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Stolen Identity

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Seokjin loves parties. He gets to dress up to suit the theme. And oh how he loves dressing up! He gets to enjoy free drinks and food and he can admire all the pretty boys that flirt and want to dance with him. 

He loves parties. Especially the ones he's not invited to. He learns of them through the grapevine and social media. He then proceeds to find a ticket in unholy manners or pretends to be one of the guests on the list. Sometimes his face is enough. They take one look at him and the way he presents himself and they immediately let him in. Excellence, that's the air he gives off. And he's proud of it. 

The party he's at can't be described as anything but elegant. The tables are laid out with many finger foods that look succulent and inviting. There's plenty of drinks to be given and he takes them with open arms, sipping on the tastiest wine he's ever had. 

Everyone's dressed in gaudy suits and pearls adorn their ears and necks. He watches them over his glass, drinking in every one he sees. A man leaning on the  wall opposite of him catches his eye. His lips look to be in a pout but from closer inspection that's just the natural placement of his mouth. They're glossy and shine under the dimmed lights. Seokjin licks his lips, wondering what those lips would taste like against his own. 

The man's eyes flick up to his, oh what pretty eyes he has! They're lined with kohl and his eyelids sparkle. The man's lips quirk on the corners, a devilish smirk taking over his face. Seokjin doesn't waste time, he never does. He strolls up to the man, leaning back on the wall. He side eyes the other, he's a lot shorter but somehow he intimidates Seokjin. There's something about him. Something delicious and Seokjin wants to unravel him. 

"You come here often?" Seokjin says, swirling the liquid in his glass. 

"Sometimes," the other says, his eyes falling on Seokjin's lips. Seokjin nips his bottom lip with his tooth, dragging it up slowly. The beautiful stranger licks his lips at the action. Good, Seokjin has him where he wants him. All the attention is on him. "This is a wonderful party, huh?" The man asks, eyes shining. 

Seokjin always does his research before coming to parties, just to get a feel to know what to expect. What he knows is that the owner of this large mansion is a rich boy that throws themed parties every month. Not many people know much about him, just that if you're important enough you'll get invited. 

"I'm glad you think so," Seokjin winks, taking a languid sip of his wine. A little white lie wouldn't hurt, would it? "It's taken me a lot of time to plan this." So what if he's lying about being the owner of the house. Who gives a damn? It's only to one person anyways, and it's amusing to play the part. It adds to the appeal. This is why Seokjin loves parties. 

"Oh?" There's a mischievous glint in the man's eyes, they glitter prettily and Seokjin wants nothing more than to drown in them, "This is your party?" Seokjin slowly nods, playful upturn of his lips, "And what do I owe the pleasure of meeting the host?" 

Seokjin leans down until his mouth is pressed against the man's ear, "Your beauty caught my attention and I wanted to see you up close." The other man giggles, his cheeks pinking like roses on a spring day. 

"You're not so bad yourself," the man says, replacing his empty glass of champagne with a new one as a waitress passes them, "I'm Jimin."

Seokjin decides to give him his real name. It wouldn't hurt to trust him a little bit, would it? "Seokjin," he offers his hand and Jimin gently takes it and brings it to his lips, placing a soft kiss on Seokjin's knuckles. 

"Nice to meet you, Seokjin." Jimin's lips linger and they're soft against Seokjin's hand, his gloss leaves a small imprint on Seokjin's skin. 

Now, Seokjin was not expecting that. His cheeks heat up, embarrassingly so. He's the one that's used to being forward and blunt and he hardly ever blushes unless caught off guard. 

Jimin's royal blue hair is parted in the middle, showcasing his lovely eyebrows. He's wearing a black button up shirt that's silky. Around his stomach and waist is a black corset that's fitted perfectly. Seokjin's never seen a boy so breathtaking. Being a party crasher was Seokjin's best decision in his life.

They take a seat at one of the many tables. The utensils are of high quality and Seokjin's having the time of his life. Expensive, shiny things always draw him in. Call him shallow, but money makes the world go round. 

