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Theories for Loving and Being Loved

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Atsumu could have an *PersoCom just like his twin Osamu already has, but he didn’t. He wasn’t interested in something that everyone else has, and less interested in having them as lovers.

"If ya don't understand, ya should just fall in love already, dumbass" was what both Rintarou and Osamu replied to him when Atsumu asked them about why they fell in love with Motoya and Tobio.

And he wanted that. Fall in love.

But Atsumu couldn’t fully grasp why they fell in love with them knowing the fact that Tobio and Motoya aren’t humans. “Why would’ya choose a robot instead of another human being?” he asked to himself again and again, just to receive “you’ll know someday” as answer.

And damn them, they were right.

Someday, coming very late from a mixer that Samu pushed him to go “have fun”, Atsumu saw someone wandering in the streets, in the opposite way he was going. The blond saw that person walking to him at distance, because his orange hair was easy to notice in the dawn lights.

So easily noticed that he asked if this little guy wasn’t the Sun himself. And staring too much at other person is something he never did before.

“Aint’ya crazy, Atsumu?” he thought after his body betrayed his brain, deciding for say hi to the stranger before him.

“Where yer going? Need some help?” Atsumu asked and the little guy looked back at him. With pretty brown eyes who matched that bright orange, is what the blond thought… Before becoming a whole mess, that is.

“H-Hey, if ya don’t have anywhere to go, wanna come to my home?”. ‘Yeah, nice one, you dumbass!’ is what he knows everyone would say to him, but for some reason, Atsumu didn’t want to let this stranger wander alone.

“It’s close by, and I said my house but yer coming to my neighbor first; maybe Shinsuke-san and Wakatoshi-san will help ya more than me. They have a daughter who should have left something behind that… you can use despite being a guy”.

He said while getting more and more flustered, ears getting more redder at the guy who kept staring at him. With earnest eyes who still didn’t knew mistrust. With no knowledge about how embarrassing is being naked in front of someone.

After finally getting the courage to cover the little guy with his jacket, and finally calming down a bit, Atsumu asked what the “sunshine guy” wanted to do. He couldn't leave that guy alone anymore, not in the state he was right in front of him.

Again, he received a long stare without a response. And that made the blondie thinks if he was doing the right thing. He just sighed and decided to skip that question and help the stranger, anyway.

“...Yer coming with me. Yer name?” he asked already turning his back to the stranger, a bit annoyed after his asks being ignored all this time. The blush in his ears finally going away too.

“It’s Shoyou” came in a whispered answer, one that he thought Atsumu almost didn’t hear and never would noticed if he wasn’t pulled by his companion.

He tripped backwards, asking a very confused “Whadd’ya doin’?!” to the person holding his hands. Atsumu reaction scared the little guy a bit, but after some attempts, he finally muttered “Shoyou”.

Atsumu looked at him and hummed, surprised, and said “Yer name is Shoyou? Great. My name is Miya Atsumu, nice to meet’ya, Shoyou!”, smiling after finally getting some answer.

In response, Shoyou nodded happily and smiled back to him. And Atsumu didn’t get to know how he got home that day.

After getting home (somewhat really tired), Atsumu throws himself at the sofa in his living room. He was exhausted after explaining everything in details to the Ushijimas living right at the next apartment, a couple that he is friend with.

Shinsuke and Wakatoshi known Atsumu and his brother for almost ten years. Specially Osamu, for being the owner of Onigiri Miya, their favorite food store (a place that the couple and even Atsumu frequently visits). Because of that, Atsumu feels comfortable with them.

But not that day.

Shinsuke was hella scary, probably because his face plastered a smile but his eyes weren’t smiling at all. He was always like that when the subject was serious.

A clear sign to Atsumu that he really was doomed; that explain why his mind said “run” before he entered Ushijima household. And his body was more wanting to run than listening what Shinsuke had to say.

“So… Care to explain what are you doing, Atsumu?” Shinsuke said, after Atsumu finally settling down in the couch on the living room. The blond tried to keep yourself calm, but was failing miserably and his body showed that, jerking just from hearing that simple ask.

