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The Wonderland Theory

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    Circe knew that she shouldn’t have left her sister behind, especially after seeing that defeated look on her face. But she knew better,  comforting Eva would only make things worse. Eva didn’t like to be comforted by others. It makes her think that she lost something.

    Eva was the one who comforted people, not the other way around.

    Circe on the other hand was a different story. They might be identical twins, but they were still different people.

  Eva is like an angel, and naive to a fault. Circe’s twin was also extremely timid at times. 

    Circe needed to become someone who protected her sister from the cruelty of the world, even though it makes her look like a bitch.

    But she couldn’t help with how Eva is feeling now… and Circe hated it! She wanted to go back and knock some sense into the CEO of LFG.

    Circe didn’t notice that was going to just that until her phone rang.

    “Hello,” Circe said when she answered.

    “Do you know where Eva is? She’s not answering her phone at all,” Circe heard Anna say, “Did something happen?”

    “We couldn’t convince them not to defund us,” Circe said, as her anger started to rise again. She really, really wanted to go back and give them a piece of her mind for hurting Eva’s feelings and destroying her dreams, “She said she’s was making a quick stop. She’s probably not answering your calls because she doesn’t want any of you to hear her cry.”

    “I see…” Anna muttered sadly.

    “I’m about ready to go back there and-”

    “Don’t make it worse,” Anna hissed out sharply, “Eva needs you! Don’t do anything stupid, like go to jail, please. With you gone, who would edit our… final show?”


    “No, buts! How about you do something for us, to get your mind off LFG,” Anna said, “Eva said your uncle mention a neuroscientist named Lucien and how he would be a great guest to have on the show. Would you mind talking to him?”

    Circe actually did mind, she hated talking to people. 

    However since Eva in a dark place right now she said, “yes.”


    Now that she thought about it the last time she saw her sister look so sad was when a guy asked Eva to a dance. Sweet and innocent right? Nope, he only asked Eva out to make Circe jealous, however, that didn’t work.

    That guy ended up with a black eye and a busted lip- sadly that was not done by Circe since he ran off before she had a chance to. 

    Circe was pretty sure she knew who did that, however, she was entirely sure why. Maybe he just felt it or that idiot decided to piss off Gavin.

    He stupidly told Circe everything believing she was Eva. Not that she could blame him, She and Eva looked identical all through school. Then in college, Circe dyed her hair black giving a chance for people to tell them apart. Though honestly her personality alone should have told them that she was nothing like sweet little Eva.

    “Miss,” a voice broke her away from her thoughts, “We’re here.”

    “Thank you,” Circe said paying the taxi fare before exiting the vehicle. 

    Circe was already regretting coming here, the students looked at her and it made her a little uncomfortable to be started out.

    Circe tried her best to ignore them as she headed to the science building, almost tripping over her own feet a few times.

    When she was finally inside, Circe took let out a sigh of relief. As she followed the instructions that Anna had sent her-towards the office of Professor Lucien.

    An office that was a pain to find! The numbers were out of order between classrooms and offices, but sure enough, she finally managed to find it- after walking around the building like a lost puppy.

    Circe was about ready to knock, but the door opened up revealing a young researcher in a lab coat. 

    “Yes? Did you need something?” he asked.

    “Yeah, I’m looking for a professor Lucien,” Circe explained, “I was told to ask him to appear on the… the last episode of Miracle Finder.”

    “Miracle finder?” The man asked.

    “Yes-” Circe was going to explain but was interrupted by a female who greeted the young researcher.

    “Professor Lucien,”  The woman said as she walked past.

    Circe looked at the young researcher in shock, damn he’s younger than I thought.

    “Come into my office so we can discuss the show better,” Lucien said gesturing for Circe to come inside.

    “So… will you do it,” Circe said once she entered the room, “It would mean a lot to everyone.”

    “... I actually find the show problematic,” Lucien said, “it’s more fantasy than fact.”

    Well, I tried, Circe thought getting ready to leave.

    “What is the theme for the final episode?” Lucien asked.

    “To be honest I don’t know,” Circe said, “ I didn’t ask. I actually don’t know, usually, I’m not around when they make those decisions. I just put everything together in the end.”

    That’s when they tend to explain the theme… with a few exceptions, Circe was always out of the office when they pick the theme. Not to mention that Anna neglect to mention what the last episode was going to be about.

    “I see…” Lucien said.

    “If you want to come to the studio my sister Eva would explain it more,” Circe said.

    Circe didn’t notice that Lucien growing closer to her until all she could see was his violet eyes. 

    Having someone this close to Circe, brought on this fight or flight feeling in- though based on her current track record when anyone got into her personal space it most likely would be a fighting kind of situation. 

    “But based on the show, you want me to be a consultant and talk about superpowers right?” Lucien asked, “So tell me do you believe in superpowers?”

    “Yes, I think there are things about this world- including humans- that science can’t explain yet,” Circe said, “that includes some “powers” people might have.”

    Lucien raised an eyebrow at that.

    “Oh really,” Lucien said, “it is true that humans are constantly evolving but don’t you think superpowers might be a stretch? The extra abilities that some people might have are just traits- something that goes towards their natural instinct.”

    Circe’s brown eyes looked up at him, looking to see if there was a challenge in those eyes. But there wasn’t anything, his features remained cold and expressionless… except for the slight smirk on his lips.

    What was he thinking?

    “When all else fails humans would always trust their instincts,” Lucien muttered, “... I wonder, what are your instincts tell you?”

    Not to trust you? Circe thought, but she refused to let those words leave her lips. But not trusting him was true, Circe got so used to reading people that something just… it was hard to explain the feeling of mistrust she felt when she came across people like him.

    It was like her nerves went into overdrive and she felt some sort of current in the air, like an electrical one but it was different.

    “My instinct is telling me to punch the hot professor because I don’t like people in my personal space.”

    Lucien chuckled at her words before backing up, just as someone knocked on the door.

    “Umm… excuse me- oh Circe, what are you doing here?” 

    Circe’s eyes widen as she saw her sister on the other side of the door. But she couldn’t help but smile as she saw a new fire in Eva’s eyes.

    “Anna told me to go get the professor,” Circe said, “But she didn’t give me a lot of details so if you would explain it to him.”

    “Would you mind if we discussed in your office?” Lucien said, “I would like to see what I’ll be working with.”    

    Eva smiled and nodded, “That would work with me.”

    Then she turned to her sister and mouthed the words “Thank you.”