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Long-Haired Twink In Lingerie Does Intense Edging to Bichen’s Latest Dirty Talk Video

Wei Wuxian checked his set up one last time.  Camera at the best angle, mic working, toys all laid out, laptop on, wireless earbuds…

Shit.  Where were his earbuds?

He scrambled around, displacing pillows and nearly knocking over a lamp before he found them, half-under one of his discarded potential outfits for today's video.  It was a video, not a live cam session today. (Well, the video would be edited and uploaded on the regular schedule. Not today. He wasn't going to be worth ag for the rest of the day after this.)

He hadn't done a reaction video live since his second reaction vid ever, his first live one, and he'd had to scramble for like 10 minutes for a dildo the right size. 

Besides, this way he could imagine Bichen was talking just to him and that it was just Bichen on the other side of the camera.

Finally ready.

He turned the camera on and sprawled artfully against the black silky pillows piled on the floor (not actual silk because first, yikes to clean, and second, they don’t show up for shit on camera).  His soft fairy lights behind him giving a nice glow and interacting well with the ring light behind the camera.  His black couch was the only real piece of furniture ever in the frame — not that he ever sat on it: what a ridiculous thought when the floor was right there and full of pillows! (The couch was not leather, even though he’d really wanted that for the aesthetic . It wasn’t leather because leather was expensive and super hard to clean.  Wei Wuxian did not make that kind of money off of camming.  Enough money to pay rent? Yes. Enough money to buy a leather couch that he would inevitably wreck within the first week? No.)

"Hello and welcome to the Demon Subduing Palace, I’m your guide and temptation on this tour through the lusty parts of hell, Yiling Laozu.”  It was the corniest introduction but Wei Wuxian had made it up when he started and had used it on every video since.  It was a brand now.  

“That’s right, your Patriarch.”  He liked the irony now.  When he’d started camming, years ago, he’d thought he’d be a lot more toppy than he was.  He was still toppy sometimes.  Just way less than he thought, and never when watching Bichen’s videos.  He’d tried to copy the thing that some other camboys did where they had one name for being a top and another for being a bottom, but it didn’t catch on with his audience and he abandoned the subby ‘YingYing’ moniker and just stuck to Yiling Laozu.  “Today I have a special treat for you all: Bichen, our lovely ASMR smut master, has produced a new video!  Which means I have a new reaction vid for you guys.”

He leaned back and cupped himself through the red lace panties. Always give a good display at the beginning. Get them interested while getting them interested. "For anyone new to my corner of the porn-net, and not on youtube at all, you have got to go watch Hanguang-jun’s ASMR videos."  He always linked to both Bichen’s porn and his regular ASMR channels; people deserved to know about both the hottest porn channel ever made and the best ASMR channel Wei Wuxian had ever watched. Nothing got him to a peaceful sleep like Hanguang-jun.  Hanguang-jun deserved the hits too!  “He is the only reason I’ve gotten any sleep the past few years. Hanguang-jun is his youtube name, his official name if you will.  He is a pro at calming meditation ASMR.”

He stretched, letting the camera feast on the red camisole and the delicate glint of gold peaking through, the sheer red fabric draping over his chest and fluttering down to frame his cock. “Then one day the great Hanguang-jun discovered his smutty side and I was gone.  He uses the same set up, just his hands in frame but the filth that he says.” Wei Wei Wuxian shivered just remembering previous videos, flexing his toes in the translucent red stockings, the dark red lace at the tops scratching lightly where it clung to his thighs. “He wears me out with those so well that I’m relaxed and fucked out and I sleep the whole night.  I can only hope to be as filthy as Bichen.  You should all go check out his videos.  Or maybe not!” He laughed. “You won’t come back to my humble channel.”

“I had such a visceral reaction to his first video I couldn’t help but film it the second time —  okay no, that’s a lie, it was the fourth time I watched it that I filmed myself.” He skimmed his hand down his body and cupped himself through the lace and squeezed gently on the word ‘visceral’. “And you all liked watching me following along, so here I am.”  

“Like the last two, I haven’t watched this one ahead of time.  You get the full, unfiltered, reaction.” He smirked at the camera. “I can’t promise uncut though.”

“You get to watch me melt into a puddle at the sound of his voice and come at least twice while he tells his viewer, me most relevantly, what to do to myself.”

