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Like A Flame

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How does it feel to love Yoongi?


Like a flame, he admits.

It starts as a faint thrumming

beneath his skin,

a sort of humming

not entirely unpleasant,

yet almost unnoticeable

unless you were looking for it.

Then it spreads,

through his veins,

into his lungs until—

Jimin can't quite remember

when it had gotten to this point,

can't quite pinpoint when the man with the intense eyes

had made a home in his heart.


Min Yoongi?

Afraid, he was,

but weak?


Yoongi had once said that loving Jimin is like a tide,

but he willingly dove in,

despite everything.

Loving him,

loving him is like a flame.


The fiery look in his eyes as he made him that oath,

as he set Seoul on fire—

he was an unrelenting storm

fanning those flames of destruction,

yet so gentle and so kind in those quiet moments together.

The warmth he feels from Yoongi,

he would compare it to a flame—

not big enough to spiral out of control,

but enough to be a promise—

a promise of better days.

Jimin chooses to believe him,

Every time.


Yes, loving him feels like a flame.