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Orlando eyed Eric wading several lanes away from him in the pool where he was talking animatedly with his lane partner. The same guy Orlando had seen him share a lane with two days before on Monday. A familiar looking dark blond with eyes so brilliant Orlando could see the sparkle of their blue hue from his spot several lanes away. His thick eyebrows raised in a smile that displayed his sickeningly bright teeth as he laughed at whatever Eric was telling him. 

Orlando turned away with a frustrated sigh. He pulled his goggles down over his eyes, took in a deep breath, and ducked under the water to distract himself. The muted sounds of voices, bodies moving, and air bubbling to the surface filtered through the water. Orlando unwittingly turned to his right, looking down the length of the pool, and was met with a view of mostly his classmate’s legs. He caught himself trying to count the lanes and figure out which set belonged to Eric and his new friend, and promptly berated himself. 

This had to stop. What was the point in avoiding Eric if he was just going to be eyeing him the entire time? He knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from thinking about him, but the least he could do was not give his brain additional fodder for his lustful thoughts. 

Last week not looking in Eric’s direction had been pretty easy for him as his embarrassment and confusion had yet to wear off. However, a few things had happened since then that were affecting his self-control when it came to not ogling Eric in class though. 

The first occurred when he’d gone out with Evie, Luke, Aidan, and a few other people after their trip to the museum last weekend. Aidan’s friend, Liv, had unexpectedly kissed him at the bar. She’d apologized as soon as she’d realized he hadn’t been into it at all, and he’d smiled, waving it off, and assured her it was fine—not because it actually had been, but mostly because he’d felt sorry for her; he’d suspected Aidan had put her up to it, making her think she’d held Orlando’s interest in some misguided attempt to ‘make him feel better about whatever was bothering him.’ 

Under different circumstances, he might have enjoyed the kiss, but the ordeal had marked the second time that week he’d been surprised by a kiss. Except this kiss hadn’t lingered in his mind and instead had only served to highlight how much of an effect Eric’s kiss had actually had on him. 

As a result, he’d spent the entirety of this week fighting a losing battle with the conflicting feelings Eric’s kiss had stirred up in him. He’d tried to remember Evie’s advice to not let it monopolize his thoughts, but each time he’d thought about it, Orlando had felt a rush of desire flush through him followed by the craving to touch and feel Eric’s lips against his again. 

The other thing keeping him from minding his own business concerning Eric was the man himself just a few lanes away. Eric didn’t seem to have been so affected by the kiss. In fact, he had seemed to have forgotten it had taken place altogether. Considering that Orlando suspected Eric had fucked Karl less than an hour after the kiss, he really shouldn’t be surprised that Eric was flirting with some ridiculously attractive and half-naked guy who seemed to be soaking up the attention. He couldn’t be too shocked considering he had pushed Eric to keep his distance with his snubbing act.

Orlando re-surfaced and sucked in fresh air, flipping his goggles to the top of his head and folding his arms over the side of the ledge for support. He surreptitiously glanced back down the side of the pool where Eric and the blond were still talking and smiling at each other. As he felt the pang of an emotion he didn’t want to name in the pit of his stomach, he realized that trying to ignore his feelings wasn’t going to make them go away. 


Eric’s phone vibrated against his leg in his pocket. When he slipped his hand in and pulled out his phone, he found he’d gotten a text from Karl, causing his eyebrows to draw together in confusion. It wasn’t that it was unusual for Karl to text him as it was their prime method of communication, but it didn’t generally happen until later in the afternoon after classes ended, and presently, it was only one in the afternoon.

He glanced over at his lab partner, Ewan, who sat next to him, contemplating whether he should read the message now or if it’d be more prudent to wait until he was alone. They had just eaten lunch and were now preparing for their fluid mechanics lab, but Ewan hadn’t seemed to notice or care what Eric was doing at the moment. He was instead glaring fiercely at the lab manual as if willing the paper to set ablaze. Confident that he’d be able to read the text without Ewan seeing, Eric unlocked his phone and opened the message. 

You coming over tonight? Considering how many times he’d been to Karl’s flat this week, it was no more than a formality that Karl was asking him if he wanted to come over today. After their first few encounters at Sean and Eric’s place the week before, they’d swapped the inconvenience of trying to sneak around Sean for the privacy offered by Karl’s flat. 

Eric suppressed the smirk that threatened to form on his lips as he typed in his reply and pressed send. Yep.  

Before he could put this phone back into his pocket, it vibrated with another text from Karl. You should sleep over this time.  

