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With the addition of a new baby in the household, your older child might go through fits of jealousy where they will start comparing things, and if they don’t find a specific item they will start throwing temper tantrums. [Continue reading]

Eunwoo wants everything his baby brother has, and that includes nursing time.

Jimin is nursing Hyun-Ki when Eunwoo demands to be fed, too.

“Baby, you’re too old for this now,” Jimin says.

“Why?!” Eunwoo says, whining.

“Eunwoo, baby, don’t be like this. You’re a big boy now and big boys eat solid food.”

“No!” He stomps his little foot (as stubborn as his other father).

Eunwoo,” Jimin chastises, a warning lacing his tone. In that moment Hyun-Ki starts fussing against his chest, letting out little hitching sounds as he curls his tiny fists against him. Jimin cradles Hyun-Ki closer, gently coaxing him to take his nipple back into his mouth with a guiding hand.

“Appa,” Eunwoo says again, “I’m hungry.”

“You just ate a while ago, you can’t be hungry already.”

“I am!” he protests.

“I’ll cut you some fruit, just let me get done with Hyun-Ki.”

“Don’t want fruit, want milk!” Eunwoo says with a raised voice, impatient with his father for not understanding. The noise unsettles Hyun-Ki again, and he begins to fuss.

“Eunwoo, don’t be so loud, you’ll upset your brother,” Jimin says, trying to get Hyun-Ki to settle back down. Apparently, it’s the wrong thing to say because it sets Eunwoo off like a trigger.

His lips curl down in a terrible frown and he starts crying hysterically. Fat tears roll down his face, his little hands balling into fists. He starts stomping his feet aggressively, like his little body is too small to contain all the frustration that he’s feeling and he needs to let it out by taking it out on the floor.

This sets off Hyun-Ki, too. He lets go of Jimin’s nipple to let out a wailing cry, his mouth spread wide open.

In turn, Eunwoo starts screaming even louder, as if he’s trying to one-up Hyun-Ki when Jimin tries to get Hyun-Ki to calm down. He’s almost screeching now. Jimin really wishes for Jungkook in that moment because Eunwoo tends to listen to him more.

Jimin even tries to warn Eunwoo that he’ll call his father if he doesn’t stop crying, but the threat falls on deaf ears. Eunwoo appears absolutely inconsolable. 

Jimin’s ears begin to ring from the piercing cries, and he’s at a loss for what to do. He doesn’t understand what’s gotten into Eunwoo, he’s always been a rather disciplined child. Jimin feels frazzled; he’s valiantly rocking Hyun-Ki while trying to console a distraught Eunwoo.

Bewildered and flustered, Jimin worries that the neighbours will call the cops or child-services with all the ruckus. Hyun-Ki won’t stop crying until Eunwoo doesn’t calm down so it’s important that Jimin placates Eunwoo first. Finally, having enough, Jimin relents. 


“Okay, okay, baby,” Jimin says to Eunwoo, “you can nurse from Appa, but please don’t be upset.”


And just like that, as if Jimin’s said the magic words, Eunwoo stops. 


“Really?” he says, sniffling. He wipes at his eye with his fist. 


“Yes, but only this once, okay? Not again. And, baby, don’t wipe your eyes like that, it’s not good for you.”


With Eunwoo calmed down, Hyun-Ki’s cries start winding down, too. Jimin gestures for Eunwoo to come to him, and Eunwoo comes running. He climbs up on the couch, quickly settling down next to Jimin, pressing himself as close to Jimin as physically possible.


Jimin bites back a hiss as Eunwoo latches his lips around his sore nipple. Hyun-Ki had nursed from it until Jimin made him switch nipples because it was beginning to ache. And now, Eunwoo’s latched on to it.  


As Eunwoo and Hyun-Ki suck away to their hearts’ content, Jimin rests his head back against the back of the couch, exhausted. 


Later, when the kids have been tucked in, and Jimin and Jungkook are engaged in foreplay, Jimin almost kicks Jungkook when he tries to take his tender nipple into his mouth. 


Sometimes, when your child asks a question, you just have to wing it with the biggest possible bullshit you can come up with on spot.


The only time that Jimin and Jungkook get to themselves is when their sons have been tucked away into their respective beds, so they try to make use of it as much as possible.


Some nights, they’re both so tired that they just fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed. (There was even a night when both of them fell asleep mid-activity.)


