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Those Lines

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“He sees me. He… he sees me!
-Jack Frost (rise of the guardians)


“You were my new dream.”
-Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider (tangled)


“That flea was more human than you.”
-… (A monster in Paris)


“It’s too late for me… go. My love.”
-Glim (Mune the Guardian of the Moon)


“You run the sick of weeping a little, if you let yourself get tamed.
-The Little girl (the little prince)


“I’m satisfied whit my care.”
-Hiro Hamada (The big hero 6)


“I’m sorry Andy”
-Surly (The nut job 1)


“This is my family… it’s little and broken. But steal good.”
- Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)


“I’m not goanna let you go. We’re chained-to-each-other-birds. Remember?” 
- blue (Rio 1)


“Goodbye, kid.”
-Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)


“You came back.”
- The beast (Beauty and the Beast)


“Someone has to help”
-Tadashi Hamada (the big hero 6)


“I’m really sorry son.”
-stoick (How to train your dragon 1)


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly”
-The fox (the little prince)


- (WALL-E)


“You have heart of a chief, and the soul of a dragon.”
-Valka (How to train your dragon 2)


“Run. And never return”
-scar (The Lion king.)


“Put your arms around me”
-MK (Epic)


“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you”
-stoick (How to train your dragon 2)


“-What was on the ship?
-You!         ”
- Sinbad (Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas)


“People always do crazy things, when they’re in love.”
-Meg (Hercules.)


“Good dragons, under the control of bad people, do bad things”
-Valka (How to train your dragon 2)

“See you later, alligator”
-Emit (The Lego movie)


“I have to!”
-Liya (Throne of Elves)


“Save him.”
-Hiccup (How to train your dragon 3)


“But could you love a man who would run away?”
- Sinbad (Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas)


“Wow Sophie your hair looks just like star lights. It’s beautiful.”
-Howl (Howl’s moving castle.)


“I did my best… wasn’t enough”
- Sinbad (Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas)


 “I’m sorry but… Do I know you?”
-Taki (Your name.)


“Go toothless. Go”
-Hiccup (How to train your dragon 3)


“Little kitty on the roof, all alone without his lady.”
-Chat noir (Miraculous Ladybug.)