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I'm The One

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Youngmin always got tired around this time. He was staring at his till, watching the minutes tick by. He’d done all of his cleaning and was just waiting for the last few customers to clear out.

The bookstore he worked in was popular amongst the younger scene. Everyday there would be a group fangirling over the new celebrity of the day. There was a slight giggle coming from the left of the till. Youngmin glanced over, seeing four high school girls huddled around a magazine.

“He’s going to make a debut soon, right?”

“Yeah~! It’s only a minor role but he's so handsome that I can’t wait to see him.”

“Kim Donghyun is my ideal guy, no questions asked~”

Youngmin chuckled a little to himself, if only those girls knew. Ten minutes past and he was officially off duty. After hanging up his uniform apron, Youngmin grabbed his bag, “I’ll see you tomorrow, guys.” He called out to all the other workers still on shift.

“See you tomorrow, hyung.”

“Have a good night, oppa!”

Youngmin smiled; he worked with good people. But it’s not like he wanted to work at the bookstore forever. He was interested in business management, but it was hard these days to get such a job.

Youngmin walked through the automatic doors, giving one last wave to the people still on shift. He stopped in his tracks when he spotted sight of him.

Black jeans, white turtleneck with black blazer. Black boots, sunglasses, necklace, fedora for extra disguise. But that dark blue hair didn’t hide anything; he looked like a goddamn celebrity.

Youngmin stormed towards the man, looking over where he was perched on a guard rail. “What are you doing here?” He questioned, making sure to sound content.

“Hyung! You’re finished!” Donghyun smiled, jumping to his feet in joy. “I was waiting for you, let’s get dinner together.” He was so cheery.

Youngmin sighed, rubbing at his forehead. “I told you that you can’t pick me up from work.” He was always happy to see Donghyun, but it was getting more difficult.

“It’s fine, I want to pick you up.” Donghyun smiled happily. He always looked so happy whenever he looked at Youngmin.

Youngmin just glanced away, hoisting his bag up on his shoulder. “Come on then, I’ll make beef doenjang jjigae.”

Donghyun grinned, happily following after the elder. Youngmin smiled softly, walking side by side with Donghyun always made him feel giddy.

“If you’re so insistent on picking me up, you could dress less suspiciously.” Youngmin started the conversation, “you look like a star, shouldn’t you be more careful?”

“You know I’m not that popular as a singer.” Donghyun ruffled the back of his hair, “and this acting gig is only minor. It’s not like it’ll impact the drama.” He always sold himself short.

“You’re recognisable,” Youngmin frowned a little, “so really you should take more precautions. Or at least dress more casual.”

“I came straight from work today!” Donghyun quickly defended himself. “I wouldn’t make your shift end if I stayed to change.”

Youngmin’s cheeks flushed, and he quickly cleared his throat. “You should think about yourself in these situations.”

Donghyun pouted a little, his head low. “Would you rather I didn’t come and see you?” Youngmin could nearly see the puppy ears laying flat.

“That’s not it,” Youngmin’s ears turned red, “you know I’m always happy to see you.” He even had spare food in the fridge at home, just in case he had to make two portions.

“Then at least let me pick you up, I’m not going to have a lot of free time next week because of the filming.” Donghyun sighed, he sounded depressed.

Youngmin just shook his head, "Its work isn't it.” He would never make the younger choose between his career and him. That was just something that Youngmin could never do.

“Youngmin-hyung,” Donghyun reached out, holding the elder’s hand.

“Donghyun!” Youngmin hissed under his breath. They were still out in public, and Donghyun was known.

“Hyung, I miss you. Do you miss me?” Donghyun pouted suddenly, his hand squeezing the elder’s.

Youngmin blushed up to his ears, his heart beating faster. “L-let go, Donghyun. We’re in public…” he couldn’t help but worry.

Donghyun frowned a little, seeing as though his aegyo seemed to do nothing. He glanced to the side, eyes zoning in on a small alley not too far away.

The younger suddenly dragged Youngmin, catching him off guard. “Donghyun, wha-?”

Donghyun pulled Youngmin down the alley, making sure they were completely out of sight. Youngmin was just looking around confused, not knowing why they were there.

“Hyung,” Donghyun suddenly turned to the elder, “I wanna be with you all the time, are you not the same?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions today…” Youngmin furrowed his brows.

