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Keep Coming Back

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It had been so long since he had been in this position, in this place. It was nice, the cold mahogany wood against his back, the nighttime blanketing him in calmness, in secrecy. He loved being like this, and he hated how much he loved it. It was wrong, it was so wrong, why did it keep happening then?

His soft gasps easily filled the heavy air, his head lolling back as his hands sought purchase in thick red hair, tugging and twisting it between his fingers.

"Enji!" He squealed out as a hot tongue licked a bold stripe between his slick folds before pressing hard on his clit.

"Fuck, you're so good at this." He whined out, spreading his legs wider as the tongue licked and flicked at his throbbing clit, bruising hands gripping firm scarred thighs and pushing them farther apart.

"You like this baby boy? You're so wet for me… so sweet." He whispered, voice raspy as he flicked bright blue eyes up to him before pressing his face fully into him, lapping and suckling at him insistently, causing him to squeal and squirm.

"So good. Feels so nice." He whispered, lifting his head to look down at him as the tongue prodded at his entrance.

"Oh please, please, Enji." He begged, lifting his hips up, hoping to entice him.

His hips were grabbed and forced back down onto the desk as Enji pressed himself deeper, pressing repeatedly at his hole before teasing at his clit, eagerly licking up the slick dripping from him.

Izuku cried out loudly, eyes rolling back as he was eaten out, the hot mouth of the hero causing his body to heat and thrum with pleasure and want.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" He squealed, hand tugging at his hair to get him closer.

Then a hot tongue was opening up his little hole, causing his body to tense as his head dissolved to static at the feeling of hot wetness forcing him open. "Fuck! Oh fuck!" A large hand was forced over his mouth, cutting off the words spilling from his mouth. They couldn't be too loud, he couldn't be too loud. Getting caught would be so bad, especially if it was before he got the orgasm he so desperately wanted.

He was being fucked by the thick tongue, muffled moans forced from his mouth as his hole was repeatedly opened up. He clenched repeatedly around the tongue, slick running down the man's chin.

He didn't know how long he laid there, thighs twitching as he was tongue fucked on the desk, beyond aroused at this point.

Then he was being pulled away from, and his eyes were refocusing to stare at Enji as he stood up straight, wiping slick from his mouth and chin before licking his hand clean.

"Just as messy as I remember." He rumbled out, turning dark eyes to him, taking in his rumpled shirt and bare lower half, his legs spread to reveal his flushed pussy, slick running down to collect in a puddle under him.

"You're embarrassing." He whispered, brushing sweaty locks from his forehead.

"You like it." He leaned down and kissed him, tongue taking over his mouth and pulling a gasp from him. He could taste himself, taste how he coated the hero's tongue and it only made him pull him closer.

"I want you… Enji please." He whined out, grabbing his biceps, staring up into his eyes.

"You want me, huh." He pecked at his lips, licking at swollen flesh.

"Need you, so bad." He whispered, pulling back and cupping his face in his hands, stroking at the scar on his face.

The eye contact they shared was intense, intense in the way it stole both of their breath away and caused them to pause as they looked at each other. It caused the atmosphere to thicken as the reminder of everything before this came rushing back.

"I want you inside of me, Enji." He whispered, kissing down his chin and to his neck, licking at the thick cords of muscle in his neck.

He listened to the belt come undone and the rustle of his pants dropping. "Whatever you want baby. Gonna fuck you so well, gonna have you stretched open for me." He growled, head tilted back as Izuku sucked and bit small marks into his neck.

Enji reached down, putting a hand on his chest before pushing him to lay down. Izuku let his legs fall wide open easily, revealing himself easily for him, staring up at him before his eyes trailed down slowly.

Enji's thick, fat, uncut dick was hanging heavy between his legs, the dark tip shiny with precum. It made him clench at how it would feel inside of him, the sweet bytnithst came when it was too much.

"This what you want, slut? Want my cock in you?" He cooed out, grabbing his cock and rubbing it between his folds, pressing the swollen head right up under his throbbing clit.

"Oh yes please! Want it so bad." He begged, bucking his hips up, gasping as his swollen clit received the friction it desperately wanted.

"What do you say when you want something?" He asked, slapped his clit with his cock, watching him twitch under him.

He turned an even darker shade of red, biting his lip. "Daddy, want your cock inside of me. So wet for you, don't you want me?" He hummed out, tilting his head at him.

"You don't know how much I want you baby." He whispered, stroking himself a few times, pressing his tip against his small slick hole and slowly applying pressure.

Izuku let out a high pitched whine as Enji groaned, watching the little hole open up for him, allowing him to sink him.

