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Total Drama Island: X over rewrite: Auditions

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"Hey Lilo, Stitch!" Victoria called out, waving her small hand frantically to gain their attention. The sound of feet pattering on concrete grew closer to the two, causing the little girl and alien to spin around, grins plastered to their young faces.

"Toria!" The brunette rushed over to Lilo, pulling her forwards and into her arms. After all the chaos that was their recent lives, it was refreshing to finally have time to relax without the constant fear and stress of dangerous other-worldly beings, including Hamsterville and his Leroy army.

After the short hug, Victoria let go of her friend and rummaged a hand into her back pocket, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper. "Look, I got this while I was trying to find you two. Could we check it out?"

Lilo's eyes lit up with excitement as she read over the few words on the paper, "Total Drama Island? 'If you want to be famous and win $100,000, please send in an audition tape to Canada'. That sounds like so much fun!" Stitch jumped up and nodded in agreement, grabbing onto Lilo and Victoria's arms. The trio all smiled at each other, the excitement readily growing as the idea of being on TV bounced around in their heads.

"Ew! You two aren't going to audition for that show, are you?" Mertle gagged, holding the bridge of her nose and waving her hand in front of her. The girls standing behind her laughed, giggling and following their leader brainlessly.

"So what if we are?" Victoria snarkily returned, placing her chubby hand onto the side of her hip.

"Do you have a problem with that Myrtle?" The other younger girl looked at the brunette with disgust in her eyes; clearly, she didn't like being talked back to, and the thought had never crossed her mind that someone would have the courage to do it so bluntly.

"Whatever. I wouldn't bother if I were you, it's not like you'll get in anyway." After sticking her tongue out in mock anger she sauntered off, her posse following suit behind her.

Victoria shrugged her shoulders, turning her attention toward Lilo and Stitch, "Guess she's auditioned too…" As those words left her mouth the three burst out in playful laughter.

"Maybe we should show her how it's done!" Lilo chirped up, her grin stretching from ear to ear. It had now been set in their minds that they would be auditioning for the reality show, so the group of through set out on a search for their two alien friends.

After what felt like forever, they reached Lilo's house and came across Jumba and Pleakley when they entered inside. "Girls, Stitch, how are you?" Pleakley's voice sounded out from within the kitchen while Jumba sat lazily on the couch in their living room. "I'm just making some human food! Would you like some?" In his hands he had a steaming ladle that held the contents from within the pot – it gave off a pungent odour, causing the girls to grimace, placing a hand in front of each of their noses.

"Pleakley! What is that!?" Lilo screeched curiously, using her free hand to angle the spoon toward where she could see. It looked lumpy, and like the kind of food you would feed a cat or a dog.

"Why it's dog food! It makes its own gravy." The tall alien hummed contently, taking a long and over exaggerated slurp from the boiling dog food. Stitch jumped forward and took the pot off the stove, pouring everything inside of it into his mouth and licking his lips.

"Yummy!" He put the pot back on the stove and looked up at his alien pal. "Sorry, smelled good."

Pleakley sighed, placing the ladle back inside the pot and turning off the stove. "Anyways, is there something I can help you three with?" At those words the three lit up with excitement as Victoria scrambled to pull out the flyer. She held it out in front of her waiting for Pleakley to take it in his hands – once he did he scanned his eye over the words, realizing it was someone used to advertise for something. Was it one of their human shows? "Total Drama Island? Oh, very interesting."

"They're looking for people to audition for it. If we get selected, we'll be staying at a five star resort, or a desert island. And if we win, we can get $100,000!" Lilo bubbled with excitement as she explained it to her one eyed alien friend.

"$100,000?!" Pleakley's eyes lit up in excitement over thinking of what he could do with that money. "I can start my own fashion company!" The thought of Pleakley starting his own fashion company was running into his mind: hiring fashion designers from all over the world to make clothes for every kind of human being. "Jumba, get the camera! We have to help these girls with their 'awe-dish-on'!" Pleakley rushed into the living room exuberantly and shoved the now ripped piece of paper in front of his four eyed friend. The scientist snorted, grabbing it out of the smaller alien's hands and into his own, holding it up so he could read it easily.