Donghyun sighed deeply, before suddenly leaning forwards. He caught Youngmin’s lips, kissing him hard. The elder’s eyes widened, but quickly fluttered shut. His hands landed on Donghyun’s shoulders.

Only a few seconds passed before Youngmin quickly jolted back at the sound of laughter from the street. Donghyun licked his lips, looking the elder up and down.

“Hyung.” His voice sounded so low.

“We’re outside!” Youngmin actually felt more scandalised by himself. He just let the younger kiss him outside; anyone could have seen them.

Donghyun rolled his eyes, “I’ll do more.” He lifted himself on his toes, ready to kiss the elder again. Youngmin pressed two fingers to the younger’s lips, pushing him back gently.

“Why are you acting so off today?” Youngmin knew that the younger was worried about his upcoming role, but he seemed to be acting too recklessly.

Donghyun sighed, turning away from the elder and walked back towards the street. “Let’s go home, hyung. I’m hungry.” He shoved his hands into his pockets, strolling ahead.

Youngmin was left to just stand for a while, watching the younger get smaller. He quickly jogged after Donghyun, not wanting to lose him.

They were quiet for the rest of the walk home. Donghyun’s hands were in his pockets, even though Youngmin was walking right next to him. The younger would usually brush their fingers together, Youngmin kind of missed it.

The elder couldn’t help but steal glances at Donghyun. The younger was going out of his way to avoid looking at Youngmin, his eyes glancing towards the side of the road.

“Donghyunnie, is something wrong?” Youngmin reaches out, holding the younger’s sleeve and tugging a little. Donghyun smirked to himself, but quickly hid his expression into a blank one.

“Hmm?” Donghyun hummed in response, turning his head towards the elder.

“You’re acting weird.” Youngmin was starting to worry about it. They hadn’t seen each other in a while and this sudden distance was making him feel uneasy. Youngmin didn’t want to be pessimistic, but he couldn’t help but think ‘what if?’

“I’m the same as always.” Donghyun pulled his keys out of his pocket, seeing as though they were close to Youngmin’s apartment. Donghyun obviously had a key, and he liked to use it.

When they entered the apartment, Donghyun kicked off his shoes and walked towards the sofa. He placed his bag on his lap, opening and rummaging inside.

Youngmin calmly toed his shoes off before arranging his and Donghyun’s shoes on the shoe rack. He hung up his jacket and made sure to lock the door - he was hoping that Donghyun would stay the night.

Youngmin was only half way into the apartment when Donghyun spoke up. “Hyung, I need to talk to you.” He sounded so serious.

Youngmin immediately felt his stomach drop, his heart clenching in his chest. What was it that Donghyun wanted to say? Youngmin couldn’t help but feel pessimistic again.

Donghyun sat with his head in his hands, his eyes closed as he looked deep in thought. Youngmin slowly made his way towards the sofa, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He tried to look unbothered, but it was difficult.

“Youngmin-hyung, this is really important and I don’t really know how to start…” Donghyun raked a hand through his hair. He glanced up to Youngmin, meeting his eyes head on.

Youngmin flinched a little. He couldn’t help it; Donghyun was getting further and further away from him. “J-just say what you want.” He regretted those words; what if it was something he didn’t want to hear.

Donghyun leaned back, “we’ve been together for three years and now that I’m starting to act, we’re not gonna have a lot of time to meet up.”

Youngmin bit his lip, nodding a little. Donghyun suddenly got to his feet, an envelope hiding behind his back. He really wanted to surprise the elder but he wasn’t sure how to execute it.

“Hyung, I want-”

“W-wait a second.” Youngmin suddenly held a hand up, stopping the younger. Donghyun was a little taken back,


“I’m not ready to hear it,” Youngmin could already feel his eyes sting. “I know that you’re out of my league, you’re going to be a celebrity and I’m just me. Our relationship will just be a burden to you and your future, so even though I know, I’m not ready for it to end…”

Donghyun just stood motionless, his eyes wide. “Hyung… What are you talking about?” He could feel his heart drop.

Youngmin furrowed his brows, suddenly confused by the situation. “You’re… you’re gonna break up with me, right?” He had thoroughly convinced himself that it was coming. It was the only logical explanation, right?

“Hyung, you want to break up!?” Donghyun ran up to the elder, gripping onto his shoulder - the envelope still in his grasp.