Desperate, Atsumu looked around but for no avail. Even Wakatoshi-san remained silent to his husband, just giving the lead of the conversation to Shinsuke.

And Shoyou… Well, was just mimicking the way that Atsumu was sitting in seiza*. Oblivious to everything. Not helpful in nothing at that very moment.

“I… Just picked him up, I think...? On my way to home… I mean, He is my--”

Atsumu started to talk and finally took courage to look at them, but just saw Wakatoshi sighing and obviously giving up in help him after what he said. Yeah, his guts were right and he was in a pinch that even Osamu couldn’t help him out.

“First, let me see if I heard everything right from Rintarou and Osamu.” Shinsuke’s voice was calm like always, just like him. But of course, that’s exactly why it always made the Miya twins and even Suna actually fear and respect him. His voice was calmer just like the river making his way through canyons and forests. That was the type sharpness he always had.

“You go to a mixer, drank all night long and for the first time in all this years, came back home in the morning, carrying in your back someone you don’t even know. Is that all, Atsumu?” said Shinsuke, eyes fitting more Atsumu than Shoyou.

A very meek “aye” found his way in Atsumu thoughts, and tumbled upon his tongue. Was the minimum his brain could elaborate at that point. It was everything he could say right now, without stuttering like crazy, at least.

Trying to help Atsumu a little and breaks the insufferable hailstorm to keep going, Wakatoshi put his hand over Shinsuke’s and intertwined their fingers, saying “it’s better we give some spare clothes from our daughter to Atsumu’s friend” with his stern voice but also trying to sooth the situation. He thought in doing that would finally settle everyone nerves, after all.

“Something that matches his tall figure but not the first impression I had before”, Atsumu thought. He never expected that Wakatoshi would be thoughtful of other people besides Shinsuke. But in their situation, letting someone wearing only a jacket run around in their house… Yeah, not good at all.

Only thoughts, of course. He wasn’t crazy to say that open loud, never. Knowing who is Wakatoshi’s wife, he would never do that. And the turmoil happening in Atsumu’s mind never weren’t matching with the hurtful silence coming from Shinsuke. That was way more scaring than Wakatoshi, for sure.

After ten minutes, just ten minutes that seemed like eternity, Wakatoshi came back from the second floor. For Atsumu’s relief, the blondie felt he could breathe again. “My savior finally came back” is what he thought. At this point, he was referring to the clothes and for Shinsuke finally accepting the situation.

“Miya Atsumu, here. Your friend can use these clothes and shoes.” That was everything Wakatoshi said to Atsumu, dumping in his arms a huge pile of clothes and signaling with his eyes an “get out, I’ll talk with him”. Thing that was quickly understood by the blondie before him.

Atsumu nimbly and fast held the clothes close to his body with one of his arms, and called Shoyou. He just wanted to leave and nothing would prevent him from doing that.

Shoyou, on other hand, ignored the whole cold war that happened in that living room. He was more curious in everything in that house. Because he felt that he knew the books and their covers, and even the lavender aroma seemed familiar to him.

“Shoyou, yer okay? Wanna be here?” made the little guy snap off his brief daze. Atsumu was looking at him, with curious eyes at the book he had in hands.

Atsumu waited for Shoyou put the book in the shelves again, but instead, he did the opposite. Shoyou wanted the book too. For some reason, more than the clothes borrowed from Ushijima’s couple.

Shinsuke looked at that exchange between them the whole time. Looking specially at the young guy who seemed have no more than 24 years, the one with orange hair, and sighed. Atsumu would never convince that boy to leave.

“You can have the book for now, if you promise to me that you’ll take care of it.” Shinsuke said, flat-tone, while approaching himself to Shoyou and Atsumu.

Shoyou at first stared at him, and then to the book, and nodded vigorously to that. He wasn’t talking, but certainly understood what was told to him. And happy that he could have the book, he grabbed Atsumu that was free and pulled him to the door.

Before leaving, though, Atsumu said thanks and bowed to Wakatoshi and Shinsuke. And after making Shoyou bow to them, they finally left Ushijima’s house.

