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“Hey. I think I just saw your friend Orlando,” Karl said, smiling faintly as he took a step inside the room.

Eric moved to the side to make room for him, frowning as he was bombarded with conflicting feelings. Part of him desperately wanted to run out into the hallway to confront Orlando and apologize for what had happened, yet he felt like seeing Orlando again was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

Instead, he pulled Karl the rest of the way into the room. Closing and locking the door behind him, he led them into his bedroom, fully intent on shutting out all thoughts related to Orlando and the kiss, knowing that his chosen method to do so entailed making another mistake altogether. He would regret hooking up with Karl—probably more than he regretted kissing Orlando—but right now he didn’t care. He’d deal with that later.

“I told Sean not to come,” Karl said, watching Eric as he pulled a condom out of the nightstand. 

Eric tossed it onto the pillow, then turned around to stare at Karl silently. Karl met his eyes, seeing clearly that Eric had no intention to talk. He knew good and well that it certainly wasn’t why he'd been invited over.

He took a step towards Eric, pausing for an objection, an angry protest, or for Eric to back away like he’d done so many times before when Karl threatened to breach his personal space. But Eric stood unmoving, his gaze flickering purposefully to Karl’s lips.

It was enough to spur Karl into action. He slid a hand around Eric’s waist, his touch firm and confident as he pulled Eric in for a kiss that was slow, soft, and almost sweet as his lips glided over Eric’s. Not the kind of kiss Eric expected from him—calmer than the usually aggressive, ravishing kisses that he recalled—but welcome nonetheless.

With a soft bite to Eric’s lower lip, Karl pulled back enough to look at him. He smiled slowly as his hand slipped beneath Eric’s waistband, squeezing when his palm covered the swell of his ass.

“Miss me?” 

“Something like that,” Eric mumbled and slipped away to sit down on the edge of the bed. If knowing that Karl would be willing and readily available was the same thing as missing him, then the answer was yes. The end result was the same either way.

Karl grinned again then pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor, before moving on to derobing his lower body.

Eric leaned back onto his elbows, watching Karl strip, eyes slowly traveling down his body, pausing purposefully on his cock when he finally shoved his pants down. When the last of his clothing had been discarded off to the side, Karl stood naked before him, slowly stroking himself as he leered back at Eric.

Eric’s eyes stayed glued to the motion of Karl’s hand on his cock, and he spread his legs in invitation as he palmed himself through the thin cloth of his underwear. Karl dropped to his knees, slowly slid his hands up Eric’s thighs. Eric raised his hips off the bed, letting Karl pull his underwear down his legs.

Karl eyed Eric’s newly exposed erection hungrily before gripping it at the base and maneuvering himself closer, eliciting a sharp inhale from Eric when his lips brushed lightly against the head. Eric’s cock—shiny, red, and wet from the precum leaking out the tip—twitched at the teasing touch.

“Well, your wait was entirely self-imposed,” Karl said. He knew that he’d made it perfectly obvious to Eric that the invitation to his bed was still open, and clearly—from the fact that he’d called—Eric had known, too. He flicked his tongue out over the head for another teasing taste.

“Yeah,” Eric replied, his voice breathy, chest heaving already as he nodded jerkily for Karl to continue. 

Karl trailed the tip of his tongue up his shaft, and Eric moaned lewdly. The wet path left along the sensitive skin of his cock was cooling rapidly, and Eric shot Karl an expectant look, anticipating the return of the warmth of Karl’s tongue and mouth.

“Go on then,” he said, reaching out and grabbing a handful of dark hair, his grip gentle yet insistent as he guided Karl’s mouth closer to his cock, wanting the teasing to stop and for Karl to get on with it and make him forget why he’d called him over in the first place.

When Karl’s mouth finally covered the head of his cock, Eric groaned, his grip faltering and eyes fluttering at the wet heat of Karl’s mouth surrounding him—the suction his tongue provided. His hand rose and fell with the rhythmic movement of Karl’s head, and he thrust slowly into his mouth, the tension draining out of him as his body responded to Karl’s mouth.

Karl’s hand slid higher up his thigh and over his stomach, fingertips caressing, blunt nails scraping lightly as he worked Eric’s cock over. Eric glanced down to see Karl at work and was surprised to see that Karl was watching him, eyes locked in on his—a smug expression on his face as he grinned around his cock. His breath was ragged against Eric’s skin, and his eyes darkened as he scraped his nails harder down Eric’s chest.

