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Yoongi didn't know what it was like at omega schools. He imagined they were saturated with floral and fruity scents, that the students enjoyed scones with jam under cherry blossom trees.

He was probably wrong but he enjoyed the mental image and he was still convinced omega schools had to be better than this hell hole. 

Whoever decided to segregate schools according to secondary gender was stupid. It made no difference to anyone's behaviour. In fact, Yoongi thought it made everything worse. 

The alphas at his school were horny and primitive and disgustingly feral. With no omegas around to impress, their behavior was more abhorrent.

Omegas were said to be the ones who spent all their time beautifying themselves, who only cared about sex, who were dumb with need for it, who lacked logical thinking skills.

Despite his Alpha nature, Yoongi was reserved and primarily an observer. And what he observed made him think that perhaps they had gotten it the wrong way around. 

The Alphas at his school spent more time staring at their reflections than they did at the classroom smartboards, flexing their muscles, fixing their hair, straightening their shirt collars, and generally futzing over themselves like peacocks. 

Being Alphas meant they were all guaranteed decent jobs and the only thing left to fight for were Omegas. Somehow this seemed to have led to some sort of intellectual decline. That's the only way Yoongi could describe it. 

They were obsessed with whose scent was stronger, who had a higher nose bridge, who could win a boxing match. 

The answer was Jungkook. It was always Jungkook.

On the opposite end of the Alpha scale was Yoongi. He was naturally soft-looking and small, which of course made Jungkook single him out from the very first day.

"You sure you're at the right school sweetheart? Omega school is down the road," Jungkook mocked, earning him raucous laughter from the wannabe Jungkooks around him. 

Yoongi rolled his eyes and tried to ignore him, but Jungkook was a person who made himself very difficult to ignore.

"The fuck smells like flowers?" Jungkook would ask, whenever Yoongi was near. "Oh. It's the omega."

It made Yoongi seethe. There was nothing wrong with an Alpha having a light scent. Not all Alphas had to smell like leather and charcoal. 

Yoongi didn't stand a chance at beating anyone in these trivial rivalries so he didn't try. He kept his head down and stayed out of trouble as much as he could.

But Jungkook wouldn't leave him alone.

"That pretty face is wasted on an Alpha, don't you think fellas?" 

Yoongi grinned at the attempt at an insult. Pretty? 

"That the worst you can do, rabbit teeth?" 

Jungkook lunged forward with a growl, knowing his friends would hold him back. But not before he got close enough to do damage if he wanted to. 

Yoongi flinched but kept his cool. He should probably keep his mouth shut because physically, he was no match for Jungkook.

But God did he want to punch the Alpha's lights out when he saw that nauseating shit-eating grin, like he had the world at his feet. 

Which, he did. With the wealth he came from, Jungkook was sitting on a throne of not only popularity but power. 

It made Yoongi want to choke him. He wasn't sure if he'd even be able to get his hands around that huge neck so he made do with callous remarks muttered under his breath and eye rolls when he was sure the bully wasn't looking.

Yoongi generally sat alone at lunch. Which was a choice he made. After discovering in his first week, the inane conversations that took place at the other tables, he wanted no part of it.

He was on his way to his self-designated table of peace, when he had the misfortune of walking past someone whose ego was so large, that it knocked Yoongi's chopsticks off his tray. 

Just as Yoongi bent to retrieve them, Jungkook slapped his ass with a teasing cackle and a remark about Yoongi knowing how to present. 

Yoongi straightened quickly and turned to face Jungkook, burning red with violent anger.

"Aw, you look even sweeter when you blush," Jungkook teased, knowing that Yoongi was in fact angry, not shy. 

Yoongi grimaced at the mere sight of him. One arm fully tatted, hair coiffed obnoxiously and shoulders nearly tearing the seams of his jacket. 

Yoongi's ass was still stinging with the ghost of the slap and he couldn't hold himself back anymore.

He jumped at Jungkook with the intent to tear his throat out and he gained a little bit of satisfaction from the way Jungkook stepped back in surprise at the feral display. 

Immediately there were hands on Yoongi, holding his arms and shoulders and keeping him a safe distance away from their beloved leader Jungkook. 

"Let him go guys," Jungkook said kindly, like he was some sort of hero. 

Indeed, the henchmen let go.

Instantly, Yoongi launched his full weight at Jungkook, hoping that if he aimed low, he'd perhaps be able to destabilize the mountain of muscle and topple him over.

Instead, he threw himself into the bully's capture. 

Jungkook immobilized him in a few swift maneuvers, trapping his arms behind him, against Jungkook's body. 

One of Jungkook's bulky arms was pulled up against his throat.

"Yoongi, you're going to lose. I'd quit if I were you," Jungkook spoke calmly right into Yoongi's ear.

But Yoongi wasn't a quitter. He was going home a victor or he was going home black and blue.

He raised a foot and brought his heel down hard into the top of Jungkook's shoe. 

His next plan of attack was to go for the dickhead's shins but Jungkook seemed to have already anticipated it and with a single clean movement, he swiped Yoongi's legs out from under him so that he came down like a demolished skyrise. 