Eric raised an eyebrow at the suggestion. Technically tonight would be the start of the weekend, and he wouldn’t have class the next morning, but he had never spent the night at Karl’s, preferring to return home even after a particularly spirited night out. Karl, on the other hand, had spent plenty of nights crashing on Sean’s and his couch, even though he didn’t live very far from them. 

Eric swallowed as memories from the last time Karl had slept over played vividly in his mind. He took in a deep breath, trying not to let those memories distract or stir certain parts of him, and typed back. Why?  

Karl’s response confirmed that he was currently thinking along the same lines. Morning sex, of course.  

Eric shook his head exasperatedly and managed to stifle a laugh, but the grin he’d been fighting broke though. Well, it wasn’t as if he’d had expected the reason to be because Karl wanted to cuddle. 

“What are you giggling about?” Ewan asked, finally noticing that Eric’s attention was diverted to his phone and not their course material. He craned his neck, trying to get a view of the screen of Eric’s phone. Eric quickly moved it out of Ewan’s view and glared at him, though the expression held no malice. He was used to Ewan’s antics and regularly reciprocated them.

“Nothing,” Eric answered, unwilling to let Ewan in on the happenings of this part of his personal life. Given different circumstances, he’d not be so closed-mouthed about his relationships, but he hadn’t told anyone other than Chris about Karl and him. Hell, he technically still hadn’t even admitted to Sean that anything had happened at all. Though the situation between him and Karl was pretty straightforward, how it started and why it continued were less than. 

“Nothing, my arse. You were giggling about something,” Ewan persisted, his eyes narrowed suspiciously. “It’s a girl, isn’t?”

“I wasn’t ‘giggling’ ,” Eric rebutted. “I was ranting about what a shite partner you are... and no.”

“How’s that? I’m the one studying while you’re playing on your phone!... A boy then?” Ewan asked, grinning. He had known Eric for over a year now as they shared the same major and therefore classes, so despite not knowing the specifics of Eric’s current love life, he wasn’t completely ignorant about it. In fact, he had met Karl before and even knew about Eric’s past with him. But for now, that was all he needed to know. “Is it your gym buddy?” 

“Chris is straight,” Eric replied flatly.

“So it is a boy then?” Ewan asked excitedly.

“None of your business,” Eric answered, still refusing to tell him. He wasn’t the slightest bit worried that Ewan would judge him for taking back up with Karl, but he was still working through his thoughts on it and didn’t want anyone else’s opinion. Sean’s and Chris’s had been more than enough. 

Ewan stared at him, obviously unconvinced that there was nothing to tell, and Eric shot him a bored stare to stave off any more questions and to let him know he was done with the conversation. 

“Alright. Well, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough anyway,” Ewan replied, looking back at the manual.

Making sure to keep the screen out of Ewan’s line of sight, Eric typed a quick message on his phone and sent it to Karl before placing it back into his pocket. See you tonight.  



Ironically, hanging out with Karl was quickly becoming one of Eric’s favorite activities. He lay on his back in Karl’s bed, pillows supporting his shoulders and head as Karl licked his way down Eric’s chest, pausing regularly to mouth and bite lightly at his skin. His tongue slowed, strokes lengthened, pressure increased as he continued to trail down Eric’s stomach. He gripped Eric’s legs and pushed them wider apart before running his tongue along the line where his thigh met his pelvis. Eric’s breath caught in his throat, and he weaved his fingers into Karl’s hair.

“Don’t fucking kick me this time,” Karl quipped, looking up at Eric. 

Eric snorted. “No surprises, then.”

“We’ll see.”

Karl took his cock in hand, and Eric sucked in a breath as Karl swallowed him. Head dropping back, hips lifting to counter Karl’s movements, Eric was unable to hold back the moan that rose from his chest. His hand rose and fell with the steady tempo of Karl’s head between his legs. 

“Karl...” His voice was hardly a hoarse breath. He could feel Karl’s brief smile around his cock before he hollowed his cheeks and renewed the strength of his suction.

Karl reached for Eric’s hand on the bed, intertwining their fingers. His mouth slid up and down Eric’s shaft, increasing in intensity and force each time he got to the head. Karl released the hand around Eric’s cock to press his hips back down onto the bed. His thumb dug into the skin at the hollow of Eric’s hip, burning hotly into the bone.

“Yes. Fuck...”

Eric clenched at Karl’s hair and drove his heels into the bed as the pleasure centered between his legs increased with each pass of Karl’s mouth. The heat from Karl’s lips wrapped around his cock, the swirl of his tongue made his head spin and body tense as warmth and tingling swept through his body. Eric’s fingers twitched in Karl’s hold, and he strained against Karl’s hand on his hip, failing to maintain control of his body. He was aware that his mouth was open, and he was almost positive he was being extremely vocal, but he wasn’t conscious of what sounds he was making or which words he was saying.