"Fuck! You were made to take me weren't you baby boy? Made to take my fat cock in this cunt of yours." He ground out, large hands wrapping around his slim waist as he sunk into him.

"S-so big! You're splitting me open." He squealed, already drooling as only half of him was buried inside of him because Enji's cock was too big for anyone to take and stay lucid.

"I know you can take it baby. You've taken it before, you were made to be my cock." He whispered, pulling out before thrusting back in, slowly getting deeper with each movement of his hips.

By the time he was buried in him to the hilt, Enji's grip had tightened to where bruises were already appearing on sweet freckled skin, the urge to fuck the boy without wait coursing through his veins. Izuku on the other hand, Izuku's face was flushed a deep red all the way down to beneath the collar of his shirt, his eyes glazed over with tears and drool trailing down his cheek as he twitched and clenched.

"You feel good don't you?" Enji growled, reached a large hand up and ripping the shirt down the middle, revealing freckled flushed skin and hard, swollen nipples.

Izuku whined. "Big, oh fuck, so big." He cried out weakly, head thrashing against the wood, hair spread out around his waist.

"You're such a useless slut, baby boy." He whispered, hand moving to his face where he gently stroked his wet bottom lip, watching his tongue flick out to lick at his fingers.

"Daddy…" He let out a weak mewl, eyes half lidded as he stared up at him.

Before anything else could be said, Enji was pulling out, Izuku's walls tight around his dick, before he was slamming back in ruthlessly.

Izuku let out a garbled scream before Enji repeated the motion and began harshly fucking Izuku, gripping his waist with one hand and the other wrapped around his slim neck, cutting off the sounds fucked out of him.

Enji pounded into him without pausing, forcing the desk to shift against the hardwood as he stared down at him, watching those big green eyes flicker and roll back as he was repeatedly stretched open.

"You feel good, boy? You like taking this fat cock like a little cock whore, huh?" He ground out, hand tightening around his throat, watching scarred hands come up to grip his thick wrist as tears trickled down his face.

The sound of him fucking into him was loud, the sound of skin on skin complimenting the wet sounds of Izuku's tight cunt opening up and clinging to his thick cock.

He removed his hands from his waist and neck as Izuku's face turned the sweetest strawberry red. Izuku took in loud gulps air, his chest rising and falling dramatically before he let out a loud squeal as a spot deep inside of him was pressed into.

A louder sound vibrated through the room as a large hand came down and made contact with a tear streaked face, a startled yelp following after.

"Shut the fuck up, don't you know how to be quiet?" He sneered as his movements slowed down to where he was lodged deep inside of him, face pinched in arousal and anger.

"I-im sorry!" Izuku cried, a large red handprint standing out on his freckled cheek, a shade too dark to match his blush.

"You better fucking be." He growled before reaching down and grabbing his thighs, squeezing appreciatively at the thick muscle before pushing his legs up to his chest, admiring the flexibility of the teen.

This spread him open further as Enji pulled out fully, watching as his slick cock was slowly exposed, covering in Izuku's juices that connected the two.

"Keep your mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you." He threatened before pushing into him again, managing to fuck into him deeper thanks to the new position.

His movements were quick as he watched as he spread open the tiny cunt, the muffled whines matching up with the messy filth of his dick getting wet filled the air along with the sound of his ball sack smacking against the boy's fat ass.

"You're so small, shit!" He hissed, taking note of the small bulge that appeared against the lower stomach of the boy, evidence of his impressive length.

"Daddy!" He gasped out, clenching around his tightly. "Gonna-ah! Gonna cum!" He squealed, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Oh yeah? Already?" He smirked, hand sliding down the back of his trembling thigh to rest between his legs as he pressed a heated thumb to his swollen nub.

Izuku tensed, clenching around him causing him to groan in the back of his throat as he rubbed at it quickly, flicking and rubbing at it insistently.

He watched as the boy quaked underneath him, mouth dropping open, allowing him to use his other hand to shove three thick fingers into his mouth, gagging him on them.

His eyes stayed focused on the way his body responded, feeling how his body clenched and squeezed around him as he used two fingers to pinch and roll his clit.

Soon enough his back arched up off the desk as he began to tremble and shake. He pulled out just as he was coming, watching his eyes roll back into his head as his fingers slipped from his mouth. Cum gushed from him, dripping down onto the desk and onto the floor.

He stayed like that, arched and trembling as quiet whimpers left his mouth for a couple of seconds before collapsing back onto the desk, panting loudly as he laid boneless in front of him.

"Fuck, you made a mess." He whispered, staring at the dripping pussy, sweet creamy slick covering it and making the hero salivate hungrily.