“Wakatoshi. Do you think everything will be okay for that child?”, said Shinsuke, looking at them from the windows, walking down the streets.
“Yeah, they’ll be fine. Our child chose him, after all.”

That was the answer Wakatoshi gave to his husband before wrap his arms around Shinsuke. Giving the warmth that like always, the safety that wasn’t asked but were needed in that moment.

The reason for that, however, both Atsumu and Shoyou would only know later.

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After finally getting home, Atsumu heavily dragged his body til the living room and immediately throwed himself at the couch. He missed doing that so much now, even though it’s something “common” to him. He just wanted to sleep there right away. But this time, and for the time being, he wasn’t alone. Shoyou was with him. And the blond already forgot this new fact in his life and slept anyway. 

Shoyou patiently waited for 30 minutes, standing close to the hallway that lead to the front door. Til some sparkly thing in the table in the middle of room picked his interest, and he moved there to see close up.  Something small and pointy was shining over the table, and he immediately picked up. It had a blue jewel, that shone whenever the light of the sun passed through it. Whatever that thing was, the colors being reflected were beautiful.

Later, on the same day, Atsumu woke up feeling heavy. Feeling his whole body really heavy. The reason for that was Shoyou sleeping on him, tightly wrapped around Atsumu’s body. God knows how much he struggled to free himself from that grip. Shoyou was snoring softly beside him, not matching the bear-like strength Atsumu was embraced before.

Sluggish, Atsumu rose from the couch and felt something fluffy on his feets: his red jacket, laying alone in the floor, that he quickly picked up and put in the washing machine with other clothes accumulating for laundry. After, he goes to the fridge grab a glass of water and some apple to eat in the living room.

Returning to the couch is what finally woke him up. His new roommate, in all his naked glory, sleeps in the sofa Atsumu was also doing the same til some minutes ago. The poor glass slipped the grip that hold them, shattering in the floor while the one that let it drops, was gaping.

If the blondie still had any doubt about how beautiful the guy right in front of him was, now he has his answer. “Cute” was the first thing that his treacherous mind brought up. But he said the complete opposite, like always.

H-HEY, YER… YER CLOTHES!! WHY AREN’T YA USING IT?! is the only thing he could say to wake up Shoyou, while his mind kept going wild and his ears more redder as the minutes passed by. He never thought that another guy would be ‘cute’ to him.

“Cute? Another guy...? Why I thought that?!” . Nothing could help him from his own thoughts now. But totally oblivious to the blond struggles, Shoyou woke up and looked at him, sitting. What only made Atsumu blush harder even not fully watching at him.

As Shoyou and his misterious silence continued, and Atsumu thought about Osamu and Rintarou having some solutions for it. He called both and explained the whole situation, including his encounter with Shoyou. Osamu thought talking personally in some bakery would be better than discuss over like that. 

Atsumu wasn't in the mood for going out buy agreed. Maybe a change of pace would also be good for his friend orange hair and trigger something on him, helping this "memory loss" or whatever it is.

He started to undress walking in direction to the stairs to the second floor, taking off his pants and letting them in the hallway to the rooms. Meanwhile, Shoyou was watching Atsumu's build figure, and the colorful shapes in his back and arms; something new to him, that he never saw before. And all those colors made Shoyou’s eyes sparkle with curiosity, and the sheer need to touch them.

Meanwhile, Atsumu remembers that he didn’t say anything to Shoyou about the meeting with his twin and Rintarou, so he goes back to the living room and talks to him about it.

Yer goin’ out with me today, little sunshine. Choose something to dress yerself, would’ya? Yer cute, so anything ya use gonna be cute. 

And after saying that Atsumu goes up the stairs again, to the bathroom in the second floor, without noticing the effect that it caused to Shoyou.

Atsumu finished his bath and went down again only wearing the black underwear he brought with him to the bathroom, to grab the clothes he already separated before and get ready to go out. But first he found Shoyou sitting in the floor, fighting to dress himself. What yer doing, Shou! is what he said, but still helped.