He fiddled with his hair while he explained, draping it over his shoulders and letting it slide over his skin. “I do have a few out of context spoilers, both because Bichen is the most amazing person and seemed to hear my pleas for a prop list after the disaster we will never speak of again on the live show.  Seriously, the less we speak about the time I knocked over my camera and one of my lights while trying to find a dildo the better.”  He laughed.  “And also because my mod prewatches anything I’m filming to so we don’t have another graphic puppy play incident.  That one wasn’t Bichen.  He would never,” he trailed off.  His mouth wanted to say ‘he would never do that to me,’ but that wasn’t real.  Bichen would never do anything to him because Bichen had no idea he existed.  He blustered, “He's way too...well, puppy play just doesn't seem to fit his aesthetic.”

He sat up slightly and raised his voice a little, less sex voice. “Not that there's anything wrong with puppy play or pet play in general. It just… isn’t… for me. For reasons. Back to the topic, I’m told this is a very good one. Not that Bichen isn’t always good.  I can’t see how it would get even better!” Oh god, he was rambling about puppy play now, never a good start; he’d edit it out.  He would this time, really.  He knew he always promised himself that and never did it, but this time for sure .

He indulged in a large stretch, arching his back and extending his hands above his head.  Get everyone back into the mood.  He relaxed back into the cushions with a pleased sigh and grabbed his wireless headphones from beneath a pillow (the less said about the time he used wired headphones the better).  He could feel his own anticipation rising; his heart began to beat a little faster.  Huaisang had said this one was Bichen’s best yet. 

Wei Wuxian shivered a little; he wanted to see it, hear it, be told by that beautiful voice what to do.

“All of that long winded explaining out of the way.  You’re here to see me get off while following Bichen’s amazing ASMR smutty dirty talk.” He reached over to the laptop in the corner of the screen and pressed play.  “Let’s get to that.”

The opening sounds of soft guqin music filled his ears.  He closed his eyes and let himself visibly relax at the sound.  He’d sync the sound of Bichen’s video to his own for the actual published vid.  For now, his only job was to relax and experience.

“Welcome.  I hope you are well.” Bichen’s low, smooth voice sounded like it was coming from inside his bones.  He sounded like he’d swallowed the mic.  The slight whispery rasp made Wei Wuxian shiver.  “Would you like to get off with me today?”  Wei Wei Wuxian nodded frantically. That wasn’t even for the camera, he wished Bichen could see him agreeing.

“Good. I hope you have looked at the prop list for today and have prepared in advance, because I have a special request.”  Fuck, the last special request Bichen had made was that thing with the cane and Wei Wuxian had nearly died it was so good.  He let out a slight whine at the words; what did Bichen want?  “I will inform you later.  Let that anticipation build.  I am sure you will be able to accomplish it.”  Wei Wuxian let out a louder whine; the anticipation was already unbearable, why was he being made to wait?

“For now, begin by running your hands up through your hair. Scrub your scalp lightly.” Wei Wuxian did as he was told and ran his hand through his hair.  It felt so good.  He always loved having his hair played with and while a scalp massage was always better from another person, Bichen’s voice could almost trick his brain into thinking someone else’s hands were on him.

“Good.”  Wei Wuxian let out a soft ‘ah’ at the praise, shivering and scrubbing his scalp a little harder.  Bichen thought he was good.

“Grip your hair and tug lightly.” He followed without thinking and arched at the sudden sting.  He was hard in his lingerie just from playing with his own hair.  He wanted Bichen to touch him —  to tell him to touch himself.

“Very good.  You are doing very well.  Keep that pressure, do you feel it?  Relax.  Very good.  I can see your flush from here, you are so beautiful.”  He arched and pulled harder at the onslaught of praise.  When Bichen said to relax, he collapsed back into the cushions, gasping.

Bichen kept up the soft deep-voiced instruction, and Wei Wuxian was helpless to follow.  He trailed his hands over his body, just touching and shivering and aching for the touch to be Bichen’s.  His skin was so sensitive, flushed and twitching at every brush of fingers.  The cushions beneath him felt more present and he wanted to rub himself along them to feel their texture; the fabric of his chemise tickled and teased at his skin, not enough.  He almost forgot how much he wanted to stroke his cock, Bichen keeping his hands to his outer thighs, his abs, his neck.  Fuck, his neck.  He whined again.

They spent so long just skimming his fingers over his skin that he might have to cut some out for the final video.  But that thought was fleeting and dissolved completely when Bichen told him to play with his mouth, just press his fingers to his lips, tease them and play with them and Wei Wuxian wanted to bite and suck and lick.  He couldn’t look away from his laptop where Bichen’s long delicate fingers were pressing and stroking at the table in front of him.

He outright moaned when Bichen told him to suck his fingers, getting them wet and letting himself drool a little around them.

