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Jungkook feels a bit...robbed. Robbed out of his chance to pine, to have that heart-wrenching experience of dramatic romance, of the uncertainty of a possibly one-sided love. He fell in love unawares, and before he could properly angst about it, the object of his affections and undying love comes and sweeps him off his feet.

There's no drama. No angst. He hasn't spent days and days agonizing about whether he should confess or not, because his crush fucking beat him to it before he even realized it even was a thing . He beat him to it effortlessly, too, which is also very annoying.

The audacity . To just have his crush walk up to him, confess to him, to have his crush reduce Jungkook to a happy, bubbly cloud that simply replied with a yes yes yes me too me too yes! No tears, no pain, no uncertainty.

Jungkook feels cheated . This isn't how everyone always says it goes. This isn't what Jungkook prepared himself for. Where were the long, troubled hours at night wondering about the impact this would have on not only their friendship, but their careers? The endless worrying about everything , every well-used cliche in movies and TV and books?

Well, it's certainly not here. Not here, with Seokjin's arms wrapped around his waist, hugging him to his chest, as Jungkook gleefully claims his lap as his seat. Jungkook thinks, a bit indignantly, that there is no way for anything negative to penetrate the disgustingly happy and loving cloud of sheer bliss that surrounds him whenever Seokjin is around. Physically, or just in his thoughts. Either way, there's just not enough room for misery or angst or any of those things people always kept warning him about.

It's fucking annoying and Jungkook just can't stop smiling about it.

"Fucking ow!" Seokjin yelps, shaking his hand free from where Jungkook had brought it up to his mouth for a bite, attempting to alleviate some of this persistent giddiness . "What was that for, you brat?!"

Jungkook shrugs, spends a moment wrestling for control as he reclaims the hand he just abused, wriggling happily in Seokjin's lap and ignoring the loud noises of protest he gets for his efforts. It's useless, of course, because Seokjin always folds to him eventually and it's with a triumphant grin he gets the hand back. There are imprints of his teeth and he kisses them, holding the hand gently and nuzzling against it.

How do you explain that you're just so fucking happy, that you got that happiness so painlessly that it scares you, a little bit, and that it's making you really fucking angry? But also not angry angry. Not real angry. Jungkook just feels like a balloon of hot air rising in the sky, pushing at the limit, seeking out space. He feels full to the brim with something that resembles that popping candy, little sugary explosions in your mouth. Only this is in Jungkook's heart, in the fluttery depth of his belly. It's an excited buzz of a thousand bees, the floaty feeling of being freshly showered, dressing in clean pajamas to cuddle in freshly washed sheets, getting to fall asleep after too many hours awake so you're delirious but also so comfy and euphoric.

"I just love you a lot," is what he settles for, wriggling around until he sits sideways in Seokjin's lap, draping an arm over his shoulder and burying his fingers in the hair at the back of Seokjin's head. He gazes down at Seokjin's pretty face, taking in his soft cheeks that are flushed a bit pink, and his plush lips that are pursed into a delighted little smile, shy and happy. His eyes are dark and shiny, looking up at Jungkook like he's a sky spattered with stars, a little universe right on Seokjin's lap, right there in the fold of Seokjin's arm that rests comfortably around Jungkook's waist. It feels pretty fucking great, to be on the receiving end of that look.

"Kiss me," Jungkook demands, feeling playful and fond and a little bit smug. The smugness only increases when Seokjin takes no time to hesitate or tease, simply leans up to deliver a series of soft, sweet kisses to Jungkook's already puckered lips.

Jungkook's kissed quite a few people in his life, but kissing Seokjin is an experience he's got no comparison for. He thinks it's mostly due to the unprecedented feelings he has for the person attached to those lips, but also because that mouth in particular is a deadly combination of praiseworthy traits. 

They're very soft, for one. Plush, pouty and a lot bigger than his own. A kiss from Seokjin is never sharp , even when he's being rough. His harshest kisses still get cushioned by his own lips and it's exciting in a way Jungkook's never experienced before. 

Seokjin's also an exceptionally talented kisser, it must be said. Or maybe he's just good at all the specific things Jungkook likes, it's hard to tell when absolutely everything Seokjin does with his lips and tongue and teeth seem to reduce Jungkook to a puddle of lustful mush. 

Case in point.

"You gotta breathe too, Kookie," Seokjin mumbles against his jaw, having broken their kiss and prevented Jungkook from reconnecting by tracing his wet, lovely lips along his skin until he came to the hinge of Jungkook's jaw. He sounds fond and a little out of breath, which is a whole accomplishment in itself. Jungkook preens.

"Don't wanna," Jungkook grins, moving to properly straddle Seokjin's lap, planting his knees on either side of his hips and wriggling his butt into place over his crotch. He slings both his arms over Seokjin's broad shoulders too, for good measure, making sure to keep him close and at a kissing distance. "Kisses are more important. Who even needs air anymore, old man."

