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i don't care where I go as long as its with you

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  All Seungcheol wanted to do today was make his boyfriends bracelets. He had even gotten all his best beads and cutest charms out! But it seems like the universe had different plans that day. 


 Seungcheol woke up to an empty bed. Looking at the time, he figured his boyfriends had already left for work. He gets up and decides that he’s going to make matching bracelets for him and his boyfriends. He was also going to treat them to a meal of all their favorite foods. With that in mind, he gets everything he needs and heads to the living room.


He gets situated on the floor and puts down all the materials. He gets out the string and some scissors.  He cuts what he deems a decent size and attempts to begin the bracelet. Just as he puts the first bead through the string, he hears the doorbell go off. Wondering who it was, seungcheol stands up and goes to the door. He opens the door and sees that its the package that Jeonghan had been waiting for. He signs for the package and finally starts on the bracelet for Joshua. 


He grabs the baby blue beads and starts stringing them together. He picks out a S an H and a C. A S for shua, an h for hani, and a c for cheol. He then grabs 2 heart beads and puts them between s and h and h and c. He was thinking about how Joshua and Jeonghan would probably like how cute the bracelets would be when his phone buzzes. He checks his phone and sees that his best friend Jihoon had texted him.


Ji: hey could you do me a favor

Sc: yeah what's up

Ji: could you pick up soon from the airport for me

     I promised id to pick him up but I’m working on this piece 

    and if I don't work on it I'll forget it but if u can’t it’s cool

Sc: yeah don't worry it's cool 

      I haven’t seen soonyoung in a hot minute/ anyway don't worry.


Seungcheol sighs. Guess he’ll have to finish the bracelets when he gets home. 


He picks up Soonyoung and drops him off at Jihoon’s. “Thanks for picking me up Hyung. I know you were probably busy so thank you,” Soonyoung tells him. Seungcheol smiles. “Its no problem kiddo I know you or jihoon would do the same if I asked.” Soonyoung nods. “Well I'll see you later hyung we have to hang out sometime I miss ya!” Seungcheol nods and waves and with that, he’s off. Hopefully, that will be the last of the distractions.


He should’ve known that that would NOT be the last of the distractions. 


He’s halfway through Jeonghan's bracelet when his cousin barges into the apartment. “ Hyung I need advice.” Seungcheol stops making Jeonghan's bracelet. He cuts a new piece of string and starts a new bracelet. “ what’s up Vernon ?” Seungcheol asks his cousin. “Wait,,, what are you doing?” Seungcheol just looks at him. “I’m making bracelets,,, duh” “yeah ok understandable anyways,,, hyung I’m going through a crisis,” Vernon responds. Seungcheol looks up at him. “I mean yeah I figured. You usually text before you visit and you also always knock. I figured this was an emergency kid.” Vernon blushes. “Ok so,,, there’s this guy.” Vernon starts. “Mmm, Your muse? You got a crush on him or sumn” Seungcheol asks. Vernon looks at him stunned. “ what you talk about him a lot.” Seungcheol deadpans. 


Hansol blushes again. 


“Ok yeah I have a crush on him but hyung,” Vernon starts. “ I think I might be in love with him.” Vernon finishes with a whisper. 


Seungcheol stops the bracelet he’s making and stares at his little cousin. He never anticipated his cousin having such strong feelings for his muse but he supposes he should've seen it coming. So, he takes a deep breath and says the only thing that comes to mind. “Oh shit”


They talk and they talk and finally, they reach the conclusion.


He manages to make 3 bracelets and hands them over to Vernon. “The only advice I can really give you is that there really is never a good time but all you need is a leap of faith and hope.” Vernon takes the bracelets from seungcheol and puts them on. “Yeah, I guess you're right hyung. Ykno what I think I'll wait a while and see what happens and eventually I'll take that leap of faith.” Seungcheol smiles at his little cousin. “Good,  now get going it's getting late and I know you probably have work to do that you didn't finish because you were having this crisis.” Vernon looks at the time “It’s not too late and besides, I’m probably not going to do anything so,,,,, can I hang out with you hyung?” and he’s looking at Seungcheol with those eyes and he's helpless. “Of course kiddo do you want something to eat?” “Let’s order some food!!” “Yeah, why not.” 


Seungcheol manages to finish Jeonghan’s bracelet before he gives up and plays video games with Vernon.


It’s quite late by the time Vernon leaves and Seungcheol no longer has time to make the dinner he planned so he ordered some more food and cleaned as he waited for the food to arrive. 


Joshua and Jeonghan arrive not too long after Vernon leaves. Seungcheol is so happy to see them. He missed them so much. He knows that they were only at work but after the day he had, he just wanted to give them their bracelets, eat, maybe make out, and sleep. He goes up to them and gives each of them a tight hug. “What's with the welcome baby?” Joshua says as jeonghan goes to receive the food. “Just missed you guys is all” he mumbles into Joshua's neck.  “We missed you too but “Yeah i get you,,, I just I wanted to surprise you guys with a nice home-cooked meal with all your favorite foods and give you these cute matching bracelets I made but I kept getting distracted and by the time I was free it was already too late,” cheol says with a pout. 


Jeonghan just laughs “you are so cute babe and it's sweet of you to want to but it's fine don't worry about it” “stilllll” cheol whined. “Baby c'mon tell us about your day and give us those bracelets''  “fine,, don't judge the bracelets I did the best I could,,,, I just kept getting distracted,” Cheol says with a pout.  “Baby, these bracelets are so cute,” Jeonghan says. “Yes they are very cute and you are very sweet for this babe” Joshua adds. “Really? You sure?” “Yes, now tell us about your day baby,” Jeonghan tells him “ Ok Ok so,” Cheol says with a smile. 


Cheol begins to tell them about his day as they eat and remembers what he had just learned. “You would not believe what I just learned,,, Vernon might be in love with his best friend. AKA his muse, remember I was telling u about him. Well yeah, Vernon was telling me and was asking me for advice and such. It's wild” he tells them words coming out of his mouth like he is a volcano erupting.  “That's so cute babe, I can't believe he went to your dorky ass for advice when you barely managed to tell us you liked us.” Jeonghan teases. “I- listen,,,, at least I told the both of you ok” Joshua just laughs “yeah and you were blushing and muttering so bad all I heard was I love the both of you bye and you turning to run out the door.” “ I was the blushing mess?!?” seungcheol exclaimed. “If i recall you-” “ ANYWAY tell us more about lover boy” jeonghan interrupts. “,,, fine” and with that cheol continued telling Joshua and jeonghan what had happened. 


 Two weeks later the three of them finally have a day off. “ want to make some bracelets?” Joshua asks. Seungcheol looks at him like Joshua hung the stars. “I am so in love with you,” seungcheol says in response. Joshua just laughs and goes to collect the materials. Jeonghan lightly shoves seungcheol. “Hey, where's my I love you,” he says with a pout. This time Cheol laughs. “I am so very in love with you too.” Jeonghan smiles “good you better” They kiss and quickly fix the living room to make space for the three of them to sit and make crafts. 


Vernon barges into the apartment again. 


“Hyung, I need your help again,” Vernon says a bit exasperated. Seungcheol sighs and cuts some new threads. He scoots over and pats the floor next to him. “Come sit, make a bracelet with us, and tell hyung what’s wrong.” “we kissed” “WHAT!!”