“Take your beautiful wet fingers out of your mouth.  Don’t pout, we’re putting them to use.”  Wei Wuxian wanted to pout, he wanted them back. “Take your index finger and circle it around your areola.  That’s it.  Doesn’t that feel good?”  Wei Wuxian had flinched at the damp touch to his nipple, light fabric of the chemise pushed aside, roughly, catching on the piercing and tugging for a brief moment, too much sensation all at once.  He nodded fiercely: it felt amazing.  “Imagine that is my tongue.  If I could, I would lick and suck your nipples until you cried, begging to come.”

Wei Wuxian felt like begging to come right now. “Please, please let me Bichen, I’ve been good.”

“You are so good, you’ve done all that I asked.” Wei Wuxian nearly sobbed at the praise. “As a reward, I will tell you my special request.”  Fuck, he’d forgotten all about the special request, too lost in Bichen’s voice. “I want you to follow my instructions on when to come.  I want you to come when I tell you and only then.  Please hold off until then.  Do not pause the video to calm yourself or come and hide it.  I want to see every moment of you listening, hear every hitch of your breath and whining plea.  You are beautiful as you break; let me experience you fully.”

Wei Wuxian’s fingers pinched his nipple accidentally, twisting the bar there roughly, and he jerked.  He sobbed at Bichen’s voice, at his request.  He’d done an edging video or two but he normally paused during recording to let himself come down between positions.  His normal modus operandi was to try for as many orgasms as possible during filming; trying to hold off was going to be… overwhelming, he knew it.  He couldn’t decide if he was excited or dreading trying.  He definitely wasn’t sure he was going to be able to actually do it.

But fuck if he wouldn’t try, Bichen had asked him to and he would. “I—  I will, Bichen, I’ll try,” he stuttered into the quiet.  Bichen’s nails were tapping rhythmically on the table and Wei Wuxian found his own fingers tapping in the same rhythm on his nipple as he babbled out his promise to be good and follow Bichen’s instructions.

“Thank you so much.  It means a lot to me that you will do this.”

He smiled without meaning to and arched into the praise.  He’d be good for Bichen, he would.

“As a reward, use the hand not currently circling your nipple...are you still doing that? You are? Good.  I love watching you play with your nipples, the way they stiffen and you press into it.  Maybe next time I will order a set of clamps for you.”

Wei Wuxian was pressing his chest into his hand circling and pinching at his nipple, tugging at the piercing.  He loved when Bichen told him to play with his chest, he always felt like Bichen could see what got him off the most.

“Take your other hand and press gently on your cock.  Over the panties please.  Very good.  Can you feel that light touch?  Can you feel me teasing you with the promise of more?  Do not worry, I will give it to you.”

The touch on his cock was unbearably light, the lace pressing roughly into his sensitive skin, the heat of his hand coming through clearly in patches.  He wanted to buck up and fuck his hand, dirty the lace, but Bichen hadn’t told him to.  The circling of his finger on his nipple was driving him to distraction.

His mouth hung open on a whine.

Bichen had him run his fingers lightly over his cock and his balls, teasing and toying.  Wei Wuxian whined and begged and spread his legs for the camera, letting his future viewers see the effect this was having on him.

By the time Bichen sank his hand under the lace, pried it to the side, and wrapped his hand around his cock, he was sobbing with want.  He liked teasing, but this was too much.  Bichen’s voice was too much, too close and overwhelming and kind.

He fucked up into his hand when told to, hips rolling smoothly, his other hand stuffed into his mouth.  He hoped it was prep for fingering; he loved the way Bichen talked him through fingering himself.  He did it in every video and Wei Wuxian wanted something inside himself.  He was so achingly empty without Bichen there inside him.

But that hand came back to his other nipple, swapping between the two as he fucked his hand.  His chemise was rucked up above his nipples for better access, the gold bars undoubtedly glinting in the lights as they always did on camera, damp from his sweat and his wet fingers.  He’d pulled off the panties when Bichen told him to, momentarily hopeful that he was going to be fingered but it just gave better access to his balls.  He pulled back when told, teased the tip of his cock or pinched his nipples.  He was close.  So close.  He wanted to come.

But Bichen hadn’t told him to yet.

He had to loosen his fist around his cock to stop himself, and that only made the tease worse.  He kept clenching down to get more sensation only to loosen his fist immediately because he was going to come.

Just when he thought there was no way he could stop himself, Bichen said, “Stop.”

And Wei Wuxian froze.

“Remove your hands and grip your surrounding cushions.”

He did and his hips jerked, involuntary and useless.  He could feel his mouth gape open, gasping for air as he rode the edge of his orgasm.

