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I accidentally said that I was dating my college bffs and now we hold hands on a daily basis (I think it stopped being platonic?)

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disorganized duo + Anna + Gavin

Sunday, 3:46AM
Red Duck: okay so funny story
Red Duck: i made a mistake and told everyone we are all dating
Red Duck: n e ways i gtg, gotta buy more chips


Sunday, 11:10AM
Anna: ?
stan gavin: wait this isn’t a gavin update
stan gavin: maybe i should change our group chat name first

stan gavin changed the group chat name to The Loves of My Only Life

stan gavin: much better, now we can discuss this
Anna: Why did you need to change this group chat name to discuss something that isn’t Gavin?
Anna: We talk about non-Gavin related things all the time.
stan gavin: idk, it felt like we were cheating on gavin for a hot sec
Anna: But we aren’t dating him? We don’t even know him.
stan gavin: SEE that’s the problem
stan gavin: stop focusing on those tiny details
stan gavin: is SHE still sleeping? omg wake up before i blow this group chat UP


Sunday, 1:28PM
Red Duck: omg i couldn’t find our chat bc you changed its name
Red Duck: i almost deleted it too
Red Duck: how mean :^(((( i can’t believe this
Red Duck: it kinda looked suspicious,,, 153+ unread messages, who the heck?
stan gavin: sometimes it be like that
Anna: Yeah, crazy right. This is true character development for this entire chat.
Red Duck: yay~ i wonder where we can go from here
stan gavin: AH HA a perfect transition into your message from 3:46AM this morning