"Where did you get these?" Jimin gestures to the silver chopsticks. They have vines engraved into them. "So I can order some for my own house." Amusement underlines Jimin's tone. It's sexy. Jimin's so incredibly sexy. 

Seokjin clears his throat, thinking of a good enough answer. Lying comes easy to him, it always has. "I'm friends with this designer in London," he offers a cocky smile, the kind only the rich wear when they want to show off, "He personalized these for me." 

Jimin nods, oooohing at the story, "Do you think you could give me his contact details?" 

Seokjin's quick to answer, brushing him off with an apologetic smile, "He's very busy and since he and I are close friends, he doesn't mind doing side projects for me. But don't worry, I'll tell him about you." 

Jimin's content with the answer. How naive, Seokjin thinks. Jimin takes a petite bite out of the small sized garlic roll. It's oozing with butter and some falls down his chin. Seokjin swipes it with his thumb and is just about to lick it himself when Jimin takes a hold of his hand and looks up at him, lashes fluttering as he sucks on the tip of Seokjin's finger. 

Jimin's the devil. But he's an angel too. Seokjin doesn't have words to describe him. Oh how he loves parties. 

The attraction between them is palpable, the air thick with tension. It's only been a few moments but he can already feel himself give in to Jimin. Lust is a powerful thing. 

"It's getting hot," Jimin says, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt. When the material parts, Seokjin's breath hitches. A thick diamond necklace lays against his neck. The glittering stones are pretty against his honeyed skin. "You're staring," Jimin laughs, poking Seokjin's nose, "Like what you see? Hmm?" 

"Yes," Seokjin licks his lips. He wants so badly to taste Jimin. To trail his fingers down Jimin's firm chest and feel the planes of his body. "I love what I'm seeing."Jimin smirks smugly. Seokjin wants to wipe that smirk off with his lips. 

Seokjin eats his food slowly, savoring every taste that lathers his tongue while looking at Jimin. Jimin eats too, eyes never leaving Seokjin's. They're in their own world, the noise around them forgotten and music nothing but a humming bass. He could look into Jimin's eyes for hours on end, Seokjin thinks. 

They're deep pools of liquid forest and Seokjin swears he sees starlight in them. It's a tragedy that after this party, he'll probably never see Jimin again. It would be too risky to keep attending these particular parties just in case the host finds him and realizes he's not an invited guest. 

But for now, he enjoys staring into Jimin's eyes, the food sweet on his tongue. Jimin's probably sweeter. Seokjin would love to find out. 

After they've eaten, Jimin walks to the dance floor, looking over his shoulder seductively, prompting Seokjin to follow. Jimin pulls Seokjin flush against him, snaking his arm around Seokjin's waist and dragging it to his hips and resting just above his tailbone. 

"You're not a bad dancer," Jimin says, linking their hands together and leading them in a waltz. Seokjin takes pride in his dancing. What kind of party crasher would he be if he didn't camouflage into the crowd expertly? 

When the music turns to something more upbeat, they take turns spinning each other round and round. Jimin giggles prettily, Seokjin wants to remember that sound whenever he's having a bad day. Because he knows it'll instantly sweeten his mood. 

"What made you choose this theme, hm?" Jimin asks, gesturing to the music and the way people are dressed. Everyone's in black, silky black. 

"It just came to me in a dream one day," Seokjin winks, dipping Jimin as they dance. Jimin snorts, "What?" 

"Nothing," he waves off, his hips pressing into Seokjin's, "I hope I get invited to your parties more often." 

Seokjin offers him a charming smile. The smile that's brought many to their knees before. He wants Jimin on his knees for him… he wants Jimin in every way. "I'll make sure you're always on the guest list, sweetheart." Jimin's lips pull into a lovely smile, the kind Seokjin would want to wake up to in the mornings. 