Bichen was quiet; the soft noise of the pads of his fingers dragging across the table was the only thing Wei Wuxian could hear.

“Very good.”

Wei Wuxian closed his eyes and whined at the praise, shaking.

Bichen continued in a low murmur, gentle nothings of speech that kept Wei Wuxian focused on his voice and let his body calm down.

“Stretch both hands above your head: do you feel the pull?”

Wei Wuxian felt it.  It felt good.  He could almost forget how hard he was as Bichen talked him through stretching out his muscles.  Every pose and shape Bichen had him hold was good for the camera, framed his still-hard cock or showed off his swollen nipples or his pink asscheeks.

“Now relax.”

He flopped back onto the pillows, on his back again.  It wasn’t the most interesting position, especially since he tended to stay in it for most of his videos, but he found that the moment he faced away from the camera his views went down.  And he… it sounded stupid even in his own head, but when he filmed the Bichen videos he imagined Bichen watching these after he posted them, and he wanted Bichen to see his face as he wrecked him.

Bichen would never, though. Coincidences like the “what you will need” list showing up after the disaster livestream and Bichen constantly focusing on acts that Wei Wuxian loved were just that:coincidences.  Not proof.  Even if his dick really, really wanted them to be.  Bichen was way too classy to be watching a camboy like him.

“Relax your whole self.  Are you ready for me?  Are you prepared to move on?”

Wei Wuxian blinked and nodded.  He really didn’t expect to be ready to do anything, but he was.  His cock was still flushed and aching for release, but he didn’t feel like he would come at a stray breeze anymore.

“Good. Pick up your favourite vibrating dildo and your favourite lube.”

He looked around and realized that in his thrashing it must have rolled under a pillow or something.  Fuck.  Where was it?

“If it isn’t in easy reach, do not be embarrassed. I will wait.”  The soft sounds of his fingertips against the table filled Wei Wuxian’s ears as he groped around in his cushion pile for his favourite dildo.

He found it and showed it to the camera.  “This is my favourite, not my biggest but it hits all the best parts of me and stays in even when I don’t hold it there.  If you’ve watched me before you’ve probably seen it in action already.”  It was mid-sized and a deep red colour that showed up amazingly on camera against his skin.  It matched the lingerie set he was wearing, too.  The stockings really made it pop on camera when it was inside him.  It really was his favourite and he was excited to use it in a Bichen video.

“Very nice choice.”

Wei Wuxian preened at the praise, even if it wasn’t really meant for him.

“Get the dildo as wet and slick as you can.  You are going to take it with no stretching.  I know you can do this.  You will be so hot and tight stretching open around it.”

He squeaked, which—  fuck. That wasn’t a sound he made very often on camera.  He’d done this once or twice, but only once on camera (and that was for a very large donation), and it had been very intense.  But this dildo was manageable.  Probably.

Bichen said he could.  He would live up to that.

He got everything slippery and slick, wiping the excess lube around his hole in preparation.

“Mm,you slick it up so well. Enough now, or this will end before it is even inside.  The tip is nudging at your entrance now.  Good.  You feel so soft and ready.  Now press inside.  Gentle pressure, don’t force it.  Don’t hurt yourself.  This can take as long as you need.”

The low whisper-rumble of Bichen’s voice telling him to press made Wei Wuxian gasp and moan.  He could almost imagine it was Bichen’s cock breaching him, slowly and inexorably.  The stretch was intense but Bichen’s voice gentled him through it.  He let out a soft sob of relief as the head of the dildo finally popped past his rim only to moan as it stretched him out inside.

It felt like it took forever to push inside him, Bichen’s voice stroking along his skin and making him flush at the praise.  But finally the dildo was seated fully, and Wei Wuxian lay there panting, staring, glazed, at the camera. His legs were open and framing the bits everyone was paying to see: the red dildo, handle jutting out of his ass proudly, and his still mostly hard cock. The stockings drawing their eyes right to them.  He knew he was sweating by now, glowing gently for the camera.

“Mm,” Bichen hummed again, “are you ready to move on?  You are so tight, but I want to move.”

“Yes, please,” Wei Wuxian begged.  Bichen had been talking like the dildo was his dick for a while now and Wei Wuxian wanted it, wanted to be good for him.

“Thank you.  I’m pulling back a little, just a test.”

Wei Wuxian got his hand back on the dildo’s handle and tugged it out just a bit.  He arched at the drag and clenched on it.  Fuck, it was intense.

“I cannot stop myself; I thrust back in quickly, I do not want to be separate from you for long.”  He sounded unrushed and calm, just as calm as always, soothing and still.