The next thing he knew, Karl was swallowing around his cock while he came down from an orgasm. Karl chuckled, giving him one last slow, steady lick, before swirling his tongue around the head.

“Sounds like you enjoyed that then?” He said, his lips brushing against Eric’s tip. 

Eric nodded disorientedly. Of course, he fucking enjoyed it. Karl’s grin grew wider at Eric’s dazed expression. He loved seeing Eric like this. The lasciviousness of his expression contrasted immensely to the cool aloofness that Eric usually wore around him. He loved knowing that he could make him unravel and beg.

Eric dropped his hand from Karl’s hair and untangled his fingers from Karl’s before letting out a heavy huff and running his hands through his hair. A look of pure debauchery covered Eric’s face as he stared down at him.

Karl worked his mouth back up Eric’s stomach and chest, taking his time at Eric’s nipples and neck, using his teeth to grip lightly as his tongue lathered Eric’s skin beneath. When he made it to Eric’s jaw, he grabbed Eric’s chin, jerked his mouth to his, shoving his tongue in assiduously.

Eric opened his lips and met Karl’s tongue with his own, welcoming it into his mouth. His hand traveled up to the back of Karl’s neck, and he pulled him in closer.

“Are you staying over?” Karl asked when he pulled away.

Eric’s hand dropped from Karl’s neck, and he let his head drop back against the pillows, trying his best not to feel annoyed by the question. “Tonight? Why?”

“Why not ? It’s the weekend,” Karl answered, noting Eric’s furrowed brow. “You know, you don’t have to keep pretending you still hate me.”

“I don’t hate you,” Eric said casually, still feeling considerably relaxed after his orgasm.

“You’re still upset about what happened last year though,” Karl said accusingly.

“Nothing happened last year.” Karl raised an eyebrow disbelievingly. “We fucked. I’m not upset about it otherwise why would I be here now?”

“We both know it was way more complicated than that,” Karl said. He moved to lie down next to Eric, nudging him over so he’d share the pillows.

“What’s complicated about hooking up with you, Karl?” Eric questioned skeptically, yielding some space to Karl. 

Karl knew that Eric had been resentful and thought that he had used him last year. He also thought he made it pretty obvious what he was after—he enjoyed sex, and he wasn’t shy about it—but he recognized that Eric didn’t tend to hook up with a lot of people, at least not as frequently as he did, and that maybe he could have been more explicit about his intentions. 

“If one person doesn’t understand that it’s just hooking up then—”

Eric cut him off, having heard enough. 

“I’m not upset about last year. I just can’t fucking stand you sometimes.” Like when he leered at him or made suggestive or overtly sexual comments to Eric when they were hanging out with Sean. 

“... If you say so,” Karl responded, not believing for a second that Eric wasn’t holding a grudge about their past involvement. He’d left a few people bitter in his past, not intentionally, but because he could be quite careless. But that didn’t usually stop anyone from ending up back in his bed, not when there was the promise of being on the receiving end of his cunning tongue as proven by Eric’s presence now.

“I do,” Eric answered dismissively, sliding down the bed so that he was lying on his back. He realized he was pretty harsh with Karl sometimes, but it was all in an attempt to keep him at bay. When he wasn’t making him forget his name or where he was, Karl could be too fucking much sometimes. Too forward, too aggressive, too annoying... and no, Eric didn’t want to be played with by him like he had been last year. He had no plans of repeating past mistakes. He preferred the way things were now and how he knew exactly where things stood between them because he set the limits.

Karl let the silence sit between them for about five seconds before he started up again. “... We’ve been fucking for a few weeks already, and I haven’t had time to be with anyone else if that—”

“You can fuck whoever you want!” Eric said sharply, his anger beginning to flare. He detested Karl’s idea of post-coitus conversation. It had a tendency to piss him off. Did Karl really think he expected anything more out of him than to be his fuck buddy? “Look, do you want to argue or do you want to fuck? Because I want to fuck, and I don’t want to argue.”

“I’d like to fuck a less angry version of you,” Karl rebutted, his own anger flaring. It wasn’t that he had an issue with not fucking other people. He absolutely could if he wanted, but since he’d been spending so much time with Eric, he hadn’t felt the desire to seek companionship elsewhere.

Despite what Eric thought of him, Karl wasn’t a slave to his sex drive and, given the right person, was capable of sleeping with just one person at a time. He wished Eric would let go of the fucking past already because it was putting a real damper on the fun they were having, and obviously after three weeks of sticking around to frequently and consistently fuck, Eric was having some fun, too. 