Seokjin splutters, overly dramatic and lovely, and makes absolutely no move to dislodge Jungkook or otherwise show any real objection to Jungkook's teasing. Instead, his hands have both snuck onto one buttcheek each, copping a feel even as he pushes Jungkook closer to keep him more snugly on his lap. 

"The disrespect," Seokjin grumbles, but he's smiling wide and unrestrained, tipping his head back against the couch and rolling his eyes towards the ceiling. "Don't think I've forgotten about you biting my hand like a naughty puppy either, Jungkookie."

Jungkook flushes hot at that, for some reason, but he doesn't have time to process it before Seokjin's leaning forward and taking Jungkook's lower lip between both his own and sucks.  

He groans, loud and unembarrassed, because they're alone and Seokjin's praised him so many times, has declared Jungkook's noises his absolute favorite, so Jungkook sees no reason to stifle himself when he knows he's driving Seokjin mad just from being loud.

"Do you want to make out on the couch and cuddle, or do you want to go to bed and get naked, honey?" Seokjin asks him after freeing his lip, making sure their mouths are still close enough to touch every time Seokjin utters a word. It's making Jungkook shiver in delight, squirming in Seokjin's lap, because it's hot and damp and a fucking tease and he loves this, a lot. 

He also takes a moment to seriously consider his options, here, because Seokjin isn't asking to be coy. He's not asking with the hopes of steering it one way or the other, he's just genuinely interested in what Jungkook wants and that's just another thing to love, another thing to appreciate. 

While getting naked (and maybe have Seokjin suck his cock) sounds like a really damn good idea, Jungkook also doesn't feel a particular rush to get there. He feels soft, right now. Soft and cozy and hungry for kisses. He also really wants to bury his face in the fluffy sweater Seokjin's wearing, maybe take a nap on top of him, most definitely have him kiss his cheeks and nose and whisper sweet words like honey and baby and bunny

"Mmm," Jungkook hums, pressing a few chaste pecks against the plush, tempting lips so close to his own before he leans back to reply. "Cuddles. I want cuddles."

Seokjin smiles, running his hands up and down Jungkook's back. 

"Feeling soft, little bun?" he murmurs, voice gentle and warm and what the fuck, Jungkook wants to bite him again because he feels close to bursting , he's so warm and happy and flush with feeling. Seokjin makes him feel small, sometimes. Small but so big, so full

"Want kisses," Jungkook sighs, pouting hopefully, knowing Seokjin doesn't need an answer. He's so good at feeling the mood, at reading Jungkook's cues, that any pressure Jungkook would otherwise feel to try and put certain things into coherent words isn't an issue.

Seokjin coos at him, gently cups his cheeks and kisses his nose, before he captures Jungkook's mouth again with his own. It's slow and wet and hot, Seokjin's tongue probing gently and making Jungkook pant and moan and part his lips for more.

It's easy to lose time, like this. Jungkook's in a cozy haze of adoration and a slow-burning arousal that simmers pleasantly beneath his skin, all pliant and relaxed in Seokjin's lap. He lets Seokjin prod and pull and push him whichever way he pleases, knowing it's all to make Jungkook feel even better, for him to be even more comfortable. And he's right, because he ends up on his back, soft couch cushions swallowing him up as Seokjin lies on top, between his legs, kissing him and stroking his cheeks and murmuring honeyed praises against blushing skin.

It's making him sleepy, and a little drunk. It's like he's had a few glasses of red wine, only this is much better, and has zero chances of giving him a wine headache or a nasty hangover. 

Their kisses turn slower, as a result. Softer, more chaste. Lazy and sweet, until Seokjin's rearranged them once again. They're both on their sides, with Jungkook's back pressed into the back of the couch, and Seokjin nuzzled up against his front like a protective shield against the chilly air of the open space of the living room. Jungkook's rubbing their noses together, shy and affectionate, lips all tingly and warm and damp. He makes himself small in the warm cradle of Seokjin's arms, their legs tangled together and Seokjin's cozy sweater caught in Jungkook's greedy fingers. He yawns, and feels Seokjin press kisses to his closed eyes, soft against his eyelids. Puckering his lips, he keeps his eyes closed and waits, sighing happily through his nose when Seokjin's back to kissing his mouth. 

Too tired and content to move much, Jungkook lets Seokjin pamper and indulge him. He drifts off to the feel of that soft mouth against his own, falling asleep to a shower of soft, lazy kisses. He wants to wake up like that, too, and finds himself groggily wishing that Seokjin won't stop kissing him even as he sleeps. He wants to dream as he gets kissed, wants Seokjin's pretty mouth to caress his cheeks and nose and ears and forehead. He wants to sleep and wake up knowing he got kissed all the time, greedy for it even when unconscious. 

If he asks, he even thinks Seokjin might indulge him, one day.

For now, he falls asleep fuzzy with love, happy and content and still mad about it. He didn't get any chance at all to be a pining mess of angst that makes bad decisions and sabotages himself through miscommunication and denial. If only Seokjin had let him actually realize how head over heels he was for him before he confessed, then maybe he'd have that story to tell. Now he's just disgustingly happy, and he really wouldn't want it any other way.

He's still pressed about it, though.