Wei Wuxian gasped as he roughly pushed the dildo back fully inside. “More,” he whimpered.

Bichen gave him more.

Achingly slow pull out followed by a rough thrust back in.  Again and again, like a metronome.  It was good and so intense, the dildo hitting all the right places in Wei Wuxian’s body.  As his body relaxed it became not enough; the achingly slow withdrawals weren’t a relief and a soothing break—  they became a cruel tease.

He sobbed and begged and he knew Bichen couldn’t hear him, he knew that.  But his viewers would like it, and in the moment his dick insisted that Bichen was here with him, fucking him, and would respond if he just begged enough, was good enough.

“I pause and tilt my hips. Can I find it?  The magical spot in your body? Is it good for you?”

Wei Wuxian whimpered as he stopped with the dildo buried deep within himself.  He tilted it a little, searching: he was pretty good at finding his prostate but every position was a little different.

A burst of pleasure as he found it and he felt his hips jerk and he moaned, loud and showy for the camera and also because he needed an outlet for the pleasure firing through his nerves.

“Mm.  I thought so.  The way you clench around me is exquisite. You are too enticing, the feel of your body too good.  I cannot control myself any longer. I pull one of your legs up and pin it to your shoulder, angling our hips so I will hit that spot every time I thrust.”

He pulled his knee up, opening himself further to the camera, with his other foot on the ground and knee falling open.  The lace on the stocking top scratched against his skin, just another point of sensation that threatened to overwhelm him.  He kept his hips tilted with the dildo just so; it was hard to keep the right angle, the one that hit his prostate and looked good to the camera.  His abs burned but he wanted to be good for Bichen, wanted that bright burst of pleasure every time the dildo fucked into him.

Bichen began to fuck him, hard and fast and relentless.  Wei Wuxian sobbed and moaned but with one hand pinning his knee to his chest and the other following Bichen’s every breath, he had nowhere to go, no way to move away from the overwhelming assault of pleasure.  He gasped and begged.  He was hard and aching and wanted to come but he didn’t have a hand free to jerk off.  He’d only come without a hand on his cock twice in his life, but he thought he might if they kept this up.

He was close, so close.  He’d been riding this edge for what felt like hours, Bichen’s unrelenting voice calmly driving him on and up and out of his mind.  

Just when he thought maybe, maybe he’d come just like this at the next hit to his prostate, Bichen’s voice rang in his ears.


Wei Wuxian sobbed and fought not to fuck it into himself again.  Just one more.  Just one.

“Pull it out.  Gently.  Rest it on your thigh.”

He pulled out the dildo probably more roughly than Bichen wanted and laid it on his thigh where it splayed to the side, getting the lace and nylon all sticky with lube.  His other hand still clutched his knee to his chest to try and stop himself from grabbing his dick and finishing right then and there.

He didn’t know what his face was doing but he wasn’t crying.  Not yet at least.  He was pretty sure he was going to cry before this was done.

“Very good, thank you for following my instructions.  You are beautiful like this.”

Wei Wuxian shivered at the praise; he was sure every one of his viewers would know he had a massive praise kink by the end of this.

“I have another special scene planned for you.  Are you ready for it?”

He was still shaking, hips hitching and shifting against the floor, hole clenching and relaxing around nothing.  His dick was twitching and deeply flushed.  He turned his head and shut his eyes.  He wasn’t ready, he needed time to come down before Bichen worked him up again.

“You can do this.  You are gorgeous when you are overwhelmed with pleasure.”

Wei Wuxian whimpered at the continuing praise, hips bucking a little.

“Is the ribbon or rope within reach? Can you find it for me?  I will wait.”

He shivered and finally pried his hands away from his legs, stretching out the one that had been pinned to his chest.  He let the camera get a good look at his flexing toes in their stockings before he let it drop onto the floor and just lay there for a moment, breathing.  Trying to get himself under control again.

He opened his eyes and groped around above his head for the white ribbon.  In Bichen’s youtube videos (so in Hanguang-jun’s videos) he had a white ribbon with cloud patterns on it that made an appearance sometimes.  He’d explained in comments that it was his lucky hair ribbon and that his family had a whole bunch of rules about the ribbons and stuff.  Wei Wuxian understood a little: he had a red ribbon that his parents had given him as a kid.  It was still his favourite way to tie up his hair.  And he had a long red silk ribbon that he used in his videos because he liked the ~aesthetic~ of it.