Youngmin’s eyes were already glistening with tears, one trickling out of the corner. “But… you’re a… and I’m a normal… burden…”

Donghyun dropped the envelope to the floor, opting to cup the elder’s face instead. “Don’t ever say stuff like that.” His own eyes were glistening, “I don’t want us to break up, ever. You’re the only person I want, now and forever.”

Youngmin couldn’t help but let more tears escape. “But I- mmm…” the elder was cut off by Donghyun’s soft lips against his own. The younger stroked his hands down before wrapping them around Youngmin’s waist.

Youngmin could never fight against the younger. Donghyun pulled back from the kiss, letting Youngmin lean his forehead against the younger’s.

“I love you, Youngmin-hyung.” Donghyun smiled sweetly. “No matter what, I’ll never let you go.” He pulled Youngmin into a hug, who hugged back with a tight squeeze.

Donghyun sat Youngmin on the sofa, placing the envelope on the coffee table. “I’ll make the beef doenjang jjigae, you rest, hyung.” He ruffled the elder’s hair, before making his way towards the kitchenette.

Youngmin sighed, rubbing at his forehead. He suddenly felt embarrassed now that the dust settled. Misinterpreting the situation had only made everything more embarrassing. Honestly, Youngmin felt his chest inflate when Donghyun told him he was the only one. It made him stupid happy, and now Youngmin was sitting on the sofa smiling like an idiot.

The sound of the broth bubbling and Donghyun’s light swears under his breath. He was cute. Youngmin was the one that usually cooked, so it was a nice change of pace for Donghyun.

Youngmin leaned forwards, grabbing the younger fedora he’d placed there earlier. He fiddled with the hat for a few seconds before his eyes looked towards the envelope.

It was addressed to Youngmin, since his name was the only one on it. He grabbed the envelope, opening the seal as quietly as he could. He pulled out what looked like an apartment, just outside of Gangnam by the look of it.

“An apartment?” Youngmin furrowed his brows, looking through the details of the apartment. There were two rooms and a large bathroom, not to mention a decent sized kitchenette just off from the living area.

“Hyung, the doenjang jjigae just needs to boil for a few more minutes.” Donghyun appeared and grinned until he noticed what was in the elder’s hands. His face turned red, creeping up to his ears.

“You’re moving house?” Youngmin stared up at the younger. Donghyun’s apartment was in the centre of Gangnam, and it was nice - too nice.

“Well, actually…” Donghyun ruffled the back of his hair. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Youngmin-hyung. But then you started talking about breaking up and we got sidetracked.”

Youngmin just stared at Donghyun, expecting him to elaborate. “But why are you moving?” He didn’t see a reason for him too, especially because the new apartment was more expensive.

Donghyun chuckled, making his way towards the elder. He sat down next to him, suddenly reaching out and grabbing Youngmin’s hand. He interlocked their hands, eyes smiling.

“Youngmin-hyung, will you move in with me?” Donghyun was serious, and it made Youngmin’s heart jump in his chest.

“You… want to live together?” Youngmin actually felt happy, really happy. He never had the confidence to ask Donghyun himself, but now it was here it was unbelievable.

“I want to wake up and see you every morning, sleep next to you every night.” Donghyun scooter closer, booping his nose against the elder’s. “I want every second to be with you so this is the best i could come up with for now.”

Youngmin started grinning, little chuckles escaping him. “How do you still manage to make me stupidly happy after all this time?” He nuzzled his nose against the younger’s in reply.

Donghyun was quick to lean in, tilting his head and pressing a kiss to the elder’s lips. Youngmin’s eyes fluttered closed, a hand snaking behind Donghyun’s head.

The younger man easily pushed Youngmin onto the sofa, slipping his tongue into mouth. Youngmin’s arms wrapped around Donghyun’s neck, his own tongue curling and sliding around the intruding one.

Donghyun slowly stroked a hand up Youngmin’s shirt, pulling a muffled moan from him. Youngmin tightened a hand into the younger’s hair, tugging hard.

Donghyun pulled away from the kiss, licking his lips as he looked down at Youngmin. His hair was splayed and eyes lidded. He looked so ready; Donghyun had to hold himself back.

“My doenjang jjigae will burn.” Donghyun whispered, his voice low and sensual.

“Yeah.” Youngmin blinked slowly, like he wasn’t really paying attention. “We should eat first.”