Then they’re nights like this, when the tension piles up and all they wanna do is get off.


“Are you sure you’ve locked the door?” Jimin asks as Jungkook tugs Jimin’s shirt off.


Jimin doesn’t receive a reply. Instead, he’s pushed down onto the bed. 


Jungkook presses himself up against Jimin, settling between his outspread legs. He nuzzles Jimin’s neck, and Jimin tips his head back against the pillow, exposing his neck to Jungkook. Jungkook doesn’t waste any time; he begins to press amorous kisses into Jimin’s skin. He traces a path down to Jimin’s chest, his kisses turning open-mouthed and drawn-out.


Jungkook brushes his lips against the firm tip of Jimin’s nipple, and Jimin shudders. Jungkook lets his tongue extend out from between his parted lips to lap at the nipple with a painstakingly slow drag of his tongue. Then he latches his mouth around the nipple.


Jimin gasps as Jungkook sucks, long and deliberate. Jimin can barely feel the trickle of milk pouring out of him, but a sensation of absolute sweet relief fills him as the feeling of bloatedness gives way to a unique sort of pleasure. 


“God. That feels so good,” Jimin moans, clenching his eyes shut. 


Emboldened by the response, Jungkook carries-on, letting out low sounds in his throat himself. He’s sucking with such zealousness, as if trying to suck all the sensation out of Jimin’s nipple.


“’re insatiable,” Jimin says, combing his fingers through Jungkook’s hair. He pushes the strands back from Jungkook’s forehead. “Are you going to leave some for your child?” 


Just as he says this, his ears pick up a timid voice calling out to him from the direction of the bedroom doorway. Jimin’s eyes widen.


It’s Eunwoo. And then Jimin’s brain registers. In their bedroom!


What occurs next is utter chaos. Jungkook doesn’t seem to have heard Eunwoo so Jimin pushes at his head, trying to shove him away. Which is a mistake because in that moment, Jungkook has just taken a hold of Jimin’s nipple between his teeth, and when Jimin shoves at him, his nipple gets tugged along with Jungkook until it slips from between Jungkook’s teeth with an agonising scrape.


Jimin hisses in pain, clutching at his chest. Jungkook looks utterly bewildered. And then their son shouts, worried that his papa is hurt. He runs over to them.


Ignoring the sharp throbbing in his nipple, Jimin quickly picks up his shirt from the side and pulls it back on. 


Eunwoo climbs up onto the bed, albeit with a little struggle. Jungkook tries to help him up but Eunwoo pushes his hands away, upset with him.


“No! Dad, you hurt Appa!” 


Once on the bed, Eunwoo quickly goes and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist, hugging him.


“Appa, poppo?” Eunwoo says.


“What, baby?”


“Does Appa want me to kiss him better?” Eunwoo says, looking up at Jimin, extremely concerned.


Jimin can’t help but chuckle. “No, baby, it's okay. Appa’s okay.”


He leans down to press an affectionate kiss on the top of Eunwoo’s head. 


However, Eunwoo isn’t satisfied by the response. 


“Dad should kiss it better because he hurt Appa,” he says.


Jungkook makes a choking sound in his throat. But thankfully, Jimin answers instead.


“Appa’s okay, really. Dad didn’t mean to hurt me. It was an accident, and your hug made me feel all better,” he says, gently rubbing Eunwoo’s back. He changes the subject before Eunwoo can start on it again. “Eunwoo, why’d you get out of bed, baby? Did you get a bad dream?”


Eunwoo nods his head. And then as if a concerning thought has struck him, his eyebrows furrow. Not one to keep his thoughts to himself, he looks up at Jungkook and says: “Dad, that’s the baby’s milk. Why were you drinking it? That’s stealing.”


Jungkook’s expression contorts into something absolutely comical. With panicked eyes, he turns to Jimin for help, but Jimin just gives him a pointed look that says—I told you to lock the door.  


Jungkook swallows and faces Eunwoo, who’s still looking up at him expectantly. Jungkook knows that he isn’t going to let the topic go unless he gets a response. 


“Uh...I—Dad was just making sure’s okay for Hyun-Ki to drink. Uh...Yeah. E-everything’s good,” Jungkook says. “There was no stealing.”


Oh God, Jimin thinks to himself. He wants to hit Jungkook with a pillow, but he refrains himself because it would just evoke further questions. 