It's funny, he hardly knows Jimin. The other's probably going to be a one night stand and then they'll forget about each other. But, Seokjin likes to think of this as his fairytale story. One night of shenanigans and princely things and then everything will turn back to normal. Oh how he loves parties. Parties are full of different adventures and people and this one has the best adventure so far. Jimin seems like the type to like adventures. 

Jimin leans until his lips brush against the shell of Seokjin's ear, "How about you take me up to your bedroom? Hmm?" How can Seokjin deny such a request when a beautiful man with the starriest eyes he's ever seen wants it. Wants him. 

He panics for all of two seconds. He has no idea where the bedrooms could be. But this house is huge and he's assuming all the main bedrooms are upstairs. Most of the crowd is downstairs anyways, so if they were to sneak upstairs undetected it wouldn't be impossible. And besides, he could just lie that it's his house to begin with if someone wishes to interrupt them. 

Life is full of chances and opportunities and he's ready to grasp onto them with everything he has. See? An adventure! He loves parties. 

He takes Jimin by the hand and subtly leads him upstairs. People don't pay attention to them nor do they even look at them. A piece of cake. Once they're upstairs, he schools his expression to that of neutrality. 

He doesn't show the complete awe he's feeling at the awnings and finishings of the rest of the house. Up here, it's stunning. So damn elegant and wonderful. If Seokjin had the money, this is the place he'd want to live in. 

Jimin doesn't seem phased. He definitely comes from money, Seokjin thinks, no wonder something like this isn't new to him. 

"Where to next?" Jimin cocks his head, looking at Seokjin with doe eyes and flushed cheeks. How pretty . Seokjin does a brief sweep over the floor, looking for some sort of indicator of where one of the bedrooms could be. There's more than a few doors and he bites into his lip. He has to play this carefully. 

He curses internally. Fuck, there’s just too many doors. His eyes catch on a door a bit further down to his left. He begs to whoever is listening, hoping that the door he chose leads to a bedroom or something with a comfortable surface. 

Jimin follows behind him, a sweet hum leaving his lips. Seokjin’s hand hesitates on the door handle for a couple of moments. “Something wrong?” Jimin’s voice breaks his hesitation and he quickly opens the door to reveal the room inside. 

Shit. It’s definitely not a bedroom. 

There’s a long, sleek desk in the middle of the room with neatly stacked piles of documents sat atop it at one of it’s corners. A plush, black swivel chair adorns the elegant desk. The leather of the chair looks new, soft. 

But that’s not what catches Seokjin’s attention most. It’s the large window that takes up nearly the whole wall that’s directly behind the desk. There’s no blinds, no curtains, nothing. He can clearly see the night sky and the moon hanging in the darkness. It shines into the study and casts a cool glow over the glossy furniture of the room. 

The slow bass of the music seems to pump through the house, it’s vibrations steadily beating to the sound of Seokjin’s heart. 

“This is a nice office you have,” Jimin’s honey voice breaks through Seokjin’s awe. 

Seokjin clears his throat, catching himself before Jimin notices, “Thank you.”

“Do you mind if I take a seat?” Jimin’s already walking towards the swivel chair, his steps languid like a predator. He pulls the chair out from the desk and the wheels lightly scrape against the creamy carpet.

When Jimin takes a seat, the breath is nearly knocked out of Seokjin’s chest. 

Jimin lounges back, his diamond necklace sparkling underneath the moon’s glow. He tilts his head back enough for Seokjin to admire the strong column of his neck; drinking in the outline of his Adam’s apple and the shadows that dip into his collarbones. 

Jimin’s eyes are dark, unwavering. He’s manspreading; the material of his pants tightening around his thick thighs. He eyes Seokjin up and down, not afraid to show the hunger dancing in those pools of sin. “You brought us here despite the large window…” Jimin starts, his tongue dragging over his bottom lip, “How naughty.” 

Seokjin can’t look away. He’s trapped underneath that gaze. 

“Come here,” Jimin’s voice is soft, but edges are demanding, leaving no room for argument. Seokjin’s sure he wouldn’t be able to argue even if he wanted. His throat is too dry and his mind is a pile of champagne bubbles and Jimin’s pretty voice. 

