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Birthday Bliss

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Victor paced throughout the living room, stopping only to glance down at his watch and then at the door.

Gavin was supposed to have gotten back from his mission yesterday. At least, that’s what he had told Victor over the phone. That had been two days ago, and he hadn’t heard from him, nor had been able to get in touch with him since.

He had tried to remain calm. Tried to reassure himself that Gavin would be alright. He was a skilled agent… He could handle himself fine. He had gone on more dangerous missions before for far longer periods of time and had always come back none the worse for wear.

So Victor did his best to distract himself with work and make preparations for Gavin’s upcoming birthday. Yet, his anxiety continued to gnaw at him, causing all sorts of thoughts to creep into his mind: What if something happened? What if Gavin was hurt? What if he had been delayed further, or worse… Not coming back at all?

As a result of these intrusive thoughts, Victor had been unable to sleep the night before and had stayed up tossing, turning and worrying. What frustrated him more than anything, though was that he was unable to do anything about it. He couldn’t even call to check on his lover, as Gavin usually had his phone off while he was away on missions.

The CEO knew that there were things in life that he had no control or say over, and he had accepted that. However, he still hated not knowing, hated the anxiety and the helplessness that came with it.

He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself as he glanced down at his watch yet again.

Gavin’s birthday was tomorrow. Well, in a couple of hours technically, and Victor had already completed all of the preparations. All that was needed was the man himself… Minutes ticked by as Victor grew more and more worried.

Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks as he heard a familiar noise.

The sound of a motorcycle engine as it pulled up to the house.

Victor heard the vehicle pull into the driveway, then silence as the engine cut off. He held his breath, heart breathing quickly in hopeful anticipation as he heard footsteps walking up the driveway. Closer, closer… They were now on the front porch, and Victor’s eyes remained glued to the door as he watched the handle turn before it swung open.

He didn’t have to look twice. As soon as the sight of that familiar uniform jacket came into view he was at the entrance in a flash. He embraced Gavin tightly, burying his nose into his shoulder and inhaling his familiar scent, feeling as if his heart would burst as the smell of dirt, sweat, and the faint hint of Gavin’s cologne hit filled his nostrils.

Gavin, held him just as tightly, trying not to wince in pain as Victor’s hold pressed against his injuries.

“Hey… Sorry I’m late.” He said, trying not to sound as tired as he felt.

“Dummy... You made me worry.” The older man muttered into Gavin’s shoulder. The younger man chuckled at the nickname, but his heart ached at the slight quiver in Victor’s deep voice.

He couldn’t help but wince as the pain from his injuries flared up, and his lover loosened his hold just a bit in apology. They remained there for a while, just holding each other, basking in the joy of their reunion. Once their heartbeats had slowed, Victor lifted his head from Gavin’s shoulder and pulled back a bit to look at him.

Gavin’s dark brown hair was a bit messy from his helmet, there were dark circles underneath his beautiful golden eyes that indicated he hadn’t slept well for at least a couple of days. His face was slightly worn and haggard, and there was a bandage on his left cheek, but despite all of that he wore a bright, beaming smile that never failed to melt Victor’s heart.

Victor suddenly frowned and stepped further back, holding Gavin’s hands in his own. His brow furrowed at the bandages covering the younger man’s forearms and fingers. He noticed a few new scars as well, and judging by how Gavin had reacted when he had embraced him earlier, there were probably more hidden underneath his clothing.

Victor’s gaze hardens as he meets Gavin’s eyes again, and the younger man sighed, knowing full well what that gaze meant.

“I know what you’re going to say, and before you do, can I remind you that it’s my birthday?”

Victor shook his head, clicking his tongue disapprovingly.

“Not quite yet. Do you know how worried I was?”

Gavin hung his head, guilt welling up in him.

“I know, I know… I’m sorry.”

Victor put a hand on Gavin’s uninjured cheek, tilting his face up to look at him. His lips met Gavin’s in a soft, sweet kiss that made the younger man sigh in contentment. They parted after a few seconds and Victor’s gaze softened, his eyes a warm violet.

“Are you hungry?” He asked softly.

“A little.” Gavin admitted.

“Come on. I’ll make us some dinner.”

