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Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, Fondest Consideration

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David set Stevie on the edge of the bed, preening as she looked him over with a hungry expression. His arms burned a little from carrying her all the way from the couch to the bed, but based on how hard Patrick’s dick was against the back of his thigh, he’d say the move had done its job. He knew they both got off on how much bigger he was. They liked to be manhandled, moved where he wanted them. 

Patrick kissed the side of his neck, hands sliding beneath David’s sweater to pull it over his head. David shifted automatically to turn in his arms, but Patrick’s hands tightened on his hips.

“Stevie first,” he said against David’s ear, nipping lightly. Patrick tugged at the waistband of his boxer, so everything dropped to the floor.

“Fuck,” Stevie said, as David stood naked between them, hard cock jutting from his body. David turned his head to catch Patrick’s mouth, kissing him thoroughly before crawling on the bed after her.

“Mmm, that’s the idea,” David said, Stevie snorted. He could feel Patrick roll his eyes without having to turn around, heard to the familiar sounds of him undressing. 

David knelt in the vee of her legs, reaching out to slide her flannel down her arms. Stevie shivered as David bent to kiss her throat. He skated a hand up her side, thumbing her nipple through the fabric of her t-shirt. Stevie whimpered, pushing up into his touch. He pulled it over her head and tossed it to the side. 

“Stevie,” David said, cupping her jaw in his hands. He brushed a thumb over her lips. Stevie licked at it, sucking the digit into her mouth. “When was the last time somebody touched you, honey?” Stevie shrugged, tongue curling around David’s thumb. He stroked it on the way out, using the wetness to tweak one of her nipples.

“I dunno, Jake, probably,” she said, panting as David sucked a trail of open mouth kisses down her throat. That had been like four, five months ago. Fuck, Stevie. David felt the bed dip. Patrick slid in behind her, still wearing his boxers. He sat against the headboard and tugged her until she was leaning back against his chest.

“This okay?” he asked, hands resting over the button of her jeans. She nodded, lifting up so they could slide everything down her hips. 

David caught her foot as she tried to kick her panties off. She snorted as it almost caught him in the face. Her laugh turned into a cut off gasp as David wrapped a hand around each of her ankles and spread her legs wide. 

“Look at how fucking wet you are,” David said, eyes trailing down her body. Stevie whimpered, halfheartedly trying to close them. “No,” David said, hands sliding up her legs, “let me look at you.” Stevie relaxed, knees falling open. She turned her head to rub her cheek over Patrick’s chest.

Patrick grinned at David over her shoulder, before dipping his head to mouth at one of the faint red marks he had left on her throat. Stevie moaned softly as he hooked his legs over her thighs. His feet rest in the bend of her knees, keeping them open for David. 

Stevie tipped her head back to look at him. Patrick kissed her forehead, hands sliding down her arms to thread their fingers together.

“I’ve got you,” he said. Stevie squeezed his hands gratefully. She didn’t always like being tied up, but being held down was usually really fucking good for her. 

“Color?” David asked, sweeping his thumb over her ankle.

“Green,” she answered, gasping as Patrick changed his grip to hold her wrists. David let out a pleased hum as they wrapped themselves in each other. 

He shifted to lay on his stomach, kissed the bend of Stevie’s knee, the hollow of Patrick’s ankle. Arousal sparked through him at their twin sighs of contentment. David caressed her inner thigh, sucking at the skin there. Stevie moaned as he dragged his stubble over the dark, red marks. He moved to suck at the crease of her thigh and she whined, trying to roll her hips to get his mouth when she wanted him. Patrick’s thighs flexed, holding her to the mattress.

“Stevie, be still, honey,” David said, moving back to kissing her other thigh. She pulled against Patrick’s hold, moaning low in her throat as he tugged her hands outward until she was stretched across his chest. 

“You’re going to be good for David,” Patrick said, thumbs sweeping over the tendons in her wrists. “You’re going to lay here and let him make you feel good, Stevie.” 

“Patrick,” she breathed, tipping her head back to look up at him with lust blown eyes. Patrick pressed a kiss to her temple and she turned to tuck her face against his neck. 

David pressed a chaste kiss to her skin, before moving to lick her entrance. Stevie whined, toes curling as his tongue swept over her clit with firm passes. He had missed this, her breathy little moans as he slid two fingers into her and curled them against her g-spot.

“David, please,” she whimpered as he fucked her with his fingers. David lifted his head, her arousal wet on his face. Stevie looked wrecked, chest heaving with her breath. She writhed as much as she could against Patrick as David drew pleasure from her body. Patrick nodded over her shoulder; he was doing okay. He rest his cheek against her hair, fond smile on his face.

“Come whenever you want, baby,” David said, rubbing his stubble over her thigh. Usually, she liked it when he got her so desperate for it she was begging. That wouldn’t sit right with any of them now; they’d had enough waiting. “I’ll give you however many you want tonight, Stevie.”

