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Been Here All Along, So Why Can't You See, You Belong With Me

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''Magnus Bane! Open this door right now!''

He heard from the other side of the door, it was mixed with a flurry of knocks that would put The Hulk to shame.

He was up until 3 am practising his lines for the play on Valentine's day: Romeo and Juliet. (Yes, he's Romeo) Although, if you really think about it, it isn't romantic. He did the homework for English and Science. He studied for the History test. Damn proffessor Starkweather and his weekly quizzes! He needed at least one more hour for his beauty sleep, so he shouted: ''I don't want to!'', tiredness evident in his voice.

He was exhausted. He was laying on his bed, the covers were until his chest, his hands were folded on his chest, his legs crossed. He needed more sleep.

''Fine, I guess I'll have to tell your friends that you aren't going to ride with them.'' He heard his father say. ''Before you shout, it isn't Catarina. Or Cabbage. Or Raphael.'' Silence and a couple of footsteps. ''Or Lydia. And certainly not Maia.''

Who the heck is this person. He thought. He looked at the alarm clock on his nightstand. 7:03 am.

Magnus rubbed his face and tried to sit up, ''Care to elaborate who that is, father.'' He shouted through the door.

He could practically hear the smirk on his father's face. ''Tall, dark, handsome, hazel eyes, and black hair?''

Oh shit. He thought again. He pulled at his hair. Alexander Gideon Lightwood is in my house.

''Maggie! Why didn't you tell me this is the famous Alec Lightwood!'' His father exclaimed. ''I must tell you, Magnus. You made the right choice. Tell me Alec, how is your mother, we have some catching up to do.'' As soon as these words left his father's mouth, he heard not one; but two twin inhuman shrieks. One of the many reasons he hates his step-sisters: Hypatia and Etta. It won't be a surprise if the whole street were awake.

''Girls, girls. Quiet down, our visitor over here came for Maggie.'' Asmodeus said calmly. ''Now, Alec, why don't we go to the living room, I'll show you Magnus' baby pictures.''

''No, no, no, no!'' He stood from the bed and rushed to the door. ''Dad, what do I need to do, just, no. It's too embara-'' he pounded on the door. ''I think; you should clean your room, and get ready for school and eat breakfast.'' He sprinted to his closet, got clothes, and went to the bathroom attached to his bedroom. 

About 20 minutes later, it was 7:32, he went in front of the large mirror next to the door. He was wearing a dark green button-up, a black jacket, white jeans, and black boots. His make-up was minimized to black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and lip gloss. His hair was gelled to maximum height with silver at the end. The jewelry he was wearing was an earcuff on his right ear, a necklace given to him by his late mother, a heart shaped locket with a picture of him and his mother, and at least a dozen rings adorned his fingers.

He put his used clothes in the laundry, and made his bed. He got the backpack next to his bed and shoved the books he needed in it, and opened the door.

As he got out, his step-sister pushed past him, he practically ran down the stairs when he heard whispers.

When he got there, instead of meeting his crush of 3 three years, the most popular boy on the basketball team, he was met by the surprised faces of his step-sisters and his best friends which were each holding their phones supposedly filming him or them.

Etta was the first to break the snickering,
''Where's Alec?'' Etta asked. ''We thought he was here.'' Hypatia said, following her sister. At that, Ragnor and Catarina laughed out loud. Raphael was the only one not laughing, he was focused on filming Magnus' reaction. The two turned to Asmodeus. ''Where's mom?'' Hypatia demanded. As soon as Asmodeus calmed down, ''She went somewhere, do you need anything?'' They were silent for a moment, ''No, we're good,'' Etta turned to her sister. ''Come on, Hypatia.'' She was pulling her sister's arm until they were outside, Magnus heard a car door open then close.

''Where is Alec, the truth?'' Magnus asked. All four of them started laughing. Raphael stopped filming and laughed along. ''I'm just going to send this to them.'' He started typing on his phone. ''Is Magnus missing his precious Alexander?'' Catarina asked teasingly. ''It was a fake to get you to wake up.'' Ragnor explained. Asmodeus pushed a plate of waffles to him. Magnus sat down at the counter. ''Eat up, Maggie.''


''Alexander Gideon Lightwood! Wake up!'' He jolted up. He opened his eyes then shut them again when he saw his sister. He laid down on his bed again. 

''5 more minutes.'' He mumbled.

''You can't have 5 more minutes, Alec.'' His eyes were closed but he could hear the sound of curtains being pushed back. ''Besides, Magnus is awake.''

"How do you know?'' He inquired. ''I'm not a detective, Alec, but I can put 2 and 2 together. Magnus' room which is parallel to yours, has its curtains open; plus, I can see his bed and no one is on it. Oh! Raphael's car is outside. No doubt, Catarina and Ragnor are there too." Izzy answered him. He heard a ding, Izzy brought her phone out. "You better get ready, Alec; Raphael sent me a video of Magnus. He looks fab by the way. Mom made pancakes for breakfast, so you better hurry up.'' She walked out of the room, the click of her heels and the click of the door following her wake. he stood up and made his bed. He went to the bathroom across the hall from his room. 10 minutes later, he finished showering, he walked out of the bathroom; a towel around his waist. He was now dressed in worn-out jeans, a black shirt. He wore a white hoodie with a black stripe in the middle on top of the shirt and a pair of black Converse.