Gavin followed Victor into the kitchen and took a seat at the small table, letting out a small groan at the way his sore muscles throbbed and ached.

“You should have those injuries looked at.” Victor said while he gathered ingredients.

“I’ll be fine, Vic. It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” He reassured, but Victor shook his head unconvincingly.

“Even still, you should rest before you plan on doing anything else. And I’ll make sure that you do, especially since tomorrow is your birthday.”

Gavin said nothing, opting instead to watch Victor as he busied himself about the spacious kitchen preparing dinner for both of them as the kitchen soon filled with the fragrant scent of Victor's cooking.

A year ago, he never would have dreamed that he would fall for the richest man in Loveland, much less be living with him, but here he was and honestly… He couldn’t imagine himself being anywhere else.

He did feel guilty for not at least texting Victor that he was coming home, but the mission had taken longer than expected, with him and his team having more than their fair share of close calls. He had promised Victor that he would be home… Which should have been yesterday, but the STF had to deal with more of the fallout than expected.

So he raced to finish all of his work, hastily patching himself up and racing home to Victor once he had been cleared, despite Eli’s insistence that he head to medical at once. He knew that Victor was waiting for him and most likely worried about him, and he had made him wait long enough. Gavin was determined to not make him wait any longer.

He recalled warning Victor about that, back when they first started dating. He warned him that his job was dangerous, that there would be times where he wouldn’t be able to come home when he promised as well as the possibility of him never coming back at all.

Yet, Victor had not been deterred. Though initially cold and aloof, and a bit awkward at times he gradually revealed more to Gavin that he never would have expected as time passed. He discovered Victor was a genuinely kind, loving, and surprisingly gentle man once the stern mask fell away.

He remembered how nervous he was during their first date, how his cheeks blushed when he thought he said something embarrassing. He remembered how Victor sat with him, patiently listening as he told him about his broken family after a particularly bad trip down memory lane. He remembered Victor serenading him on the piano for the first time, and how he moaned and cried out when they first slept together.

Gavin treasured those moments, and craved the ones to come. Which was why he made a promise to himself that no matter what happened, no matter how many battles he fought or disasters he faced, that he would always, always make it home to Victor. No matter what.

They ate dinner in comfortable silence, Gavin savoring every bite of food he ate.

As someone who had lived off of takeout and instant meals, Victor's cooking was a godsend to him. He remembered receiving Victor's invitation to Souvenir, and how surprised he was at how delicious everything was. No offense to his favorite ramen place, but Victor's cooking was something else entirely.

Victor also quickly figured out that he liked spicy foods. Although Victor could handle his spice well, he didn't quite have Gavin's tolerance for it. Demonstrated when he tried some of the hot sauce Gavin had bought some time ago and he ended up drinking almost a full quart of milk and rubbing his burning tongue with bread to relieve himself of the fiery hell.

As a compromise though, he made sure to add some extra spice to Gavin’s food when making a spicy dish, or keep a bottle of his favorite hot sauce around. It was a simple change, but Gavin appreciated it nonetheless.

They finished eating and Gavin got up to help Victor with the cleanup, but his sore muscles screamed in protest, and he couldn't help but grimace and groan in pain as he rubbed his aching neck.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Victor, whose brow furrowed in concern and was by the younger man’s side in an instant.


“I’m fine. Just sore.” Gavin assured, shaking his head.

Victor glanced over him, appearing unconvinced. “Are you sure you don’t need to have them looked at?”

Gavin sighed. “I’m fine, Vic. Just let me help clean up.”

He appreciated Victor’s concern for him, he truly did. However, he was a trained military agent posing as a police officer. He had been trained to take damage and had obtained far worse injuries in some of his missions. Yet Victor still worried and fretted over him whenever he saw fresh wounds on Gavin.

A part of him found it amusing that the seemingly stoic, aloof CEO could be this much of a mother hen for him, an Evol agent that had seen and been through combat. Another part found it annoying that Victor sometimes treated him as more of a child than a grown man. But another part, that eclipsed both of those found it incredibly endearing.

Victor shook his head again.

“It’s your birthday, there's no reason for you to do anything.”

