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"I'd rather eat you than cake."

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In the early morning of everyone’s favorite officer’s birthday, hitched breathing resounded throughout the evolver’s apartment. Gavin’s gazed shifted up, indulging at the spectacle of MC withering before him. The base of MC’s palm was braced firmly against the headboard of his bed, while her fingers on her other hand tousled in the disheveled locks of Gavin’s hair. With his face cradled between the softness of her thighs, his fingers teasingly caressed at the velvet of her folds.

“Gavin,” MC huffed, as her grip on his hair tightened. “Gavin, please we’re going to be late for your own birthday party.”

“Is that really what you’re concerned about at the moment?” Gavin murmured. The crease of his lips was sucking down hard on her thigh, leaving a faint trail of glowing crimson hickeys. “Or would you prefer I continue to focus my attention elsewhere…. perhaps on you instead, my love?”

The ever-vigilant police captain soaked in MC’s reaction when his second finger joined his other deep by plunging deep into the wetness of her pussy. A triumphant grin flashed across his face when his partner’s head shot backwards into the pillows, and her feet pressed into the tautness of Gavin’s back to bring him closer to the rush of heat he was responsible for inducing.

“Well?” he murmured, intentionally drawing out the tempo of his movements to prolong the producer reaching her climax before he was fully finished pleasuring her. Inching his head closer, Gavin’s nose nuzzled the swell of her womanhood, eliciting a loud, throaty moan from MC. “We could either stop here and commence in getting ready for the celebration, or you could give me your present right now? I must say, the latter seems to be more enticing.”

MC’s body grew hotter and sweat trickled down the length of her abdomen as Gavin’s hot breath grazed over her damp skin. He already knew the inner craving of her desires, and what it was she needed from him in that moment. The tension in her hips began to relax as she wanted to scream out in submission and demand Gavin take her here and now, but a sudden bothersome flashback of Minor blowing up balloons streamed into her mind.

“Gavin, I would never deny you, especially on your birthday,” MC breathed, her body both shuddering and squirming in confliction at her internal battle. “But there were so many people that came together to help with the celebration, and I even stayed up all night to make sure the cake I baked for you turned out per-ah!”

Inflamed by a carnal appetite, Gavin growled out in a desperate restlessness and latched onto the side of MC’s hips. MC’s attempt at rationalizing with him was ceased when the pads of his fingertips jolted a tingling sensation between her legs. His eyes were coated in a lustful glaze, and his heavy breathing transformed into what she considered to be a rabid panting. In that moment, MC’s legs wrapped around Gavin more snugly. She knew he wanted her, and she in return wanted nothing more than for Gavin to ravage up everything she had to offer him.

Still holding his girlfriend’s body captured in an intense embrace, Gavin’s tongue was drawn to her arousal glistening where his fingers were just occupying. Begging whimpers were muddled out in between the moans of MC as her body was melting into a puddle

“Don’t worry, MC,” Gavin soothed, “With how wet you are, this won’t take much longer. When we do eventually make it over to the party, I’m going to devour that cake you graciously made me. But right now, I’d rather eat you than cake.”

Ready to satiate his hunger, Gavin’s tongue lunged beyond MC’s slit and groaned at the immersing welcome of her warmth. The way her hips bucked was a sheer indication of how close the woman already was to releasing the honey he quenched for. Heart rapidly pounding, Gavin adjusted his angle to allow himself to penetrate further inside of MC, and his tongue shifted against one of her walls to spell out a message.


Gavin didn’t have the chance to finish his memo of love, because the heavenly nectar flooded into his mouth. MC’s balled up fist pounded against the headboard in satisfaction, as her walls fluttered from the peak Gavin delivered her to. Touching MC alone was simply never enough to sustain the man, so he used this opportunity to greedily lap up her juices, all while inhaling and losing himself in her natural scent.

“Delicious,” Gavin muttered, before crawling up onto MC’s chest. He reached for her fist which had now gone limp and entwined his fingers around hers. “Thank you for such a wonderful birthday treat, MC. Your presence spoils me and continues to enrich the meaning of my life.”

MC sighed while Gavin’s chin nuzzled into her chest. She encircled her arms around the officer’s body, and lovingly stroked his back.

“I’m the fortunate one,” she answered truthfully, giving his hand a small squeeze. “But I’m glad to hear your birthday has been enjoyable so far. Thank you for spending it with me, Gavin.”

Gavin nodded back at MC, before drifting off into a slumber. MC’s body made for such a fine pillow, and always ensured him of a peaceful nap when he slept on her. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand besides the bed, MC realized that they probably weren’t going to make it to the party. She contemplated giving Gavin a nudge to wake him, but his innocent, sleepy, boyish face convinced her to forgo that plan.

“Happy birthday, Gavin,” MC whispered, soon dozing off to join him in his birthday nap. There truly is nothing better than sharing the intimacy of these moments with the one you loved.