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The Choice Is Your's

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"Are you going to tell the father that you are keeping the baby?"
Yes I am. But I doubt he will want anything to do with it."
"If he doesn't that's his problem. You have got plenty of us around to help you." Serena smiled as she squeezed Bridget's hands.
"Thank you. I better go pack my things. Mum said she'll come and pick me up when I'm ready."
"Ok sis." Bernie smiled as Bridget left the room. Thank god that's all sorted." Bernie smiled as she pulled Serena to her.
"Yes me too. I'm so glad she has decided to keep the baby."
"So am I." Bernie looked down and kissed Serena. "That'll be Mum coming to pick Bridget up." Bernie got up off the sofa and went to the front door.
"Hello love."
"Hi Mum."
"Is Bridget ready?"
"She's upstairs packing."
"Hi Serena."
"Viv. Thank you for having that talk with Bridget today."
"That's what Mums are for. Bridget should never have put you and our Bernie in that position."
"She's doing the right thing now. That's all that matters."
"Are the kids in bed?"
"Yes they are fast asleep."
"Are you ready darling?" Viv asked as Bridget came downstairs.
"Yeah I'm ready. Thank you for having me." Bridget said as she hugged Serena and Bernie.
"Your welcome sis."
"I'm sorry for putting all that on you and Serena."
"It's fine. It's all turned out right in the end."
"I did mean what I said though. You two and fantastic parents. And Charlie and Molly are so lucky to have you both."
"Thank you." Serena said with tears in her eyes and she hugged Bridget.
"Bye you two."
"Bye Mum." Bernie said as she and Serena watched them get in the car and drive away.


"Mummy can I go on the trip please?" Charlie asked as he came into the kitchen for breakfast.
"Are you sure you really want to go darling?"
"Yes Mummy all my friends are going."
"Stop trying to put him off. Just because you don't want him to go." Bernie whispered in Serena's ear.
"I'm not."
"You're such a liar."
"Alright it's just Bridlington is so far away. What happens if he is ill and we're not there for him."
"Serena, he's nearly 6 years old. He is gonna be wanting to do his own thing more and more as he gets older."
"But he's still our little boy."
"He'll always be our little boy. We can't stop him growing up, Serena."
"I wish we could."
"Come here." Bernie pulled Serena to her and kissed her.
"When you two have finished being sloppy. Can you give me an answer. Can I go on this trip?"
"On one condition."
"What's that?"
"Come here and give me a hug." Serena smiled as Charlie got off his chair and hugged her.
"What about me." Bernie asked as she held out her arm and he hugged her as well. Bernie got her purse out and put some notes in Serena's hand.
"What's that for?"
"Half the money for his trip."
"I'll pay it."
"No you won't. We'll go halfs."
"I better get going. I'll see you all later." Bernie kissed Serena and the kids and went to work.


"Hi guys." Bernie said as she came home and went into the kitchen.
"Hi Momma." They both said.
"Hi gorgeous." Bernie wrapped her arms around Serena from behind.
"Hello. You had a good day?"
"Yes great. You?"
"Quite quiet."
"Do you want me to take over with the dinner?"
"No I'm fine."
"Momma you can help me if you want."
"What do you want help with mate?"
"My homework."
"Let's have a look." Bernie said as she sat beside Charlie.
"Why don't I have homework?"
"You will when you start school next year baby."
"Then you won't want it. Will she Momma?"
"No sunshine she won't. Pass me some paper Charlie." Bernie wrote down some simple sums on the paper and gave it to Molly.
"What's this Momma?"
"Your homework. Get you into practice for when you start school."
"I've got homework Mummy." Molly said as she grabbed a pencil." Bernie stood up and held Serena in her arms as they watched Charlie and Molly both concentrating.
"I'm so glad I decided not to go away."
"So am I. Me and the kids are so happy that you're here."
"I love you and the kids so much. I am never leaving you 3 again."
"Good because I won't let you. I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life." Serena smiled as she pulled Bernie closer and hugged her tightly.