“It’s not my birthday yet, remember?” Gavin countered, unable to stop the cheeky grin appearing on his face.

Victor sighed exasperatedly and pointed to his watch.

“It’s forty-five minutes until then. Besides, you just got back from a mission.”

Victor paused, deep in thought before an idea occurred to him.

“How about this.” He offered, taking Gavin’s hand that was on his neck. “I’ll stay down here and clean up. You can go upstairs, get undressed, lay down… And I’ll give you a massage when I'm finished.”

He couldn’t help smiling when Gavin’s eyes widened and the tips of his ears turned red.


There was no way Gavin could refuse that offer.

“Okay, fine.” He relented.

Victor’s smile widened and he gave him a quick peck before Gavin walked out of the kitchen, leaving Victor alone to clean.

Gavin made his way to the upstairs bedroom and sighed in relief when he sat on the edge of the bed. The bed in question was much softer than Gavin’s old one before he moved in with Victor. It took some getting used to, as he was used to sleeping on much firmer mattresses, but he came to enjoy it. Especially now with how sore and stiff he was.

Gavin removed his boots first, followed by the rest of his clothes until he was completely naked. He tossed them in the hamper and moved to lay on his back while he waited for Victor to finish. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before he heard his lover’s footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hall to the room.

Victor entered, smiling at the sight of Gavin’s nude form before turning into a frown at the sight of the bandages wrapped around the younger man’s midsection. He didn’t say anything, however, merely sighed and closed the door behind him before approaching the bed.

“Let me get the materials. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Gavin nodded and gave Victor a quick kiss before the older man disappeared into the bathroom. A few minutes later, Victor emerged with a basin of hot water in, a small, white towel, and a small bottle of oil. He set the bowl aside on the nightstand and placed the bottle next to it before dipping the towel into the water.

“Can you turn over onto your stomach, please?”

Gavin nodded and re-positioned himself, folding his arms on top of his head and resting his chin on top of them. He hissed when Victor placed the warm cloth on his back, feeling the heat from the cloth soak into his skin. The pain was only temporary, though, as Victor carefully warmed his muscles in preparation for the massage.

Once that was finished, and Gavin’s body was feeling pleasantly warm, Victor set the towel aside and grabbed the oil and spread some onto his hands. The scent of sandalwood filled the air as Victor started with Gavin’s feet.

The younger laughed softly at the ticklish sensation, before letting out a sigh of relief as Victor got to work.

Victor had first offered Gavin a massage when he had come home sore after a rather intense workout. He had decided to humor the older man and allowed him to do it. Afterwards, Gavin was shocked by how good it was. How come he never asked Victor to massage him before?

Since then, it became a routine where Victor would massage him whenever he came home from a mission. There were some nights where Victor was unable to do that, due to work or some other duty, and that was alright with Gavin. He knew that Victor had his own struggles to deal with, and as much as he liked getting a massage from Victor, he was just as happy holding and cuddling his lover as much as possible.

Victor had worked his way up Gavin’s legs now, soothing the tightness in his calves and making the younger man’s breath hitch slightly when he reached his thighs.

“You’re so gorgeous…” Victor murmured, voice full of affection.

It was true. Though Victor himself was no slouch himself as far as bodies went, he couldn’t help but envy the younger man’s physique sometimes. While Victor did have a diligent workout routine, Gavin had a few years of military training as well as a physically demanding job in addition to being active in sports and having a diligent workout routine.

All of these things contributed to Gavin’s body looking nothing short of breathtaking. It reminded Victor of the statues of Greek gods he had seen in pictures, toned, fit, perfectly muscled and proportioned. It was breathtaking to behold and even more surreal to touch.

He smiled as he worked up Gavin’s thighs, finally reaching his round, perky ass. The younger man moaned softly as Victor began to gently massage the globes. He knew that Victor liked his ass, and occasionally liked to tease the older man for ogling it when he thought that Gavin wasn’t looking.

Perhaps one day, he would let him fuck it… But for now, he would enjoy this moment.

As Victor moved upwards towards his hips, his touches became gentler, more careful as he did his best to avoid Gavin’s injuries. An action which never failed to make Gavin’s heart swell with affection for Victor. As his touch moved up to his back, he felt the soft brush of lips over his scars, both old and new. There were quite a few, proof of his struggles, and Victor made sure to kiss every one.

