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Waltzing With My Dearly Beloved

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Bathed in the light of the full moon pouring in through the skylight of their home, Sora and Riku basked in the afterglow of their post-engagement lovemaking. With lazy fingers, Riku traced the sensitive scars that resembled a starburst on Sora's chest, earning soft mewls from the brunette as he gripped the larger sweaty body on top of him. Eventually, their hands intertwined, their twin rings glinting in the moonlight as they held each other. With a content sigh, Riku settled into Sora as he listened to the brunette's soft breathing even out.

The two laid contently in their four poster bed as they listened to the sounds of each other's hearts combined with the faraway sounds of the ocean outside. The night was warm so all they had draped over them was a thin white sheet with a few loose flower petals that had fallen from the vine flowers that had climbed the posts of the bed in their efforts to reach for the skylight. Above them the soft sounds of chimes could be heard from a mobile made of retired keychains that clinked together gently as they slowly spun and rotated.

The 22 and 21 year old have been living together for the past two years, but they've been building the house for four. What had started as a treehouse on land that Riku inherited from his grandfather grew into a passion project for the both of them. Much like their relationship, something meant to be playful and fun grew and grew into something that felt like a home and neither could think of any place they'd rather live.

Between murmured I love yous and adoring noises, they reminisced about all the moments in their lives that had led up to this point. Both still blush as they remember the first time they made love, the joy in their hearts when they decided the house was good enough to finally move in together, the elation of waking up each morning to see each other lying beside one another and realizing that this is their home, their special place. A special place of warmth and love and ready to be filled with many more memories and lit far brighter than any cave could possibly be. There were other moments as well, such as Sora earning his Mark of Mastery. But there were also dark moments of struggle that the two of them helped each other through. No matter what was thrown at them, it only strengthened their bond.

Sora already knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Riku and even beyond that. But now, everything feels like it's finally falling into place. Another step in the journey of their lives together has been taken and it was so hard to imagine how it could possibly get any better from here, but he was so very much looking forward to it. He smiled down at the silverette in his arms, only for Riku to look up at him with a soft gaze that filled Sora's heart to the brim with warmth. "Riku?"

"I was just thinking..."


Riku smiled fondly and kissed his way up Sora's chest, to his neck, and around his jawline before whispering into his lips, "It's amazing. You're the most precious thing in the universe and yet you are mine to hold."

Sora let out a soft sob at his sweet words, his voice quivering as he whispered back, "And you are mine" before closing the distance between them and sharing in another long kiss, a kiss that's sure to be one of many, many more.