"Total Drama Island?" He questioned, looking at the two girls and his creation, "What's that mean, little girls?" Once more, they explained how they were going to record themselves in hopes of being picked for the show; it was something new and exciting to do, something that would be a change of pace from their usually hectic day-to-day life. None of that sounded exciting to the mad alien scientist, as he heard Pleakley talking about those type of shows whenever they were in the house together. But he then smiled widely at the mention of $100,000. "$100,000?! That could buy me the Nobel Prize!" Jumba then thought about using the money to use it for research for a invention that could help the world, earning him the Nobel Prize. "Of course I'll be able to help you! Let me grab a camera! I'm sure I saw one somewhere around here…" While Jumba rushed off to find his high tech video camera, Pleakley brought them through into Lilo and Stitch's rooftop bedroom. Now, the three of them all had to think of what they could do in this audition. They had to show off what they were like as people, but they also wanted to add a little twist onto it by doing something flashy and interesting during it.

"I was thinking of doing a hula dance, but with Elvis music!" Lilo suggested happily.

"Great idea!" Victoria smiled. "I can show off my potato chip collection." She began to dig in her backpack for her collection of potato chips in the shape of celebrities from the 1970s. "Which would you think is better on camera? Stevie Wonder or Carol King?"

"Go for Stevie Wonder!" Lilo happily suggested. "Stitch, what do you want to do for your audition?"

The blue alien began to think of skills he could show off on camera so that they'll accept him. He then grabbed two sticks and twirled them around. "Fire dancing! Like David!" Stitch happily said.

"I'll have to ask Nani about that though." Lilo reminded him. "She doesn't want the fire department called over here like last time."

After deciding on what to do for their auditions and Jumba grabbed his video camera, Lilo, Stitch, Victoria, and Pleakley began to shoot the audition tapes in the living room. First off was Lilo, who was dressed in her hula costume. "Okay, steady..." Pleakley said, focusing the camera on Lilo's face. "And action!"

"Aloha everybody from Total Drama Island! My name is Lilo!" She started, waving and taking a curtsey before continuing. "I'm six years old and live on the island of Kauai, in Hawaii. I want to be on Total Drama Island because I want to have a fun time."

"Excellent! I can imagine the producers eating up that cuteness!" Pleakley said with a smile. "Keep going!"

"I like to make friends, even though most people on reality shows say that they're not on those type of shows to make friends." Lilo continued. "I live in this house with my big sister Nani, and my aunt Pleakley and Uncle Jumba. I get along with everyone easily here."

"LILO!" A familiar voice rang out, hurting Lilo's ears and making her roll her eyes.

"And cut!" Pleakley yelled as Nani, Lilo's older sister, came downstairs, wearing an angry look on her face.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to take my socks?" Nani asked with a frown.

"I didn't take them this time!" Lilo tried to defend herself.

"Oh, sorry Nani. I actually took them." Pleakley said sheepishly. "I wanted to make more sock puppets!" Pleakley then showcased some creative socks puppets he just made, weirding everyone else out.

"See? I told you!" Lilo spat back at her older sister.

"Okay I'm sorry. Go back to your fun." Nani said, backing away for a bit before turning her head curiously at her little sister. "What are you doing anyway?"

"We're making audition tapes for this new show called Total Drama Island!" Lilo smiled as she showed the flyer to her sister.

"Don't you have to be older to try out for this stuff?" Nani asked with an arched eye brow.

"There's no age limit." Victoria explained. "And besides, Myrtle already auditioned too."

"It'll be fun Nani! Stitch is auditioning with us too! And we could win $100,000!" Lilo smiled.

"$100,000?" Nani then began to smile to herself as she imagined with that kind of money, she would be out of debt forever and not have to worry about bills ever again.