David dropped his head to suck at her clit and added another finger. Stevie moaned at the stretch. She didn’t tend to use penetrative toys on herself; he wanted it to feel nothing but good when he was finally inside of her.

“Fuck, David,” she said, arousal dripping down his hand. 

“David’s so good with his fingers,” Patrick said. David’s cock twitched against the duvet. It had taken Patrick all of four seconds to figure out David had a bit of a praise kink. He glanced up to see him murmuring softly in Stevie’s ear. “How many fingers does he have inside of you, Stevie?”

“Three,” she gasped as David stretched her entrance before sliding in to curl them against her g-spot. “Feels so good, Patrick.”

“Yeah, I bet it does, sweetheart,” Patrick said. Stevie whined at the pet name, arching her spine in an effort to get closer to both of them. “David’s got such a big dick, too.” He nipped at the shell of her ear, Stevie whimpered. “Tell him, Stevie.”

David rolled his hips against the mattress. It wasn’t enough to get off, just a slow glide that sent waves of pleasure through him as he ate her out. David slid his free hand down her thigh, wrapping it lightly around Patrick’s ankle.

“Fuck, David, you’re dick is so fucking big,” she said, writhing in Patrick’s arms as she tried to roll her hips into his hand. Patrick’s thighs flexed over hers as he held her hips down. Stevie moaned softly, “oh my god, David, I’m so close, right there, please.” David swiped his thumb over her thigh in acknowledgment, keeping his ministrations the same as he felt her start to come around his hand. He lifted his head to press a kiss to her hip, thumb rubbing light circles over her clit as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm.

“Do you want me to keep going?” David asked. She could usually come at least twice in a row this way, Stevie nodded. Patrick looked fucking smug, turning to speak lowly in her ear.

“Use your words, sweetheart,” he reminded her. Stevie sighed as he kissed a spot beneath her jaw. David felt his cock twitch at the sound. Patrick grinned as he watched David grind his hips against the bed.

“Please, David,” Stevie said, head tipping back to lean on Patrick’s shoulder. David increased the pressure of his thumb, sitting up to take one of her nipples into his mouth. “Oh, fuck,” she gasped as he sucked hard, nipping lightly as he pulled away. 

David reached out to cup her jaw and Patrick let her lean forward just enough to kiss him. He had intended for it to be a light thing before he went back to mouthing at her nipples.

“Can you taste yourself in his mouth?” Patrick asked, conversationally. Stevie whimpered, licking her arousal off his lips as David fucked her with his fingers. “Clean him off, Stevie,” Patrick said. It should have been gross, Stevie’s tongue dragging over his face, but it was really fucking hot. Patrick watched him, eyes dark and hungry, as her tongue dipped in the cleft of his chin. 

“David,” Stevie gasped, nipping at his lower lip as she started to come around his hand. 

“That’s it, Stevie,” David said, tilting his head to kiss her through her orgasm. Patrick eased her wrists back to her sides, rubbing down her shoulders and along her arms. She slumped back against him, soft smile on her face. 

“Everything feel okay?” David asked, as Patrick lifted his legs to bracket her hips rather than restrain them. She nodded and David snagged a bottle of water and lube from the bedside table. Patrick passed her the water.

“Here, drink sweetheart,” he said. She took a drink, scowling slightly as David finished it.

“I thought you were going to fuck me,” she said, motioning to his cock where it fell heavy and hard away from his body. David grinned, slicking it with lube.

“Oh, I for sure am,” he shot Patrick an affectionate look as he moved to lay a towel down on the other side of the bed. “Someone is just very diligent about hydration.” Patrick rolled his eyes, taking the bottle of lube so he could prep himself while David fucked Stevie.

“How do you want to do this?” David said. Stevie blushed, curling in on herself now that she didn’t have Patrick holding her open. “Hey,” David said, catching her chin between his fingers. “You okay?” 

She nodded, gesturing aimlessly, “yeah, I just can’t.”

“Stevie, lay down,” Patrick said, handing David the other towel to unfold beneath them. It was one of the embroidered ones she had given him for their engagement. David would’ve married him a million times over in that moment. 

Stevie settled on her back, humming with pleasure as David lay in the vee of her legs. He let his weight press her to the mattress as he kissed her. David reached down to line his cock up with her entrance.

“David,” she gasped as he slid in. He braced a hand on either side of her chest, rolling his hips with deep thrusts. Patrick let out a broken sigh. “Fuck,” Stevie breathed. David glanced over. Patrick had one of their wedge pillows beneath him, leg tucked up to his chest while he circled his rim. 

David dipped his head to brush his mouth over her cheek. “Mmm, go on, he likes to be watched.” Stevie gazed at Patrick with dark eyes, reaching down to rub at her clit as he fingered himself open. She moaned as David thrust into her. His cock was curved just enough to rub against her g- stop with every snap of his hips. 