Apparently, somehow , the explanation is enough for Eunwoo because he nods to himself as if it makes complete sense. And then, finally satisfied, he says that he wants to hear a bedtime story, specifically the funny one that Dad told him the night before. 


Jimin and Jungkook breathe a sigh of relief.


Maybe they let their son watch too much Curious George. 


Hyun-Ki starts to fidget in Jimin’s hold, seemingly unsettled. Jimin adjusts him by bouncing him lightly with his hip, but Hyun-Ki continues to squirm. The squirming eventually progresses to playing. Hyun-Ki begins to fiddle with the buttons on Jimin’s shirt, and then moves on to pulling at the neckline of Jimin’s shirt. Despite being a baby, his grip has enough strength to tug down the shirt until the neck-line is stretched to its limit, revealing Jimin’s collarbones and the expanse of his shoulder. Jimin gently coaxes Hyun-Ki to let go several times, worried that he’ll stretch out the neck-line or pop the buttons, but Hyun-Ki keeps at it. 


Jungkook chuckles at the sight of Jimin struggling to get Hyun-Ki to stop. “I think he wants to suckle.”


And true to Jungkook’s words, Hyun-Ki tries to suckle on Jimin’s shirt after a few more failed attempts at tugging on the neckline of the shirt. 


Jimin cooes, finally understanding. “Oh, is my big baby hungry already,” he says while stroking Hyun-Ki’s chubby cheek. 


He laughs, delighted, as Hyun-Ki tries to suck his finger into his mouth. “No, no,” Jimin says. He tickles him on the nose. “We don’t feed on Appa’s finger. C’mon, let’s get you fed.”


Jimin sits down and settles Hyun-Ki on his lap, cradling him close. He lifts his shirt up and guides Hyun-Ki to his nipple.


“That’s right,” Jimin says as Hyun-Ki opens his mouth wide, seeking his nipple. Hyun-Ki’s lips turn outwards as they latch around it, his tiny gum ridges gripping the skin firmly. 


Jimin feels the barest tugging sensation and then the tingle of milk trickling down takes over, accompanied by this feeling of gentle drainage. Everything else recedes. Jimin’s whole focus zones in on his baby, the warmth of him against his chest and the weight of him in his hold. It just warms Jimin inside, enveloping him in this tranquil state.


Jimin just watches Hyun-Ki feed to his little hearts content. 


Hyun-Ki looks back up at him with these big, intense eyes that look so much like his other father that it almost seems unreal. He even has Jungkook’s prominent eye-brows, and they furrow when he nurses, which just makes him look like a little, angry person.


Jimin laughs to himself at the thought. “He really looks so much like you,” Jimin says, lifting his head up to face Jungkook. 


Jungkook smiles back at him, all gentle and fond, and says, “Yeah.” 


Sometimes, Jungkook gets too competitive. 


The screen is displaying the third-consecutive result in Jungkook’s favor when Jimin walks in.


He sends Eunwoo away by telling him to go wash up, and then gives Jungkook a stern look.


“What?” Jungkook says, somewhat cautiously.


Jimin folds his arms over his chest. “Did you just annihilate my son in a video game?”


“He’s my son, too! And I won fair-and-square,”Jungkook says, a little affronted. 


Jimin pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation. 


“You can’t keep thrashing him like that. Just let him win for once.”


“I can’t just throw the game like that. He needs to learn how to handle defeat or he won't succeed in life.” 


“Jungkook, he’s seven.”


Jungkook has Eunwoo’s tiny, chubby hand entirely enveloped in his. He turns to Jimin. “Hey, Jimin.”




“Show me your hands; I think Eunwoo’s hands are the same size as yours.”


It’s silent for a few seconds, and then Jimin says: “Just wait until I get my stitches removed. I don’t care if you’re the father of my child, I’m gonna kick your—”


Jimin pauses mid-sentence. “Why in the world are you smiling like that?”


“You said: ‘father of my child,’” Jungkook says, his smile turning goofier.


Jimin hides his face behind his hands. “Oh my God, Jungkook, get a grip. Stop being so corny.”


He says that, but he’s smiling, too.


Jungkook pauses in the door-way. He takes in the sight of Jimin sitting on the bed amidst colorful balloons and a gift-wrapped box. And then his brain registers the words on one of the balloons.


