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It burned through her.

Sakura's mouth was open in a silent scream as chakra ripped through her. This wasn't supposed to be happening! The jutsu they'd done was a time travel one, and it was supposed to send her and her team mates back into the past, back to the point that Team Seven had graduated the Academy. They were going to change things, make sure that Zetsu couldn't resurrect Kaguya.

They'd been fighting for so long, they hadn't been able to defeat the unsealed Otsutsuki, even with the Sage's seals. But the Sage of Six Paths had led Naruto and Sasuke to a scroll, one that hadn't seen light of day since his son's time. Using the practically unlimited chakra of the reanimated Hokage, as well as a boost from the Sage and the remnant of the bijuu in Naruto, Sakura and her boys were going to go back and change things.

But then Kaguya showed up.

She hadn't been able to stop the jutsu. In fact, the jutsu had sucked up the surprised goddess's chakra, overloading the jutsu. That's what was now burning through Sakura. Just before blackness consumed her vision, Sakura had seen that everyone else seemed affected by it as well, including the Hokages. What effect this was going to have on the jutsu… There was no way of knowing.

Finally, finally, the blackness vanished in a flash of brilliant white light. Sakura landed hard on the ground, every cell in her body screaming at her. Her coils were all but fried, and her yin seal was cracked, but self-repairing. Her body was automatically being healed by her chakra, which was pushing and pulling at her coils in a way that reminded her of chakra exercises to increase reserves.

If you did it violently and painfully, forcing it through, that is.

Sakura rolled over onto her back, allowing her chakra to work on her injuries. Her chakra was volatile right now, the slightest poke was causing tears in her tenketsu, even as it then attempted to heal them. Yet she forced herself to assess the damage, no matter how painful. She checked her seal, noting that the cracks weren't even half fixed yet (they should have been!). There was an overload of chakra in her seal, likely the reason that it had cracked.

Basically, she was suffering a chakra overload. A dangerous one, since her coils were so damaged. But she could heal that, as long as nothing happened that required the use of chakra. Ignoring how much it ached to do so, Sakura forced herself to sit up and take in her location. Looking around, she saw the greenery that was common in the south of Fire Country. That wasn't where she'd been before.

Standing on shaky legs that threatened to give out at any second, she started walking, picking a random direction. After several minutes, her ears picked up the sound of water, a stream by the sounds of it. She altered her course slightly to head straight for it. Once she reached it, she collapsed in front of it, reaching down with cupped hands to bring the cool, refreshing liquid to her lips. It was only then that she noticed how thirsty she'd been.

Once she'd satiated her thirst, Sakura washed her hands and face as thoroughly as she could. She needed to find supplies, find out if she was the only one here, find out when she was in time. She needed to plan, but had no real idea on where to start, just a vague idea. Glancing up at the sky, she saw that it was late afternoon, and figured that she should probably find shelter before she did anything else. But where?

In the end, all she could do was climb into the hollow of a large tree, setting rudimentary traps that would only keep out civilians and wild animals. Even her gennin self would be able to get past these, but without proper supplies, she could only use what was in her environment. She caught a fish from the stream, cooked (aka burnt) it over a fire, then spent the night sleeping fitfully, waking often at the slightest noise.

Come morning, and Sakura was surly and hungry, but her chakra had evened out. It was no longer attacking her, and her coils were slowly healing. It would have been better if she could have gotten another medic to help her, as working with your own coils and tenketsu was difficult and incredibly fiddly. But the cracks in her seal were gone now, and her seal was so full, she had to consciously stop herself from adding more chakra to it. (it had been a habit for so long, automatically sending chakra there without having to consciously do anything)

Once she'd caught, cooked, and eaten another fish, Sakura sat by the side of the stream, entering a meditative state. She focused on sensing what was around her. It was a basic exercise that was taught at the Academy, mostly for those who didn't have any natural talent for it. Her range had never been all that large, mostly just encompassing the Academy grounds. Now, however…

Sakura held back a gasp as she realised that she could sense much further than she had before. It was nowhere near as good as Naruto's sensing, or even that of the Nidaime's. But Sakura could vaguely feel the chakra of living humans to the north of her position. There was no way she could identify them, of course, and she didn't know how many there were. Just that they were there.

Was this a side effect of the chakra overload from the jutsu? Were there any other surprises awaiting her? She sighed and opened her eyes, trying to decide whether or not she'd head for the chakra signatures. Standing, Sakura dusted herself off and decided to head for the chakra signatures. She wasn't sure if she'd interact with them, but maybe it would help her to figure out when she was?

She started walking, but after only about an hour, stopped suddenly. Someone was coming. The chakra… she could barely feel it, but it was headed straight for her, and would be there sooner than she was ready for it. Sakura braced herself, stance ready, but that faltered at the sight that met her when she found herself face to face with brilliant blue eyes and sun bright hair.