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The Other Stripes

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Bubmblebee's POV, Earth, June 13, 2014

Man, I can't believe it's been a whole orbital-cycle since we were last here. "Bublebee," said a large blue and red robot, "are you alright? You have been staring at the humans area for three kilicks." "Yeah," I replied, "sorry Optimus." Me and Optimus Prime were standing in the rebuilt Omega One base, getting ready for the other members of Team Prime to come. We had decided to take some time to visit their human friends and relax, so far the other bots were yet to come through the space-bridge. "Do you think they'll show?" I asked my mentor. "Hum," Prime hummed in thought. "Yes, I do believe they will come." Suddenly the space-bridge came to life. Steeping through the vortex were Arcee, Knock Out, Bulkhead. Wheeljack, Smokescreen, and Ultra Magnus. "Hello Earth!" Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen shouted at once. "So," started Knock Out, "this is the famous Omega One." "Yep," I replied. 


Honk Honk! The sound of a car horn caused all of the bots to look at the entrance. Driving in was a silver six seat minivan. As the doors opened a voice shouted "Bulkhead!" Steeping out of the car the voice was revealed to belong to Miko Nakadai, one of our human friends. "Miko," Bulkhead replied with a smile on his faceplate. "Hey guys," another human said steeping out of the car. This human had short back hair, blue optics, er, eyes, and wore blue jeans and a grey t-shirt over a white long-sleeve. This was Jack Darby. "Jack," Arcee said with a smile, walking over to her old partner. And that leaves- "Raf," I said as my best friend exited the van. "Bubmblebee," shouted the shorter human. Exiting the drivers door of the van, Jack's mom waved to us all. "It's good to see you all again," June Darby said. "The feeling is mutual June," replied Optimus. 


Everything was going great, Fowler showed up around 30 kilicks into the reunion, the humans had some cake, and we Cybertronians (Optimus and Ultra Magnus excluded) had a thing of High-Grade Energon each. The humans were a little skeptical of Knock Out at first, but now him, Miko, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen are jamming out like old friends. Everything was fine, until the space-bridge opened. "Um, doc-bot," I asked, readying my blasters, "were we expecting company?" "I don't believe so," he replied worriedly. Suddenly, steeping through the portal were two Cybertronians. The first to catch my optic was a young femm. She looked almost identical to me, save for two major differences, 1) she had a breast plates (since she is a femm) and her coloring was different, rather than yellow and black she was maroon and gold colored. The other Cybertronian was- "Megatron," Optimus said steeping over to his old brother. "Optimus," Megatron replied, "pardon the intrusion, but I am here on business that can not wait." "And what might that be," asked Jack, looking peeved that the reunion was inturupted by the ex-leader of the Decepticons. "Her," Megatron replied, "I found her in an old cave on Cybertron and when I used my identifier to find out who she was, well, I'll just say your former scout should be rather happy." Everyone looked at him with surprise and then turned to me. I simply stared at the mech a moment before turning my helm to the young femm. Taking a closer look, I realized that she was a little younger than me, maybe 8 or 9 vorns younger, and her faceplate, she almost looked like- "Hornet."