Eric flinched and looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with the intimacy of meeting Karl’s eyes while he sucked him off—with the weight that the direct eye contact carried. He let his elbows slide out from under him and fell flat onto his back on the bed, throwing his arms over his face and grimacing as he tried to pretend it was someone other than Karl blowing him—that he hadn’t stooped so low as to call his sleazy ex over in an attempt to distract himself, tried not to think of the one person he wanted here instead, to ignore the visual of him literally running away from him earlier. 

Eric groaned, frustrated. He’d called Karl here to forget about what happened, not to be reminded of it. 

“You okay?”

Eric opened his eyes, startled, and looked down at a concerned Karl. 

“Yeah. I’m good... Keep going.” He hadn’t even noticed that Karl had stopped. 

Karl leaned forward without hesitation, his eyes fixed on Eric’s once more as he took the entirety of his cock into his mouth and restarted the slide of his lips along his shaft while he swallowed his cock over and over again.

Eric groaned again either from the relief that Karl hadn’t asked more questions or the annoyance from being faced with Karl’s incessant stare again—and quite possibly both—before he lay back once more.

Karl attributed Eric’s inability to keep his gaze to the fact that he was currently getting the life sucked out of him. He watched him moan and pant heavily, let him thrust and pump into his mouth, savoring his taste, the heavy weight of his cock stretching his lips. 

Reaching down, he slid a finger into Eric’s asscrack, rubbing his rim briefly, pressing against the tight, furrowed entrance. Eric clenched reflexively beneath his finger, and Karl moaned around his cock, let his eyes roam up the expanse of Eric’s stomach and chest. When Eric gasped again in pleasure, Karl pushed his finger in, forcing it past the resistant ring of muscle. 

The movement brought with it a sudden stretch and burn as Karl’s finger surged inside him, and Eric, completely unprepared for it, yelped and jerked in surprise, sending his foot flying straight into Karl’s nose. 

Karl flew back, falling to the floor on his arse, frantically clutching at his face as blood began to flow out his nose.


“Shite! Are you alright?” Eric asked, panicking and standing up hurriedly.

“You fucking broke my nose!” Karl yelled, scrambling backwards and away from Eric.

“Sorry!” Eric paused, throwing his hands up in concession. “It was an accident!”

“God damnit!” Karl cursed, breathing heavily out of his mouth, both hands covering his nose.

“Let me look at it,” Eric said, feeling horrible for accidentally hurting Karl. He hadn’t meant to react that way, but it had been quite a while since he’d last bottomed, and Karl hadn’t taken the time to prep him at all before trying to finger him. 

“Are you a fucking doctor now?” Blood slowly seeped from between Karl’s fingers. 

“Just come here,” Eric demanded, scowling back at him, unamused at how much of a drama queen he was being.

Karl sighed and begrudgingly pushed himself up off the floor, shooting Eric a glare as he approached. 

“Sit down,” Eric ordered, gesturing to the bed and giving him a wide berth to do so.

He gently pulled Karl’s bloodied hands away from his face and leaned in to inspect his nose. Immediately he noticed the obvious redness and swelling but saw no signs of crookedness or deformation or black eyes. Karl even seemed to be breathing through his nose without too much difficulty. 

“Well, it’s already stopped bleeding,” he said as he straightened back up. Karl groaned and let out a heavy sigh as he dropped backwards dramatically onto the bed.

“What the fuck was that, Eric?” he asked.

“I obviously wasn’t expecting you to do that, Karl .”

“You call me over here to fuck, and you weren’t expecting me to stick my finger up your ass?”

“You didn’t exactly give me a fucking warning.”

“A fucking warning… Jesus,” Karl grumbled as he gently prodded at his nose. Eric sighed and turned away.

Karl let his hand fall away from his nose, lifting his head curiously at what sounded like a cap opening, and raised an eyebrow when he saw what Eric had procured from his nightstand.

“You’re not going to use that on my nose are you?” he asked, eying the bottle of lube warily.

Eric huffed out a laugh. “Not on your nose , no.”

“So you’ve just decided we’re good to go now? Seriously? You just fucking kicked me in the face!”

Eric glanced pointedly at Karl’s erection. “It doesn’t look like it’s just me who’s decided.”

Karl groaned incredulously.

“Look I can’t do anything for a possibly broken nose. You can go if you want?” he offered. He didn’t think Karl’s nose was actually broken. As much as it probably hurt, he knew Karl probably still wanted to get off anyway, and Eric didn’t want him to go either, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

Karl shook his head in disbelief. “You could at least offer me some fucking ice.”

“Fine,” Eric said, tossing the lube on the bed and making to leave the room.

“Wait! Just… forget it.”

Eric narrowed his eyes, giving him an impatient glare. “Do you want the ice or not?”

