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The Legend of One For All And All For One

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In the beginning, there was a quirk with the power to take and give quirks. It was named All For One, and people learned to fear it.

A little bit after the beginning there was another quirk, birthed from a hidden quirk and one given by All For One. It was named One For All, after it’s ability to be passed on, and people learned to worship the quirk, as it would be the one to defeat All For One.

These quirks weren’t forgotten, they were followed throughout the times and documented for history books. People watched as One For All was passed on, as the users were one by one defeated by All For One, as each generation grew stronger than the last. They had hope, that soon All For One would be defeated.


When Number One hero Nana Shimura started to train a 13 year old boy, everyone knew she had found the eighth.

Toshinori Yagi found that he had went from being a loser to famous in one night when he woke for school one morning. Suddenly, everyone wanted to hang out with the quirkless kid, trying to be friends with him like they didn’t tell him to jump off a roof just a few days before. He always wanted friends, but not like this.

He ignored them, and instead focused his time on his studies and training so he could get into U.A. He found that his life was now everyone’s, and that he suddenly no longer had privacy. They knew where, when, and how he trained his body to handle the quirk, what he studied to prepare for the entrance exam, even what time he went to bed at night.

His teachers gave him less work, excused his tired self in class, and didn’t mind if he was late after a meeting with Nana went too long that morning. It’s because he was doing something important, they told him. He was getting ready to take on a powerful quirk, one that could make him the one to finally take down All For One.

He didn’t want to be the one to take him down. Toshinori wanted Nana to be the one, as she was beginning to be a mother figure to him, and everyone knew what happened to the users who couldn’t defeat the villain.

But he didn’t say anything, and continued to be followed, and pampered, and worshiped everywhere he went.

“That’s Toshinori Yagi.” Whispers followed him everywhere he went. “He’s the next in line for One For All, they say he’s currently quirkless.” And sometimes, Toshinori wondered if it would have better if he remained quirkless.

The day Nana gave him the quirk, it came during class. They were working on English when he felt a buzz, almost like electricity, under his skin.

“Sensei,” he called, raising his hand. “I think something is wrong.” Everybody focused on him. He was worth more than any of them, he needed to be protected and kept out of danger until he could defend himself, and when something was wrong they would do anything they could to fix it.

“Do you need to go to the nurse?” Sensei asked. Toshinori nodded, there he could call Nana, she’ll know what to do. But when he stood up, he stood up too fast, and the next thing he knew his chair was in the classroom behind them, and a hole was in the wall that connected the two. Sensei laughed.

“Yagi,” he said. “I think what you’re feeling is a quirk.” And everyone freaked, along with the classroom behind them who had heard everything through the hole in the wall.

“Step out,” Sensei said. “Call your master, we can wait.” By the end of the day, the whole school knew that Toshinori Yagi had finally been given One For All, and the next day it seemed that all of Japan knew.


The entrance exam’s results were released by U.A once everybody had gotten their results. The first day of everyone congratulating him for getting first place felt good, he was never really congratulated for anything before. But after that it got old. The only thing that helped keep his insanity was Nana, who listened to his rants no matter how long.

“I know it’s hard,” she said. “But it’ll go down eventually, I know it did for me. Just keep smiling Toshinori, show them that you aren’t afraid.” And he did, and eventually everyone knew him for his smile that said, “it’ll be ok.”

His first sports festival went well. He didn’t win first place, or make it onto the podium, the world seemed to forget that One For All didn’t give him amazing fighting skills, but either way Nana was still proud of him.

“You’re improving!” She cheered. “I remember when you were a little quirkless kid who explained their dream to me, now look at it coming true!” Toshinori smiled. And even if the cameras took a picture of it, he denies everything about hugging his mentor.

His first year passed quickly, and before he knew it, it was his second year. Toshinori was proud to say that he made it onto the podium this year, and he was still growing stronger. He looked less like the weak quirkless kid he was before, and more like the hero he’d always dreamed of being. And while the news still followed him, the storm that followed him when he first met Nana had died down.

Everything progressed well, until he walked in the first day of third year to see Gran Torino sitting in the teacher’s spot.

“Sensei?” He asked. Gran Torino only smiled.

“Sit down Toshinori, I’m here to make sure you’re ready to graduate.”

The year was hard, but it was also helpful. Gran Torino pushed his class hard, giving them the last push they needed to become pro heroes. Toshinori was ready. He’s been in the spotlight for years, but now he’d be in it for what he wants to be in it for, being a hero.

Then Nana died. The fight was huge, and everybody knew what it was. Nana Shimura, seventh user of One For All, had finally had her fight with All For One, and lost.

Everyone seemed to watch Toshinori more closely after that. His mentor and mother had just died, and possibly he’d be next, nobody knew what to do with him. Gran Torino knew. He trained him harder than before, to the point of it being abuse, giving Toshinori no time to grieve, to process what had happened, to figure out what to do next.

