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The Wonderland Theory

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Trying to stop your twin from committing murder was something Eva didn't think she ever do in her lifetime. 

But then Circe was always hot-headed, especially when it came to her younger twin Evelina- or Eva as she liked to be called.

"I can't believe those assholes!" Circe said, trying to break free of her twin's grip, trying to march right back into the LFG building to bust some heads- preferably Goldman and the mysterious CEO. 

"We can't change their decision," Eva said, "maybe they're right… Miracle Finder has gone downhill since I took over…"

Eva wanted to cry, but she knew that she couldn't. It will make Circe even angrier, and Eva really didn't want to bail her twin out of prison.

Suddenly screams pierced the air.

"OMG, it's him!"


Circe made a sound of annoyance, but she was starting to calm down in her sister's arms, "fangirls."

Circe spat out that word like was poison. 

Eva found that odd because her twin was a fangirl herself- a huge nerd who loved video games and manga. Hypocrite.

Then again, Circe hates people in general, so it didn't surprise Eva to see her annoyance at the girls who were gushing over the singer on one of the screens above them.

Eva reluctantly let her twin go as Circe stopped struggling, but remained close in case she had to grab her sister again.

"Let's just go," Eva sighed, "might as well tell everyone the bad news."

Eva nodded, "do you mind if I take a quick stop first?"

Circe looked at her sister with an odd yet worried expression on her face, but she reluctantly agreed.

"I'll see you later then," Circe said, before walking away but still managed to glare at the LFG building on last time before disappearing into a crowd.

I'm sorry, dad, Eva thought as she went into the convince store. Grabbing some comfort snacks for everyone in the office while trying her best not to cry.

Part of her wished that Circe would have taken over their company, she was much more confident and competent than her twin. 

But you wanted it, Eva wanted to slap herself for being such an idiot. 

Ever since she was a kid, she wanted to take over, she fell in love with her father's studio and the shows he produced.  She tried to continue his legacy after his death, so she tried her hardest to learn as much as she could about running a studio and producing shows.

In the end, none of that mattered. She failed. And what made everything worse, she dragged everyone down. The staff that stayed by her side to continue her father's work, the friends she's met who wanted to help, and her sister. 

Circe could have moved on to bigger things after school. She could have worked on movies instead of…

Eva didn't want to think about it. Thinking about it would just make the tears she was trying so hard to hold back fall from her light brown eyes.  

Eva shook her head before reaching for a bag of chips. Only for her hand to touch the skin, Eva looked over to see a man about her age with blonde hair and a pair of familiar blue eyes.  

He was trying his best to blend in by trying to hide his blonde hair and wearing glasses.

"Ki-" Eva started to say before he covered her mouth with his hand.

"Shush, don't say anything," Kiro said, "I don't want anyone to know I'm here."

"So…" Eva started to say she sat on a bench with Kiro, still not believing that he was right there, "Why…"

"Why the disguise or why did I want the chips?" Kiro interrupted her, guessing what she was going to ask.

"Both," Eva replied.

"To be honest, I just wanted the card inside the bag," Kiro gestured to the unopen bag of chip Eva held, "Plus, it's been a while since I enjoyed some junk food. My agent keeps me on a strict diet, so I don't get to eat a lot of it… or sweets for that matter."

With a smile, Eva opened the bag, handing Kiro the card inside, "Here."

"Thank you! You're an angel!"

Eva giggled at that. That angel comment actually didn't surprise her. She heard it a lot growing up, mostly after people realized that she's nothing like her twin sister.

"Want a chip too?" Eva said, holding one up for him to take, "one chip can't hurt, right?"

Kiro smiled as he took a chip, "you know, Ms. Chips, I never asked for your name? You know who I am, but what about you?"

"I'm Eva, I'm actually-," Eva reached into her bag to take out a business card, "I'm a producer for Miracle Finder, and I wanted to invite you to be a guest on our last show."

Kiro looked sad but took her card, "Miracle Finder is ending? I love that show… and I wish I could have been apart of it, but… I doubt my agent would let me."

"That's okay," Eva said, trying to hide her disappointment. If only she got a superstar like him on their show, then maybe LFG would think twice about defunding them.

"But if you have another show, I would love to appear on that," Kiro said, noticing how Eva's face fell.

"I'm afraid that this might be the end," Eva muttered, "we got defunded, and I'm so close to bankruptcy." 

Eva really wanted to cry, but she really didn't want to not in front of someone.

"Then find someone else to fund you!" Kiro exclaimed.

Eva shook her head, "LFG was the only one who took a chance on us, and they are the biggest financial group…"

"Then convince them not to pull you're funding!"


Kiro stood up, "March right up to them and tell then that they are making a huge mistake."

Eva waited for the light to change, part of her dreading her actions while another demanded that she go back to follow Kiro's advice.

It couldn't hurt anything… Unless it prevents other financial groups from helping us later.

Eva shook her head. If LFG wouldn't touch them, no one else would. 

I can do this, I can do this, She repeated over and over in her mind,  not paying attention to the danger creeping up behind her.

I can- 

Eva felt something on her back as she was pushed right into the street right in front of a speeding car.

Eva closed her eyes and screamed.

Nothing happened. But she felt something odd touching her… hands?

Eva opened her eyes to see a handsome dark-haired man holding her. His lavender eyes imprisoned her brown ones.

"Evolver?" He asked, but it was more to a question to himself.

Eva looked up at him in confusion, then she noticed it. A flower petal that was handing in the air- frozen in time.

"Who are you?" Eva asked, and the man carried her to the other side of the street before setting her down. A familiar sense of deja vu washed over her as he did so.

"Nevermind that," the man muttered, "You should be more careful. I won't be there to save you every time."

The man started to walk away as the world around her resumed.

What just happened?!?

"Who let her in here!" Goldman growled when he saw Eva walk in.

Those words almost made Eva run with her tail between her legs. But she couldn't do that, so with a deep breath, she musted her courage.

"I came to talk to Vic-" 

 Eva started to say but was cut off by someone yelling, "The boss is back!"

Eva looked around, confused as everyone ran around, yelling for files. It was chaotic, but at the same time, they were trying to organize themselves.

The CEO must really be something, Eva thought.

"Why are you still here, Security-" Goldman looked at her like she was the dirt beneath his feet while relishing calling security on her, but his words stopped, and Eva watched as Goldman gulped in fear. 

Everything quieted down, and she heard a familiar and powerful voice ordering people around.

Eva turned around as the man reached her and Goldman.

"Goldman," The man started to say.

"It's you!" Eva called out, she was a lot louder than she meant to be. But sure enough, it was the man who saved her life earlier. 

This man was LFG's CEO, Victor, and Eva couldn't believe it.

Victor stopped and turned to Eva with an annoyed expression on his face.

"What do you want," Victor said to her.

"I want you to reconsider defunding my studio!" Eva replied with a surprising amount of confidence. Confidence that immediately deflated when Victor let out a sigh. 

"Tell me why I should do that?" Victor asked.

"Because…" Eva tried to say, but her confidence was already gone, and the man before her noticed it do. She saw that Victor turned to walk away from her, and she didn't know how she managed, but she yelled out, "I'll make you regret it!"