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Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, Fondest Consideration

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Stevie stood in a warm patch of sun in the cottage kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil. It was strange how familiar this already felt and terrifying, being handed everything she'd ever wanted. 

She told herself it started when David kissed her, messy and deep, against the door of the honeymoon suite. If Stevie was being honest, she had been in love with him far longer. He demanded towels and told her she was funny. He sunk to his knees in the middle of a muddy field and looked up at her while she funneled cheap bear down his throat. He asked her to get rid of a cricket with a milky exoskeleton and she forgot what life was like before him. It wasn't an urgent thing. Most days, Stevie didn't cry or pine for him. Loving David was just a fact of life. The sky was blue; she loved David Rose. 

“Hi,” a sleep rough voice said from behind her. She turned to find David leaning against the doorway in a pair of joggers and a long, black t-shirt. His curls were fluffy and mused, a pair of glasses perched on his nose. 

Stevie felt a grin spread over her face, “good morning.” He pressed his lips together, biting back a smile. It poured, sleepy and tilted, over his face anyway.

“Morning,” David pushed off the wall, moving to stand in front of her. He reached out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, “you were gone.”

“I was hungry,” Stevie stretched up to meet his mouth. She sighed as he tugged her closer. 

“I’m really glad you’re here,” David said into their kiss.

“David,” Stevie said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Huh,” Patrick paused with his fork halfway to his mouth. They were all a little worn out after spending the day moving her things from the apartment they were all so fond of.

“Hmm?” David asked. Patrick shook his head and kept eating, the tips of his ears growing pink. Stevie glanced between them.

“What is it, Patrick?” she asked when it was obvious neither of them were going to speak further. They were the absolute worst at actually talking out their shit sometimes.

“Your hands,” he said, which wasn’t what she was expecting, “they’re smaller than David’s.” 

David choked on a mouthful of pasta, quickly reaching for his water glass. Stevie grinned at the wide eyed expression on his face as he looked between her and Patrick.

“This is a sex thing,” she realized aloud, raising an eyebrow as she took in the tentatively hopeful expression on Patrick's face. He nodded, holding her eyes as he took a bite of chicken. Stevie smirked, “what exactly is it you’re asking me for, Patrick?” 

David took another drink of water, watching Patrick out of the corner of his eye. Patrick swallowed, setting his fork down on his plate with a soft clink.

“I want you to fist me,” he said in a deliberately even tone.

 Stevie could see him overthinking it as he studied her reaction. Up until now, he hadn’t asked her for much of anything. Patrick was one of the best friends she’d ever had; he looked after her so well. She forgot sometimes that this was new, them being more. They’d fallen into everything so easily because of David. Stevie wanted to learn to take care of Patrick too.

She thought of the way he cried out with pleasure at the stretch of David’s fingers, his cock, the thick plugs he wore when he was feeling impatient to get fucked as soon as David got home. She wanted to get him there, to the edge of desperation, begging for more. She wanted to be the one to put the calm, blissed out expression on Patrick’s face when he finally got it. 

“Yeah,” Stevie said, “I’d like that.” Patrick’s answering smile was nearly blinding.

It was two weeks before they all had a free night. Patrick stepped into the bedroom, a towel wrapped low on his hips.

David let out a hum of appreciation, hands running over Stevie's sides, "Mmm, hi." 

Patrick grinned, crossing the room to where they sat on the bed. He bent to kiss David over Stevie's shoulder.

"Hi," Patrick's hand smoothed over David's bare chest, "starting without me?"

Stevie snagged the towel from his hips, leaving them all naked. She smirked up at him, "there, now you're all caught up."

"Thanks," Patrick laughed as he climbed onto the bed.

David curled a hand around the back of his neck, thumb brushing over his cheek, "lay down, Patrick." David stretched out on the pillows and Patrick settled next to him.