“Wait...” He says, and then pauses, still processing what he’s just read. It just seems too good to be true. He finds himself smiling, even though he’s trying not to get his hopes up in case he’s being pranked or something. “Are you serious?” he says. The tone of his voice gives away his want and excitement. 


Jimin nods his head, smiling widely. He turns one of the balloons and holds it out towards Jungkook so that the words are more visible. Soon-to-be dad.


“Oh my God,” Jungkook says, throwing his head back. He holds his hands over his face and lets out a laugh, one that’s part elated and part disbelieving. 


“Oh my God,” he says again, brimming with giddiness now that it’s really setting in. 


To Jimin’s utter amusement, Jungkook jumps once and then twice—unable to contain his pure, unadulterated joy—and then runs out of the room. Laughter bursts out of Jimin at the sound of Jungkook’s excited shouting in the hallway.


Jungkook runs back in straight after. He slows down to a stop in front of Jimin, and asks again, just to be extra sure: “Are you being serious? I’m not being pranked, right?”


“I’m serious,” Jimin says, giggling. 


“Yes!” Jungkook shouts, throwing his arms up. “We did it!” He lets out a whoop and then pounces on Jimin, tackling him into a hug. They both fall back against the bed, laughing.


Later, he gets cutely embarrassed when Jimin teases him about tackling a pregnant person. 



Nipple sensitivity during a pregnancy can either be a blessing or a curse.


Flustered and flushed all over, Jimin fists at the sheets, squirming in place. 


The muscles in his abdomen tense and twitch as Jungkook swipes his flattened tongue over his tender nipple with a firm lick. It’s perked up, all red and wet and puffy after being the recipient of Jungkook's undivided attention for the past several minutes. 


Jungkook latches his lips around the skin surrounding Jimin’s areola. He sucks on it until the nipple pulls up into his mouth, stretched taut. 


It elicits a breathless gasp out of Jimin. His back arches up, and he reaches out to thread his fingers through Jungkook’s hair. He doesn’t push or tug, just holds on, like he doesn’t know whether to make Jungkook stop or offer more of himself to Jungkook.


His nipple is already terribly sensitive because of the pregnancy, and the sudden rush of blood from the harsh suction has made it engorged and even more sensitive to the slightest sensation. Every touch feels too good, almost overwhelmingly so. 


Jungkook lets go after a few more sucks. He flicks the tip of his tongue at the reddened, saliva-wet nipple, and Jimin trembles. 


Jungkook proceeds to enclose the nipple between his teeth. He gives it a slight nip, evoking a curse from Jimin; it’s followed by a moan as Jungkook sucks on the nipple to ease the ache. 


Jungkook continuously mouths at the nipple, pausing between sucks to flick at it with his stiffened tongue, sometimes circling his tongue around it. 


Gradually, Jimin’s breathing begins to pick up. A continuous stream of staccato moans fill the room along with the sounds of Jungkook’s zealous sucking.


“Oh, oh ,” Jimin moans, lolling his head back, at a particularly drawn-out suck. He rolls his hips, trying to rut up against Jungkook. 


His body feels so good. There’s a buildup of arousal inside of him—gradual and intense. So much so that it feels like his body will be forced into an orgasm just to provide an outlet for all that arousal. 


“God, just like that, just like that. Just a little more,” Jimin says, a little urgent and breathless. He presses down on the back of Jungkook’s head, urging him to take more of him into his mouth, and Jungkook complies. 


Just as Jimin’s breath begins to catch with every exhale, his body giving away the stirrings of an orgasm, Jungkook draws back. He captures the nipple between his teeth and lets it pull away with him just slightly before releasing his hold. 


Jimin whines at the sharp-but-tantalizing tug on his nipple. He can feel himself get wet between his legs. He squirms against the sheets, the arousal under his skin making it hard for him to keep still.


“Please, please,” he says.


But Jungkook doesn’t heed his pleas, choosing to tease Jimin instead. He tickles the tip of Jimin’s nipple with his tongue, barely grazing it. The nipple hardens under the attention, goosebumps rising over skin. 


Jimin inhales, his back arching towards the barely-there touch.


Jungkook continues to tease him like this for a while. And just when Jimin’s least expecting it, he pinches Jimin’s other nipple, sharp and poignant. Jimin’s whole body jolts. His nipple smarts, aching terribly, after Jungkook lets go.


