink to this pretty light pink shade.  She also had a doll-like face- that was only accentuated by the pastel makeup and black eyeliner she wore. 

“Damn it,” Kikki muttered, “and we came all this way to thank him.”

“For what?” the girl asked.

“He’s one of the reasons why the last miracle finder episode was a success,” Kikki explained, “Our audience loved him. And once of the reasons why we are able to keep going.”

Circe held up the thank you note that Anna gave her, well after she told Circe to be nice and to stop hating someone before getting to know them.

“I’m sure if you got to know him, you would actually like him,” Anna had said.

We’ll see about that. 

“Funny, I know someone who tried to change the channel when she saw him,” the girl muttered.

Circe couldn’t stop herself from snorting, as she tried to hold back laughter.

“I know where his mailbox is if you want to leave it there? Or maybe his grad student could unlock the door for you,” The girl said, “Follow me!”

“Hey, there Minny!” Circe watched as the girl wrapped her arms around a red-haired woman who seems to be busy grading papers and surrounded by empty coffee cups. She would be extremely pretty if not for the dark circles under her blue eyes- she looked like she hasn’t slept in days.

Not to mention that everything about her looks like she just rolled out of bed and came here. Red hair was in a messy bun that was barely hanging on, her baggy clothes where wrinkled as if they spend the night in a pile on the floor, and her glasses were tilted.

“Gah!” the woman let out in surprise as she dropped her red pen on the floor, “seriously Aelia! you need to stop doing that!”

“Hey, these ladies are wondering if you could unlock the professor’s office,” the pink-haired girl, Aelia, waved her hand so the other woman would look back to see Circe and Kikki, “Oh, meet Minerva, she’s…”

“I’m the grad student he forces to correct papers,” Minerva said, “I have no time to do anything else but read papers that makes me want to rip out my hair.”

Kikki and Circe looked at each other as the redhead went on, “not to mention that he treats me like a lab assistant- if the assistant was Igor!  Gah, I hate him. He gets to go on TV while I’m stuck with…”

“Sorry,” Aelia whispered, “I should have warned you that she doesn’t like Lucien… and that I thought she would be willing to help.”

Minerva sighed and tried to calm down, “I’ll unlock his door. Might be easier, you want to thank him for helping your show right? Plus you don’t want it to be a mistake for another love note and have it end up there.”

Minerva pointed a silver nail at a trash can that was full of paper, “the female students can be petty, only wanted Lucien’s attention on them. They’ll even though away is actual mail- so here I am trying to get it all before they have a chance to but do I get a thank you? No!”

“She really doesn’t like him, does she?” Circe asked Aelia.

“She actually liked him at one point,” Aelia explained, “ was one of the best students last year so he napped her right away, but…well, she thinks that he’s using her so he doesn’t have to do anything but look pretty.”

Circe couldn’t help but to laugh at that, she may like Minerva.

“I hate that stupid face,” Minerva muttered, before turning her attention to Kikki, “Look I know that he helped you once but don’t expect him to do it again.”

Minerva stood up and took a key out of her pocket, making the others pretty much run to catch up to the taller girl.

“Well that was slightly disappointing,” Kikki sighed once they walked outside, “I really wanted to see him.”

“To see if he’ll be on more episodes or because you want something pretty to look at?” Circe asked.

Kikki’s face turned bright red, “can you blame me? It’s such a rarity to see a guy that good look and nice.”

Did she not listen to Minerva? That poor woman looked so tired and angry- that was directed at Lucien. 

“I prefer…” Circe started to say only to almost get run over by a guy on a state board. he had the strangest hair color she ever saw, it was gray but had a bluish tint to it.

“Hey, asshole! Watch where you’re going.” Circe called out, noticing that she wasn’t the only one he almost hit. 

Circe watched as the asshole on the state board scare a poor blonde with thick-rimmed glasses and caused her to drop everything.

“Hey are you alright,” Circe said as she ran to the girl to help.

The blonde looked up a Circe with a terrified expression in her indigo eyes. She quickly gathering everything and running away, leaving a gaping Circe behind. 

What the heck! she’s like a scared little mouse!

But then she noticed something, the blonde looked back at Circe for a split second. Circe swore the girl nodded at her before turn away running in the same direction the guy on the skateboard went.