“I really wanna eat you, hyung.” Donghyun pressed a kiss to the elder’s cheek. “But dessert comes after.”

Youngmin shoved the younger away, making him laugh. “You really killed the moment.” He picked himself off the sofa, making his way towards the kitchenette.

Youngmin pressed a hand to his chest, trying his best to calm his heart. Donghyun always made him palpitate; it probably wasn't good for him but he loved the feeling.

Donghyun followed the elder into the kitchenette, ready to eat his dinner. Youngmin separated the pot into two bowls, making sure that they were equal.

Eating together was always a calming atmosphere. Donghyun was talking about his day at work, and Youngmin just listened happily.

As the evening progressed, Donghyun had managed to push Youngmin down onto his double bed. The elder laughed softly under his breath.

"You're very forward today." Youngmin stroked his hand into the younger's hair again. Donghyun's pair was far too soft, he was almost addicted.

"I wanna eat you now, hyung. Can I?" Donghyun's hands rested on the elder's hips. He stroked up under his shirt, feeling his soft flesh.

"Hmm," Youngmin suddenly pulled the younger down, smashing their lips together. Donghyun licked straight between his parted lips, their tongues sliding against each other.

Youngmin moaned softly, feeling the younger lick his palette. He shuddered, since he was extremely sensitive there. Donghyun knew what he was doing when it came to Youngmin; he knew where every good spot was.

Youngmin was submitting fast, making Donghyun smirk into the kiss. He separated them, opting to lick down Youngmin's neck. He sucked softly, licking and kissing.

"Donghyunnie…" Youngmin whispered softly. Donghyun pulled back before ripping Youngmin's shirt over his head.

Donghyun returned to the elder's chest, licking at one of his nipples. Youngmin moaned louder, his body arching upwards. Donghyun sucked at the nub, teeth catching purposefully.

Youngmin was arching completely, his chest way too sensitive for this abuse. Donghyun jumped onto the other nipple, sucking harsh straight from the start.

"Ah!" Youngmin moaned deeply, his fingers digging hard into the younger's shoulders. His body was twitching, the pleasure starting to take over.

Donghyun started kissing down the elder’s stomach and abdomen. Youngmin was twitching, his stomach clenching. “W-wait, Donghyun…” he pushed weakly at the younger’s shoulders.

“What's wrong, hyung?” Donghyun licked his lips as he looked up.

“Doesn’t your schedule start at 6am tomorrow?” Youngmin asked in a serious tone. Donghyun tensed for a second, before a chuckle escaped him.

“Well, yes…” he sat up, ruffling his hair again. Youngmin sat up too, the younger now sitting on his upper thighs.

“You should sleep early so that you can concentrate tomorrow.” Youngmin didn’t want the younger to be tired while he was at work. He’d made sure that Donghyun was at his fullest.

Donghyun pouted, “are you telling me you don’t want to in a roundabout way?”

“I never said that.” Youngmin wrapped his arms around the younger’s neck. “But only one round, okay?”

Donghyun grinned, leaning out of the elder’s reach. He pulled his turtleneck over his head, throwing it to the side. His belt was next, followed by his jeans and boxers. His cock flopped out at full attention, hard and ready.

Youngmin’s eyes lidded, looking over the younger’s nakedness. Donghyun chuckled, hooking his fingers into the elder’s jeans and boxers pulling them down in one swoop.

Youngmin was just as hard as Donghyun, some precum snaking down the shaft. Donghyun reached over to the bedside table, grabbing the lube bottle. He popped the cap, squeezing a decent amount into his hand.

“Ahh!” Youngmin gasped, feeling a strong slick grip on his cock.

Donghyun stroked the elder slowly, making sure to squeeze the head and thumb the slit. Youngmin mewled at the ministrations, his hips picking up a little.

“D-Donghyun…” Youngmin whimpered softly, his hands latched back on the younger’s shoulders.

“Feel good already?” Donghyun chuckled, pouring a bit more lube onto the elder. It was so wet that the lube snaked down from the elder’s cock, over his balls and to his hole.

Donghyun watched the elder’s body twitch and convulse. He looked like he was feeling it. Youngmin’s cheeks turned a darker red, his hand reaching down to grab Donghyun’s wrist.

“I-I’m gonna…” Youngmin was trying to stop the younger. “I want…”

“I know, hyung.” Donghyun whispered straight into the elder’s ear before licking the shell.