Seokjin walks forward until he’s close enough to look down at Jimin. But it doesn’t seem to deter Jimin at all. In fact, he looks even more intimidating; lounging back with a smirk painted on his fleshy lips. 

“I want you on your knees,” he says it like a promise, “You think you can do that for me, Seokjinnie ?” The term of endearment is patronizing, as if Jimin believes that Seokjin could easily back out any second now.

But Seokjin’s anything but a coward - it only spurs him on. 

He sinks to his knees, a wave of arousal hitting him in the chest when Jimin expertly unzips his pants and pulls out his half-hard cock. “Like what you see, Seokjinnie ?” its that patronizing tone again, “You think you can- fuck.”

Seokjin’s mouth closes around the head of Jimin’s cock, his tongue dipping into the slit. He grins around Jimin’s length, happy to have caught the other off guard.

Jimin’s hips stutter and roll back into the chair. Seokjin’s hand finds purchase on the other’s soft thigh while the other wraps around the base of Jimin’s cock. His strokes are lazy, but his tongue does most of the work. 

Jimin hardens in his mouth and a muffled whine breaks past Seokjin’s lips. Jimin’s big, and the weight of his cock on Seokjin’s tongue feels so fucking good. Earlier he had thought that the roles would have been switched; that Jimin would be the one on his knees. But, Seokjin doesn’t hate this. He loves it. 

Jimin's fingers knit in his hair and they coax Seokjin to take him in deeper. Seokjin complies, opening his mouth wider and pushing forward until most of his weight rests on his knees. 

He swallows around Jimin, tongue lapping at the precum dribbling down his length. He looks up through his lashes to watch as Jimin's face contorts with absolute pleasure, a breathy moan sputtering from those plump lips of his. 

Seokjin's hand leaves Jimin's thigh, only to rub at his own cock that strains against his pants, the material of his underwear growing uncomfortable from the hardness. 

Jimin's hand tightens in his hair and he moves Seokjin's mouth off of him with a loud pop. "Do you want me to take care of that?" Jimin's eyes fall to Seokjin's hand rubbing over his pants. He leans forward, cupping Seokjin's face and thumbing his spit slicked lips, "Do you want me to take care of you?" 

Seokjin would be a fool to refuse when Jimin's looking at him like that. With lips bitten raw and his dark, blue hair falling into his even darker eyes. 

Seokjin nods, his heartbeat ringing in his ears as Jimin stands up and pulls him up and onto his feet, only to push him against the cold desk. The desk presses into Seokjin's back and he gets lost in Jimin's eyes for a moment. 

"You're beautiful," Seokjin says, words dripping with wonderment. Under the moonlight that soaks through the window, Jimin looks ethereal. His fingers lightly stroke over Jimin's diamond necklace, "It suits you." 

Jimin presses their hips together and Seokjin's vividly reminded of the hardness of their cocks between them. "I'm sure it'll look even better on you," Jimin's lips brush against his ear, his teeth tugging on Seokjin's earlobe. Goosebumps cover Seokjin's arms. Jimin's so easy to give in to. "Do you want it, Seokjinnie?" 

This time, the way he says his name is filled with lust. Want. "No," Seokjin finds his voice and connects their lips, "I want you." 

The kiss is hungry. All tongue and breathless gasps. Jimin's nails dig into his back and he nibbles on Seokjin's bottom lip and sucks it into his mouth. He tastes better than Seokjin could ever imagine. 

Jimin's hand drags down his back and gives his ass a light squeeze, "I want to fuck you," he kisses down Seokjin's jaw and tongues at his neck, "Will you let me?" 

Those words alone make Seokjin's cock twitch in anticipation. He kisses Jimin hard, drawing a moan from his slick mouth. "Yeah," Seokjin says against the kiss, "Yeah...I'd like that." 

A mischievous spark enters Jimin's eyes and he suddenly turns Seokjin around and bends him over the desk. Seokjin whelps, the cool surface of the desk pressing against his cheek. 