When the description box said “ribbon or rope, soft and strong” and a minimum length, Wei Wuxian knew he couldn’t use his red ribbon for this.  He needed a white one to mimic Hanguang-jun’s.  Huaisang had just smirked as he helped find a soft silk ribbon that was as close to the one they saw on Hanguang-jun’s channel as they could get.  It wasn’t quite the same white and didn’t have cloud patterns, but it was close.

Close enough to fool his dick, anyway.

This was the first time Bichen had done  bondage and Wei Wuxian was here for it.  Self bondage was a regular part of his channel and he loved it.

“Very nice.  The colour will look lovely against your skin.  Are the batteries full in your vibrator?  Is the remote handy?  Are you comfortable?  You won’t be moving much once we get started and I want you to be comfortable.”

Wei Wuxian scrambled for the dildo's remote, where the fuck had it gone?  He found it under yet another cushion. Surprise!  And then he took another moment to straighten out his chemise, which was uncomfortably bunched around his armpits in a way that didn’t even look good on camera.  Once it was nicely covering his chest and framing his flushed cock, he lay back down and grabbed the ribbon.  He was ready.

He’d missed Bichen telling him to slide the dildo back inside himself but he did and and, fuck, it felt good; he couldn’t have tightened up in so short a time but the dildo still felt huge.  He wanted this to be Bichen pressing back inside him, taking up all the empty space and carving out a place to live.  He fucked himself with it once, just a tease, and got it seated.  Bichen had said to make sure it wouldn’t fall out when they got started again.

Bichen had already started on the next instruction by the time Wei Wuxian relaxed back, comfortable and stuffed full.  He’d feel more panicked and like he was a failure (he wasn’t a failure, he wasn’t, not at this), but it was a simple wrist tie with a quick release and he could do that with his eyes closed.  He fiddled with his laptop for a moment to make sure he could reach the keyboard with his feet in case he needed to pause the video, and reached up to make sure the heavy couch behind him was in the right place to bind his hands to.

All the while Bichen murmured instructions about looping the ribbon around his wrists and making sure it wasn’t too tight and how he would, “secure your wrists so you will stay with me. Allow me to take you apart and see you wrecked, let me bind you so you cannot hide your pleasure from me.”

The dildo felt thick and weighty inside him, like Bichen was pressing into him as he bound his wrists.  He arched his back and clenched at the feel of the silk binding him to the couch leg.

“Very good. You are so beautiful tied up for me. I love that you let yourself be vulnerable for me.”

Wei Wuxian shivered and clenched around the dildo at the praise.  He knew he made a pretty picture like this, red stockinged legs splayed and drawing the eye towards his hard cock and the red dildo spreading him wide for the viewer.  Cock framed by the red translucent fabric of the chemise which lay over his chest, lightly obscuring his nipples with their gold piercings.  He was sure his lips were puffy and swollen from biting and playing with them.  His arms were raised above his head and bound at the wrists with a long white ribbon.  He probably looked like a very non-traditional bride: all he needed was a veil.  He couldn’t help but whine at the thought.

“Are you still holding the remote for your dildo? Good.  Turn it on low.  Any pattern will do.”

He moaned, long and satisfied, as the vibe started up.  This was exactly what he wanted, a low buzz against all the best places inside him.  He arched and tipped his head back, and let himself sink into the vibration and Bichen’s praise.

He hadn’t done this kind of video in a long time, the kind where he put a vibe in, tied himself up, and just rode it out until he couldn’t stand it anymore.  When he first started camming, he’d done this a couple of times; it was one of his favourite ways to get off by himself and he wanted to share that.  But the videos didn’t get the views, and he realized it was because there was no real action until the end: the build up was too slow and he couldn’t make it interesting.  So he’d abandoned them.  He was pretty sure he’d explained all that on an old live cam session.  It was so weird though, because this echoed those videos perfectly.  He’d done a livestream once where he’d answered questions with the vibe slowly ratcheting him higher and higher, but it had just got people asking him to use an app connected vibe and he… he wasn’t ready for that.  He wasn’t sure he’d ever be ready for that.  The people that did that were so brave.

As he relaxed into Bichen’s voice, he realized that this was more like those app controlled cam sessions than his own, apparently boring, videos.  Bichen was a constant presence and Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but react when he said he was good or beautiful or taking it so well.  And Bichen was controlling the vibration.  Wei Wuxian arched and moaned as Bichen’s low, calm voice asked him to turn up the vibration and change the pattern if possible.

He had no idea how long he stayed in that comfortable state of arousal, Bichen toying with him, changing the vibration every time he got used to it.  But slowly it was no longer enough.  His hips were twitching and jerking, trying to grind down onto the dildo, and he was tugging on the ribbon and flexing his arms a little to try and get one free to touch his cock.