“Nnh…” Youngmin tensed a little.

Donghyun released the elder’s cock, knowing where he really needed it. He grabbed one of Youngmin’s asscheeks, pulling them apart.

Youngmin’s hole twitched in anticipation. The cold lube had reached the hole, causing it to tremble. Donghyun stroked his thumb over the hole, listening to Youngmin moan softly.

Donghyun smirked, suddenly pushing his middle finger into the warm tightness. Youngmin gasped, his hips twitching.

Donghyun didn’t tease as much and entered a second finger. He scissored them, making sure to push at the soft, moist insides.

Youngmin spread his legs a little wider, wanting more of the younger. Donghyun smirked, slipping a third finger in deep. He splayed his fingers slowly, making sure to push at more of the fleshy walls.

“Stop teasing me… I want you.” Youngmin was wiggling his ass now, desperation getting to him.

Donghyun chuckled, pulling his fingers out of the elder. He added some more lube as he stroked his own cock, keeping him at full attention.

Youngmin was breathing deeply, his eyes focused on Donghyun’s hand. His cock was leaking desperately, his groans deepening.

“You’re so cute, Donghyun.” Youngmin grinned, seeing the younger flush.

“How can you call me cute when I’m about to devour you.” Donghyun growled, grabbing Youngmin’s knees and separating further. His hole was fluttering, clenching the air.

Donghyun groaned again, positioning himself at Youngmin’s hole. He prodded with his cock head, listening to Youngmin whimper softly.

“C-come on already…” Youngmin clenched his fists into the sheets. Donghyun couldn’t take it anymore; Youngmin was just far too fucking cute.

Donghyun pushed forwards, sinking his cock inside the elder. “Nnh!” Youngmin squeezed his eyes shut, gasping as the younger breached him.

Donghyun didn’t stop pushing until his hips hit Youngmin’s ass. “Are you okay, hyung?” Donghyun questioned, his hand stroking the elder’s hair. “Does it hurt?”

Youngmin forced his eyes open, seeing a concerned Donghyun over him. He smiled, lifting his arms up and wrapping them around Donghyun’s neck. “I’m okay.” He clenched his ass.

“Nh!” Donghyun moaned, his cock being squeezed by the elder hard. Youngmin smiled, proud of pulling such sounds from the younger.

“Feel good?” Youngmin cooed, tangling his hand in the younger’s hair. He tugged a little, pulling a small grunt from him.

Donghyun leaned forwards, nuzzling his nose against Youngmin’s. “You always make me feel good.” He pressed a small kiss to the corner of the elder’s mouth making him chuckle.

“You can move.” Youngmin stroked a hand down the younger’s back.

“I love you, hyung. You’re too good to me.” Donghyun placed his hands on the elder’s hips, gripping hard. He pulled out more than two thirds before ramming his cock deep inside again starting up a fast pace.

“Ah! Ah! Nnh! Ha! Ah!” Youngmin moaned at each thrust, feeling the younger’s cock deep inside. He tugged the younger’s hair, while his other hand rested on his lower abdomen. “Shit… how do you manage to get... so deep?”

“Fuck…!” Donghyun growled, his hands tightening on the elder’s hips and thrusting even harder into his moist warmth. “You’re so cute… and hot… sexy… beautiful... “ He was mumbling now, leaning in and growling into Youngmin’s ear.

Youngmin smiled through his whimpers, feeling the hard cock stab straight into his prostate. The shocks of pleasure were racking his body, making him arch up and toes curl. His own cock was dripping onto his abs, making a small puddle.

“Dong-! Ah!!” Youngin wrapped both arms around the younger’s head, pulling him closer. “Hyunnie! Ah! Ahhh!” His legs wrapped around Donghyun, forcing him as deep as possible.”Fuck! Ah! Ah!”

“You’re always so loud, hyung.” Donghyun smirked, turning his head and licking at Youngmin’s ear. The slurping sounds were amplified, making Youngmin try and pull his head away. It was too stimulating, too much.

Donghyun slowly pulled back, admiring the flushed, wrecked mess that was Youngmin. He threw his arm over his eyes, feeling far too vulnerable under Donghyun’s hot gaze. “You always look like you’re gonna destroy me…”

“You mean, you want me too.” Donghyun smirked, pulling out and turning Youngmin onto his front.