David was torn between watching Patrick and watching Stevie watch Patrick. They were both so fucking beautiful. He told them so, mouthing at the tender skin on Stevie’s throat. She turned away, tucking her face in the elbow of her free arm.

 “Of, fuck,” Patrick said, breathlessly. “Thank you, David.” Patrick reached out to take her hand, lacing their fingers together. He stretched himself with the other, moaning softly as he fingered his hole. “Stevie,” he said, eyes half lidded with pleasure, “take the compliment.” 

“You are,” David said as she turned back to look at him, “so beautiful, Stevie.” 

“Okay, sure, David,” she said, blushing. She tipped her head back moaning as he fucked her. Stevie came with a cut off cry. David was curled around her; she held Patrick’s eyes as her orgasm pulsed through her in waves. 

“Beautiful,” David said against her shoulder. He turned to kiss her, swallowing her soft sigh as she melted into the bed. David pulled out, cock still hard. Patrick shifted to lay on his side next to Stevie, David behind him.

He slid a leg over her hips, “is this okay?” Stevie grinned, pulling his leg higher over her body. He groaned as the position exposed his hole, David’s fingers rubbing his rim. “David,” he gasped against Stevie’s shoulder, hard cock pressing into her side as his hips jumped. “David, fuck me,” he cried as David slipped two fingers in his loose, wet hole. David thrust them in and out, teasing Patrick with firm brushes over his prostate. Stevie brought a hand up to run through his curls. He pushed into her touch, moaning softly.

“So hungry for it,” David said, fingers rubbing over Patrick’s rim before pressing back in. Patrick gasped, grinding against Stevie’s thigh. 

“Please, David,” Patrick begged, “I need your cock in me.” David pressed a kiss to Patrick’s shoulder. 

Early on, when Patrick had struggled to vocalize his desires David hadn’t done anything other than exactly what he asked. If he asked for David to be in him, he would finger his hole until he came. Now, Patrick begged for his cock.

“Okay, Honey,” David said, running a hand over his thigh as he guided his cock into place. “Just hang on to Stevie, we’ve got you.” 

“Stevie,” Patrick breathed as David pushed in, “fuck, he’s so big.” David watched a fond smile bloom on her face as Patrick rut against her, moaning softly. 

“I know, Patrick,” she said, tugging lightly at his curls. “Feels good, huh?” Patrick made a desperate sound in response. David snapped his hips to hear him make it again. Patrick made such beautiful sounds when he let himself go, keening as David thrust into him. 

“Come on, Honey,” David said, hand tightening on his hip, “show Stevie how gorgeous you are when you come.” Patrick whined, hips jerking against Stevie’s thigh. She tugged on his hair, pulling his head back until David could mouth at Patrick’s pulse point.

Patrick came with a silent cry, tightening around David’s cock. Stevie pressed a kiss to his chest, hand running soothingly though his hair. David groaned as Patrick’s body went lax around her, moaning softly as David thrust into his hole. 

It didn’t take long for David to come, having been hard most of the night. He slid an arm over Patrick’s waist, scrabbling a little awkwardly for Stevie’s hand as he came. It felt wrong not to be holding both of them. He kissed the side of Patrick’s mouth, brushing their cheeks together before he pulled out to lay on his back for a moment. 

“David,” Patrick grumbled at the loss of contact when he moved to stand. Stevie snorted, wiggling out from under him.

“The whole bed is a wet spot, get up, Patrick,” she said, patting his thigh as she climbed off the bed. David tugged him to his feet, looping his arms around Patrick’s neck to kiss him properly. Patrick grinned, hands settling on his hips. 

“Thank you, David,” Patrick said, before moving to join Stevie in the bathroom. David glanced at the bed, scooping the towels up with a sigh. 

David kept his hands mostly to himself in the shower, but he held Stevie’s on the way back to their room in case she got any ideas about where she did or didn’t belong. She had clothes in the dresser of the guest room, but Patrick held out his Cabaret cast t-shirt like it was a letterman jersey, beaming as she put it on. 

David slid on a pair of boxers, collapsing face first under the covers on his side. Patrick and Stevie were heathens who liked to cuddle in their sleep. He listened to Patrick deftly maneuver Stevie under the covers, flip off the lights, and settle in bed beside her. David glanced over, making out enough in the low light from the windows to know she was tucked against Patrick’s side.

“I love you,” he said, hooking his foot over Stevie’s beneath the covers. He reached for Patrick’s hand where it was looped over her waist.

Patrick yawned, tucking his face into Stevie’s hair, “Love you two.” Stevie tensed; David poked her with his toes.

“Warmest regards,” she said tentatively.

“Mmm, best wishes to you.” David’s eyes slid closed, Patrick’s thumb running over his rings.

“Fondest consideration,” Patrick answered, like he had done it a thousand times. Stevie’s leg relaxed beneath his toes.