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Musse's Prize

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“Please choose one of two cards”
Musse said as she held out two cards; Marme, and Fifnall.

“Huh?” Rean replied.

“What are you up to?” Rean thought to himself.

Rean sat looking at the cards that Musse had presented to him. After about a minute of thinking, he reached out and picked the Marme card out of Musse hand.

“You chose Marme, so… you win the ‘I’ll wash your back in the bath’ Prize!” Musse screamed with excitement.

“Hold on a minute!” a shocked Rean said as he tried to get his words out. “I really don’t need a prize, and--”

Rean paused for a bit to re-gather his thought, he took a deep breath before continuing.

“Well, you see, I just had a bath earlier, so…” Rean finished

But Musse wasn’t about to let that stop her.

“There’s no use in trying to refuse.” She said with a smile. “After all, it would bring shame to a woman of the empire, were she not to keep her promises.” Musse looked downward and continued. “Surely you’re not trying to make me do anything shameful, Instructor Rean?”

Rean who was completely shocked couldn’t even get a word out no matter how hard he tried

“Uh, no, But..!”

Before Rean could get anything out, Musse had interrupted him.

“Now, now. No dawdling.” Musse smile before turning that smile into a lustful look. “Let's head straight for the the baths.❤”

Rean felt a slight shiver down his spin as he came to the realisation that he wasn’t getting out of this scenario. He accepted his fate and before he knew it, Rean was in the bath, just as he thought about leaving, Musse entered the baths.

“Are you ready for your back washing prize Instructor?” Musse said in her seductive voice.

“Musse I don’t think we shou--” as Rean turned to Musse, he saw Musse standing there, in a blue bikini. Rean couldn’t do anything but stare at Musse.
“Do you like it, Instructor Rean?” Musse questions Rean as she gave a twirl showing off her bikini.

“There’s a beach just near Ordis, sometimes I would go swimming with my grandparents. But..” Musse started adjusting her bikini.

“It's a little bit smaller then I remember…”

As Musse continued to adjust her bikini, Rean watched as Musse’s boobs bounced as she adjusted her bikini top, sometimes Rean would even see her Nipples, which were erect.

“She's doing this on purpose, isn't she?” Rean thought to himself.


After Musse was finished with the adjustment of her bikini, she noticed that Rean had been staring at her boobs.

“My my Instructor, how many lewd thoughts of me are you having?” Musse teased Rean knowing full well that she wanted him to see her boobs.

Rean’s face went bright red and turned away. Musse couldn’t help but giggle at Rean’s reaction.

“Anyways, shall I wash you back now, Instructor Rean?”

After washing the rag in soapy water, Musse started washing Rean’s back. At first, Rean was on high alert making sure no one was going to catch them, but as time went on, Rean began to notice how Musse was washing his back. Musse was pushing her fingers into different parts of his back muscle, and despite using a cleaning rag, Rean was able to feel Musse’s Hands as they ran up and down his back, it was the most relaxing thing he had felt in a while. Rean looked over and saw the cleaning rag Musse was supposed to be using, it was only then Rean released that Musse had been using her hands to clean his back and massage it.

“Musse, have you..?” Rean asked

“You’re always looking after us in Class VII.” Musse replied. “And not just us, the Old Class VII, Thor branch campus, leeves and everyone we come across on our field study.”

Rean sat there and listen to Musse continue.

“Government order after government order, you put the lives of others before your own, you carry the world on your back and you don't ask for help because you fear you'll be a burden on others."

"Musse…" Rean sat in shock as Musse opened up to Rean, he was expecting to be teased, but he was expecting Musse to pour her heart out like the way she did.

"This is just my way of giving back to you, my way of saying thanks." Musse paused before continuing

"So, thank you Instructor, for looking after everyone."

Rean sat for a bit before he said anything.

"I am so thankful to have students like you, thank you Musse.

The two sat there for a bit while Musse continued to wash Rean's back.

"But did you really need to tell me in the bath?" Rean questioned Musse

"Oh that?" Musse replied. "Well if you must know.. I haven't even probably thanked you yet." Musse said in her seductive voice.

"What do yo--"

Before rean could get anything out of his mouth, Musse had taken off her bikini top and started rubbing her erect nipples all over Rean's back.

"Musse, what are you?!?"

Before Rean could escape and ask questions, Musse had pulled Rean in and was now pressing both of her boobs up against Rean's back, she then started rubbing her boobs up and down Rean's back, which caused her to start breathing heavily and moaning at the same time.

"Musse, you need to stop before we get caught" Rean said in a panic.

"But I still haven't thanked you in my own way." Musse replied

"What about the back massages and everything you just said?" Rean questioned

"The back massages were a part of my thanks, and all the things I said before were true." Musse replied. "But this way, I get to wash your back and enjoy myself."

Musse then moaned, before getting close up to Rean's ear and whispering in a seductive tone

"After all, my panties are all wet, and I haven't even gotten in the bath, they are wet all thanks to you, Instructor Rean."

Rean tried focusing on sensing if anyone was around, but the more he tried to focus on sensing other, he could only sense Musse’s boobs rubbing against his back, it came to the point where Musse’s boobs were the only thing he could think about, the only thing he wanted to think about. Before he knew it, Rean had an erection. Musse also took notice of Rean’s erection.

