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My Kind of Hero

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Prompto woke up the next morning, ready for another day of school. He did his stretches before he headed out to the kitchen to eat. As he did, he turned on the radio to turn into the news. It was the only way he could check to make sure that there weren't any major crimes that were starting up. It was only the second day of school and he really was hoping things could just go smoothly.

Though the events from yesterday still felt fresh in his mind. The robbery, the strangeness of it, and of course Nightwing. He had had another moment where he had gotten to team up with Nightwing, and actually gotten to know him a little more. He actually had communications with him now.

Prompto took the pager out of his bag, running his fingers over it. It even had a logo of a bat on it. A really sure sign that this was in fact technology from the one and only Batman and his son. He had achieved something in a day that he could have only dreamed of years ago.

"If I keep this up, maybe I can actually visit the Bat Cave," Prompto muttered to himself as he placed it back inh is bag. "But doesn't mean I'm asking for more of this, not with school. So please…" Prompto pleading softly to himself. "Don't let too much chaos happen today."

Prompto finished up his breakfast and headed out to run to the bus stop. By the time he got to school he ran right to where Noctis was waiting. "Hey! How you do- ah no! I forgot to bring back your clothes!"

"Hey come on, I said bring them back whenever. It doesn't matter to me," Noctis replied, giving Prompto a shove.

"I know! I would just feel better if I could get them back already."

"Well, maybe after school I can ask Ignis to give us a ride to your place and I can pick it up. How's that sound?" Noctis asked as the two of them headed inside to head to their first class of the day.

"Yeah, good good. That's just good."

"So ready for another day?" Noctis asked as they took their seats in class.

"Yeah for sure, ready for another looooong and boring day," Prompto yawned, stretching in his chair.

Noctis sat down on top of Prompto's desk. "You got that right. Nothing ever interesting happens in school. But on the other hand… out in the city is a different story."

"Like the superheroes?" Prompto couldn't help but ask. "Or just anything out in the city?"

"Anything I guess, but the superheroes do make things more interesting, don't you agree?"

"For sure. I mean yesterday…"

"Yeah…" Noctis sighed.

After that the class started and the two of them went to focusing as best as they could. The day was going well, with Prompto going from one class to the next. As far as he could tell, nothing major was going on out in the city. If there was anything, it was most liking small crimes that were happening. Those things the police could handle, he wasn't needed for everything out there even if he wanted to be.

"Hopefully no more weird crimes happen like yesterday, not without me or Nightwing." Prompto thought to himself as he stared out the window.

Just as he was about to turn his head to face the front of the classroom, a large boom was heard somewhere in the distance. Right after the sound, there was a large force that seemed to shake the entire building. The students gripped their desks, some of them started to scream in panic.

"What the hell was that?!"

"What's going on?"

"Don't tell me someone is attacking the school!"

"Sounded too far away."

"But it shook the entire school from here!"

"Shit! I said for this NOT to happen! Is it opposite day, or something?" Prompto sighed as he joined the various students who were looking out the window.

From further into the city, they could see smoke rising. Some explosion had happened, and Prompto had the gut feeling that it wasn't just some accident. It almost reminded him of the explosion from yesterday, with it this time being further in the city.

"Still could be anything though… can't just assume it's connected. But now the real question… how am I going to get out of school to go and investigate?"

"Everyone!" the teacher called. "Please! Take your seats! The explosion happened in downtown Insomnia, but until we hear word from the principal or someone else, we are going to resume this class right now."

The students all scooted carefully back to their seats, each of them eyeing the window. Prompto couldn't help but feel a bit jittery. Sure the explosion was miles away, far from the school, but he felt he wanted to get out there. He needed to see what the situation was, otherwise he feared something worse could happen.

"Okay, maybe Aranea is out there. Maybe she can handle it. Maybe I can just get through the day without having to deal with it."

Before he knew it, the bell rang for the end of class. Everything seemed to be continuing normal protocols considering how far away the explosion was, but he could see how nervous everyone looked. Some of them huddled together as they walked down the hall, whispering to one another.

"You think they'll send us all home?"

"Some of us live in the direction that the explosion happened. It wouldn't be smart to send half the students home in the direction of an explosion."

"Maybe some of us who can leave will go, but we will probably be told to stay here."

Upon hearing that, Prompto decided to take a chance and slip out. He passed the various students in the hallway, making his way to the closest door that he could. He saw that some students were making their way outside, no doubt trying to head home to avoid anything else. He followed along the various clumps of the students until he reached the street, from there he broke into a run to make it to an alleyway.

After he changed into his costume, he swung up to the rooftop and started to head towards the billowing smoke. Part way there he heard a ringing coming from his pager. He pulled out the device and put it to his ear.


"Hey," Nightwing said from the other end. "Did you see the explosion?"

"No shit! That shook the whole sc-... The place that I was at. Pretty sure it shook like the entire city. What do you think it is?"

"I don't know, but meet me over there and we can figure it out. Just be careful."

"Of course. See you there," Spider-Man said before he hung up.

With a deep breath, he swung faster, swinging from building to building. "Okay… okay," he muttered to himself. "This is just another crime. It's gotta be. I can't just go up against some big old villain on the second day of school! That just isn't fair!"