Minutes before Atsumu appears again, Shoyou was looking through the clothes he gained. No one was picking his interest, til he saw a very pretty blue mid dress. Frilly, with white laces decorating it. He liked and decided to use that, even noticing how very different it was from the clothes Atsumu used or gave to him before. 

C-cute…? is what Shoyou whispers to himself, processing the idea of this being fit to this word he heard before. And liking more the idea of wearing the dress, even though he didn't know how to do that yet.

What explains why Atsumu found Shoyou struggling with the dress, buttons tangled in his hair and eyes peeking from the neck area. He helped Shoyou to untangle his hair first and then took off that, just to see that he was naked in the same way in the day they met each other.

Okay, 'nough. Yer killin' me with this habit! Ya never used underwear?? Like this one I'm using? Atsumu said, pulling the thin cloth at his hips. Yer using them from now on, ok?

But right after saying that, Atsumu only saw the little guy shifts his eyes back and forth between the underwear and him; with a no clue of how I should wear this in his eyes. 

Atsumu frowned saying Yer ca’nt be serious, don’t wanna to h-help … p-put the underwear on ya. But what the mouth says don’t match what the brain thought and the body did. 

That day, Atsumu blushed like never he did before. Wearing another guy.

11am was the time that finally Atsumu and Shoyou reached the cafe he agreed to meet with Rintarou and Osamu. They were about to leave since Atsumu got there more than 1 hour later, what made them both pissed with him.

Hey Atsumu, you sure took your sweet time making us wait. That’s why you don’t have a girlfr-- Rintarou was literally spitting venom with every word but he stopped mid-sentence when Motoya hit him with his elbow, making Suna stops to notice Atsumu wasn’t alone. 

Ignore him, Atsumu-san. We are glad of you coming, but Rintarou-sama was just… being like always, and I’m sorry for that. He didn’t to say this to hurt you, okay. Hope that your friend doesn’t mind this too, seeing he is new to us.

Motoya smiles while speaking with his usual cheerful voice to Atsumu, reassuring them that was okay they coming late because they were more happy than grumpy. The five of them hardly meet, with their own schedules and jobs to take care off, so what he said wasn’t distant from reality.

Silence. An awkward silence descended upon them after Motoya spoke.

Who is your friend, Atsumu-san? Never saw you with someone like him before. 

Tobio was the first one breaking the awkwardness of that moment; even though he was more focused in taking a small piece of the cake served in front of him. Osamu was his priority for ages, that wouldn’t change now just because the twin of his master was there.

His name is Shoyou, guys. C’mon, don’t be shy and say hi to them yerself. Yer cute more than Sunarin, and won’t bite anyone like him do so they’ll like you.

Atsumu said, pushing Shoyou in front of the group; and continued to hold his hand, feeling that Shoyou’s grip grew tighter. His face shows almost nothing, but maybe he is nervous just like any person would be.

Osamu also noticed the little guy with orange hair, but feigned ignorance because Tobio was feeding him cake and that was more important to him. Seeing his lover, getting very flustered  while pampering him was exactly what Osamu liked in teasing Tobio. After all, everything he did was absolutely more interesting. But he couldn’t keep ignoring his twin forever. Sadly.

Sumu… I hope yer impress us today. We ain’t taking a day off for help ya with whatever mess yer in now. Osamu sighs and licks what remained of the cake in his lips, and goes to the cashier to pay the bill. Rintarou and the others go to the door, and wait for Osamu outside the cafe. When he gets close to them, Osamu says that will be better for all of them go his house; more time to talk things over quietly and and without people disturbing the conversation.

Ok, Samu. Yer not regret inviting me, because I want your spicy tuna onigiri as a treat at the end of the day!

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So… You think this redhead here is an unique PersoCom, somewhat like my Tobio? Osamu asked, raising an eyebrow at Atsumu's statement. Let me see it, then. Because I’m sure you’re more curious than me. Osamu said that but clearly was acting like someone who just found a rarity and is eager to appraise it.

