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Theories for Loving and Being Loved

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After finally getting home, Atsumu heavily dragged his body til the living room and immediately throwed himself at the couch. He missed doing that so much now, even though it’s something “common” to him. He just wanted to sleep there right away. But this time, and for the time being, he wasn’t alone. Shoyou was with him. And the blond already forgot this new fact in his life and slept anyway. 

Shoyou patiently waited for 30 minutes, standing close to the hallway that lead to the front door. Til some sparkly thing in the table in the middle of room picked his interest, and he moved there to see close up.  Something small and pointy was shining over the table, and he immediately picked up. It had a blue jewel, that shone whenever the light of the sun passed through it. Whatever that thing was, the colors being reflected were beautiful.

Later, on the same day, Atsumu woke up feeling heavy. Feeling his whole body really heavy. The reason for that was Shoyou sleeping on him, tightly wrapped around Atsumu’s body. God knows how much he struggled to free himself from that grip. Shoyou was snoring softly beside him, not matching the bear-like strength Atsumu was embraced before.

Sluggish, Atsumu rose from the couch and felt something fluffy on his feets: his red jacket, laying alone in the floor, that he quickly picked up and put in the washing machine with other clothes accumulating for laundry. After, he goes to the fridge grab a glass of water and some apple to eat in the living room.

Returning to the couch is what finally woke him up. His new roommate, in all his naked glory, sleeps in the sofa Atsumu was also doing the same til some minutes ago. The poor glass slipped the grip that hold them, shattering in the floor while the one that let it drops, was gaping.

If the blondie still had any doubt about how beautiful the guy right in front of him was, now he has his answer. “Cute” was the first thing that his treacherous mind brought up. But he said the complete opposite, like always.

H-HEY, YER… YER CLOTHES!! WHY AREN’T YA USING IT?! is the only thing he could say to wake up Shoyou, while his mind kept going wild and his ears more redder as the minutes passed by. He never thought that another guy would be ‘cute’ to him.

“Cute? Another guy...? Why I thought that?!” . Nothing could help him from his own thoughts now. But totally oblivious to the blond struggles, Shoyou woke up and looked at him, sitting. What only made Atsumu blush harder even not fully watching at him.

As Shoyou and his misterious silence continued, and Atsumu thought about Osamu and Rintarou having some solutions for it. He called both and explained the whole situation, including his encounter with Shoyou. Osamu thought talking personally in some bakery would be better than discuss over like that. 

Atsumu wasn't in the mood for going out buy agreed. Maybe a change of pace would also be good for his friend orange hair and trigger something on him, helping this "memory loss" or whatever it is.

He started to undress walking in direction to the stairs to the second floor, taking off his pants and letting them in the hallway to the rooms. Meanwhile, Shoyou was watching Atsumu's build figure, and the colorful shapes in his back and arms; something new to him, that he never saw before. And all those colors made Shoyou’s eyes sparkle with curiosity, and the sheer need to touch them.

Meanwhile, Atsumu remembers that he didn’t say anything to Shoyou about the meeting with his twin and Rintarou, so he goes back to the living room and talks to him about it.

Yer goin’ out with me today, little sunshine. Choose something to dress yerself, would’ya? Yer cute, so anything ya use gonna be cute. 

And after saying that Atsumu goes up the stairs again, to the bathroom in the second floor, without noticing the effect that it caused to Shoyou.

Atsumu finished his bath and went down again only wearing the black underwear he brought with him to the bathroom, to grab the clothes he already separated before and get ready to go out. But first he found Shoyou sitting in the floor, fighting to dress himself. What yer doing, Shou! is what he said, but still helped.

Minutes before Atsumu appears again, Shoyou was looking through the clothes he gained. No one was picking his interest, til he saw a very pretty blue mid dress. Frilly, with white laces decorating it. He liked and decided to use that, even noticing how very different it was from the clothes Atsumu used or gave to him before. 

C-cute…? is what Shoyou whispers to himself, processing the idea of this being fit to this word he heard before. And liking more the idea of wearing the dress, even though he didn't know how to do that yet.

What explains why Atsumu found Shoyou struggling with the dress, buttons tangled in his hair and eyes peeking from the neck area. He helped Shoyou to untangle his hair first and then took off that, just to see that he was naked in the same way in the day they met each other.

Okay, 'nough. Yer killin' me with this habit! Ya never used underwear?? Like this one I'm using? Atsumu said, pulling the thin cloth at his hips. Yer using them from now on, ok?

But right after saying that, Atsumu only saw the little guy shifts his eyes back and forth between the underwear and him; with a no clue of how I should wear this in his eyes. 

Atsumu frowned saying Yer ca’nt be serious, don’t wanna to h-help … p-put the underwear on ya. But what the mouth says don’t match what the brain thought and the body did. 

That day, Atsumu blushed like never he did before. Wearing another guy.

11am was the time that finally Atsumu and Shoyou reached the cafe he agreed to meet with Rintarou and Osamu. They were about to leave since Atsumu got there more than 1 hour later, what made them both pissed with him.

Hey Atsumu, you sure took your sweet time making us wait. That’s why you don’t have a girlfr-- Rintarou was literally spitting venom with every word but he stopped mid-sentence when Motoya hit him with his elbow, making Suna stops to notice Atsumu wasn’t alone. 

Ignore him, Atsumu-san. We are glad of you coming, but Rintarou-sama was just… being like always, and I’m sorry for that. He didn’t to say this to hurt you, okay. Hope that your friend doesn’t mind this too, seeing he is new to us.

Motoya smiles while speaking with his usual cheerful voice to Atsumu, reassuring them that was okay they coming late because they were more happy than grumpy. The five of them hardly meet, with their own schedules and jobs to take care off, so what he said wasn’t distant from reality.

Silence. An awkward silence descended upon them after Motoya spoke.

Who is your friend, Atsumu-san? Never saw you with someone like him before. 

Tobio was the first one breaking the awkwardness of that moment; even though he was more focused in taking a small piece of the cake served in front of him. Osamu was his priority for ages, that wouldn’t change now just because the twin of his master was there.

His name is Shoyou, guys. C’mon, don’t be shy and say hi to them yerself. Yer cute more than Sunarin, and won’t bite anyone like him do so they’ll like you.

Atsumu said, pushing Shoyou in front of the group; and continued to hold his hand, feeling that Shoyou’s grip grew tighter. His face shows almost nothing, but maybe he is nervous just like any person would be.

Osamu also noticed the little guy with orange hair, but feigned ignorance because Tobio was feeding him cake and that was more important to him. Seeing his lover, getting very flustered  while pampering him was exactly what Osamu liked in teasing Tobio. After all, everything he did was absolutely more interesting. But he couldn’t keep ignoring his twin forever. Sadly.

Sumu… I hope yer impress us today. We ain’t taking a day off for help ya with whatever mess yer in now. Osamu sighs and licks what remained of the cake in his lips, and goes to the cashier to pay the bill. Rintarou and the others go to the door, and wait for Osamu outside the cafe. When he gets close to them, Osamu says that will be better for all of them go his house; more time to talk things over quietly and and without people disturbing the conversation.

Ok, Samu. Yer not regret inviting me, because I want your spicy tuna onigiri as a treat at the end of the day!