“No, just... fucking come here. Fucking asshole. Didn’t even get me a washcloth,” he grumbled under his breath, wiping his hands on Eric’s bed. Eric stepped between his legs, and Karl pulled him down atop of him for a kiss. It was neither slow nor soft, and he shoved his tongue hungrily between Eric’s lips, quickly forgetting about his nose as Eric’s erection pressed into his.

Eric reached between them and wrapped his fingers around Karl’s cock, gliding his fist along the shaft and sliding his thumb softly over the smooth skin at the head. He used his other hand to gently massage Karl’s balls, coaxing a small moan and his breath out of him as he rested his all weight atop him. It seemed he hadn’t forgotten how to handle Karl. He felt the tension drain out of Karl’s body as he thrust his cock through Eric’s tightly circled fingers.

“You’re lucky you’re fucking…” Karl started, trailing off as he took in a sharp breath, stomach tensing and hips rocking involuntarily. “Hot... Fuuuuck...”

Eric ignored him and grabbed the lube bottle, quickly pouring some onto his fingers before reaching back down and pressing his wet fingers against Karl’s hole. He rubbed gently with his fingers, teasing and circling, then prodding softly with one, adding a second when the first slipped in with ease. Karl gasped and bit lightly at his throat, running his tongue along Eric’s neck.

Eric crawled up onto the bed, straddling and hovering over Karl, increasing the speed with which he jerked him off. Karl’s moans grew louder, and he wrapped his fist firmly around Eric’s, smearing it with blood as he tightened the grip and quickened the pace even more. His breath began to falter, his body became taut with tension, and he threw his head back as he fucked into Eric’s fingers. “Oh, God. Yes!”

Eric pulled away quickly and grabbed the condom that still lay on the pillow at the head of the bed, opening it and deftly rolling it on before adding more lube. Karl had taken over the task of jerking himself off, and his hand moved quickly over his cock. 

Eric nudged Karl’s legs apart, swiftly resettled himself onto his haunches, and wrapped Karl’s legs around his waist. He gripped his cock, pressing it between Karl’s asscheeks and aligning it with his entrance, then pushed, his breath immediately hitching from the sensation of his cock being nestled inside Karl. He pushed farther, moaning indulgently and enjoying the feeling as he gradually sank in deeper. 

Karl’s hand fell from his dick, and he gazed up at Eric from under heavy lids, his mouth agape with pleasure.

“Someone’s been busy,” Eric mumbled, commenting on the ease with which he’d slid in and how little prep Karl had needed. He dragged Karl by his hips to rest higher onto his lap and leaned forward, placing both arms on either side of him for support, and began driving his cock in and out of him. 

“Did you think I was going to wait for you to stop being a bitter bitch?” Karl bit back indignantly, glowering at him, though he was already readily pressing back into Eric, his body betraying his tone.

“And yet you were eagerly awaiting my call,” Eric answered, increasing his tempo. He pumped his hips roughly and hastily into Karl’s with the same rigor he’d used before when fucking his mouth, sending Karl’s back arching off the bed.

His nails dug into Eric’s thighs, and he grunted in response, too distracted by the feel of Eric’s cock filling him over and over and the sound of his balls slapping against his ass to respond.


Karl lay on his back exhausted, his nose still throbbing. Thankfully it hadn’t started bleeding again, but there was blood smeared on the bed sheets, on his hands, and Eric’s. Eric lay next to him, hands behind his head, eyes closed, looking the most at ease he’d been since Karl had arrived.

“Why’d you ask me over?” Karl asked him. He’d gotten the gist from the short phone call that this was to be a booty call—one he’d been anticipating for months—and had been surprised to receive it, but willing to accept nonetheless.

“Please don’t tell me I kicked you so hard that you forgot what just happened.”

“You know what I mean, smartass. What made you call me?”

“Sex,” Eric answered with a shrug, not bothering to open his eyes. He didn’t mind Karl staying around for a bit to recover, but he wasn’t exactly eager to converse at the moment. Especially not about that . It was a topic he wasn’t willing to get into. And he’d finally managed not to think about it while they were having sex. Or him . Or how much he’d fucked up. Until now. 

Karl rolled his eyes in disbelief. There was no way Eric suddenly asked him over without a reason. Not when he seemed to hate him not days before. On the phone, Eric had sounded a bit off. Karl had heard in his voice that something was bothering him. 

“The kind where I get kicked in the face?”

Eric finally opened his eyes with a sigh, giving up on the hope that he wouldn’t have to engage in conversation. He turned onto his side to face Karl. “You literally shoved a dry finger up my arse. Not all of us are gallivanting around campus offering up our asses ready for recourse.”

Karl was silent for a short moment before offering up what might be considered an apology. 