The throbbing in his nipple is accompanied by a sequence of throbs in his pussy. His opening clenches and unclenches almost rhythmically. Gradually, the successive spasms in his pussy build up until he’s hurtled into the throes of an orgasm. His thighs tense so much that his outspread legs quiver.


The orgasm lasts longer than his usual ones, although it’s less intense. But he feels sated after. Pleasant tingles run through him, particularly concentrated in his nipples.


“God, Jimin. Fuck. It didn’t really take much to make you come, did it,” Jungkook says. 


He gently blows on the nipple, and Jimin shudders. Goosebumps appear on Jimin’s skin, chills running through his body from the cool air making contact with his saliva-wet nipple. It’s a uniquely tantalising sensation. 


Unable to resist the temptation, Jungkook takes Jimin’s nipple back into his mouth. He sucks on it, his cheeks hollowing, and Jimin’s eyes widen. He scrambles to entangle his hands in Jungkook’s hair. 


“J-Jungkook,” he gasps, mouth agape. He squirms, overwhelmed, but Jungkook appears undeterred. 


“Aahh, fuck, t-too soon,” Jimin tries to say, but it just comes out rather inarticulate and garbled. His clit is still pulsing from his orgasm; it’s accompanied by rhythmic contractions in his opening, which just get stronger with each suck. 


His nipple is so sensitive that it feels like warmth is emanating from it, and the feeling of it being sucked up into Jungkook’s mouth is almost over-stimulating, so addictively torturous that it makes his toes curl, makes his body feel so good that it mistakes it for pain because it doesn’t know how else to categorise anything that it can’t handle. 


“Okay, okay, enough,” Jimin says. He tugs fiercely on Jungkook’s hair when it really gets too much to bear. “Fuck, I just came, everything feels too much right now.”


Thankfully, Jungkook complies and lets go. He lifts his head. “Enough already? But it’s just the first one of the night.”


“I told you I wasn’t going to stop until I got four out of you, and you said you could take it,” Jungkook continues. He raises an eyebrow. “Admitting defeat?”


Jimin huffs. “I’m not admitting defeat. I can take it.”


Jungkook just smiles wickedly, and says. “ Yeah? We’ll see.”


Jimin should know better than to challenge him.


Deciding that he’s toyed with Jimin’s nipples enough, he mouths his way down Jimin’s chest. He alternates between nibbling, sucking, and kissing every inch of skin that he comes across. He pays particular attention to Jimin’s stomach, nuzzling it and pressing kisses on to it while murmuring sweet nothings.  


“God, can’t wait until you start showing, you’re gonna look so good,” Jungkook says, pressing one last lingering kiss below Jimin’s belly-button before progressing downwards.


He lowers himself onto his stomach between Jimin’s legs and makes himself comfortable. He gently coaxes Jimin to spread his legs further until they’re outspread in a bent ‘V’ on either side of him. 


Satisfied with the space given to him, Jungkook trails his hands along Jimin’s inner thighs. Jimin stills underneath his touch, waiting with bated breath, as Jungkook gradually closes in on his pussy.


Wanting to tease Jimin, Jungkook slows down his pace, moving closer inch-by-inch until Jimin’s forced to raise his hips with a muttered plea.


Aroused, Jimin’s outer labia have opened up to expose his clit and inner folds. Jungkook runs his hand over Jimin’s pussy, feeling the heat emanating from it. Jimin sighs, curling his hands into fists on either side of his head.


Jungkook leans down and uses his lips to graze over the expanse of Jimin’s pussy. He breathes over it, and Jimin shudders. The slight puff of air brushes across his clit, sending tingles through it, and Jimin’s legs twitch as he resists the urge to shy away from the sensation, still sensitive from his orgasm.


Rather than going straight for Jimin’s pussy, Jungkook first licks and nips at Jimin’s inner thighs. He doesn’t move on until they’re sufficiently marked with various shades of lovebites, no matter how much Jimin pleads him to. Deeming the marks sufficient, he begins to mouth along the outer labia, pulling on them with his lips and kissing them, open-mouthed and lingering. 


“Oh! Hhh…” Jimin inhales, surprised, and then lets out a soft moan as Jungkook licks between his inner and outer folds. 


Pressing himself closer, Jungkook latches on to Jimin’s clit, mouth pressed against Jimin’s pussy so snugly that his nose is almost squished against the pubic mound. 