When he graduated, Gran Torino sent him to America. And while they didn’t tell the world why, everybody knew the reason. To get away to where All For One can’t reach him, and to get ready for when his time came.


When Toshinori came back six years later, he stood more confident, more grown, more ready. He wore the smile that everyone knows his master taught him to do, and wasn’t afraid to stand out anymore like he had in his quirkless days. They cheered him on, helping the eighth in anyway they could, and young students tried to show him that they should be the one to gain his quirk.

The only thing the people didn’t seem to like was the disappointment that Toshinori still only had One For All. There had been stories of the previous users gaining the quirks of those before them, and with seven others, six other quirks to gain, it seems that Toshinori had drawn the short straw.

Then, 7 years after his return, it happened. There was an explosion, one that was said that those in America could feel, and everyone held their breaths. This was the fight that every One for All user was trained for, what they were raised for. It went on for days, nobody dared near it in case they disturbed their Symbol of Peace.

Then, it was over. Reporters swarmed the area in attempt to get a story, but all it brought up was questions that went unanswered.

Where was All Might?

Where was All For One?

Who won? Who died?

They went unanswered for a month.

But then they were told. All Might had lived, but not without damage, and All For One was missing when they got there. The people cheered, they cried, they sung, and gathered around the hospital. They didn’t care that their hero was damaged. He had survived. That day, Toshinori Yagi, All Might, eighth user of One For All, had gained a new title.

The first to survive All For One.


Revealing his true form was an accident. He was still learning his time limit, and by the time he figured it out it was too late. At first there was silence, then slowly a reporter shuffled up.

“All Might,” she whispered. “Is this the result of your All For One fight?” Toshinori nodded, then on a split second decision he lifted his shirt, and at that moment all of Japan decided at the same time that they would protect Toshinori Yagi no matter what.

Six years later, the world went crazy again, when word got out that All Might was looking for the ninth.


Midoriya Izuku grew up on the stories of Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might, All For One, and One For All. When he discovered he was quirkless he dreamed of All Might finding him and offering him his quirk, after all everyone knew All Might was once quirkless himself.

When word got out that he was looking for the ninth when Izuku turned 14, everyone young enough to enter the hero course went wild.

“Just you wait!” Bakugou bragged. “Once All Might sees how powerful I am he’ll beg me to be the ninth!” So of course, everybody at school was surprised once a video of All Might telling Izuku that he’s the one got out. But not the world, who was excited to see the ninth rise up and do great things much like the older generation had watched Toshinori do.

Once word got out that Izuku was quirkless, the world was all over it. One For All has now been passed to two quirkless people so far, would the ninth continue the tradition?

This time, Izuku was ready for the sudden fame he would receive, being told by Toshinori what was to come.

The world watched him. They watched him clean the beach, shatter his limbs during the entrance exam, which was confusing since All Might got a hang of it right away until they remembered that the quirk got stronger when it was passed onto Izuku, and watched him enter U.A for the first time like All Might did.

Of course he was part of 1-A, and stayed in the spotlight during the USJ, the Sports Festival where he broke his fingers in purpose, the internships where he defeated Hero Killer Stain, and so much more in just a few short months.

Then, All For One came back.

Everyone watched as All Might fought him once again, using up the last of One For All to defeat the man who had killed so many. They watched as he broke himself, and gave everything he had to bring the villain down.

Nobody was ashamed to say they cried when All Might stood there, his fists raised over a beaten All For One.

“You’re next,” he whispered. And everyone knew who he was talking to.

When it came out the next day, when All Might and many others were recovering in a hospital, that he had used up the last of One for All in him and was once again quirkless, Japan had decided once again that they would protect Toshinori Yagi with their lives, after all he had done the same and even more.

Toshinori continued to train Izuku, to help him get better and to be ready for the real world. But, it wasn’t for the same reason that the other One For All users had. There was no All For One to defeat, no training to do to be as strong as you can to take down the man.

This training was for Izuku, to be the best hero he can be like he had wanted. And with eight generations of knowledge, and a ninth generation in the making, Toshinori knew he could do it.


Years later, when 1-A had graduated, and Toshinori had grown old, a reporter approached Pro Hero Deku just as he was handing over a villain. To the delight of the world, unlike Toshinori who gained none, Izuku had gained all seven quirks of the previous One For All users.

“Deku!” She called. “Are you planning to find the tenth?”

“Right now?” He replied. “No, but I know I will someday.” And years later when the tenth was found, a teen with the ability to change the color of her hair at will, everyone was eagerly waiting to watch her grow, to become her own hero, and to find herself much like the world has for many before.

“One day, this quirk will be too strong for us to handle,” Deku told the reporter. “Our bodies aren’t adapted to handle it, since we weren’t born with it our bodies aren’t made to take the abuse that comes with it, that’s why I took so long to master it, one day One For All will be lost in time.”

But they knew that wasn’t today. And until then, the world would continue to watch the future One For All users grow, and become their own heroes.