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The Lizard, The Falmer and The Cat

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"You know," Brynjolf began as he elbowed his feline guild master teasingly in the ribs, drawing everyone's attention from the crackling bonfire to his voice, "I'm curious; how did you three meet originally?" Khyeena and Brynjolf were enjoying an evening at the fully restored, legendary city: Bromjuunar with their friends; Cicero, Usaeleí, Isilmé and Miraak. It was almost the end of the New Life Festival and three friends wanted nothing more than to spend it with each other and their loved ones.

"Yes! Yes!" Cried Cicero as he planted himself next his scaly mate who nudged his neck gently, "Cicero has been wondering the same thing!" He and Usaeleí were also visiting the city since it had been a while since he had last seen his friends.

"I believe we all are curious about this tale, dii Grohiik" Miraak rumbled as he felt the last Dragonborn snuggle against him and he draped their blanket around them both. Isilmé and company watched as some of the Dragonsh, including Paarthurnax and Odahviing, adjusted themselves around the small group while using their large bodies to shield them from biting cold. The three friends: the Falmer, the Lizard and the Cat; all exchanged glances at each other with broad smiles.

"Well then," began Isilmé as she noted Usaeleí's heterochromic eyes glow in delight in sync with Khyeena's glittering gaze, "I believe Usaeleí should begin our tale." Khyeena nodded in agreement as she snuggled within Brynjolf's embrace. "Xhu, I shall. I mean I was on Solsthiem before either of you. It's only fair." Shrugged the Argonian as he straightened up and rested his head atop Cicero's before closing his eyes in thought.