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    It was snowing and it was so silent, you could hear the snowflakes falling on the ground. It would be a lovely, peaceful night if there weren’t dead bodies all around the place.  There was a woman among them, standing still. Her hair was red like fire, you could burn your hand if you touch it. Her left eye was as blue as the ocean, it could drown you. Her right eye was as green as rainforests, you could get lost in there. And her skin was as pale as the moon.

   She closed her eyes, took a deep breath. She remembered how it felt like to breathe fresh air and it made her feel so good, she couldn’t stop her smile. Then she looked at her bloody hands. It was not her blood and she knew she had to get rid of those bodies. “Well…” she whispered when she was looking at the corpses with uniforms “…you started it. You could just let me walk away. But still, thank you for getting me out of there.” Then, she snapped her fingers lightly and all of the bodies started burning like hell. Maybe not all of them was dead because she heard some screams but she couldn’t care less. She started walking slowly among the fire, to the high road.

   It was past midnight so there were no cars passing by and she was too tired to walk. Also, the place she wanted to go was far away. She tried to fly but she was out of practice, she fell to the ground after rising just a little. Then, she sat on a rock and started waiting.

   After a couple of hours she sensed a car. It was a few kilometers away and coming to her direction really fast. When the car got in her sight she started to wave her hands and shout to get the driver’s attention. The car slowed down and stopped in front of her. There were two guys in the front and one in the back. The guy on the driver’s seat said something to the other guy and then got out of the car. He looked at her bloody hands, face and clothes. “Are you okay?” he asked worriedly. She said “I have to go somewhere. It is in the North but I don’t remember where exactly but if we go that way I might remember where it is.” and ignored the question.  He got closer to her slowly and asked again “I said, are you okay? You have blood all over your body. Is it yours or somebody else’s? What is your name and what happened? Answer my questions and I’ll take you wherever you want.” His voice was soft but his face was really serious.

   She couldn’t tell him what happened back there but she had no energy to make up some good lies so she just went with first thing came to her mind. She shook her head “I… I don’t know and don’t remember. I  woke up here, just like this. I need to go there and that’s all I know. Help me, please.” 

  The door of the car was opened and the other guy yelled “Gavin! Just take her in! We gotta be fast because he’s about to wake up and you know it won’t be cool if he does that.” Gavin looked her again and pointed the car with his head and then she got in and sat on the backseat with a man who is sleeping and there were handcuffs around his wrists.

   Gavin looked at her on the rearwiev window again but didn’t start the car. The other guy turned around “Hey…” but he didn’t finish his sentence and looked at Gavin “Don’t you think she looks just like Youran? I mean Youran… but with weird hair and eye colours.” Gavin slowly reached out to his pocket “I know Eli, I fucking know.” and everything happened so fast after that. She tried to get out of the car but the door was locked. She suddenly felt something on her neck and her eyes started to close. She was numb and couldn’t fight with whatever  was on her neck.

   Eli handcuffed her and Gavin put a collar around her neck, to prevent her from using her evol. “What was that?” asked Eli. Gavin finally started the car and said “You know who else looks just like Youran? Black Queen. I don’t know who this woman is but she doesn’t seem innocent to me at this point. We’ll deal with her right after we’re done with the other one, at STF.”

   They arrived STF building in an hour. There were only a few people because it was 04.52 am. Gavin carried her to a cell with a bed in it and laid her down. She was sleeping just like Youran, the White Queen, and the sight shattered Gavin’s heart into pieces. Gavin and Youran had been talking rarely since she started dating Victor.  Seeing her in another man’s arms was painful for Gavin but he never stopped looking after her. Gavin caressed the mysterious woman’s cheek gently, he just couldn’t resist, and left the cell.

   In the morning, Gavin informed Leto about the woman. He expected Leto to be shocked but instead, he was panicked. He rushed out of his office to the cell and yelled while running there “You dumb fuck! Why did you bring someone you don’t know here!”. Gavin was confused because what he did was the right thing in his opinion. That woman was covered in blood in the middle of nowhere, asking for help . He knew she could be faking it but it didn’t matter, she looked just like Youran and if she had anything to do with that queen thing and Black Swan, it worth a shot.

   It was too late when Leto arrived her cell with some guards. The cell’s door was melted and the guard was knocked out. “Find her!” he yelled “Don’t let her get out of here! I don’t care if she’s dead or alive!” The alarm started ringing and everyone in the STF building were looking for her. It was a big mess, really.

  Gavin tried to sense her by using his evol but it didn’t work. He was about to join the others’ search when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. It was the woman.  Gavin attempted to push her to the wall but failed. She was unexpectedly strong and didn’t even blink when Gavin threw his fist at her.

   “I don’t think this is the right way to say hello, Officer Gavin.” she said with a smirk on her face. She got a little closer to him “But, thank you for bringing me here, this is exactly where I want to be. Now, if you excuse me, I am getting the party started. ”. Gavin was frozen, he was not afraid but he didn’t know what to do and that wasn’t much like him. The smilarity between the woman and Youran was affetcting his judgement.

   She stopped and looked back before getting out of the room “I’ll have mercy on you and your friend, since you helped me get here. I didn’t like the handcuff and the collar part, though.”. She rolled her eyes “That’s not my kink. And bold of you to assume that kind of stuff could stop The Red Queen…” her smirk disappeared “…the original queen.”

   There were sparkles on her fingertips and the building started shaking.