Jimin utters out a strained ‘oh fuck,’ his hips jolting ever-so-slightly. 


And then Jungkook sucks on his clit. Jimin shouts, his hips almost seizing up off the bed. He tries to back away from Jungkook, but Jungkook simply follows after him, still latched onto his clit.




Throwing his head back, Jimin slaps both hands over his mouth to stifle the noises being forced out of him.


With Jimin’s clit still enclosed in his mouth, Jungkook swirls his tongue around it in tight, controlled circles. Jimin keens, writhing before him helplessly. His legs tremble so much that Jungkook has to hold them down against the bed.


“Oh—I—Fuck, fuck.”


Jimin’s breath comes out in short, stuttered gasps. With furrowed eyebrows and a fargone expression, he raises his head to look down at Jungkook. 


Jungkook meets his gaze with a mouthful of pussy, and Jimin groans, low and guttural, letting his head fall back against the pillow. He clenches his eyes shut, the tantalisingly obscene sight of Jungkook eating him out ingrained in his mind. 


He curls his fists around the sheets, holding onto them tightly. His whole body feels so good; there’s this tension inside of him that makes his back arch and toes curl. He’s finding it hard to catch his breath and his chest heaves with his attempts to suck air into his lungs.


“Please, please, please,” Jimin says, repeating the words like a mantra almost nonsensically. His head is woozy with the delirious rush of pleasure, which makes it hard to think, let alone articulate his thoughts. 


Jungkook reaches out with one hand to play with Jimin’s nipple while he laps at him with his tongue. He strokes and pinches the nipple, occasionally rolling it between his thumb and fore-finger. He feels Jimin’s opening spasm against his tongue with each pinch, and it kind of drives him crazy, making him eat Jimin out with greater zeal. 


The combination of having his nipple toyed with while Jungkook unravels him with his tongue is almost too much to take. Jimin can’t keep his trembling hands still. Scrambling, he grabs a fistful of Jungkook’s hair in one hand while the other finds purchase on the bed, clutching the sheets with a vice-like grip. Jungkook does something with his tongue that makes his toes curl. He grits his teeth and throws his head back against the pillow, the strain in his neck making the veins there prominent. His nostrils flare and his chest heaves with erratic breaths.


He lets out a sharp, high-pitched “oh” as Jungkook hooks his arms around his thighs, partially lifting him up off the bed. Jungkook hauls him closer without parting from his pussy; he makes Jimin rest his legs over his shoulders as he continues to eat him out. 


Jimin can feel his orgasm approaching. It’s apparent in the deep warmth swelling up inside of him, along with the trembling in his legs and the throbbing in his pussy. 


“Fuck, please, I’m gonna, I’m gonna hhh!” 


Bracing his shoulders against the bed, Jimin juts his hips up, shoving his pussy against Jungkook’s face, practically smothering him with it. He squeezes Jungkook’s head between his thighs, keeping Jungkook in place with a vice-like grip around his hair while he rides his tongue with abandon. And Jungkook is happy to just let him.


The tension inside of Jimin builds up so much that his whole body seizes, muscles coiled and ready to spring. He stills, teetering on the edge for what seems like ages. And just when he thinks he can’t take it anymore—it hits him. 


Jimin’s eyes snap open, widening in disbelief. They glaze over and roll up after, and his back bows so hard that it almost hurts. His legs quiver fervently, his pelvis jutting up with a jolt as his pussy squirts. His hips lurch with each surge of fluid that hurtles out of him. 


Open-mouthed, Jungkook keeps his lips latched on to Jimin’s pussy, attempting to drink all of the ejaculate in, but most of it just spills down his chin onto the sheets, creating an absolute mess. 


The orgasm gets so intense that Jimin tries to dislodge Jungkook after the initial few convulsions pass. His body can’t take the torturous pleasure wreaking havoc on it, and so he struggles and bucks his hips with an almost feral desperation, but Jungkook remains undeterred. 


He only lets Jimin go after his orgasm has waned, and he’s left a squirming, shuddering mess. Utterly ravaged by his orgasm, Jimin’s legs sprawl down on the bed bonelessly as soon as Jungkook lets them off of his shoulders. 


“Fuck, that wasn’t bad,” Jungkook says, lifting his head up and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He’s a sight to behold with his drenched lips and chin, and hair that’s in a disarray after being tugged on so viciously. “Let’s see if I can get you to squirt harder.”