Eric sighed heavily, rolled to his side, and grabbed Karl’s hips, tugging at them to get Karl to scoot down and come to his level on the bed. He’d tone down the anger if it meant he’d not have to have another one of these conversations again. 

“I’ll be nicer if you let me fuck you,” he mumbled and pressed his face into Karl’s stomach. He was done talking as was evident by his erection pressing into Karl’s leg. 

“You’re a fucking tool, you know that?” Karl ceded begrudgingly, huffing in exasperation, and pushed himself down.

“Mmhmm. C’arn. How do you want it? Missionary?” Eric asked huskily, lightly biting the nipple closest to him. 

“Feeling traditional?” Karl asked while Eric climbed on top of him. 

Eric covered Karl’s body with his own, fitting himself between Karl’s legs. He hovered over him momentarily, enjoying the sweet feel of Karl’s erection gliding against his, then pressed his lips to Karl’s, parting them and slipping his tongue against Karl’s. Beneath him Karl let out a moan as he opened his mouth and met Eric’s tongue with his. They stayed like that for a while, Eric caressing Karl’s tongue with his own and slowly sliding his cock against Karl’s, until Karl grew hungrier and more avid beneath him. He reached around and grabbed Eric’s ass with both his hands and ground his hips up into Eric’s impatiently, seeking out more friction.

Eric pulled his mouth away from Karl’s slowly and grinned. “Flip over.”

“Not feeling so traditional after all then?” Karl chuckled, twisting under Eric and lying on his stomach. Eric shifted above him to grab another condom from the box on Karl’s nightstand. After he’d placed it on, Eric tossed the wrapper, and Karl felt his erection pressing into his ass as he resettle above him. 

“I’m ready,” Karl said when Eric slid his cock into the valley between his cheeks. 

Eric pushed a testing finger into Karl’s hole, finding that Karl had already prepped sometime before he’d come over. Karl moaned and pushed back onto his finger. Eric pulled it away and lifted himself so he could align his cock to Karl’s entrance.

“Ooh, fuuuck.” He moaned as he sunk into Karl, head dropping into the crook of Karl’s neck as he settled atop of him. He’d have thought it’d been weeks, not days since he’d last been inside him. 

“Think you can get a few thrusts in before you bust your nut?” Karl teased when Eric didn’t immediately start moving.

“You’re so fucking funny, Karl,” Eric replied sarcastically, rocking his hips forward. He’d just been trying to savor the moment, but apparently Karl didn’t have the patience for that. 

“That’s it,” Karl moaned, readily pushing back into Eric’s thrusts. Eric groaned, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his cock burrowing deeper into Karl’s body as he undulated wantonly beneath him. He grabbed Karl’s hips for leverage and lifted his head to take Karl’s ear between his teeth as he pumped into him.

“You into biting now?” Karl asked gruffly, appreciating the primal sensation of Eric’s teeth fastened on his skin as much as he appreciated Eric’s cock pounding into him. Eric moaned in response, his breath hot on the side of Karl’s face. The sound of Eric’s hips slamming into his ass resonated throughout the room, and Karl grunted as Eric ground him into the bed. 

“Uuh, fuck, I’m gonna come,” Karl murmured into the sheets. Eric was hitting his prostate just the right way, the pressure causing his orgasm to build quickly.

Eric picked up his pace at Karl’s proclamation and growled into his ear as Karl began clenching tightly around his cock, bringing him closer to his own release. He wouldn’t last much longer with Karl squeezing and wiggling beneath him.

Karl cried out beneath Eric as his orgasm radiated through his pelvis into his abs and legs, his cum streaming out onto the sheets beneath him. Eric continued thrusting above him, his fingers bruising Karl’s hips as his orgasm followed, milked out of him by the contractions of Karl’s ass.

“Oh, God… Fuck,” Karl started before giving up to focus on breathing, which was a little harder with Eric’s full weight on him. 

“Mmm,” was Eric’s reply as he relaxed atop of Karl, who trembled slightly beneath him. He burrowed his face into Karl’s neck.

Karl closed his eyes, melting into the bed. The remnants of his orgasm warmed him from within while Eric’s body heated him from above, collectively luring him into a doze. By the time his breathing had returned to normal, Eric was still lying on top of him and had yet to disengage. 

“You stuck?” Karl mumbled. Eric didn’t answer, and when Karl nudged him with his shoulder, he didn’t budge either. Eric wasn’t that much taller than him, but he was slightly bulkier and still had a couple of pounds on him. His breathing was suspiciously deep and even. 