“Sorry. I didn’t realize you were a fucking prude.” And Eric swore it was the first time he’d seen Karl look anything close to contrite. It’d probably be the only time, considering Karl spent most of his time being brazenly shameless, “...but also, fuck you for slut shaming me.”

Eric snorted.

Karl was already glancing not-quite-surreptitiously at his exposed body, obviously more interested in his current view than Eric’s response. Neither of them had bothered to put any clothes on yet, and his eyes were fixed on Eric’s cock, which hung heavily over his thigh. 

“You just gonna stare?” 

Karl made a low sound in his throat and reached for Eric. Eric grinned, leaning over to kiss him. Karl eagerly returned the kiss, opening his mouth to receive Eric’s tongue, swallowing his hum of pleasure. Eric met Karl’s tongue eagerly with his own, grabbing onto his hip firmly. This was what he’d called Karl over for. He pressed closer, his penis stiffening against Karl’s leg, and deepened the kiss.

Karl jerked away with a wince, shielding his nose in pain again. “Fuck. That hurts.”

Eric released a deep breath and rolled back onto his back. It seemed now that the adrenaline had worn off, they were done here.

“Do you want ice before you go?”

“You’re such a fucking prick,” Karl growled.


Eventually, Sean called to ask if he could come back to the room yet, and Eric was grateful when Karl left shortly after. He pulled the sheets over his waist to cover himself and was asleep by the time Sean returned to the room. 

“What the fuck happened between you and Karl?” Sean asked, staring appalled at the blood on his roommate’s sheets. He’d returned from Karl’s apartment where he’d been hanging out watching the telly after Karl had returned. Karl had looked the worse for wear—his nose red and swollen, his hands bloodied—and hadn’t offered any explanation before he’d walked into his bathroom and started the shower. 

Eric rubbed at his eyes, grimacing a little at the smell of blood on his hand. “We worked out our problems… There was a small accident.” 

“So it would seem,” Sean responded ironically. Obviously, judging from Karl's face, there’d been some kind of confrontation. How they’d managed to sully Eric’s sheets with the blood, he had no clue. But if they had worked their issues out and he didn’t have to deal with the two of them feuding anymore, then he didn’t care. “So are you two good now?” 

“Erm… sure. You could say that,” Eric answered groggily, then yawned, sitting up. “Do you want to go get a bite to eat?”

“Yeah. That sounds alright.” 

Sean suddenly spotted a condom wrapper on Eric’s bed that he hadn’t noticed earlier. He raised an eyebrow. Well, that explained a great deal about how they’d ‘worked out our problems’. It also explained the sheets. Karl had still been here when he called earlier, and now it was obvious that more than talking had occurred while he was gone.

“Lemme get dressed. I’ll meet you in the living room.” Eric secured the sheets over his waist as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed to the floor. He looked up at Sean expectantly when he realized he hadn’t made a move to leave yet. 

“So you decided to get naked and take a nap in your bloody sheets after your ‘accident’?” Sean asked skeptically, his eyes narrowing. Eric stared back at Sean, knowing he didn’t really want to know why he was lying naked in his bloody sheets, nor would he appreciate hearing the details of what had actually happened between Karl and him.

“You don’t want to follow this line of questioning, Sean,” Eric stated. Nor was it information that Eric was particularly eager or proud to divulge anyway. Honestly, he never thought he’d wind up back in bed with Karl. He sure as hell hadn’t planned it.

“You and Karl? You sure you want to do that again?” Sean asked. Generally he wouldn’t care if two of his friends slept together, but Eric and Karl had already been there, and they’d already faced issues due to them being on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to their preferences regarding levels of commitment in their relationships. Obviously, Eric had found that out the hard way once before, and he couldn’t be naive enough to expect differently now. 

“Jesus, Sean! Just fucking drop it!” Eric yelled angrily. He wasn’t planning on doing anything again. He’d needed a quick no-strings-attached fuck, and he’d gotten one. Not that it was any of Sean’s business.

“What about Orlando?” Sean asked stubbornly. It made no sense that Eric would sleep with Karl again when he’d just told him earlier today that he was interested in Orlando and that he found Karl unbearable. 

Eric wondered if Sean took pleasure in arguing with him and in trying to fucking decode his every action and emotion.

“You know what; you’ve seen my donger before.” Eric flung the sheets from his body and stood up from the bed. “Hand me my undies, yeah? Right there by your feet.”

“For fuck’s sake, Eric!” Sean complained as he turned and walked to the door, indicating he’d given up on prodding Eric for answers. “Put your fucking clothes on, and let’s go, you wanker.” 

The door slammed behind him.