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Sonic is not an average high-schooler

It's not too fitting for him

And, after all, his speed is kinda the main thing

So why would he be late for class?

Tails is not a wimpy sidekick

Though at times he has his fears

In fact he barely is a sidekick

Because of how he's been more than that to Sonic many times through

Knuckles is not a dummy

Though in some AU he may be

The true Knuckles is gullible but not incomprehending

Amy is not a brat only after Sonic's heart

Though that may be a part of her

She also is compassionate towards others

Even persuading Shadow to save the world

Shadow is not emo

The things in the past he has gotten over

He is also not very romantic in any obvious ways

Silver is considerate in different ways

But he is not girly or overly cute

He can also be a bit arrogant, and a bit rude

He is NOT just some wimpy teen

Rouge is flirtatious and seductive

But not a prostitute

Christopher is whiny at times

But he was also lonely

Maybe not the best

But nothing to overhate

Big is comical

Maybe not useful

But still nice in his own way

Vector is not abusive, and he is not stupid

He likes money, but he would not sell his companions off to some slavery

He is smart enough to head a detective agency

Charmy is annoying sometimes

He's also a child

Let him enjoy it while it lasts

You try to age him up too fast

Sally is not evil

She may be a "perfect character"

And that can be annoying

But that doesn't mean she's awful