Before he hit the floor, Jungkook caught him, picked him up and tossed him over his shoulder. 

Yoongi kicked wildly, hoping his knee would make contact with Jungkook's smug face. When that didn't work, he began punching Jungkook's back with furious fists. 

Unphased, Jungkook carried him over to the empty table.

"I will fucking kill you," Yoongi growled through clenched teeth. 

By then they had amassed an audience. He could hear them chattering. 

There were no teachers or cafeteria staff willing to interfere. Jeon Jungkook generally had free reign at school, due to his parents' status. 

Anybody with the authority to stop the fight had likely walked out of the cafeteria as soon as the scuffle began. 

"Are you still trying?" Jungkook chuckled. "It's hard to tell." 

He pushed Yoongi onto the table, flat on his stomach and held him down. He refused to allow any of his minions to help him, shooing them away every time they got too close to Yoongi. 

Yoongi kicked wildly, bucking and trying to turn around. 

He was close when suddenly Jungkook's full mass was on him, body laying flat across his and keeping him down. 

His lungs struggled to expand under what felt like triple his own weight. With Jungkook on top of him, Yoongi couldn't kick, couldn't breathe properly and couldn't even speak to forfeit. 

Jungkook's nose was in his hair. The proximity was unsettling. 

When he spoke, it was quiet enough that Yoongi thought he might have been the only one who heard.

"You ever heard of bitching?" 

Yoongi had never. But from the sudden hollering and whooping, everyone else seemed to have. They had also clearly heard Jungkook's whispered question. 

"It's when an Alpha fucks another Alpha and fills them with enough cum to turn them into an omega. Makes them start to leak and beg for cock like they're in heat." 

At these words, Yoongi had a sinking feeling that he may have bitten off more than he could chew. 

Getting out of Jungkook's claws seemed more urgent now and he thrashed, trying to throw Jungkook off him. 

"But maybe your pussy's already wet. Let's find out, shall we?" Jungkook hummed.

Before Yoongi could react to Jungkook standing up, Jungkook had yanked his pants down his thighs.

"Ah, too bad," Jungkook tsked, disappointed. 

Yoongi's ass was exposed to the entire room, pale and vulnerable. It was an angle that only omegas should ever be viewed from and the humiliation of that burned hotter than just being naked. 

His knee-jerk reaction was to reach back and pull his pants back up but it was stupid and Jungkook predicted it, snatching up his hands and holding them together at the dip on his back, right above his cold naked ass. 

With his hand restrained and his toes above the ground, he could do no more than wriggle pathetically. 

Someone unbuckled their belt and tossed it to Jungkook without him having to ask and he efficiently used it to bind Yoongi's wrists together.

"Jungkook! You fuckin-" 

He was interrupted by a hard slap to his ass that made everyone laugh. The shame of being spanked is what had started this whole thing but now it was so much worse.

Jungkook hopped up onto a chair and then onto the table, putting the sole of his military-style boot on Yoongi's back - a display of victory and dominance. 

But mostly a means of keeping him down. 

He called out someone's name and asked them for a bottle of omega slick. That someone denied having one but Jungkook laughed, saying that pervs like him always had one. A bottle flew out from somewhere in the crowd and Jungkook caught it mid-air with one hand. 

He emptied it down Yoongi's crack, right at the coccyx, so that it dribbled down between his ass cheeks.

"Jungkook! Jungkook are you fucking nuts? Have you lost it?" Yoongi shrieked, squirming from the strange liquid seeping into a hole where it shouldn't. 

The crowd was getting riled up from the unbottled slick but Jungkook kept them all in their places with a single run of his gaze across the room. 

"What do you say boys? Should I make him useful?" 

At the sound of their cheers, he jumped down off the table, stood behind Yoongi and held him still by the hips. 

He wiggled two fingers into the wet crevice and forced them inside, making Yoongi buck to get away and grow redder in the face. His reaction only made Jungkook more excited, as he started to thrust the finger in out in mockery. 

"Feel good little omega?" Jungkook cooed. 

"Shut the fuck up and let me go." 

"Don't worry," Jungkook said with a particularly hard jab of his fingers. "Pretty soon you'll be dripping with your own slick." 


Yoongi had a lot more to say to his enemy but lost his ability to find his thoughts when Jungkook started taking his dick out to the reception of lewd cheers. 

A huge horrible pressure nudged at the hole between Yoongi's ass cheeks. The head of Jungkook's cock pushed its way into Yoongi's body, stretching his entrance and making him gasp and pant like a dog as he tried to adjust to being filled. 

"There you go sweetheart," Jungkook said, sickeningly sweet. "Exactly what you've been wanting from me, right?" 

Yoongi's mouth hung open loosely as each small shift of Jungkook's body made him feel something inside. 

Jungkook didn't start slow. He fucked like it was a sports game and with the cheering of the audience, it certainly felt that way. 

Yoongi's protests were drowned out by the cheering. He couldn't finish his sentences anyway. 

"Jungkook! You can't seriously th-"

"You fucking piece-" 

Jungkook fucked like an animal and Yoongi's body felt like it couldn't take it. He never planned to have anything inside him like this. He was an Alpha.

