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The Wonderland Theory

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She loved every minute of it, being on the motorcycle. she let out a soft laugh in contentment as she saw everything speed by in a blur.

Then again being near him again might have something to do with those exciting feelings. She never understood why, but Circe had a crush on Gavin. That was another reason she wanted to go with him.

Though she never knew if he actually likes her or hated her- it was hard to tell because he was easily annoyed… so one really didn’t know if Gavin would tolerate them or attack them.

She never got a chance to ask.

And after he graduated, two years before she did, he just left… and that dumb crush had faded. Or so she thought. Circe’s heart was beating like crazy.

Circe knew that it wasn’t from the ride. It was beating just like it did when she tried to talk to him.

Stop it! Circe tried her best to will heartbeat to slow down.

“Are you okay?” Gavin asked. His words making her realize that the ride was over and that she was leaning forward, her weight on her hands as they gripped the seat.

Circe quickly recovered and climbed off, “yeah, I’m fine.”

“She’s this way,” Gavin said, waving for Circe to follow.

“Right!” Circe has to run just to catch up to him, Damn these short legs.

“So, you’re an officer,” Circe said, trying to make some conversation as they walked, mostly because she hasn’t seen him in years and was curious, “What made you want to join the force.”

Gavin kept his mouth shut, but Circe did see his gold eyes shift towards her.

“Oh come on I haven’t seen you in forever,” Circe said, “I’m just curious that’s all.”

Gavin let out a snort, “This coming from the girl who thought I would end up behind bars… why do you care?”

“I don’t,” Circe lied, she was about to say something more as a woman ran up to them.

“Officer Gavin!” she said with a feigned sob, as she threw herself at Gavin- who looked extremely annoyed.

Then the woman noticed Circe and let go of Gavin, and with the most bitchy voice she could muster asked, “Who are you?”

Well here comes my daily need to punch someone, Circe thought as she gave a look of warning to the other girl.

“She’s with the city news.” Gavin said before she had a chance to, “Circe here is helping them do her sister could your experience for the show- are you live-streaming this?”

“Why of course. My fans must always know what’s going on with my life.”

“You’re that streamer Hallow!” Circe said, sounding a lot more shocked than she meant too, “the one who wrapped across town.”

Hallow didn’t look please to hear the shock in Crice’s voice, “Excuse me?”

Gavin ignored Hallow as he went on, “So if you could please shut off the Livestream and talk to her that would be great.”

“Fine!” Hallow grumbled, and appeared to shut off the stream.

“So would you mind repeating your statement you gave to the police…
Circe started to say, but stopped when she heard a robotic voice.

“So the hot cop has a girlfriend pity,” the voice said… It was coming from Hallow’s phone.

Gavin growled, “I mean it turn off your Livestream or I break your phone…”

“I don’t think you’re legally able to do that,” Circe muttered.

“I don’t care.”

But that threat was enough to scare Hallow into completely turning off her phone.

“So is she the only one?” Circe asked as they made their way backed to the parked motorcycle.

“No,” Gavin replied, “But since she captured her experience, it was hard to ignore... She almost got that guy on camera too.”


“All around the city woman have ended up in some dark alleys, not knowing how they got there. The ones survived said they saw a man with a knife coming after them.”

Survived! What does he mean by that.

Gavin noticed her expression and nodded, “While most of them managed to get away, there was some that were found who were stabbed to death.”

Those words made Circe feel sick to her stomach.

“We don’t know why or how it’s possible,” Gavin continued and he looked like he wanted to say more but Circe’s phone started ringing.

… She didn’t recognize the number.

“Sorry,” she said to Gavin before answering, “Hello?”

“Ah good it’s you,” Circe’s eyes went wide as she recognized the voice, Lucien, “Sorry, I got your number from one of your Co-workers. I tried to talk to your sister but her phone was busy…”

“So they gave you my number.”

“Yes… I hope you don’t mind,” Lucien replied, “if you had the time I would like to show you something.”

“Sadly,” Circe said, though that was far from the truth, “I have a prior engagement.”

She didn’t know why but she looked over at Gavin, who gave her an odd look.

“Oh, some other time then?” Lucien asked.

“Maybe,” Circe said, “I have to go.”

She hung up before Lucien could say anything else.

“Who was that?” Gavin ask handing her the helmet.

“He’s going to be a guest on Miracle Finder… but… I don’t know I just have this weird feeling about him,” Circe said. “Eva said it’s because I don’t trust strangers.”

Gavin smirked, as if he was remembering something.

“It’s because-” he didn’t finish

Circe blinked and he was gone… and her surroundings changed.

“Gavin!” Circe called out as she looked around the… alley. Oh no!

Circe started to run to the exit when she saw someone blocking her way. 

“Oh you have to be fucking kidding me!” Circe muttered as the man stalked towards her… pulling out a knife from his coat.

“Gavin!” she screamed out again, but something… something felt strange. It wasn’t the air around her.

But the feeling was gone as fast as it came.

“Circe,” she heard a voice call out, “Runaway and jump!”


Circe did as she was told, she ran… until she reached a dead end.

“What now?” She muttered, “Oh great voice in the sky what should I do next? Die?”

“I told you to jump Circe,” the voice told her.

If I die I’m blaming it all on Gavin and haunting his fine ass! Wait what?

Circe looked behind her to see the psycho with the knife swiftly closing the distance between them.

Acting on pure instinct and fear Circe jumped.

“I got you,” A voice muttered as a pair of arms wrapped around her.

Circe didn’t realize she had closed her eyes until she opened them and saw an orange sky and a pair of lovely gold eyes. Then she realized…

“Oh my fucking gosh!” Circe screamed holding onto the man for dear life, but notice that they weren’t falling, “Wait… how are we floating?”

Gavin didn’t answer as the wind around them shot them forward. Okay, so Gavin is superman… neat. 

It wasn’t long before feet touched the ground again.

“Um, thanks… How can-” Circe was cut off by a loud gasp.


“Eva!” Circe said in equal surprise, not noticing she was still in Gavin’s arms until he let her go- much to Circe’s disappointment.

“Did you,” Eva stumbled on her words, “I came back to get you and I see-” Eva looked at Gavin, “Are you an…”

Eva trailed off, playing with her brown hair like she would so when she couldn’t think of the right words to say.

“Evolver? Yes,” Gavin said.

“How did you know she was going to ask that?” Circe asked him.

“She didn’t look that shocked and she was trying to figure out the best way to ask,” Gavin replied, “But I’m curious how do you know about Evolvers?”

“A professor at Loveland University told her when she asked. Wait! I forgot to ask you about that. Why did you ask him that?”

“I think I got saved by one the other day,” Eva said, “I think someone pushed me into the street and time just… Stopped. The next thing I knew was someone holding me.”

“Victor saved you?” Gavin asked with a mixture of disbelief and shock.

Eva nodded, “he doesn’t seem like the kind of person do to that. But… He still saved me.”

Circe was lost, “Who are you talking about?”

“The CEO at LFG...” Eva muttered, and didn’t want to say it, looked too afraid to say anything. 

 Then again from the look on Circe’s face, she had every right to be scared.