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The Choice Is Your's

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Serena and Bernie met in college when they were 17. They were instantly attracted to one another. By the time they were 21 they were married and had their own house. Serena trained to be a Doctor. And Bernie always wanted to join the army which she did when she was 22. They are both now 33 years old with a 5 year old son called Charlie and a 3 year old daughter called Molly. Serena had always found it hard when Bernie was away on tour. But as the years went by she found the separation more and more difficult. The tours were getting longer and she could count on one hand the amount of times she had seen Bernie in the 2 years. This tour in particular was tough Serena. She had constantly felt on edge. Today had started out like any other. Serena got up and got herself ready for work before going to wake the kids up.
"Charlie come on darling it's time to get up?" Serena ruffled Charlie's hair to rouse him. "Charlie, wake up."
"Do I have to go to school today Mummy?"
"Yes you do. I have to go to work and Molly has to go to daycare."
"Ok." Charlie chucked back his duvet and got out of bed.
"Go and get a wash and brush your teeth." Serena made Charlie's bed. Then got his uniform out and put it on his bed. When she went into Molly's bedroom. The little girl was sitting on the carpet playing with her dolls.
"Good Morning sweetheart."
"Mummy." Molly stood up and ran to Serena.
"How long have you been awake?" Serena picked her up and hugged her. Molly shrugged her shoulders and put her head on Serena's shoulder.


After Serena had got both kids ready. They all went downstairs for breakfast.
"Cheer up Charlie it's Friday. No school tomorrow." Serena said as they ate breakfast.
"I don't want to go today." Charlie chucked his spoon down in the bowl.
"Charlie pack it in. You are going to school and that's final. Now go and put your shoes on."
"It's not fair." He said as she jumped off his seat and stamped out of the kitchen.
"Life isn't fair sunshine." Serena followed him to get Molly's shoes. "Your shoes are on the wrong feet Charlie. Stop messing about."
"I'M NOT MESSING." Charlie shouted.
"Who do you think you're talking to, young man?" Serena said angrily. "Get your shoes on the right foot now."
"You're naughty Charlie."
"Shut up Molly."
"Both of you shut up and put your coats on." Finally they were ready to go. Serena fastened them both in the car and drove to the school first to drop Charlie off.
"Come on, jump out." Serena opened the door for Charlie to get out. He got out and started to walk off. "Charlie get your little but back here and give me a hug." Serena said as she kneeled down in front of him as she strolled back to her. "Have a good day."
"I won't." Charlie hugged Serena and walked off.
"I LOVE YOU." Serena shouted before getting back into the car. "Right Madam let's get you to daycare." Serena started the car and drove away.


"Sorry I'm late." Serena said as she walked onto the ward.
"No worries everything's under control." Donna said as she followed Serena into the office.
"Right what have you got for me?"
"All these." Donna put a load of files on Serena's desk.
"Great let's get on then shall we." After Serena had done her ward rounds she was sitting in her office paperwork when there was a knock at the door. "Come in."
"Serena, there is someone here to see you." Donna said as she moved away and Serena's heart sank when she saw it was someone dressed in an army uniform.
"Serena Wolfe."
"I am here to inform you that there has been an explosion."
"Please don't tell me that."
"I'm afraid we think Major Wolfe has been caught in the explosion."
"What do you mean you think she was?" Serena said as she paced the room.
"I'm afraid Major Wolfe is Missing in Action."
"NOOOOOOO." Serena cried as she fell to the floor.