“You are so strong, so brave and beautiful... “ Victor whispered adoringly. “Sometimes I wonder what I ever did right to deserve someone as kind-hearted and loving as you…”

Gavin shivered, closing his eyes and letting out a soft moan as Victor started to work his shoulders.

“Which is why I worked so hard to prepare everything or your birthday.” He continued. “You said earlier that you never really celebrated your birthday. However, I wanted to change that.”

Victor suddenly stops his motions, causing Gavin to groan in disappointment. Victor just chuckled in response.

“Roll over. I want to do your neck and scalp last.”

Gavin rolled lazily onto his back, the pain from his injuries still present, but not as evident as before. His muscles had loosened up significantly from Victor’s massage and he watched as Victor moved so that the younger man was looking up at him with his head in his lap.

Victor started with Gavin’s neck and jaw, easing the tension in him before speaking once again.

“I want to make your birthday this year a special one… Because I want you to know how grateful I am that you’re here. How happy I am that you exist in this world.”

Victor smiled gently down at his lover, fingers gently combing through his hair as he stared down at him with warm, violet eyes.

“I want to make you as happy as you have made me, to make you feel as much joy as I have. I… I love you Gavin, and I want to spend every holiday, every birthday, every precious moment with you.”

Gavin’s heart melted at those words. He smiled softly up at Victor. Gavin learned that Victor was like him, preferring to express his affections with his actions rather than his words. However, Gavin realized that he didn’t mind hearing the words more often from Victor as their relationship progressed and the older man gradually opened up to him more.

His heart felt so full of affection and love for Victor, that he thought he might start crying, but he didn’t. Instead, he took one of Victor’s hands in his own and squeezed it tightly.

“I… I love you, too Victor. You’ve made me so happy and… you’re much more than I deserve.” He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat.

“Thank you. I look forward to spending my birthday with you.”

The beautiful moment was cut short when Gavin let out a loud yawn, causing both men to chuckle in amusement.

“Tired?” Victor inquired, brushing aside some of Gavin’s hair.

“Yeah…” Gavin admitted.

The fatigue that he had been trying to fight off for the past few hours was starting to catch up to him, now. He felt a bit embarrassed and annoyed that he had accidentally cut such a lovely moment short, but Victor didn’t seem to mind.

The older man leaned forward to kiss him before reluctantly pulling away from Gavin to gather up the materials he had used for the massage and putting them away in the bathroom. He started removing his clothes when he returned and Gavin watched him with a lazy smile as he undressed, revealing his gorgeous body that his suits tragically hid.

Victor joined Gavin in bed and pulled the blanket over them. He adjusted himself so that his head rested on Gavin’s shoulder and wrapping an arm around his waist, careful to avoid his injuries. Gavin in turn, wrapped an arm around the older man’s shoulders to pull him closer.

“Thank you, Victor. Goodnight.” He whispers, kissing his hair.

“Goodnight Gavin, Happy birthday.” Victor replies, placing a gentle kiss on his neck


Gavin’s sleep schedule was sporadic at best. Being conditioned to run on only an hour or two of sleep as well as being constantly tuned to danger, made him an early riser and a light sleeper by nature. It had gotten a bit better since he moved in with Victor, but he still almost always woke up before his lover.

He was now in that in-between stage between sleep and wakefulness, and could vaguely feel the gentle caress of his lover’s hands across his body. The soft touches slowly pulled him out of sleep, but he purposefully kept his eyes closed, not wanting to spoil the fun for Victor.

The older man’s fingers traced his scars, followed by soft lips. Gavin sighed in pleasure at the sensation as he felt Victor’s attentions slowly move downward. He tried to keep his breathing even and to not react too much, but he couldn’t stop his breath from hitching when he felt the brief swipe of Victor’s tongue over his nipple. Nor could he help but let out a soft moan when he felt him tease his half-hard cock.

Gavin couldn’t resist, he carefully cracked open one eye to watch Victor kissing along his hips and thighs. Another moan escaped his lips that caused Victor to stop his motions. Gavin quickly shut his eye and tried to even his breathing again, but Victor wasn’t fooled.