To his horror, once his tight hole began to relax, and Jungkook's cock didn't feel unfathomably large inside him any longer, the friction began to feel good. He wasn't made for this, he could tell. His organs felt like they were being rearranged inside him but his body was starting to tingle with unwanted arousal.

He could feel his dick getting hard and he was mortified. He squeezed his thighs together but that just made Jungkook knee them apart, drawing attention to what he was trying to hide.

"He likes it!" Yoongi heard someone laugh. "You sure he wasn't already an Omega?" 

Jungkook laughed. "Feels as good as one."

Jungkook's knot began to expand and Yoongi thought it couldn't be real. But it grew and lodged inside, a large and invasive plug. 

He was filled with Jungkook's seed, hot thick spurts of cum pushed inside him until it flowed out again. 

But Jungkook didn't stop. 

Over and over he took his pleasure from Yoongi's slick hole and with each round, Yoongi felt a little more debased and a little more delirious.

His face grew slack, drool escaped from the corners of his mouth as he failed to hold it closed. His face was splotchy red and wet with tears that he didn't remember shedding.

The rhythm of Jungkook's hips rocking into him was all he'd ever known. Jungkook's cock was a part of him. It was almost comfortable, having something fit so perfectly inside him. 

He began to make sounds of pleasure, sounds of need that made Jungkook slow down. 

"Feels good, doesn't it sweetheart? You're going to be my little bitch. Begging for my cock, leaking for it, crying for it." 

Things seemed to fade in and out. The crowd, the cafeteria, the hard table beneath him. His clothes were all missing now but he didn't care. He felt too hot anyway. 

The belt from around his wrists was gone now but his hands could only scratch at the table as he was taken from behind for the fifth time. 

One thing remained, however. His extreme humiliation. He was aware of all the eyes watching him be fucked and dominated by another Alpha. He could hear people talking about his "pussy" and how it was starting to get wet.

"You're going to be mine Yoongi. Do you understand that?" Jungkook's large hands grabbed the jiggly flesh of Yoongi's ass and squeezed. "Of course you don't. You don't understand anything do you?" 

"N-n- Jungkook, pl-please!" Yoongi's voice tremored, as did the rest of his body as he tried to keep himself bent perfectly for Jungkook. 

He lifted his ass higher, presenting it as a gift for Jungkook to take. He was leaking now, his own desperate omega slick, yearning to be filled and used and fucked. 

"Call me Alpha." 

Yoongi realized the full weight of what he was saying, and he felt the degradation and humiliation of it in his bones. He gritted his teeth, to stop himself from saying it.

But the itching desire inside of him felt like he needed a drug fix. That fix was Jungkook's cock and he could feel his inhibitions slipping away, the wetter he got.

"Alpha please!" 

Jungkook was glad to finish fucking his omega. His personal bitch. A bitch he had made for himself. 

He couldn't be more pleased with his choice. Pretty milky-skinned boy lithe as an elf, made a much better Omega than an Alpha.

"Finally useful, Yoongi. As my Omega toy. You should be grateful. It's a privilege to be filled with my seed."

A pleasure radiated from a deep spot within him, burning and causing him to convulse. Naked on the table and mindless with need, he begged. 

"A-alpha please!" 

Jungkook rolled his eyes. 

"Dumb Omega. Can't even come on his own. Needs his Alpha to do everything, hm?" 

Yoongi rolled onto his back and allowed his legs to fall open, coaxing a, "Slut," from the Alpha fucking him. 

The table was wet between his legs and so were his thighs, as fresh slick slid out of him in a glistening stream.

Jungkook pushed his cock back into Yoongi's greedy hole as far as it would go, before helping the poor thing stroke its own cock. 

He only gave it a few light touches before Yoongi was spasming in orgasm. Stomach distending with Jungkook's cum, he released a hell-raising scream of ecstasy and overwhelming pleasure.

Right there, in front of the entire school, Jungkook claimed himself an omega.


After a few meetings with the right people, Jungkook was able to arrange for Yoongi to complete the rest of his education at the Alpha school, despite Yoongi's peculiar and inexplicable change in status. 

There were no words to describe how Yoongi felt when he discovered that no one expected him to pay attention in class. He was allowed at the school purely for Jungkook's pleasure and Jungkook loved showing off his new Omega.

Yoongi was always wet for his Alpha, he had no control over it. For the first week, he was in a very real heat which made him insatiable and desperate for Jungkook in a way that appalled him. 

Daily, he partook in his own degradation, begging to ride Jungkook's cock in the middle of a class, or dropping to his knees in the hallway and pressing his face into Jungkook's crotch with broken pleas. 

Being constantly surrounded by Alphas didn't help him calm down either. He had spiraled into a permanent sex-crazed frenzy that Jungkook openly took satisfaction from at every opportunity. 

He made Yoongi refer to him as Alpha, made him beg, made him present -  all things Yoongi had imagined one day making his very own Omega do. 

But here he was, more often on his knees than not, spreading his legs, dripping and pleading in front classmates and teachers who knew him, only finding relief when Jungkook's thick rod was inside him. 

Yoongi never did find out what it was like at Omega schools but he no longer cared.