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Getting Rid of Structures

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     Unable to go through the portal that would have brought her to some sort of safety, Big Mama is now chained to the wall. The girl is still there, pacing back and forth, twisting the ring on her finger around over and over again. The stupid thing, that was supposed to be on the spider’s pincer not the ninja wannabe, that was the downfall of what should have been an easy win. If it hadn’t slipped out of her grasp then those turtles would have been destroyed. Maybe she would have grabbed her Snugglemuffin and kept him safe and locked up again. If that annoying sheep man hadn’t figured out how to get out of the orb then this all would not be happening. Such an unexpected turn of events for her and-

     “HEY! Are you paying attention to me?!”, the girl who that blue turtle called ‘Foot Recruit’ shrilly yelled into her face.

     “It would not be wise of you to speak to me like that,” Big Mama said, turning into her human disguise. As if appearing smaller would give her some sort of advantage.

     Foot Recruit sets her shoulders, leans backs, and smirks.

     “I have the upperhand here. Now,” she rips the cloaking broach from Big Mama’s frilly blazer, reverting the mob boss back into her natural form. “Tell. Me. Where. My. Masters. Are.”

     “You won’t get out any information from Big Mama, little girly whirly. I built the Battle Nexus from the ground up and I have dealt with foes more fearsome than you, you will-”

     “FINE!” Foot Recruit snaps her fingers and steps to the left.

      A large shadow rises up and fills in the empty spot. Glaring, red eyes surrounded by metal horns that encompasses the chaotic and mindless force inside. An unerringly crazed look that should never be seen in a teenager’s eyes glints. Teeth, flat but reminiscent of fangs, bare as the girl speaks.

      “I will let the Shredder do the talking.”

      All eight eyes widen with fright as Foot Recruit steps back to watch.

      An hour later, Big Mama riddled with cuts and clothes with tears. Her cloaking broach smashed on the other side of the room. Foot Recruit waves away the metal monster to reiterate her findings.

     “So after the revival of the Shredder at the baseball stadium, and my masters and I escaped to the Foot Shack. You then KIDNAP THEM BY USING THE SHREDDER AND HAVE KEPT THEM LOCKED AWAY?!”

           She stalks towards the yokai, fury enhancing every step.

           “Where are they being kept?”

           Big Mama glances at the beast behind the teenager.

           “They are being held below the arena.”

         Foot Recruit nods, examines the chains holding her prisoner to the wall, and then tightens the cuffs. She turns away and appoints Shredder as the sentry at the door. Dodging around the debris from the battle, she steps into the creaking elevator. A press of a button and the sound of a cracked piece of the handlebar smacking the floor later, the elevator heads down to the lowest level.

          Hopefully, they won’t be mad at me for not being able to find them for so long. They would not kick me out of the clan for this, right? No, of course not. They will acknowledge my accomplishment of taking back control of Master Shredder and taking prisoner of Big Mama. Yes. They would have to appreciate all of what I have done.

      The elevator dings, snapping Foot Recruit into a fighting stance. Shoulders ease and feet return to a natural standing position while she realizes that there was no danger. She takes a step out of the small room into to the cavernous stone hallway. 

     The seats of the arena are entirely empty with rumble from the fallout damage of Shredder and Baron Draxum crashing into the Nexus Hotel. Dried puddles of various colors of blood are splotched on the ground from past fights. It was a strange silence, just her breaths and footsteps being extra loud in her ears. Every shift of a falling rock from the ceiling ends up her instincts going to fight mode.

       A shake of the head, and she continues down the hallway. A couple of minutes later throughout the tangle of hallways, there is a stairwell behind a door. She tugs at the handle.

         “Ugh, it’s locked!”

         Foot Recruit tilts her head to each shoulder and backs up to the wall opposite of the stairwell. Ready, set!

        At full force, she runs straight towards the door, slamming it off its hinges, and goes sliding and tumbling down the stairs in a series of OOFS and OUCHES (and a few swears). Clinging to the door clattering down, she curls her legs up near her abdomen, bracing for impact.

The door skids to a stop and she releases her hands from their grip on the outer rim of the frame. Springing to her feet, Foot Recruit twists the ring around her finger as she makes her way down the hall. The hall is shocking fully intact after the hit the building had taken. Two voices bounce off the walls. Hands forcefully swinging forward and back, she moves towards the voices.

      “-and the ceiling drips so often! A horrible sound!”

     “This is the thirtieth time you’ve complained about it.”

      Yes, those are definitely the Lieutenant and the Brute. She ruffles around in her waist wrap. Pulling back her shoulders, she unlocks the door with the only key that Big Mama handed over. The door swings open.

      “Masters! I have come to rescue you!”