When Spider-Man came closer to the smoke, he landed on a nearby rooftop. He looked over the land, trying to find where Nightwing was. Soon enough, he saw him jumping along, his blue magic trailing behind him.

"You just got here?" Nightwing asked as he landed.

"Yeah, looking at the situation," Spider-Man replied as he looked down below at the damage.

It was a building that was 10 stories tall, and nearly half of the lower floors had the windows blown out or shattered. Some of them were even engulfed in flames. Fire trucks already lined the street below, trying their best to put out the flames. From within Spider-Man could hear screams from people.

"There's people still inside!" he exclaimed.

"Right! Let's go!"

The two of them took off, jumping down towards the building. Thankfully there were a few windows already open, so that saved time having to break one. Once they were inside, Spider-Man could feel the heat of the fire. He had a brief memory of the other day, the fire trying to reach out to his skin.

"Okay so first we need to take care of the fire," Nightwing said as he took a tool out, practically out of thin air. It was a small sphere that glowed blue, and when he threw it to the floor before them, ice burst out and put out flames.

"Whoa hey!" Spider-Man shouted. "Where was this yesterday during our last flaming building fiasco?"

Nightwing sighed, sounding slightly annoyed. "I forgot okay? The explosion that caused vanishing thugs distracted me. Just forget about it! Let's just move on!"

The two of them headed further into the building, both of them shouting for people. Eventually, Spider-Man heard some shouts by the elevators. He picked up speed and tried his hardest to pry it open. With a deep breath he gave it one last push and managed to pry the doors open all the way. There he saw that the elevator was stuck halfway with three people cowering inside.

"Look!" one of them shouted. "It's Spider-Man!"

"Yeah! Spider-Man is here to save us!"

"And Nightwing too!' the third said, pointing to Nightwing as he came closer.

Together they helped the workers out of the elevator and back into the hallway. Once they were far enough from the elevators, Spider-Man brought them over to the window. "Okay, I'll help you guys down, one at a time okay? Nightwing what will you do?"

"I'll check the other floors, there may still be some others, but you got this handled?"

"Saving people is what I do!" Spider-Man said as he opened the window nearby to be open all the way. "Okay who is up first?"

He took each person down to the ground, one by one, landing them right by the ambulances. Each one thanked him profusely, and he nodded as he listened to their kind words. Once everyone was down he headed back up and started to search the rest of the floors. Not seeing anyone else on the floor he was on, he headed to the staircase.

"Nightwing!" Spider-Man called. "You here? Or are you on another floor? Oh wait! I got the pager!"

Spider-Man opened it up again and pressed the button to call Nightwing. It rang for a few seconds before he heard the other end pick up. "You get those people out safely?"

"Of course I did! Are there any others?"

"Haven't seen anyone else yet. I'm on the ground floor, something you should see, hurry down here!"

"Got it! Be right there!" Spider-Man replied as he jumped down the stairwell, a much faster way than running.

When he got down to the floor Nightwing was on, he looked around carefully. The fire was already put out, and there were already firemen looking around the area. While some of them seemed to give him a second glance, most were focused on their job.

He looked around, trying to find where Nightwing had gone and eventually saw him standing at the end of the hallway. He waved for Spider-Man to follow before turning down a corridor, vanishing from sight.

Spider-Man hurried over there and caught up with the other superhero. "So what's up? What did you find?"

"This," Nightwing said as he pointed in front of them.

What was once a small cafe area of the building was now in ruins. Everything was charged, broken, and destroyed. But what was most puzzling was the large gaping hole in the center of everything. It wasn't just a small hole too, from the small glance he gave it, peering over it, he saw that it went down fairly deep.

"Some deep crater? Or is it more like an underground tunnel?"

"I'm guessing tunnel. Whatever… or whoever caused this must have either dug to this point to try and blow up the building, or they were trying to make a quick and easy getaway without being seen."

"So we follow? Find out where it leads?"

Nightwing nodded. "Yeah, that's the plan. Let's go!"

The two jumped down into the tunnel, which was at least six feet deep. When they reached the bottom, they could see that there was one long tunnel system before them, dug right out of the ground. There were metal support frames every few feet, no doubt keeping the tunnel from collapsing.

"Okay…" Spider-Man said as he stepped forward. "So I don't think that this was just a sudden escape tunnel. Whoever this was had a lot of time on their hands."

"Yeah, and now I just gotta figure out who," Nightwing said moving forward through the tunnel.

"You mean you don't know who's behind this?"

"Not yet. Anyone could make a tunnel. Anyone who has the time and the smarts to make something like this undetected knows what they are doing."

"Yeah, guess you're right about that," Spider-Man replied as he followed behind him.

Taking in a deep breath, he tried to ready himself for whatever was to come. He had a feeling that they would meet someone at the end of this tunnel, someone who was more than just their average burglar. They were going to be going up against an actual villain. Possibly a major super villain.

It terrified him, yet at the same time he felt the adrenaline pumping. Whatever happened next, he needed to be prepared. He had to be ready to take on whatever was going to come. He had to prepare to fight, and do whatever he could to save his city.