"Nani? Are you okay?" Lilo asked, confused. The older Hawaiian girl then snapped out of her daze.

"Just don't be discouraged if they don't pick you." Nani said as she left the living room.

"Okay, let's run through this again!" Pleakley said as he started the camera up again. "And action!"

"Anyway, I like to do all sorts of fun stuff. Like hula dancing and listening to Elvis!" Lilo said as Stitch started up her record player. The song 'Jailhouse Rock' began to play and Lilo began to dance along to the music. After the song ended, Lilo smiled widely at the camera. "Total Drama Island will rock if you pick me!"

"And cut! Print! Genius!" Pleakley smiled as he turned off the camera. "I think we got a potential winner right here! Who's next?"

"I am." Victoria smiled as she got in front of the camera and began her audition tape. "Hello Total Drama. My name is Victoria, Toria for short!" Lilo gave her friend a thumbs up before she continued. "I think I should be chosen for Total Drama along with my friend Lilo because we're very nice and friendly! You won't have anyone was interesting as us." She then pulled out her potato chip collection. "I also like to collect potato chips in the shape of celebrities from the 70s. This one is shaped like Stevie Wonder. So, please consider me! I'll be standing by waiting for your call!"

"And cut!" Pleakley shouted.

"That's was so good!" Lilo smiled as she hugged her friend.

Stitch leaped forward and pulled the two into a hug using his four arms, "You guys are so good!" He shouted, "So good! So good!". Now it was his turn to be in the spotlight, but for his little act they would need to move outside.

Once the sun was beginning to set Jumba turned on the camera and held it up to show Stitch, his usual four arms retracted to only show two. In his hands were two lengthy devil sticks with bulbs at the end – they were soaked in some sort of flammable liquid that David had provided them. Of course, he had asked why they wanted such a thing, to which they responded with their ideas and overall goal.

"Okay.", David spoke back, "Just make sure you tell Nani sometime soon." Lilo had agreed with him and promised that she would, so he gave them what they needed and went on with his day. After all, Stitch had really improved with his fire handling, and the way he did tricks with the devil sticks was rather impressive!

"Aloha cousins! I… Am Stitch." The little blue alien motioned at himself, and then held out the two sticks, "And I will be doing some tricks…" He paused for effect as he took out a lighter, setting the ends of one of his poles on fire, "With fire!" Throwing the match on the ground and using the already lit pole to light the other he started to spin them in his hands. It was mesmerising to watch, the sunset in the background mixed in with the fiery oranges that burned at the ends of the poles was beautiful. Following his very dangerous and breath-taking act, he finished with a few words, "You should pick me because I am strong but small! And if I come, Lilo and Toria come too!"

Jumba pushed the off button on the camera and held a thumbs up toward Stitch, "Was great! Very impressive little act."

By then, the sun had fully set and the sky was a gorgeous ebony colour, signalling that the younger ones should be heading to sleep. . Victoria said her goodbyes to her friends and wandered back to her home; she would need to get a good night's rest as the next few days of waiting would be hell. Nani had helped Lilo send the recordings through to the email address that was located on the flyer, and then sent her and Stitch to sleep as well.

Unsurprisingly, the next few nights were full of restless waiting and little sleep while each of the three anxiously awaited the response on whether they had been accepted into the show or not. After a few days had passed the results had become talk of the town. Now everyone knew about this new show of 'Total Drama Island' which only worsened the trio's anxiety. Sure, they were eager to find out how they had done, but Mertle's constant boasting was putting everyone on edge.

Nonetheless, it was a Thursday, so after Lilo had fed Pudge his peanut butter sandwich she headed off to Hula practice. Little did she know, Nani had been emailed by the Total Drama Island producer, and the three were about to get a surprise from none other than Moses, her Hula teacher.

"But Nani, I want to be with you so I can see the results!" Lilo groaned, pulling on her outfit and sulkily getting into the car along with Stitch and her older sister.

"I know Lilo, but you need to go to Hula practice! This is important too, you know. No dice."