"I'm happy to see that my thanks has made you excited, Instructor." Musse said with her lewd tone.

Musse moved over to the front of Rean and sat right in front of his cock. She looked at it, she smelled it, and she licked it, which caused Rean to moan.

“I want to keep teasing you, but I can’t hold myself back any longer.” Musse said with a heavy breath. “I want to see how you taste.”

Musse started by pressing her lips on the tip of Rean’s dick almost like she was kissing it, after that, she slowly moved down his shaft. Rean couldn’t help but moan as Musse sucked his dick.

“So this is how Rean tastes, it's even better than I imagine.” A thirsty Musse thought to herself.
“But that's not enough, I want that bittersweet taste that Rean exerts!”

Musse began to suck Rean’s dick more intestly and with more passion, she wanted Rean’s bittersweet taste and she wasn't going to stop till she got it. Rean on the other hand sat there trying his best not to moan so loud so they won’t get caught, but as Musse continued to suck Rean off, he felt his mind slowly give into Musse lust, he became less worried about someone walking in on them and thinking more about the fact he was about to climax.

“Musse… I-I’m going to..” Rean grab Musse head. “I’m going to cum!”

Rean then forced his dick down Musse throat had he climaxed, he came in Musse mouth. Musse didn’t have enough time to prepare for Rean’s cum, causing her to choke on Rean semen, Musse’s mouth was full to the brim with Rean’s cum, she couldn’t hold any more in her mouth causing some of it to explode out of her mouth. Musse did her best to not lose any of Rean’s love nectar and started swallowing as much of Rean’s cum as she could. Rean on the other hand just had one of the crazy experiences ever.

“So this is how Instructor Rean’s cum tastes, so bitter yet so sweet, and so hot, it’s even better than I ever could have imagined.” Musse said while licking the cum off her lips. “Look at that, my painties are completely soaking wet and it’s all because you gave me a taste of what you were, but that’s not enough..”

Musse stod up and took off her painties, exposing dripping wet pussy to Rean.

“I thought I would be satisfied with just your taste, but now I want more.” Musse said with a fire passion in her eyes. “I want all of you inside me, Instructor Rean❤.”

“Musse… I'm sorry!” Rean said as he got up and pinned Musse on the bathroom floor.

“I-Instructor.. What are you?”

“I’m sorry Musse, but I also want you!” Rean Explained “You said you wanted me inside of you, but you see, I want to be inside of you!”

All Musse could do was stare at Rean in shock, as she laid naked with all of her goods exposed to Rean. Rean moved closer to Musse ear and whispered.

“For my Prize, I want all of you”

Musse stared in shock before she replied.

“Well, it would bring shame to a woman of the empire, were she not to keep her promises.” Musse said as she spread her legs open exposing her wet pussy.

Rean had inserted the tip of his dick into Musse, then slowly inserted more of himself into Musse. Musse moaned as her pupil changed to love hearts. As Rean started to thrust in and out of Musse, she began to lose all train of thought, the only thing she could think of was Rean, and the fact Rean was fucking her against the bathroom floor, with each thrust, Musse mind when more and more blank. Rean was no different, with every thrust, Rean’s mind would go blank, It came to the stage where Rean’s body was just moving on it’s own, the only thing Rean could think about was Musse and her body, so tight, yet so wet and slippery. Both Rean and Musse were on the verge of climaxing.

“Musse, I’m about to cum.” Rean moaned

“So am I.” Musse moaned as she warped herself around the Rean’s body. “Let’s cum together.”

There bodys as one in the passion in love, both Rean and Musse didn’t want this moment to end, but all good things must come to an end.

“R-Rean, I-I’m cumming!”

Musse screamed as both her and Rean came at the same time. Rean unloaded all of his hot semen into Musse, he came so much his seman started overflowing out of Musse body. Musse laid on the bathroom floor not being able to do anything as her body twitched while Rean’s semen was overflowing from her body, Musse was in pure ecstasy. Rean on the other hand, only remembering the gravity of the situation, was on high alert as he could sense others in the area.

“Musse, we have to leave before we are fou-” Rean looked over at Musse who had passed out from the excitement.

“This isn't going to be easy.” Rean thought to himself.

It took all of Rean’s skill but he was able to sneak himself and Musse to his room. He was able to get Musse dressed and laid her down in his bed to rest.

“If anyone asks, I’ll just say she collapsed in the bath from the heat… Maybe I should come up with a better excuse.” Rean said to himself out loud “This girl is going to be the end of me, but, I guess I don't mind having her as my end.”

Before Rean could do anything, Musse had pulled him into the bed.

“Oh Rean, you're such a gentleman for carrying me to your room. I hope you didn’t do anything indecent when dressing me.” Musse said in her seductive tone.

“But we just-” Rean try to speak before getting cut off again

“Then again if its the man I love then I guess I don’t really mind”


“L-love?” Rean questioned

“Y-yeah” Musse blushed. “But everything that just happened, it confirms how I feel about you.”

Musse cuddles up to Rean, snuggling with him.

“Rean, I love you.”

Rean's face goes red as Musse buries her face into Rean’s chest.

“Yeah, I guess I’m in the same boat as you.” Rean said.

For a while now, Rean had slowly developed feeling for Musse, and everything that just happened in the bathroom, it also confirms Rean’s feelings for Musse. Rean then warped his arms around Musee

“I love you too, Musse.”