Stevie set a hand on his shin, thumb smoothing over the bone at his ankle. They had a spa night after work yesterday, her and David. His big, strong hands pushed back her cuticles and filed her nails down to nothing. He massaged warm oil into her skin, golden rings glistening, a kiss pressed to her knuckles.

"You want this?" Stevie asked, glancing up to meet Patrick's eyes, “You want my whole hand?” He looked certain, eager. 

"Yes," his legs fell apart in clear invitation and Stevie moved to sit between them. 

“God, Patrick,” David let out a growl as he pulled Patrick’s in for a kiss. Flipping open the lube with one hand, he wrapped his hand around Patrick's rapidly hardening cock. Patrick moaned against his mouth. 

Stevie ducked her head to press a kiss to Patrick's leg, just above the bend of his knee. She trailed open mouth kisses up his body; the faint scent of their eucalyptus and mint body wash clung to his skin. Stevie wrapped her hands around Patrick’s hips and leaned forward to lick David’s fingers where they moved over his cock. She held his hips down as they bucked involuntarily. 

David grinned, reaching out with his pinky to brush over her cheek, “can I help you?”

Patrick chased David’s mouth as he pulled away, ducking his head to suck along the hollow of David’s collar bone.

“Lube?” Stevie reached up to take the bottle. She pressed a kiss to Patrick’s hip as she slicked her fingers. He moaned with anticipation, thrusting up into David’s fist. Stevie nipped at the crease of his thigh, sucking the sensitive skin into her mouth as she rubbed circles over his rim. 

“Stevie,” Patrick groaned as she pressed in. He took two fingers easily.

“Yes, Patrick?” Stevie thrust in and out lightly, fingers brushing over his prostate. 

“I need more,” he said, rocking into David’s hand, “I can take more.”

“You can take what Stevie gives you,” David let go of his cock and Patrick let out a pained whine. 

“Please,” Patrick begged as David shifted down the bed to worry one of his nipples between his teeth. Patrick clutched David’s shoulders. He knew better than to touch his own dick. 

“You’re such a slut,” Stevie said, sliding a third finger inside him.

“Yeah,” Patrick breath.

“Your husband has like the biggest dick of anyone I’ve ever fucked,” she said as she stretched him wide enough to take her pinky. David preened, smiling against Patrick’s chest. He pressed a kiss to his sternum before moving to take the other nipple in his mouth. “He has such a nice dick, doesn’t he, Patrick?” Patrick gasped as David twisted his nipple between his fingers, “tell David how much you love it.”

“I love your cock,” Patrick said, thumb moving in smooth arches over the nape of David’s neck.

David hummed, crawling back up the bed to kiss him, “you’re such a good little cockslut.” 

“Fuck,” Patrick hissed as she got four fingers inside of him. He took three of David’s all the time though and, based on personal experience, this was just barely more of a stretch.

“Say it, Patrick,” David cupped Patrick’s jaw, holding his eyes. He ran a finger along the shaft of Patrick’s dick.

“I’m a good little cock slut,” Patrick repeated. His whole body shuddered as David wrapped a hand around him.

Stevie tucked her thumb beneath the rest of her fingers, slowly pressing forward.

"Fuck, you’re taking me so well, Patrick," she watched the widest part of her knuckles slide past his rim. Holy fucking shit.  

Stevie was no stranger to a strap on. She had fingered both of them and herself. Patrick had a spreadsheet for their collective toy collection. But, fuck, her hand was inside Patrick's body. Patrick breathed, slow, relaxed beneath her touch. There was so much trust in the gesture, the way he let go and let her in.

“Stevie,” Patrick gasped.

“How does it feel, Patrick?” David asked, nossing along the line of his jaw, “Stevie’s fist inside your sloppy little hole.”

Patrick whined, cock dripping precum over David’s fingers as he stroked him, “so fucking good, David.” He turned to Stevie, “please, close your hand.”