Jimin's hands stroke down his back and over the curve of his ass. Seokjin's eyes flutter close, enjoying the attention. 

Fire blooms in his chest when Jimin oh-so-easily pulls down his suit pants along with his underwear in one go. Cool air hits his exposed skin and he shivers. But his warmth returns when Jimin leans into him, heat radiating off him in waves. 

Jimin's cock lays heavy between his ass cheeks. Seokjin's breath hitches as the length of Jimin rubs against his hole. 

There's the sound of a drawer opening but it doesn't register in Seokjin's mind. He's too excited to feel Jimin inside him sooner rather than later. 

Jimin steps back and Seokjin whines from the sudden loss of warmth. But his needy whine is quickly replaced by a loud gasp when a slicked digit presses past the rim of his hole. 

Jimin gently massages the side of his hip, "Relax for me," he says, pushing further. Seokjin breathes out, willing himself to calm down and focus on the feeling of Jimin's finger inside him. "Yeah… just like that." 

Seokjin wants nothing more than to palm himself, but he can't . Not because he doesn't want to, but because Jimin has his hands behind his back in an iron grip as he fingers him open. 

He shudders when a second finger joins Jimin's first. Jimin's relentless, his fingers thrusting in and out quickly, leaving Seokjin no room to recover. 

Jimin's fingers curl and Seokjin's knees buckle. Jimin lets go of his hands and Seokjin holds onto the desk for support but it does little for the ecstasy shooting through him. " Fuck." 

"You like that?" Jimin cooes. Seokjin would be annoyed with his mocking tone but he can barely think straight with two fingers knuckle deep inside him.

"Just fuck me already," Seokjin grits out, his patience wearing thin. He wants Jimin inside him now. 

Seokjin groans when Jimin detaches from him. He looks over his shoulder and glares. But to his relief, Jimin's just readying himself. 

The other rips open a condom packet and slides it over his length. He generously slicks up his cock with lube - has Jimin been carrying that bottle of lube with him this entire time? 

Seokjin momentarily wonders where Jimin could have kept it, considering he's wearing tight fitting clothes that wouldn't be able to conceal an entire bottle of lube. 

But he doesn't dwell on it. He'll think about it later. What he thinks about now, though, is Jimin's smug smile as he looks Seokjin in the eye while he palms himself. 

Seokjin nibbles on his lip, his stomach twisting with anticipation. He needs it. He needs to feel every part of Jimin. 

He looks forward and raises his hips, gesturing Jimin to just get on with it. But to his detriment, Jimin doesn't. He doesn't do anything. He just stands there with his cock in his hand, a shit eating grin plastered on his face. 

"Do you need help or something?" Seokjin says, an irritated lilt to his voice, "Need directions to my ass or something?" 

At that Jimin laughs. Giggles more like. The contrast of Jimin's light, cheerful giggle compared to the position he's in is stark and Seokjin finds it amusing. He laughs with him and soon they're laughing at the ridiculousness of this all. 

Seokjin stands and stretches out his limbs. His back is sore from being bent over the desk but it isn't unbearable, just a little stiff. 

Seokjin reaches for his pants but Jimin holds onto his hand, stopping him from completing the movement, "What are you doing?" 

"Well," Seokjin shrugs, playful smile on his lips, "You obviously don't want to fuck me so I'm going to look for someone else to fuck." 

Jimin quirks a brow, "And what makes you think that I don't want to fuck you, Seokjinnie?" 

"You're taking too long," Seokjin pouts, he sounds like a petulant child, "And I'm kinda really horny right now and just want-" 

Jimin's giggling again. God. That sound is really the prettiest thing in the world. "You're so funny, Seokjinnie." Seokjin does not appreciate his horniness being laughed at. Especially coming from Jimin, who's still rock hard and palming himself despite the light conversation. 

"Well anyways, this was fun," Seokjin doesn't hide the disappointment in his voice, "Have a good night, Jimin." 