He reached for the backpack on the chair of his desk and reached for his phone on the nightstand and went to the dining room.

His mom and siblings were sat around the table, Maryse; his mother was pestering Izzy, Jace, and Max with questions while she was reading something on her phone. Izzy gave him a look that said 'save us'. So he used the only thing that would make their mother shut up: ''Mom, how's Luke?'' He said. The four were looking at Maryse expectantly. A faint red was painting her cheeks. She put the phone down and looked at him, eyebrows raised. ''He hasn't visited today.'' Max answered, while Izzy and Jace laughed. Maryse put her face in her hands trying to hide her blush. He sat down at the table, pancakes in front of him.

Jace stopped giggling and looked at Alec. ''How about you, Pretty boy?'' Jace asked, looking at Alec, his eyes shining with mischief. He leaned on his elbow. ''How's Magnus?'' Alec turned as red as a tomato.  ''Hermano, I almost forgot,'' Izzy unlocked her phone, ''Magnus' video!'' The other Lightwoods huddled around Izzy as she played the video.

The video was finished. "We got to get going, you idiots." Izzy said. She stood up and grabbed her bag. "C'mon, buddy." Alec said to Max. "We'll drop you off." The four Lightwood children stood up. While Izzy, Jace, and Max opened the front door. Alec grabbed the keys of Maryse's car. "Mom, we're gonna use your car." He said. "How about me? How am I going to go to the firm?" Maryse inquired. "I don't think you'll need it." Jace answered. "What? Jonathan!?" Maryse said, shock on her face.

"Mom! Luke is here!" Max said. "We got to go now, boys." Izzy told the three and the four sprinted to the car.

Luke barely had time to say hello and goodbye to them.


"Bye, Dad.'' Magnus said. "I call shotgun!" he shouted to his friends and occupied the passenger seat. Cat and Ragnor were in the back seat and Raphael in the driver's. They left the parkway where Raph's car was. Magnus broke the silence, "Do any of you have paper?" he said, twisting to face them. "Is this for one of your love notes?" Ragnor asked. "Again?" Raphael asked. Catarina's face was of confusion and awe. "Excuse me? Honey, I don't think you told me about that; what are these 'love notes'?" she asked.

In the backseat, Ragnor explained to Cat that ever since the start of the year, Magnus has been putting some love notes on pieces of paper because he lost a bet to him and Raph, however, instead of stopping after a week like they agreed to; he did it the whole year because it 'made Alexander's day'. "I need some paper, come on, I plan on putting it as soon as we arrive; I have rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet at lunch." Cat quickly opened her bag and gave some paper to Magnus. he opened his bag and searched for a pen. "Aha!" he exclaimed when he found it. "Try slowing down, Raphael." he said to Raphael. A family of ducks passed by, which gave him the chance to write mumbling while writing.

Little did they know The Lightwoods were behind them.


"Are we gonna ignore the fact that Magnus asked where Alec was?" Max asked. "No, we aren't," Jace said. "It's just that our big brother over here won't accept the fact that his crush likes him." Izzy finished for him. "Besides, when we get to school he'd be so red he'd get mistaken for bathing tomatoes." Alec was red. Again. "Guys. Can we drop the subject?" Alec said. "Fine." All three of them said. The car in front of them turned left, they turned right.

"Have you figured out who's sending the letters?" Max inquired. Jace and Izzy looked at him as if he grew another head. Alec looked at him through the rear-view mirror. "How, when did you find out about that?" Alec said. "3 weeks ago. You picked me up from school while Jace was on a date with Maia and Izzy was shopping with Magnus... I think. Your bag was open and I saw paper with writing on it: Love cannot be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does. William Shakespheare."

''No. We haven't,'' Izzy said. ''because if we asked people; then either they would deny it or say they did do it, but we can't prove it because maybe they've seen the notes and that they know about it but maybe it wasn't them who wrote it, therego we can't prove if they were the ones who wrote it.'', They came to a halt. ''It's your stop.'' Jace said, when they stopped in front of Alicante elementary. Max hopped off and the three drove to their school.

''Alec, maybe Max has a point. You need to make a move. If you can't have Magnus... maybe this secret admirer of yours is the one. I mean everyday he gives you a letter... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And you rant about how romantic it is. Maybe, just, maybe, he'll give you the attention you deserve.'' Izzy said. ''The keyword being maybe; Izzy.'' Alec said neutrally, on the inside he was devastated. ''How would you know it's a he? Maybe it's a girl.'' He said. ''I just know it's a guy.'' She replied.

''Alec, you deserve to be happy. You became our wingman. Therefore, we will be yours. We'll hunt them down.'' Jace joked.

Alec didn't reply and the rest of the trip was silent.