 Her chest felt like it might crack open and spill over with love for them. Stevie slowly curled her fingers into a fist. She turned her hand in small quarter turns, giving him time to adjust to the fullness.

“I’m going to come so fucking quick,” Patrick said in a rush. David pressed a kiss to his cheek and slid down the bed. He curled a hand around each of Patrick’s hips. David swallowed his cock, holding him to the mattress as he sucked all the way down in one go. Patrick cried out with an intensity she'd only heard after David edged him for nearly half an hour before letting him come.

“Patrick, hey,” Stevie stroked thigh with her free hand, “color?”

“Green,” Patrick choked out, “oh, fuck, Stevie, so green.”

Stevie ran her fingers along David’s cheek as he bobbed his head, feeling the bulge of Patrick’s cock through his skin. 

David hummed in acknowledgement and Patrick let out a surprised grunt before stilling and coming down David’s throat. David pulled off, licking at Patrick’s softening cock.

“No, please,” Patrick stopped her as she moved to pull her hand out, “not until David comes.”

"Where do you want me to finish, Honey?" David asked, reaching up to cup Patrick’s jaw.

Patrick looked between them, whining with indecision. 

Stevie met his eyes. They were getting better at this, silent communication. There were a lot of conversations spoken into hair and collarbones early in the morning while David was still sprawled over his three quarters of the bed - his fingers strumming absentmindedly over her skin, her sleepy you know what would be hot? 

"Come on his face," Stevie said, words falling from her mouth as if Patrick had spoken them. Patrick let out a sound like he had been wounded.

"Please, David," Patrick begged; there were tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. She turned her hand in a slow quarter turn to reward him. His pleas fell back into a littinaly of Steviesteviestevie .

David pressed a kiss to the corner of Patrick’s open mouth before moving to kneel at Patrick’s shoulder. He stroked his cock a handful of times before he came, painting Patrick’s face with ropes of come.

“Stevie,” Patrick protested as she eased out. 

David caught Patrick’s jaw in his hands, “that’s enough, Honey.” He lay down, pulling Patrick to cuddle into him.

Stevie crawled up the mattress to stretch out on Patrick’s other side, “you did so good for me, Baby.” She swept her thumb over his skin, gathering David’s cum and holding it to his lips. Her palm tingled all the way up into her chest as he licked it from her fingers. 

“You did so good,” David echoed, slinging an arm over Patrick’s waist. He nuzzled the top of Patrick’s head while Stevie wiped his face clean.

Stevie pressed a kiss to David’s temple before rolling off the bed, “I’ll go start the bath.”

“Stevie,” David called. 

Stevie pretended the water was too loud for her to hear. If she turned around and saw them cuddled together, all sleepy and cute as fuck, she was going to wind up telling them how much she loved them. And confessing love during or after sex was a dick move. Also, genuinely terrifying.

It was easier in the dark. David started out with a reasonable amount of space, only a hand and a foot stretched out toward them. Stevie let Patrick be the little spoon tonight since he’d let her put her entire fist up his ass. Patrick kept picking up her hand and turning it over. He played with the joints in her fingers, thumb moving back and forth over her palm. 

Patrick’s breath was even against her chest; she was sure he could feel the rabbit thump of her heart. The dim light from David’s phone lit up the room as he scrolled. She could just make out the end of one of Patrick’s curls, but the rest of her vision was a dim white glow.

“I love you,” Stevie said against the nape of Patrick’s neck. The words rushed out of her, just loud enough for them to hear. She felt like throwing up, but she needed to say it before she lost her nerve. Or David fell asleep and face dialed Alexis again. 

Patrick pressed a kiss to her knuckles, “fondest consideration.”

“Best wishes to you,” David answered, voice thick with emotion. 

“Are you crying?” 

“I love you,” he sniffed.

“David, come here,” Patrick pulled David’s other hand to tangle with theirs. It was fucking weird, three way hand holding. It was also kind of perfect.

"Warmest regards."