Lilo shrugged her shoulders in defeat and sighed, pushing her face into her hands. A few minutes later they arrived outside the small building – Myrtle was waiting out the front with a bunch of flowers in her hands, and the moment she saw Lilo and Stitch a sly grin came onto her face.

"Look who it is. Weridlo and her ugly dog. So Weirdlo, have you two came to congratulate me for becoming a TV star?" She spoke in an entitled way that really caused Lilo's blood to boil, but what could she do? Nani was with her, and there was no way she'd be allowed to go to the Island if she acted up at something so little.

"Good for you, Myrtle." Lilo replied, pushing on a pained and jealous smile. As her and Stitch passed their bully they spotted Victoria, and rushed up to her. "Did you hear? Myrtle got accepted into the show…" She received an unhappy nod from her brunette friend. It wasn't that they weren't happy for her because really, they were, but the thought of someone like her going and enjoying what they wanted to enjoy just… Stung.

"Thank you girls, settle down!" Moses called out; adjusting the wreath he wore around his head, he spoke "I have a quick announcement to make!" Everyone turned their heads to look at the large man. "I just want to say, well done to Myrtle for being accepted into Total Drama Island." Lilo, Stitch and Victoria frowned, looking between each other before hearing what he had to say next, "As well as Lilo, Stitch and Victoria! Congratulations, you four. You're headed to Canada!"

!" It felt like a burst of life had been thrown into the small group as they jumped up from their previous positions. "You mean we got in?!" Lilo yelled probably a bit too loudly, causing her Hula teacher to wince from the sound.

"Yes, Lilo. And you're leaving tomorrow. The producer has organised your transport, you'll need to do all your packing tonight!"

"What?!" Myrtle asked in complete shock. "How can they pick you three?!" Myrtle's posse then gathered around the small trio and congratulated them, much to Myrtle's displeasure.

After hula class had ended, Lilo and Victoria were inside the Pekelai household, reading through their contracts and waivers. "Why do we even have to sign these papers anyway?" Victoria asked, feeling her hand getting painful from too much signing.

"It's part of the process. Everyone who works in TV has to sign something." Lilo explained. "Look at this. 'Total Drama is not responsible for any shark bites, bear attacks, and poison ivy spa treatment'?"

"Sounds really cool!" Victoria smiled. Just then, a thought creeped into her head. "What are we gonna do with the money if we win?"

"I'm thinking a vacation to..." Lilo began.

"Graceland!" Both girls replied in unison.

"I'm really glad we both got accepted, Victoria." Lilo smiled. Just then, they heard Stitch snore very loudly. "And Stitch too."

"That actually reminds me: you think that the whole world might freak over seeing an alien on TV?" Victoria asked. Lilo knew her friend had a point.

"Don't worry. I have a plan." Lilo smiled.

Lilo and Stitch almost couldn't sleep last night, as they were too excited over being on TV for all the world to see. The following day, Lilo, Stitch, and Victoria were being driven by Nani to the local airport. Stitch was disguised as a boy, wearing boy clothes, a wig, and sunglasses. "Now please try to get along with the other people. And don't try to cause any trouble. Believe me. I'll know when I watch it." Nani said.

"Don't worry Nani. We'll be good." Lilo said, making her older sister smile. They finally reached the airport and found a private jet waiting for them. "No way! That's the coolest plane we have ever seen!"

They got out of the car and found Myrtle standing by the jet. "Don't even talk to me when we're onboard." Myrtle snarled, but luckily the trio then even flinched. Myrtle then got onboard the jet.

"Now remember..." Nani said.

"We know! Don't talk to strangers, don't chew with our mouths open, and don't spit on anybody." Lilo said.

"I just wanted to say that I love you both and am so proud of you." Nani smiled as she hugged Lilo and Stitch tightly. "And those things too."

"Let's go!" Victoria smiled as all three of them headed onto the jet, but not before Lilo shared one last smile and wave to her older sister. After that, the jet took off on it's way to Canada.