“Donghyun!” Youngmin felt his ears turn bright red, his face now pressed into the pillow. Donghyun pulled Youngmin’s ass into the air, forcing his knees bent. Without warning, Donghyun thrusted straight back into the tight heat.

Youngmin gasped loudly, his hands ripping at the sheets. “Donghy--! Ahh! Ah!” This new position made Donghyun ram straight into his prostate dead on. His hips were hitting into Youngmin’s soft ass, making a wet slapping sound.

Youngmin whimpered and mewled desperately, his body starting to feel numb. “Donghyun… Gah! Ah! Nnh…!” He pushed his hips back, meeting the thrusts head on. He let his mouth hang slack, saliva escaping him. The moans wouldn’t stop flowing as his eyes started rolling into the back of his head.

Donghyun was fuelled by the elder’s moans, slamming into him hard and fast. Youngmin was losing his mind, “ah! Nnh! Ah! Ah! Ah ah ah!” Youngmin gasped desperately, clawing at the bedding as best as he could. His lower abdomen was coiling fast, orasgm running up on him.

Donghyun reached forwards, cupping the elder’s chin and tilting his head upwards from the pillow. “Do you feel good, hyung?”

“Hah… ah!” Youngmin moaned incoherently, turning his head a little to get more of Donghyun’s touch. Donghyun bit his lip, his heart skipping. He slipped his thumb and index finger into Youngmin’s mouth, playing with his tongue.

Youngmin was quick to react, licking at the digits in his mouth. “You getting close, Youngminnie-hyung?” Donghyun leaned over the elder’s back, licking at the shell of his ear again. “I’m close, you’re squeezing me so nicely.”

Youngmin whimpered, his legs starting to tremble. “Dong… Donghyun… Nnh!” He sounded so perfect, and only Donghyun could hear it.

Donghyun slid his hand down the elder’s abdomen, reaching his hot, leaking cock. He started pumping Youngmin in time to his thrusts, squeezing both the head and the base. Youngmin gasped, his entire body quivering with the pleasure.

Donghyun removed his fingers from the elder’s mouth, turning his head towards him and sealing their lips. Youngmin kissed back immediately, sucking on the younger’s tongue. Donghyun curled his own against Youngmin’s, licking at his cheeks and palette.

“Hmmm! Nnh!” Youngmin twitched desperately, his hole clenching around the elder hard.

Donghyun thrusted in as far as he could go, suddenly spilling his hot seed deep inside. Youngmin’s eyes flew open, his own body reaching the edge. Donghyun squeezed the elder’s cock one last time before his come shot all over the bedsheets.

Youngmin broke the sloppy kiss in a gasp, his legs giving way and falling to the bed. Donghyun fell on top of him, breathing harshly in his ear. They just laid there, coming down from their highs.

Youngmin wriggled first, since the younger was literally on top of him. “Donghyun… you’re crushing me.”

“Sorry…” Donghyun lifted himself up on shaky arms, gently pulling his cock out of the hot warmth. Youngmin mewled softly, feeling the younger’s essence dribble out of his abused hole.

Donghyun watched hsi come snake down to Youngmin’s balls - damn that was hot. “Hyung…” he stroked a hand down the perfect skin of his back.

“No…” Youngmin sat up, before leaning back against Donghyun’s chest. “I said one round, and that was too intense.”

Donghyun just chuckled, his arm wrapping around Youngmin’s wasit and hugging him close. “You are the most adorable, hyung.” He started kissing Youngmin’s neck softly. Youngmin tilted his head, letting the younger snuffle against him. He was cute.

“I love you, Youngmin-hyung.” Donghyun cooed, “lets live together.”

Youngmin just chuckled, “of course.” He would love to wake up to the younger every day. It was too perfect.

Donghyun quickly stripped the dirty bedding, laying Youngmin down before joining him. Donghyun threw the duvet over the both of them, holding Youngmin close and snuggling close to him. He kept pressing soft kisses to Youngmin’s face and chin, showering him with sweet nothings.

Youngmin just hugged the younger closer, “sleep, Donghyun, you need to be up early.”

“Okay, hyung.” Donghyun smiled, “I love you…”

Youngmin tightened his arms around the younger, who was already drifting off. “I love you too, Donghyunnie.” He pressed a kiss to the younger’s head.