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Homestuck Oneshots

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Rufioh had his arms wrapped around Horuss and his head was resting in his chest. This was nice. The mutant just wanted to stay here with his lover. He couldn't help but just cling to him all day. He knew Horuss got a tad bit ticked off whenever he was busy but he never stopped him. The bronze blood was sick too, which meant the higher blood would take care of him in any way right now. "Are you neight tired yet?" The indigo blood asked, only getting a faint shake of the head as a response.

"I'm too focused on you right now doll, gotta appreciate this time while I can" A small grin was plastered on his face as he looked up at his lover. "C'mon doll.. Just one kiss?"

As tempting as it was Horuss had to say no. "Its already pushing it by cuddling, I canneight risk getting sick too. You hayve a fever as well." He sighed as he tried to resist the grin the lowblood was giving him.

Rufioh leaned up to Horuss's ear, his voice barely a whisper. "cmon please doll?.. if you get sick I can take care of you." He could see the other visibly sweating. "I cant help but want to kiss you and touch you all the time after all doll.." He could tell thats what really got the shorter one.

Horuss finally kissed Rufioh, it was more of a needy and desperate kiss rather than one of those soft fluffy ones. Their lips melted against each other, eventually tounge being involved. The indigo pulled away first, his breath heavy. He bit his bottom lips slightly, then kissing Rufioh again, running his hand through his red and black hair. He whimpered softly into the kiss.

The mutant smiled. "Bangarang.. I thought you only said one kiss.." He teased. He lightly ran his hand up Horuss's thigh, close to his bulge. He took off the others googles, happy to see his eyes. He chewed the inside of his cheek before kissing the other again. He led the kiss, eventually straddling his hips.

was dripping in sweat by now. "Rufioh, we're not going any farther than this okay? I don't want you getting hurt or anything" He said seriously. It caused the other to sigh but nod.

"Alright doll.. How about we watch some anime?" He smiled, getting down from his position.