Jimin whines. It comes out more like a sob. 


Jimin’s pussy is still spasming with lingering contractions. His clit appears swollen and darker, enticing Jungkook to take it back into his mouth. And that’s exactly what he does.




Jimin’s body almost doubles over, his knees knocking together as his thighs clamp shut. But his attempt to shield himself is futile because Jungkook just forces his legs back open. Leaning down, Jungkook presses his flattened tongue against Jimin’s clit and shakes his head from side-to-side, letting the movements of his head dictate the strokes of his tongue.




Knees-jerking, Jimin’s legs kick outwards. His hands and feet clamber against the sheets, attempting to gain some sort of purchase so that he can escape from the overwhelming onslaught, but the mind-numbing pleasure makes it impossible for him to control his limbs. He can’t find the strength and coordination to push himself away. 


“It’s too much! Fuck, I can’t,” He says, sounding wrecked and distressed. His voice has risen in pitch. He can barely breathe.  


Jungkook interlocks his fingers over Jimin’s abdomen, holding him down and forcing his thrashing to a standstill. In between strokes, Jungkook begins to thrust his tongue into Jimin’s opening. The opening yields to his tongue with ease, only to contract around it when he pulls out. 


The pleasure is so intense that tears spring in Jimin’s eyes. Overloaded, he feels like he’s lost control of all of his senses; he feels nothing and everything at the same. 


“Jungkook,” Jimin sobs. He grapples at Jungkook’s hands with trembling fingers, trying to get him to let go. And when that proves futile, he grabs a fistful of Jungkook’s hair and tugs. 


But he can only hold on as Jungkook circles his tongue around his opening, dipping it in-and-out, not stopping, continuously fucking into him—utterly unpertubed by jimin’s attempts to force him off. 


And that’s how Jimin is propelled into his third orgasm of the night. 


It starts with a weird sensation in his belly; one that gradually intensifies until Jimin’s thighs are quivering and he’s filled with the urge to pee, this urgent need for release. Jimin’s breathing picks up and his heart rate rises in tandem. He has to blink several times to get his vision to get clear, but just ends up clenching them shut because they won’t focus. 


“J-Jungkook,” he says, tightening his grip around Jungkook’s hair, “You’re gonna—gonna make me—” He tries to get the rest of he words out but his tongue feels too heavy in his mouth, and he’s not even sure if Jungkook can understand the garbled words coming out of him. 


Gradually, everything gets more and more intense until Jimin feels like he’s lost all semblance of his sanity. And then his orgasm just implodes. Jimin’s mind completely blacks out for a second, and his body seizes up, back arched and hips thrust forward. His pussy convulses, expelling out a jet of fluid. It’s intense, like an extreme release that’s all-consuming and earth-shattering, and then Jimin’s legs just go numb and his body drops like a ragdoll. 


Jimin’s chest heaves as he tries to catch his breath. His whole body thrums and twitches, and his hips jolt intermittently as pleasurable shocks pass through him. He feels light-headed; his orgasm was strong enough to render him disoriented for a few minutes.  


“You’ve been so, so good,” Jungkook says while caressing Jimin’s pussy; he rubs his hand over it in firm circles in an attempt to ease Jimin down from his orgasm. He’s mindful to avoid contact with Jimin’s over-stimulated clit. “Think you can handle one more for me?”


Still feeling a bit brainless, it takes Jimin a few seconds to comprehend the words. He takes a moment to think about it, and then nods. He mostly agrees out of spite because Jungkook claimed he wouldn’t be able to handle more orgasms, but there’s also this innate desire to please. 


“Okay,” Jungkook says. “Like we discussed before, just say ‘stop’ and I’ll stop, yeah?”


“Yeah, yeah, I remember,” Jimin says. He’s still breathing a little heavily. 




For a while, Jungkook continues to pet Jimin’s pussy. He does this until Jimin’s lulled into this false sense of security, and then he brings his hand down on Jimin’s pussy, hitting him with a broad, open-handed spank.


“Ugh!” Jimin grunts, his hips lurching up and legs jolting. His pussy quivers from the force of the blow, the reverberations thrumming through his clit, sending a rush of arousal through him. Blood pulses to his pussy, and it swells. Jimin lets out a moan.