Karl grumbled in disbelief, “You seriously fucking fell asleep?” 


When Eric awoke, he was lying on top of Karl, drooling into the sheets above his shoulder. He was also soft and still partially sheathed inside of him. He rolled off of Karl—who’d also managed to doze off—and over onto his back, waking him up in the process. 

“Sleep well?” Karl asked him drowsily, taking the chance to take in a full, deep breath now that he could.

“Yeah,” Eric yawned, pulling the condom off and tossing it in the bin. He hadn’t intended to fall asleep, but he had orgasmed twice in a relatively short time span, and it had drained him of a significant amount of energy. “You?”

“As much as I could with you suffocating me,” Karl responded jokingly and attempted to rise up onto all fours. “Ugh… I’m going to have to start putting a towel down.”

Eric was stretching out on the bed next to him and turned to see that the semen encrusted sheets had stuck to Karl’s crotch and stomach. He laughed as Karl slowly separated the sheet from his skin. “You could also change the sheets.”

Karl sat up and watched appreciatively as Eric got off the bed and reached his muscled arms towards the ceiling in a long stretch. The motion pulled his skin taut over his defined chest and abs. A seductive grin appeared on Karl’s face as he glanced at Eric’s tight ass. “Wanna take a shower?”

“Yeah.” Eric groaned as he finished stretching. “Okay.” 

He followed Karl into the bathroom and joined him in the shower, closing the door behind them. There wasn’t much room, but they both managed to fit inside. When he turned around, Karl immediately clutched his waist and pulled his body against his.

“So how ‘bout you be nice to me and suck me off?” He suggested provocatively, his lips brushing against Eric’s, and nudged him with his erection. Water streamed over both their heads.

“Hmm. I did promise to be nice,” Eric said in a low voice. 

He kissed Karl, pushing him back against the wall, before he lowered himself to his knees and held Karl’s hips. Karl’s cock was already fully hard when Eric took it and guided it into his mouth. He slid his head forward, slowly taking him in. His tongue pressed against the underside of Karl’s shaft, providing friction as he began rhythmically sucking him.

Eric raised his eyes to watch Karl who was lustfully leering down at him from under the steady stream of water that poured over his head and down his chest. Karl was thoroughly enjoying the view and looked like he wanted to fuck Eric into the shower wall. 

“Like what you see?” Eric asked with a grin after he’d pulled his head back and let Karl slide out of his mouth.

“Yes… I’ve missed your mouth,” Karl purred and squeezed Eric’s shoulder. His hips drifted forward, pushing his cock back toward Eric’s mouth. He’d given Eric head multiple times since they’d gotten back together, but this was the first time that Eric had gone down on him since. 

“Yeah, I bet you have,” Eric responded, sliding his lips back over Karl’s cock until it bumped the back of his throat. Karl moaned and slowly ran his hand through Eric’s wet curls as his head moved back and forth beneath it. 

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Karl exclaimed when Eric leaned forward, pushing Karl’s cock into the back of his throat and swallowing, his lips touching the base of Karl’s shaft. His hand tightened in Eric’s hair, and his head bumped against the tile wall behind him. God, he had definitely missed this.

He was grunting in pleasure when Eric released his cock from his mouth and stood up. Karl furrowed his brow in confusion. 

“What are you doing?” he asked incredulously. “Are you trying to tease me? ‘Cause this isn’t how you do it.”

“Let’s go back to your bed. There’s not enough room in here for this.” And the hard tile of the shower floor was killing his knees.

“Alright…” Karl sounded skeptical, but followed Eric out of the shower. 

Eric was sure Karl thought he was up to something, so he reached down and wrapped his fingers around Karl’s still wet erection to convince him otherwise. He slowly rubbed his hand up and down the length of his cock, kissing him softly as he guided him backward. Karl’s hands gripped the back of his head as he kissed him back breathlessly, his tongue messily delving into Eric’s mouth.

When Karl bumped into the bed, Eric pushed him and watched him fall backwards onto the mattress, letting his eyes roam hungrily across his body. They hadn’t bothered grabbing towels, and the water from his body soaked into the sheets beneath him.

“You’re not going to change the sheets?” Eric asked slightly concerned. 

“They’re just going to get dirty again,” Karl answered indifferently as he spread his legs and brought his hands behind his head. He looked at Eric expectantly, clearly ready for Eric to continue what he’d started. 

He looked at Karl disapprovingly as he dropped to his knees again and shoved Karl’s thighs apart. Apparently, he and Karl held different standards of cleanliness. “That’s mildly disgusting.”