Jimin grabs him by the waist and kisses him, his arms wrap around the other and soon he's pulling Seokjin backwards. Seokjin doesn't really care because he's too busy caught up in the kiss, Jimin's tongue tasting like the sweetest cherry. 

The air is once again thick with tension and desire and Seokjin so badly wants. Craves. 

Jimin detaches from him and sits on the chair, spreading his legs and tapping his lap, "Come here." 

Seokjin eyes him, suspicious, "You want me to sit on your lap?" 

"No," Jimin's eyes darken, previous amusement completely gone. "I want you to ride me." And just like that, Seokjin's already on his lap, straddling his thighs. "Eager, aren't you?" Jimin teases, his hands trailing down the front of Seokjin's dress shirt and undoing the buttons. 

Seokjin's nipples are hard, stiff. Jimin attaches his lips to a nub and sucks it into his mouth. Seokjin quivers, his head falling back as Jimin abuses his nipple with his silky tongue. 

"Your nipples are pretty," Jimin hums, blowing warm air onto Seokjin's wet nub. The pit of Seokjin's stomach burns. Fuck. 

Seokjin can't wait anymore. He's wanted this the moment he laid his eyes on Jimin. 

He lines himself up with Jimin's cock and brings their lips together. He wants to taste Jimin as he takes him in. 

He sinks down onto Jimin's cock, cursing under his breath as the other bottoms out. Jimin grunts but his expression is schooled, the only thing giving away his pleasure is the pink that lines his cheeks and the tip of his ears. 

Seokjin breathes out, slowly adjusting to Jimin's length. "You're tight," Jimin huffs out, his hand stroking Seokjin's side, fingers splaying over his ribs. 

"Yeah," Seokjin breathes out, "It's been a while since I bottomed." 

Jimin's still fully dressed, his corset fits around his torso like a glove, showcasing just how small his waist is. 

He should hate that Jimin's still completely dressed whereas the only thing he's wearing is his unbuttoned dress shirt that's slipping off his shoulders. But somehow… He quite likes it.

It makes him feel a bit powerless, like he's not fully in control. And God, he just wants to let go. 

"You okay?" Jimin's voice is gentle. It's a stark contrast to the lust swimming in his eyes, "You think you can move yet?" 

Seokjin lowers his lips to Jimin's and licks into his mouth, sucking on his tongue as he grips onto the headrest of the chair and lifts himself up. It's excruciatingly slow, but he enjoys feeling Jimin's full length slide out of him and back in when he quickly slams his hips down. 

"Fuck," Jimin growls against his lips, his nails digging into Seokjin's lower back. Seokjin can already feel the bruises blossom on his skin. "You feel so good." 

Jimin's leg kicks out and the chair slides back until it's against the window. Seokjin's eyes widen when he realizes that the large window overlooks the garden. 

The garden that's filled with people chatting and laughing and drinking away. If someone were to look up now, they'd see him bouncing down onto Jimin's cock. 

"What's wrong?" Jimin teases, "Scared that your guests will see you?" 

It's the way Jimin says it, his words dripping with challenge. Seokjin shouldn't be getting so riled up but Jimin's making it impossible. 

Seokjin's hand cups Jimin's face and his thumb drags across the other's mouth. Jimin's lips part and he sucks Seokjin's finger, his tongue curling around the digit. 

"There's nothing to be scared of," Seokjin smiles darkly, "I'll give them a show if I have to." 

Seokjin's in a daze as he collapses back down onto Jimin's cock. The prospect of someone seeing him, seeing them, is intoxicating. 

His eyes flutter close and he throws his head back and tilts his hips to change the angle of Jimin's length entering him. 

He rocks his hips back and forward, the chair rattling against the window. The pace is slow, controlled. " Fuh- fuck," he rasps out as Jimin roughly grabs onto his back and thrusts upwards to meet his movements. 

"You're going a little too slow for my liking," Seokjin shudders at Jimin's breathy words. He clenches around Jimin and the other grunts, fastening his thrusts. "Look at you taking it so well." 