The older man was silent for a moment before letting out a disappointed sigh.

“You can stop pretending. I know you’re awake.”

Gavin opened his eyes and looked up at his lover.

“Sorry, I know you said you wanted to wake me up for my birthday. Didn’t want to spoil your fun.”

Victor sighed, and Gavin couldn’t resist smiling at his pouting face.

“Don’t look so smug. I even set an alarm, and you still managed to wake up before I could get started.”

“So are you going to stop, now that you’ve just started warming me up?” Gavin replied, arching his hips enough to press against Victor’s hand, his golden eyes sparkling with amusement.

The older man shook his head, laughing through his nose before leaning down to whisper against Gavin’s parted lips.


He closed the distance between their mouths with a slow, languid kiss. Gavin shivered when he felt Victor's palm rub over his length once, twice. The younger man's breath hitched when Victor finally wrapped his fingers around his length and began slowly pumping him.

He moaned into Victor’s mouth, who used the opportunity to slide his tongue into his mouth, deepening the kiss. His grip on Gavin tightened and he sped up his motions just a little bit while the younger man moaned and slid his own tongue against Victor’s own, causing him to let out a deep moan.They broke the kiss only when they could not go any longer without breathing. Their faces were flushed and a string of saliva hovered between their mouths before breaking and disappearing.

Victor stopped the motions of his hand, making Gavin groan in response and trust up into his hand.The older man chuckled at his eagerness.

“Let me taste you.”

Gavin nodded and spread his legs enough so that Victor could slide between them. His cock is fully hard now, the tip flushed a dark red and shiny with precum. Victor always thought that Gavin had a beautiful cock. It was average length, but had decent girth and just enough curve so that it hit Victor’s sensitive spot each time.

He teased Gavin at first, using only light licks and suckles along his shaft while avoiding his tip and balls. Gavin grew impatient after a while of this and thrust his hips up in a silent request. Victor smiled, silently gloating at how eager he had made Gavin.

It was no secret that Victor gave good head, though admittedly… He wasn’t very good at it in the beginning, but Victor’s desire for perfection extended to the bedroom. Gavin learned quickly that Victor was a pleaser, like he was. Victor liked pleasing others, he enjoyed making others happy, especially those close to him. The reason it wasn’t easily apparent was that Victor was very selective about who he showed that side to, and Gavin was grateful to be one of those people.

He moaned and gripped the sheets with one hand while Victor took a testicle in his mouth, licking and sucking gently before switching to the other one and repeating the same actions. Gavin moaned when he felt him lick and tease at the seam of his balls before switching between them. After a while he stopped, then licked a long, slow line up Gavin’s shaft from the seam of his balls to the slit at the tip.

Victor’s eyes locked with Gavin’s, whose golden eyes were dark with lust and without breaking eye contact, leaned forward and sucked lightly on his tip.

Gavin hissed at the sensation and groaned when Victor finally began to slowly take him into his mouth. He sucked gently as he bobbed, going further and further down with each pull. Sighs, pants and breathless moans flew from his mouth as Victor sucked him off.

The older man gradually changed his pace, moving a little faster, sucking a little harder, making pleasure build up in Gavin. He reached down with one hand to push back some of Victor’s hair that had fallen over his face. Gavin couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of Victor’s lips around his cock. He looked so sexy like this, so focused on his pleasure so eager to please him that it made Gavin twitch in his mouth.

Victor paused in his movements to take a few deep breaths to steady himself before taking Gavin fully.

The younger man’s eyes grew wide and a long moan escaped his mouth as his mind completely blanked for a moment. The wet heat of his mouth, the tightness of his throat… It was almost too much and Gavin reluctantly pulled Victor off of him. The older man coughed slightly, and his brow furrowed in worry when he looked up at Gavin.

“What’s wrong? Was I…?”

Gavin shook his head, stroking his hair reassuringly.

“No, no. You’re amazing. Just…” He cleared his throat, ears turning red.

“I want to fuck you. May I?”

Victor couldn’t stop the grin from forming on his face and chuckled.

“Dummy, of course you can.”

He got up and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. Gavin made a move to get up, but Victor shook his head.

