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Not that kind of princess

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The first time Éomer King, the Lion of Rohan, saw Princess Lothíriel of Dol Amroth, it was at a banquet in Ithilien.

He was there for his sister’s wedding to Faramir, and this was the first social event leading to the official affair.

Éomer had heard much about Princess Lothíriel. Her brothers and her father clearly loved her and were always amused by her antics and sharp tongue -according to the men themselves. Imrahil himself freely admitted he’d spoiled her rotten -he had no regrets about it, though.

By all their accounts, Lothíriel -or Lotty, as they called her -was an incredible young woman.

Éomer was rather curious to meet the princess in person, and Imrahil seemed quite eager to make the introductions.

They were introduced and the princess had a beautiful smile when she greeted him. Her gratitude for the aid the Eorlingas had offered during the Battle of Pelennor Fields was honest and heartfelt. She said she was grateful that her brothers had come back home, and she believed it only had happened because the Eorlingas had showed up.

She was really pretty, with her gray doe eyes and dimples when she smiled. Her hair was lighter than her father’s and older brother’s -it was a light brown that seemed almost red under the candle light. She was short, but had a huge presence.

There was something incredibly charming about her openness. He hadn’t met many Gondorian ladies, but the ones he had were either coldly reserved or interested in playing coy. Lothíriel was neither.

Perhaps it had something to do with her aunt Ivriniel -who was a remarkable woman -and had raised Lothíriel. Even Miriel - Elphir’s wife - was a talkative, clever woman. With this many strong women around her, it was no surprise that the princess felt free to talk her mind.

That night Éomer didn’t have much time to properly talk to the princess, but he felt he would like her as much as he liked the rest of her family.

The next time he saw her, she didn’t see him.

He was walking the gardens with Éowyn, when they heard voices. They had no intention of listening to a private conversation, but then they heard the princess name.

Curious, they followed the voices, only to find some lord way too close to the princess. He was backing her up against a tree, way too close for Gondorian property.

Éowyn looked at him, like she expected him to know what to do.

As far as Éomer knew the princess was perfectly fine…

“That’s your last warning, my lord…” The princess voice was covered in a not so subtle warning. “Step back.”

Yes, Éomer was going to intervene.

The lordling didn’t heed her warning, he actually dared touching her chin. “Now, my lady, would you…”

“Captain.” She said firmly. “Attack.”

Éomer hadn’t seen the dog, and he had the impression that neither had the young man. However the big hound came from somewhere and bit the would-be suitor’s ankle.

The lord fell to the ground screaming as the dog -Captain, perhaps? -kept a hold on him.

“Let go, Captain.” The princess ordered and the dog did, sending the man running.

Lothíriel patted the dog’s head lovingly. “Good boy. You deserve a treat.”

She walked away, the dog following closely behind, and never saw the two siblings.

Éowyn was impressed and trying to contain her laughter.

Éomer was more than a bit charmed.

Lothíriel was the responsible for organising banquets and meals during the week before the wedding, so it was always hard to actually talk to her during those. Éomer would greet her in all of them, but they never had the chance to properly talk.

So the next time he actually managed to talk to her, she was -once again -trying to escape a suitor.

Éomer was talking to Éothain on the gardens, when the princess turned the corner running. She found them there -looking at her in alarm -then hurried towards them.

“Hide me! Please!”

Éomer was still shocked, but Éothain -clearly more alert -motioned for the princess to hide behind the statue that was in an alcove, then once she did, moved himself to block it from view and pulled Éomer to do the same.

Éomer spread his cloak, as if he was showing it to Éothain.

Not a second later, a lordling came from where the princess had come. It was a different one, which made Éomer realise that the princess had many suitors. It shouldn’t be a surprise -she was of a good family and pretty -but he didn’t like realising it anyway -and he didn’t want to think about why.

“Éomer King.” The young man said grandly, ignoring Éothain completely. “Have you seen Princess Lothíriel?”

“She went that way.” Éomer pointed a random direction, clearly uninterested on the young man.

He thanked the king quickly and left.

Éothain and Éomer held their position for a bit more, before feeling it was safe to let the princess out.

“Wanker.” She grumbled as she came out from behind the statue.

Éothain snorted a laughter. “You seem to be quite sought after, my lady.” He commented.

“Oh. I’m the most attractive cow in the market right now.” She told him simply, as she tried to get the dry leaves away from her skirt. “I’m a princess with a ridiculous dowry and unbelievable connections. I’m also young enough and reasonably good looking.”

Reasonably good looking? Reasonably? If she was reasonably good looking, Éomer couldn’t picture a woman that was actually good-looking.

“Thank you for the assistance, gentlemen.” She gave them a dimpled smile.

“It’s always an honor to help our Gondorian allies.” Éothain told her dramatically, bowing to the princess.

She giggled and Éomer finally remembered he was actually capable of speech.

“Where’s Captain?” He asked. “I saw him saving you the other day.”

“Oh, you saw that?” She blushed. “Dad was not happy about that. Lord whatever-his-name is relevant or something.”

Éomer couldn’t help but grin at her. “He sounds important.”

“He does, doesn’t he? Anyway, father would be very upset if I let Captain bite someone else. Besides, I don’t want to get Captain in trouble; he isn’t that young anymore.”

“He sounds like a reliable companion.” Éothain praised.

“He’s the best. My King, my lord…” She curtsied prettily to them. “Thank you once again for the rescue. I hope we don’t see many other battles like this.”

She waved at them one last time and left.

“She’s really a princess?” Éothain asked, clearly already fond of the princess.

“So they tell me.”

“Since you need to marry… You should marry her.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The lass leaves you tongue tied and she’s smart. You could do a lot worse, though she could do much better.”

Éomer glared at his friend.