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The Wonderland Theory

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Eva could tell that Circe wanted to say something, because of how weird she's been acting for the last hour.

It all started with those words.

"I'll make you regret it!"

Eva still couldn't believe that she said that! But it worked, she managed to buy them more time to get out of their current predicament. The next show wouldn't have to be there last if they can get more viewers or managed to get their show on the treading page of twitter.

But as she left Victor's office, there was something else on her mind, Eva turned to ask him about it, but he was already busy with the next thing.

Then she got a text from Kikki wondering where  Eva was, and that both her and Anna have been trying to get a hold of Eva "for the last hour."

Eva didn't say anything other than that she would explain later and that she was going to the university to talk to the one and only professor Lucien, only to find that her sister already beat her to it.

And she got him to agree, which excited Eva. Things were starting to look up for the Nightstar company!

Unless I do something that would cause us to crash and burn right before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

But she had to there were so many people who were counting on her; Circe, the staff, and Krio where all counting on Eva to succeed.

The professor would help with that. He was interesting, and as Kikki and Anna put it, "easy on the eyes."

Circe didn't like him, Eva could tell. However, that was most likely due to the lack of trust between them.

But right now, Miracle Finder needed someone like him. He was knowledgable about many strange things, even though he himself sounded like he didn't believe in the possibility of those with powers.

He even knew what Evolver meant… Eva thought, she didn't tell him how she heard the word or what happened just a few hours before meeting with him. Eva didn't think Victor would have been happy if she told anyone about it.

"Thank you so much for coming in," Eva heard Anna say, "We'll see you for filming tomorrow."

Lucien nodded to them before leaving… and that's when the others turned to Eva.

"So… what happened with LFG? Circe said that you were upset that they defunded us," Anna said.

"Not to mention that you went MIA!" Kikki added, "We were worried."

"Well, I was going to buy snacks for everyone to eat while I broke the bad news but," Eva paused and smiled, "I found someone who gave me the courage and confidence to go back and give the CEO a piece of my mind!"

Eva looked at Circe, who had a proud light in her eyes.

"And Vic- I mean the CEO said we had one week," Eva said, "I know it's not much, but if we can prove to LFG that we have the audience and are popular enough, they won't pull funding."

"You met the CEO!!! What's he like?" They all said at once.

"Is he as cold as the media makes him out to be?" Circe asked.

Oh yeah, he's an asshole, but the fact that he's willing to give us another chance… maybe he's not as bad as people say. Plus, he's very- No! Bad girl!

"The point is that he's giving us this chance so we can't blow it," Eva explained, "So as long as we make the best show we can and show people that we're worth watching, we can continue on."

"So we have the hot professor for the next episode, so we don't need to prepare anything else," Circe said, "But if we manage to pull this off, we should start looking towards the next week."

Eva smiled at her sister, "Maybe we can try again with the police station? To see if they are willing to talk to us about the strange "wrapping" occurrences that have been happening to people."

"I heard about that. There was a streamer who said that one moment she was in a park and the next an alley. Now she wasn't moving and since it was a live stream… needless to say that people are freaking out."

"I have a connection who might help," Anna said. "At the city news, they'll help us if we help them in return."

"You know I could handle this on my own, right?" Eva was a little annoyed about her twin's overprotectiveness and how Circe demanded that she accompany Eva to the police station. " And you realize I get worried, right?" Circe replied, wrapping her arms around Eva, "What if something happened and you got hurt? Plus, I'm curious about something…"

Eva looked at her sister, now what could make her sister so curious that she wanted to go to the police station? Was it that she wanted to know more about the topic they're covering? If so, that was a first for Circe.

Circe never really left her hole. So to have something that drew her sister out- willingly- it must be something important or interesting.

"Can I help you ladies with something?" an officer. The older man had a friendly smile on his face. However, Eva could tell that the man had no idea why two seemly normal and nice girls would be at a police station.

"Yes, we're with… The city news," Eva said, "We were told to talk to Officer Gavin about a case."

She didn't know why, but there was something familiar about that name? But Eva was sure that she never met this officer Gavin.

Eva looked at Circe and gestured to the camera around her neck, "We were also hoping if we could get some photo's to use."

Then Eva noticed something. Circe was looking at something over the officer's shoulder and… was she smirking? Eva tried to follow her sister's line of sight, but she was too short in her flats.

With a quiet sigh, Eva looked back at the office only to see the look of horror on his face.

"Why?" he said, "I don't know who told you to talk to Gavin, but I advise you to drop the story you want to do. Tell you're supervisor it's not worth it."

"What's wrong with him?" Eva asked as she heard Circe chuckle softly.

"Let's just say that he hasn't been on the force for that long, just transferred here a few weeks back, and he has a pretty bad reputation," the officer said, "I heard he's here because he's the son of one of the higher-ups. A big shoot's boy."

"Who are you calling a big shot's boy?" a voice asked, making the older man jump and quickly turn around.

"Officer Gavin! I- I…I was just talking about… I wasn't talking about you."

Gavin's gold eyes looked at the man incredulously, "Oh, really?"

Eva watched as Gavin crossed his arms over his chest. 

Gavin didn't look like an officer, though that could have been due to the lack of uniform. Because he was wearing jeans and a denim jacket, Gavin looked normal.

I swear I've seen him before, but I can't remember where.

Eva looked at Circe, who looked at the men with amusement as the older officer was still tripping over his words as he tried his best to come up with excuses.

Then the older man just ran off.

"Are you Gavi- Wait, a second!!!" Eva exclaimed as she finally remembered who he was, "But how!"

He may have looked slightly older and leaner, but Gavin didn't really change since high school. 

"Circe did you-." 

"Yes," her sister replied, "I guess after his name was mentioned, and I could see him over that officer's shoulder."

"But he's a cop," Eva said as she remembered how much of a trouble maker Gavin was, how he would beat the other boys up and blackmail people. And when Circe called him out for that blackmail, he put a bloody letter in her desk.

Eva remembered the amusement in Circe's eyes as she looked at it.

"He wants to meet me after school," Circe said, " I wonder why."

"Don't go!" Eva had told her.

"Is that really so hard to believe?" Gavin asked, "Did you think that I would end up in custody instead of on the force?"

"Do you really want to hear that answer," Circe said smugly.

Gavin's eyes narrowed, "Why you."

"She didn't mean anything by that," Eva said, letting out a nervous chuckle, "right, Circe?"

Gavin looked down at her with a look that said, " I don't believe that." Before he resumed glaring at Circe.

"So, we're here…"

"I already know why you're here," Gavin sighed, "Come with me."

"Um… what are you doing?" Eva asked.

"It'll be faster to show one of you instead of explaining everything," Gavin said as he reeved the engine of a motorcycle. 

I'm not getting on that metal death trap.

But do you have to go.

"I'll go," Circe said, "Toss me the other helmet."

"But…" Eva started to say.

"You're scared, and don't you dare say you're not. Plus, motorcycles and skirts don't mix well."

"I'm pretty sure wearing heels don't mix well with bikes either," Eva pouted.

Circe looked down at the plain black heels she was wearing, before saying, "Then switch shoes with me."

Eva looked at her like Circe was insane, but agreed.  Then Circe handed Eva the camera around her neck, muttering something about using her phone if need.

"I'll see you later, okay," Circe said as she climbed on to the motorcycle and wrapped her arms around Gavin as the speed off.

Eva watched them go, and once they were out of sight, Eva started for the direction of their office… and hating every step she took.

How does she walk in these! Eva thought as she tried to walk normally.