“On our sides.”

Gavin considered it for a moment and nodded, flipping over so that he was laying on his side. Victor soon joined and handed him the bottle before also laying on his side and pressing back so that Gavin was spooning him.

Gavin squirted a generous amount of lube onto his fingers, before setting the bottle aside and taking a moment to warm the fluid between them. Once that was done, he reached down and started to tease at Victor’s puckered hole, causing the older man to let out a low moan and he adjusted his leg to give the younger man easier access.

He knew why Victor chose this position. Even with the massage and a good night's sleep, Gavin’s injuries were still very much present, as he was still able to feel the dull throb of pain from them. Victor wanted Gavin to fuck him, yes, but he also didn’t want him to feel any unnecessary pain while doing so. Hence why picked a position that would be easier and less painful for him. It was little things like this that made Gavin appreciate and love Victor all the more.

Victor groaned when Gavin finally slid a finger inside of him, fingers gripping the sheets tightly. Gavin leaned forward to kiss and nip along the older man’s shoulder, neck and earlobe. He soon inserted a second finger into Victor, sucking on his earlobe at the same time while the older man moaned softly and thrust back onto his fingers.

Victor’s ears were particularly sensitive and Gavin took full advantage of that as he pumped, curled, and scissored his fingers inside of the older man. Victor’s breath hitched, he writhed and pushed back against him, moving to the pace of his fingers. Soon enough, a third finger was added, stretching Victor even further.

The older man gasped as Gavin latched onto his shoulder and sucked hard, leaving a bright purple mark on his skin when he removed his mouth. Gavin left another one on the crook of Victor’s neck as he sped up the motions of his fingers, thrusting deeper, curling harder to tease and brush against the spot that made the older man moan louder and pleasure spark through him.

“Gavin… please…” The older man groaned, looking over his shoulder at Gavin with lust-blown pupils.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Gavin withdrew his fingers from Victor and grabbed the bottle of lube again, giving his cock a generous coating before setting the bottle aside and lining himself up with Victor’s hole. The older man shuddered as Gavin’s tip pressed against him, and groaned in pleasure once the tip was inside of him.

Gavin grabbed Victor’s leg and lifted it, giving him easier access as he began to slowly thrust into the older man, going deeper with each thrust and pausing when he was fully hilted in him. He squeezed his eyes shut and moaned against Victor’s hair. He had missed this… So much.

“Fuck, you’re tight…” Gavin muttered, circling his hips. “Gripping me like you never want to let me go.”

Victor let out a low moan at how Gavin stirred him and pushed back onto him. Before, he would have never imagined himself as a bottom. Now, he reveled at how stretched and full he felt with Gavin inside of him, and mentally chided himself for his past reluctance before being with Gavin.

“You’re here now…” He murmured. “Of course I’m not letting you go.”

The younger man chuckled and leaned forward to kiss the mark on Victor’s shoulder before moving again. He started slow, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in while Victor moaned softly. Gavin’s pace gradually quickened, panting in Victor’s ear as he thrust, making the older man moan louder.

Gavin tried to hold back, he really did, but even his immense self-control was starting to fray. Eight days of not having Victor and being too exhausted to even touch himself led to him being pretty pent up, which he had successfully managed to keep under control until now. The feel of Victor around him, his sounds, the way he thrust back onto him… It was making pleasure build in Gavin quicker than he anticipated, and he didn’t want it to end.

“Gavin… Harder. Fuck me harder.” Victor panted.

Gavin’s restraint fell apart even further. Who was he to deny that request?

He growled and gripped Victor’s leg tighter as he obliged, thrusting harder, faster in him. He angled his hips to find Victor’s prostate, smiling at how the older man cried out when he found it. Victor’s hand clawed and grasped at the sheets. Gavin grasped it tightly with his free hand and their fingers laced together almost instinctively.

Moans, pants, gasps and the creaking of the bed frame filled the room, sweat began to form on both of their bodies as they made love.

