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Gavin, his Wife and a Ginkgo tree

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"Hey Gav, I can't find my phone. Can you call it?" Ariella searches the living room, turning over the cushions on the couch, the chair, anywhere else they happened to have been sitting that day. No phone to be seen.

Pulling out his phone, Gavin dials her number, having it memorized. He needed to be able to get a hold of her no matter where he was, if he had to use a payphone or not.

Ring ring.
Ariella stomps her foot in frustration. She can hear it ring but where could it be? Placing his phone on the table, still ringing he places his hands on either side of Ariella's face, resting his forehead on hers. Ariella sighs, her releasing the pent up frustration from her shoulders.

"Deep breaths pumpkin. Getting frustrated won't help the situation." His golden brown eyes meeting her brown and blue eyes. Ariella has heterochromia. Her eyes are two different colours. Her eyes are as blue as the summer sky above, as brown as the dirt of which the most beautiful things grow.

Ariella's chest rises and falls following the rhythm Gavin is demonstrating.

"There we go, pumpkin" Gavin backs away, dropping his hands to her hips. "Now, I'll call your phone again. I'll search the bedroom and you can look in the kitchen. How's that for a plan?"

Ariella nods "Sounds good, Gav. Thank you."

Planting a small kiss on her forehead, Gavin picks up his phone giving her a call once again before he walks down the hall to their bedroom.

Ring ring.
The ringing is louder which would indicate the phone is somewhere in their bedroom. Placing his phone down on the dresser, Gavin starts gingerly removing the sheets from the bed. There, tucked into a tangled mess of sheets earlier love making was the phone.

"2 missed calls from Beloved Birdcop"

Gavin chuckles. Birdcop. The name she has for him in her phone is birdcop." What a strange girl she is. Picking up her phone, he grabs his from the dresses, sliding it into his pocket. Entering the living again, Gavin holds up her phone and clears his throat. Her head snaps to his direction, her red hair whirling around nearly hitting her in the face.

"So Pumpkin. Birdcop huh." A chuckle slips through his lips just saying birdcop.

"Beloved Birdcop thank you very much." Ariella laughs, walking over to her husband.

In playful retaliation, Gavin raises his hand high into the air, the phone far outside Ariella's grasp. A little pout forms on her lips. She tries jumping for it but sadly, it remains out of her grasp.

"Gaaaaaviiiiiiiin" Ariella whines playfully.

"What is it pumpkin? Out of your reach?"

"Yes you oversized Teddy Bear!"

"Am I a teddy bear now? Earlier today I was a God amongst men when you were…"

Ariella's lips swallow the words coming from Gavin's lips. Her fingertips gently dance along the muscles of his arm, inching their way ever closer to his hand and the object clutched within.

Grabbing her phone, Ariella breaks the kiss, sticking her tongue out at Gavin.

"Why you little…" chuckling, Gavin shakes his head.

Ariella smiles, feeling proud of herself for successfully getting her phone back. Slipping it into her purse, Ariella bends down to put her shoes on, wiggling her butt ever so slightly, tempting Gavin to give it a tap. And tap it he does.

Slipping his shoes on, Ariella and Gavin step out of their house into the sunny summer's afternoon. The sun sets Ariella's hair a blaze. Streaks of crimson shine bright in the summer's light.

His fingers slot perfectly with hers. Handing her the helmet, Gavin mounts his bike, patting the seat behind him, inviting her to join it. A smile on her lips, Ariella puts her helmet on and joins her husband on the bike.

Together they ride through the streets of Loveland, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, her chest pressed against his back.

Upon arrival at the park, Ariella scouts a quiet, calm place upon a hill with a lone ginkgo tree standing tall and proud. Snaking a strong arm around her waist, Gavin carefully lifts them into the air, the wind carrying them to the peak of the hill. Ginkgo leaves coming loose from their branches, dancing in the wind on their way down.

Together they lay in the shade of the tree, his back firm against the solid bark of the tree, Ariella in between his legs, her back resting on her stomach, head comfortably on his shoulder. His fingers mindlessly working through tangled red hair. The perfect summer's afternoon. Just him, his wife and a ginkgo tree.