Atsumu was looking at Osamu and his eyes brimming with curiosity, a feeling that he was also sharing at this moment. He was curious about Shoyou and the secrets he could have, despite not caring that much if he is "special" or not. 

Tobio, can you help me? made Atsumu snap out his thoughts and focus on what was happening in front of him. He saw Tobio kneel in front of the redhead, already pulling his ear connector and trying to link it to Shoyou. But the little guy didn't liked the way Tobio approached him, and the slap in his hands made it very clear.

Shou-chan? What's wrong? Atsumu asked, surprised just as everyone else in the room. "He never did that before, why now?" was everything that came into Atsumu's thoughts.

Maybe he is just defective, Dumb-sumu. Just because you found him wandering around in the city, and Tokyo, doesn't make this redhead an special PersoCom. Rintarou finally spoke his trademark bluntly words, but not lied in this statement. He was laying in the couch, head resting on Motoya's lap and closed eyes. "Snarky remarks" that always pissed someone very easily.

...R-i-n-t-a-r-o-u. A very chilling voice tone coming from Motoya was heard in the room, and the power implied on it made Rintarou flinch and go blank. His lover was smiling but the eyes were staring daggers.

Is this a way to treat a friend of yours, "master'? Hm? Are you really putting me and all the time I spent "educating you" on shame? If after all this time, you're only a brat… I'm afraid that I won't serve you anymore, "master" Rintarou. 

Motoya wasn't lying. He can't because he is not a human, after all. And Rintarou knew it how serious he was being. Besides… I want to help him. If you is not willing to do that, then I am doing it on my own volition.

Rintarou sighs,  exhasperated by such rebellious phrases coming from the one that was always Suna's Butler rather than Rintarou lover. 

Whatever you want… Rintarou shrugs, roll onto his side and faced the wall. "Let it pass" was the best thing he could do to not lose the family he finally had. 

Motoya mouths a "good boy, good boy" while runs his fingers through Rintarou's hair to placate the grumpy black fox. 

Alright, time to help them. Can you let my lap free now, please? Motoya leans close to his master ears and whispers a very naughty i f you let me help them now, I'm "lending a hand" to you too at home. 

And even before the others in the room had time to process what was said, the light reddish tone at Rintarou ears spoke by themselves what was spoken. No need to ask at all.

"Oh, please… Get a room already, I don't want to see or reach that level of horny" was what Atsumu thought, while saying a low " don't watch it " to the shorty ginger-hair, at this point, really curious about what was happening. Motoya on other hand was giggling while approaching them, finding cute how close they are to each other even though Atsumu hasn’t noticed yet.

What do you want me to do, Osamu-sama? What you need? And Tobio-kun, this won’t work because you’re making Shoyou-kun nervous. Motoya said that while took Tobio’s hand away from Shoyou because, for some reason, Tobio and Shoyou were acting like cats and dogs. And it was clear that the little guy wasn't liking the idea of being touched by strangers.

That's it. Atsumu-sama, what about you helping us here? Since Shoyou-san doesn't want to be touched by strangers. 

Are ya really doing that, Tsumu? Yer a lost cause of a virgin, if ya don't remember. Osamu Said while trying to not burst in laughter, seeing his twin turning redder and redder the more minutes passed by. "Ain't ya too much of a blushy mess, Atsumu? You aren't a maiden, you know?" is what Osamu thought and grinned, because this would be something to remember later and laugh more. 

Yer shut up, Samu!! I saw that grin! What is the problem with still being a virgin?! And I know that yer all want to laugh, teasing trio!!

Siblings thing. Friends that know each other for too many time, too. Being together for a long means that you get used to it, even to the constant tease.

Okay, so what I have to do? Just turn him off and reboot again, right? What’s the problem with that? 

Atsumu asked, tilting his head to the side while looking totally oblivious to what was waiting for him. Osamu and Rintarou sighed in unison, seeing how much he could be called ‘dumb’ right now. 

Osamu sighed dramatically, huffing an “haaahhh!”, and turned at his twin.

You really know what you talking about? Did you see his “on/off” button? If your answer is “yes”, where it is, yer fool?