Victor was hard, cock bouncing in time with Gavin’s harsh thrusts. Unlike Gavin’s, Victor’s cock was larger, thicker and straighter, the tip a dark red as it leaked precum onto the sheets below. He didn’t care as each thrust and press against his gland pulled him closer and closer to the edge. He could tell that Gavin was approaching it as well, more quickly than him, though. He could tell from how his thrusts became harder, faster, how his grip on his leg tightened to the point that he knew there would be marks left there.

That wouldn’t do. He wanted to cum with Gavin.

“Gavin… Stroke me… Please, let me cum with you!”

Gavin groaned. He was approaching his end quickly, but he had been doing his best so far to not cum before Victor. It never failed to turn him on when Victor begged to let him cum with him. He let go of Victor’s leg and grasped his cock, stroking him firmly and quickly as he felt the pressure building in his groin.

“Yes Vic, fuck… You want to cum with me?”

“Yes!” Victor gasped, feeling his pleasure reach new heights with the combined sensations.

“You want me to fill you up? Want to milk me while I fill your tight ass up?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Victor cried, too lost in his pleasure to even feel humiliated at how desperate he sounded.

Gavin growled, thrusts becoming harder, more erratic as he felt the beginnings of his release.

“Here it comes… Take it… Take all of it, fuck!”

Gavin leaned forward to capture Victor’s mouth in a passionate kiss before he fell over the edge. He groaned into his mouth, stars bursting behind his eyelids while he thrust as deeply as he could into Victor, spilling inside of him.

Victor was not far behind. The feeling of Gavin’s hot seed filling him, the way his cock pressed against his gland, and the tight grip on his cock triggered his own release. He moaned into Gavin’s mouth, mind going blank and back arching against him as thick, white ribbons of cum spilled forth from his cock.

They rode the high for as long as they could before they were forced to separate in order to breathe. Gavin felt a surge of pride in him when he saw Victor’s face… Flushed, thick, dark hair a mess, eyes like glazed amethysts, and his expression one of contented bliss. He felt proud that he had this effect on Victor, the most powerful, put-together man in Loveland. More than anything, he felt proud that he could call the beautiful man, his.

They kissed again, slower this time with Gavin still inside of Victor. Eventually he softened and pulled out of Victor, causing the older man to whine softly, a sound that Gavin rarely heard from him.

They lay there in comfortable silence, cuddling and basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Gavin peppered soft kisses on Victor’s sweaty cheek and neck while the older man took Gavin’s hand in his own, kissing each of the knuckles in turn. Several minutes passed before Victor’s brows shot up, as if he had just remembered something important.

“Oh! Before I forget.” Victor said, reluctantly pulling away from his lover.

“What?” Gavin inquired, sitting up in the bed.

“Stay there. I’ll be right back.”

Victor hurriedly pulled on his underwear and shirt and gave the younger man a quick peck on his sweaty forehead before exiting the room. Gavin looked on after him, confused as to what Victor could be talking about.

A few minutes later, Victor returned, carrying something in his hands. When Gavin saw what it was, his jaw dropped.

In Victor’s hands was a small tray. On top of it sat a cake, shaped into a spherical shape and frosted with a beautiful mirror glaze that resembled the night sky. Decorations in the shape of ginkgo leaves were placed carefully on one side, and sitting on the very top of the cake, holding a small guitar in its arms was a small figure molded out of fondant. A figure that Gavin knew well and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it.

“Happy Birthday, Gavin.”

Victor smiled warmly at him as he handed it to him. Gavin was completely speechless for a moment, staring in awe at the beautiful cake in front of him.

“Victor… Thank you, this is…” He said once he had regained the ability to speak.

Victor offered a fork to the younger man.

“Go ahead, it’s all yours.”

Gavin took the fork, but hesitated. Victor must have spent a lot of time and effort to prepare this for him, and it was so beautiful! It almost felt like a shame to eat it… As if reading his thoughts, the older man rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Just eat it. It’s a cake. It’s food meant to be eaten, not a sculpture, dummy.”

Gavin laughed, he supposed Victor had a point.

“Then, would you like to enjoy it with me?”

Victor looked surprised for a moment, then grinned.


As they lay in bed, Gavin made a silent wish… To be able to celebrate his birthday with Victor in all of the years to come, and looking into Victor’s eyes as he fed him a piece of cake… He knew that Victor had wished the same.