“So beautiful.  Turn up the vibration another step.  Good.  You are doing very well.”

Wei Wuxian whined.  He wanted more, he needed more.  He thrashed his head side to side and his feet slid against the floor, stockings making them slip.

Bichen held him there until Wei Wuxian started begging, “Please more, please Bichen, I need it, please let me—”

“If you can change the pattern, do so: pick your favourite.”

His hand clicked the remote automatically and he shouted, pulling roughly at the ribbon binding his arms.  This was perfect.  He wanted to come.  Please let him come.

He finally got his feet planted and arched his hips and that made the dildo shift inside him. Stars flashed across the back of his eyelids: it felt like someone was fucking him, like Bichen was fucking him with his amazing cock.  He bucked again, thrusting into nothing, Bichen murmuring praise and filth into his ears.

He kept twitching and thrusting and it was rapidly becoming too much, overwhelming.  Wei Wuxian could feel tears leaking from his eyes because the vibrations were unrelenting: they didn’t give him a break, and neither did Bichen’s gorgeous voice.

“Turn the vibrations all the way to the top for me. You can take it, I know you can, you are strong.”

Wei Wuxian’s fingers moved on the remote without thought and he screamed, head thrown back.  His legs gave out and his ass crashed to the floor, dildo jolting inside him.  He thought maybe he came at that but the vibrations didn’t stop, they kept punishing him and it was too much.

“Too much, please, stop, I can’t, please.” He was crying now for sure and when he opened bleary eyes and looked down at himself, the red of his chemise was dark and wet as his cock leaked onto it, drooling and puddling precome.  He was a mess, yanking on the ribbon hard enough to shift the couch a little.

Bichen held him there, sobbing and crying and drooling a little, twitching on the floor and unable to move for the overwhelming pleasure in his body.


“Release your hands.”

Wei Wuxian fumbled for the quick release, fingers clumsy and brain mostly not functioning. Then his hands were free and he just lay there, hands over his head on the cushions, legs trembling.  Waiting and overwhelmed.  He fumbled for the lube when Bichen told him to, got the hand not holding the remote all slippery.

“Touch yourself.  Grip your cock the way you like best and come for me. Now.”

He grabbed his cock, sure it wouldn’t take more than that, but then immediately flinched away.  He couldn’t.

“Too sensitive, I can’t. Please. I can’t,” he whimpered to the camera. To Bichen.

“I know you must be sensitive, but you can do this. Grip yourself fully and stroke.”

His hand shook as he wrapped it around himself.  It was agony and ecstasy and Bichen all the way through.  He stroked as Bichen told him, to Bichen’s rhythm, his own favourite rhythm.  How had he known?  This would be perfect with a minute or five to cool down to where it was comfortable, but Bichen wouldn’t let him.

He cried; it was too much, he was too sensitive, but Bichen was relentless, gripping and pulling and rubbing the head.

Wei Wuxian’s orgasm hit him like a freight train. He’d kind of thought it would never come and suddenly it was there, plowing into him.  He screamed through it, the release like being struck by lightning only it went on and on and on.  His hand still stroking at Bichen’s command, the vibe still wrecking him inside.

He finally came down and settled back into his body, Bichen’s voice coming back into focus.

“Good, you were wonderful. You were gorgeous.  That was perfect.”

He just lay there shaking, hips still twitching and cock still dribbling a little.  His chemise was ruined, crumpled and stained.

“Turn off the vibrations. Good.  You are so wonderful.”

He hit the button and felt himself drip more tears in relief as the vibrations finally stopped, his hole clenching reflexively around the dildo, making it jump and twitch for the camera.  He cupped his cock gingerly, still foggy from such an intense experience.  He was just going to lie here for a bit. He could edit out the extra time later.


Bichen kept talking.

“I want to see that again.  I want you to orgasm for me and show me your beautiful face again.”

Wei Wuxian whimpered.  He couldn’t.  Even his hazy fucked out brain rebelled at the idea of continuing.  He wanted to lie and wallow in the fuzzy, tingly feelings as his nerves kept firing and his brain refused to focus.

“Run your fingers lightly up and down your cock, as if you are playing the xiao.”

His hands followed the directions without his input.  He flinched away from the touch; too much, too soon.  He was used to coming more than once in his videos and on live cam sessions, but he always had time in between, time to come down and work himself up again.  It was never like this, never immediately after.  His nerves were raw.

“You are doing so well.  I am proud of you for following so diligently.”

He keened at the words and pressed his fingers harder against his cock.  He wanted to be worthy of Bichen’s words, wanted Bichen to be proud of him.