Jimin's pretty like an angel but his voice and the way he fucks is anything but. 

Jimin sucks onto his collarbone, his tongue tasting Seokjin's skin. Seokjin's hips stutter when Jimin's cock hits just the right spot, he falls forward, his words coming out broken. "Fuck. Fuck. Ruh-right there."

Jimin's hand wraps around Seokjin's leaking cock, circling the head as he relentlessly thrusts upwards. Seokjin no longer meets his thrusts, his body splitting with too much pleasure. He allows Jimin to take the lead. 

Jimin's stronger than he looks, in one swift movement he picks up Seokjin like he weighs nothing. Seokjin cries out in surprise when Jimin presses his back against the icy window and fucks into him right against the glass. 

Seokjin's legs are weakly wrapped around him. Seokjin can barely feel his legs now as his body shivers with fiery pleasure. "Oh my – fuck."

Jimin's thrusts start off slow; his cock sliding out of Seokjin's wet hole and then he slams right into him. He repeats the movement until Seokjin's a desperate mess, begging for release. 

"You like that?" Jimin purrs, connecting their mouths in a wet, sloppy kiss. "God, you're so fucking pretty," Jimin says it against his lips, his cock brushing againt Seokjin's sensitive prostrate. 

The window is cool against Seokjin's back but he can barely feel it. All he can feel is Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. 

Jimin's name falls from his mouth as the other nibbles on his lips and showers him in praises. Seokjin can barely grasp Jimin's words, his mind filled with nothing but pleasure.

Jimin whispers in his ear, the words nearly lost because of the sounds of Seokjin's breathy moans, "Someone's watching us," Jimin cooes, "He's watching me fuck you." 

Seokjin flushes, heat crawling up his spine as Jimin rocks into him. He should be embarrassed, humiliated even… But fuck. He's far from it. It only turns him on more. 

"Yuh-yeah?" Seokjin chokes out, his fingers threading through Jimin's hair and tugging at the soft strands, "Does he like what he sees?" 

"Mm," Jimin licks into Seokjin's mouth, "He loves it. He can't stop looking at you, baby." 

Seokjin wishes he could have Jimin's view. So he could see the person watching them. The thought alone is enough to send him over the edge. 

"I'm gonna cuh- come," Seokjin whimpers. He feels like jelly and he worries that he might fall, but Jimin's arms are secure around him. " Fuck." 

Jimin buries his cock inside Seokjin. Seokjin dissolves into pleasure, cum dribbles down his cock and onto Jimin's corset. The white liquid is stark against the black material. 

Jimin thrusts for a few more beats, then he's coming too. His eyes shut tight and his swollen lips part. 

Seokjin's chest heaves, breathless. His eyes catch on the sparkling diamond necklace on Jimin's throat and he still can't believe the other is this beautiful under the glow of the moonlight. 

Yeah. He loves crashing parties. 

His legs are still wrapped around Jimin's waist as the other catches his breath. "That," Seokjin starts, "was good." 

"Just good?" Jimin cocks a brow. 

Seokjin smiles, "It would be better if we went for a round two." 

Jimin giggles, pressing his weight against Seokjin in what can be considered a hug despite the position they're in. "Round two sounds good–" 

Jimin's words are interrupted by the study door being opened. Seokjin's eyes widen at the young woman that enters the room. She doesn't seem phased at the scene she's just walked into. Instead, she looks quite impressed. 

"Oh wow, he's pretty," She says. 

Jimin looks over his shoulder and nods his head, "Is everyone doing fine downstairs?" He asks, a certain authority entering his voice. Seokjin doesn't understand–

"Yes, Master Jimin," She smiles brilliantly, "Should I prepare a room for our special guest?" 

Seokjin's mouth dries. 

Jimin turns his gaze to him, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. "No, he'll be spending the night in my room. Isn't that right, Seokjinnie?" 

It's then that Seokjin realizes that he's fucked. 

Literally and figuratively. 

- End