Jungkook drags his hand over Jimin’s pussy, petting him while he waits for the dwindling tremors to run their course through Jimin. Then he begins to pat Jimin’s pussy with continuous short, rapid taps. He keeps up the rhythm until Jimin’s pussy grows wetter and wetter under his touch, the sounds of wet squelch filling the air with each moment of contact.


“Hh, hh, hh.”  


Jimin inhales short, staccato-like breaths. His hips squirm incessantly. All of his concentration hones in on his pussy; it’s sensitive and pulsing from the multiple orgasms and the continual pats. It feels like all the nerve-endings in his pussy have been forced awake, and as the pats continue, the sensations grow stronger until a warm gush begins to swell through his pussy. All of a sudden, Jimin jolts. A slight tremor passes through his thighs, and then a trickle of fluid squirts out of him. 


He whines, his splayed legs stretching out across the bed with his toes curled.


He’s barely just squirted when Jungkook puts his mouth back on him, slurping and suctioning with such ravenous enthusiasm like he wasn’t just eating Jimin out moments ago. 


Jimin's earlier bravado about being able to handle more orgasms flies out the window as soon as Jungkook goes back down on him. It’s too overstimulating. A giant flood of sensation smacks into him, and Jimin's legs tremble terribly, practically convulsing. 


Jimin shakes his head from side-to-side, utterly overwhelmed. He lifts his head up to give Jungkook a tortured, pleading look. 


“Please. I-I don’t think I can take it,” he says with a desperate plea. But Jungkook is determined to coax one more orgasm out of him.


“C’mon, you can do it. Just one more,” Jungkook says. “One more and you’re done.” 


Jimin cries out, his back arching, as Jungkook buries his face back in his pussy. His legs draw up, thighs clamping down on the sides of Jungkook’s head.


The pleasure is so intense that it’s inexplicable, almost borderlining on pain. It commands all of his attention; Jimin can’t get himself to focus on anything else other than the plethora of sensations in his pelvis. Too overwhelmed to think or speak, he threads his fingers through his own hair, clutching and pulling at the strands for some semblance of control.


When it really gets too much, he raises himself on his elbows and tries to push himself back, attempting to wiggle out of Jungkook’s hold. 


“Where do you think you’re going, huh?” Jungkook says, tightening his hold on him. He hauls Jimin back, negating the meagre distance Jimin had managed to create between them.  “Either you tell me to stop or you keep still and take it, otherwise I’m going to punish you so bad that you’ll never forget it.” 


Jungkook’s threat sends a rush of arousal through Jimin, making his pussy drip. He whines, clenching his hands around the sheets.


“Do you want to stop?”


Jimin shakes his head. 


“That’s what I thought.”


It takes a while for Jimin to get to his fourth orgasm, but when he does, he almost passes out from the intensity of it.


His orgasm stems with a pulsating feeling, giving rise to the familiar process of his muscles tensing and his panting breaths becoming erratic. It radiates from his navel to his clit, this huge pressure building up, and then it just...sets off. 


With it, Jimin’s head spins and his whole body convulses. He comes really hard, squirting out so much that it's a proper gush. 


The orgasm is all-encompassing, a total-body experience. He’s lost in delirious pleasure—has lost all sense of being. He can’t see, can barely breathe. There’s a ringing in his ears and his brain has turned into a ball of mush. His toes curl painfully, almost giving him a cramp. He cries out, incoherent and overwhelmed, from the intensity of it all. 


When he comes to himself, an electrocuting sensation shoots through his clit, which almost sends him jerking up the bed. It takes a moment for him to realise that Jungkook is pressing a succession of loud, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses against his pussy.


It sounds absolutely obscene.


It, also, sends a ripple of sensation through him that causes a jolt to wrack his frame.


At this point, his pussy looks and feels debauched; it’s puffy and red and dripping with a concoction of Jungkook’s saliva and Jimin’s own natural fluids. 


Teary-eyed and hiccuping, Jimin pushes at Jungkook’s head. “Stop, stop, enough, please.”


As soon as Jungkook pulls away, Jimin rolls over onto his side, curling in on himself with his thighs clenched together. His feet shuffle against each other, toes still curled. There’s a lingering throbbing in his clit, one that pulses between his legs through to the rest of his body. He squeezes his hand between his thighs, cupping it over his pussy. His clit throbs, hot and stiff, against his hand. Jimin whines.


He lies in that position for an indefinite period of time, until the spasms in his pussy stop.