"Your fault, daddy." He said, voice high pitched as he basked in the afterglow.

"It's always daddy's fault huh?" He smirked stepping between his boneless legs again, considering how much he was willing to clean up after this. He stroked at himself a few times, the motions easy from the juices coating it.

"Daddy makes me feel so good." He giggled out, eyes slipping closed.

"Damn right. I'm the only person who can make you feel this good." He slipped his cock back into him, listening to the loud moan Izuku let out.

He leaned over him, putting both hands on either side of his head, wide, bright green eyes locked with burning blue ones. He looked so pretty underneath him.

He began to move, watching the boy's face crumble as he's sensitive cunt was fucked again. Enji grabbed his hips, pulling him closer as he covered him easily. Izuku wrapped his arms around his neck, allowing him to slip and arm under his back and hold him partly off the desk and against his chest.

Enji moved his hips steadily, his pace more subdued but his dick reaching so much deeper, dragging across his puffy walls and reaching a spot so far into him, he could never hope to reach it by himself.

"Mmm, daddy..." He whined out, burying his face in his neck, his body rocking with his as he clung to him.

"Fuck, baby." He grunted, hips snapping forward and causing Izuku to let out an overstimulated sob.

Izuku was repeatedly speared on the thick cock, his noises ranging from gentle sighs to sobs, his nails beginning to mark the man's shoulders and neck.

Enji gave three particularly harsh thrusts before burying himself deep in the soaked hole, as he came. He filled him with hot white cum, his cock swelling and twitching inside of him.

"Mmm daddy." He sighed out happily, peppering kisses across his neck.

Enji let out a low hum, pulling back from him slightly to press their foreheads together. "Baby…" He mumbled, pressing his lips against his.

They were kissing, their lips molding and pressing together as Izuku tangled his hands in his hair. Enji had slipped out of him, a soft whimper being swallowed up against warm lips before the kiss softened as Enji cupped his face in his hands.

Izuku pulled away first, breathing heavily as he opened his eyes and looked up at him. "We agreed not to do this again." He whispered.

"You agreed to that. I only remember you beginning to ignore me." Enji hummed, stroking his freckled cheek gently.

"Because this is bad. You must understand that." He turned into his hand, pressing a small kiss to his palm.

"You say this is bad and then do things like that. You're the one who can't make up their mind." He whispered, stroking his bottom lip.

"I can make up my mind." He frowned slightly, pulling away from his hand.

"So which is it? Are you going to act like this didn't happen?" He raised an eyebrow, leaning down and kissing at his shoulder. "Like you don't like this?" He moved and kissed up his chin to lick at his bruised lips. "Or this?"

"I'm your son's best friend, I'm interning for you. This isn't right, I'm not even out of school yet." He whispered, voice shaky as large calloused hands rubbed at his sides.

"Answer the question. Are you going to run away again?" He ordered.

He watched as tears gathered in Izuku's eyes as he turned his head away. "What happens if someone finds out? What if it gets out to the public?"

"You're of legal age in a couple of months." He reminded, leaning down to kiss the tears away.

"You act like we haven't been doing this since the end of first year." He choked out.

"You act like you didn't come on to me baby." He smirked.

"That's not important." He pushed him off of him, glad that he went easily. "I just, in the long run, what do you expect from this?" He asked, sitting up.

Enji pulled up his pants, rebuttoning them. "What do you expect from this? I like what we're doing now, I don't know what you expect."

"You know how I feel about you." He whispered, putting his head down.

"I do, I told you I have feelings for you too." He handed his shirt to him, seeing as he ripped it.

"Hearing I have feelings for you isn't the same as someone telling you they love you." He mumbled, buttoning the shirt up and standing up shakily.

"Still mad about that huh?" He chuckled.

"Do you really want to have that argument again?" He asked.

"No. How about a bath? Will that make you feel better?"

"A bath?" He raised an eyebrow.

"It'll help relax you. I know you'll be sore later, the bath is good for that stuff." He grabbed his hand, bringing it up to his mouth.

He stared up at him for a second before giving a small smile. "You gonna help me clean up?" He asked softly, stepping closer to him.

"If you insist." He smirked, reaching down and sweeping him up in his arms, a squeal leaving the boy in his arms.

"Mmm, I'm sure there's some other things that you can do to help me feel better." He pressed his hands against his chest.

"You're going to run this old man ragged, you know that." He smiled down at him, walking to the door that connected his office to his bedroom so he could get to his private bathroom.

"You'll be fine." He leaned up, lips grazing the stubble on his jaw.

"For you? Always." He gently bounced him in his arms, listening to the soft squeals and giggles that followed.