“Keep playing your with cock and bring your other hand to your nipple. You may drop the remote if you still hold it, we no longer need it.”

He practically flung the remote away in his haste to drop it and his relief that he wouldn’t have to ride the vibe any more.  It was going to be hell to find later but he did not care right now.  Right now his foggy brain almost purred as he arched into his own hand, petting lightly at his nipple through the ruined chemise, fabric soft against the nub, fingers catching on the piercing.

“Grip your cock firmly now and begin to masturbate.  You will do this for me.  I know you will like it.”

Wei Wuxian’s hand gripped his cock and his hips flinched away, pillows knocked out of place, but he wanted to be good, to live up to Bichen’s words.  He wanted to enjoy it so he didn’t stop.  His mind was foggy now not just from the lingering afterglow, but from overwhelming sensation.  He couldn’t quite process the feelings Bichen was pulling from him.

His fingers had slid under his chemise and were pinching and twisting the piercing in his nipple and his other hand was playing with his cock, occasionally flitting down to flirt with his balls.  He kept flinching away from his own touch, thrashing.  The dildo inside him felt huge and intrusive to his overwhelmed nerves.  He kept clenching down on it every time he flinched.

He was crying again; he could feel the tears sliding down his face, and a steady stream of “no no more please I can’t take it, please I need, I need, Bichen, stop please” fell from his lips, spiking into whines or moans every time Bichen praised him, told him he was proud of him .

“Grip the handle of your dildo now.”

“No, no, why are you stopping, I need, Bichen.” Wei Wuxian dissolved into a whine and pinched his nipple harder, throwing his head back with the sensation.  But he held the dildo and drew it out slowly.  “So empty.”

He was crying for real now, not just tears but overwhelmed sobs.  He didn’t know what was happening to him, why he was reacting like this.

“You are doing so well, just last a little longer for me.  You are beautiful clenching around nothing.  I want to plunge in and ravish you myself.”

Wei Wuxian wanted nothing in the world except to have Bichen fuck him, shove in and use him right now.

“Fill yourself for me, take that hand off your chest and sink two fingers into yourself.  I want to see you spread around them.  I want to see how you fuck yourself with them.  Show me what you need, baobei.”

The fingers were exactly what Wei Wuxian wanted, what he needed.  He babbled “thank you thank you thank you” as he fucked into himself, avoiding all the sensitive parts but still filling himself up.

“Do not forget your cock.  I do not want it to be lonely.”

He sobbed as he wrapped his fingers around his cock again, wanting to move away but the fingers in his ass pinned him in place.  It was like he was bound again but only by his own hands.  By Bichen’s hands.

Bichen worked him over, fingering him hard and fast and jerking him off rougher and rougher.  Wei Wuxian was a mess of tears and snot and tacky come and he wanted it, he wanted nothing more than to come for Bichen, for Bichen to be proud of him again.

“Hook your fingers into your prostate and press there.  Do not let up.  I will hold you through this.  Come from this, A-Ying.  Come for me.”

The jolt of pleasure was too much and the words from Bichen swamped him and he came, screaming, for the second time.  He whited out, unable to process the pleasure.  He was sure his eyes rolled back in his head and that he arched and spasmed.  It went on forever.  It was like no orgasm Wei Wuxian had ever had before.

As his brain slowly gathered itself, he could hear Bichen talking.  He couldn’t process the actual words but the tone was nice.  Very nice.  He thought maybe Bichen used his name?  But that was impossible.  Bichen didn’t know he existed.  Probably imagined it...  

He fumbled gracelessly for the wet wipes he kept just off camera, knocking over something — he didn’t have the brain to figure out what — in the process.  He dabbed at himself with the damp cloth for a minute before giving up and wriggling out of the chemise.  Was Bichen still talking? Wow. Still so calming.  So… calming.  He could feel himself drifting and let it happen.  Lax and content.  Wow. That was some orgasm.  He should get up and turn the camera off or he was going to have to edit a lot of extra footage when he woke up.  But that? That was a problem for future-Wei Wuxian.  Present-Wei Wuxian was well-fucked and sleepy.

Maybe he would just sleep here; Bichen could lull him to sleep like he did every night.  He’d record his outro later, Bichen would understand.  Understand his need to edit this part out.  The sleeping.  Good sleep.  Never better sleep than when Bichen was talking…

“You are so good for me.  Thank you very much.  Touch yourself slowly, let yourself settle back into your body.  Very good.  I am so proud of you.  I knew you could do it.  You have shown me a side of you I did not expect today and I thank you for being vulnerable with me.  Please sleep well tonight.”