Atsumu thought for 10 seconds. 10 seconds that passed like eternity to everyone except him, and finally clicked to him, his red ears gave the signal of “yeah, now I know”. 

But knowing not necessarily means that you are prepared for it.

Okay, so… uh, what should I do? Just… “do it” with him? Touch him there and that’s it?

Of course not. It’s not that easy, but… It’s a man… So… How exactly a man do another…?

Meanwhile, Suna and Motoya were trying to analyze Shoyou. More likely just suppose about him, since he curled himself in a ball on the left side of the couch. And despite his tiny body, he really was saying “don’t come near me, don’t touch me” with that somewhat cute glare.

Motoya was the one that actually had some success, because of his calm manners. He is snarky just as Suna, but doesn’t emanate a scary aura like Rintarou does; and that was a given, with the little guy scared of them. 

Say… Shoyou-kun. Why you don’t want us to examine you? Is there something wrong with it? You can talk to me, if you want to. I am just like you too.

Shoyou jolted while Motoya waited for an answer, Rintarou going away to not interrupt, still curled, and gripped his knees; he frowned and hid his face. A hazy memory came, with a familiar voice saying that he shouldn’t let people hurt him more than they already did.

But who was this person? This was important to remember, this much he knew. But why…?

... don't wanna, it’s not safe was voiced by the redhead, barely audible but very clear. You’ll break, and I don’t wanna break or kill you.

Die? What you mean? We don’t die, Shoyou-san. People like us don’t die, but we can be restart from zero, if that’s what you meant.

No more response, just him staring at nothing. Seeing that any of them saw. At that sign of ‘no more talk’, Motoya looked at Rintarou, Osamu and Atsumu and shook his head indicating that he couldn’t do nothing for him.

Osamu just sighed and thought that Atsumu helping on it was really needed. Because he knew they wouldn't do anything without him. The more ‘childish’ Atsumu can be, he needed to do this alone and find the answers for it on his own.

Sumu, your PersoCom wants you with him. He won't cooperate until you do that, it seems; I know because I already saw this before. And since we don't have all day to do that, come here. He probably just wants someone to hold his hands. And this someone is you, that I can see ever since you two entered in my home.

Osamu patted Atsumu’s back as a push for him to go to his home, and approached enough to whisper “you better study about what to do, and try to not mess up with your first time ” at Atsumu’s ears. The blond Miya tried to laugh it off but not worked.

Y-Yeah, of courshe. Ouch, I bit my tongue… Anyway, I will be fine, Samu. Stop making a fool of me, yer scrub!

Osamu just chuckled and waved, saying “yeah, right; whatever you say, Sumu”. 

Atsumu and Osamu can be both proper adults right now but some of their childish remarks, taking root for years, still persist.

Shoyou, we are going home! C’mon, I got an day off my work already, before coming here. I.. uh… need to study  when we get home, so I want to make food first and still have some time for it.

Osamu wasn’t containing the burst of laughter after hearing this, while Suna was trembling a bit, trying to contain the laughter already getting the best of him. But despite that, he was sure that his brother won’t mess up with anything.

The twins gave each other a handshake and Atsumu just waved to Rintarou and Motoya. Shoyou came and immediately linked hands with him, and in answer to this gesture, Atsumu gave a little squeeze on those little hands.

Okay, we are going now, Samu. Thanks for having me til now, and for trying to help me. Us.

Don’t mention it, it’s for things like this that you can count with your family, right? 

They grinned at the same time, and nodded. But Osamu felt the urge to add something more to this phrase. Add someone to this equation. 

Shoyou-kun, was it? Take care of my brother, okay? He can’t cook for a living, so you have to make sure that he won’t live off eating fast-food. 

Osamu ruffled that shiny red hair, and received a nod followed by an energetic humming in agreement. Which made Osamu give a smile to this reaction, and to the tiny guy in front of him.

And just like that, they went off to Atsumu’s house. Now a home for two, it seems. Their hands linked like they were meant to be like that.

What Atsumu didn’t knew, nor the others too, is how connected him and Shoyou already were to each other.