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Letter to SomeReallyCoolUsername

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Honestly I almost panicked when I remembered that you can’t DM or PM others on ao3 (and because you have no stories published I couldn’t comment on those) and that I could never tell you that you have excellent taste, seem like a cool person, and that I am low key (actually, high key) going to be reading all of your bookmarks, until I remembered that you could gift stories to others. I hope this reaches you well (or just reaches you, I’m not picky.)! I legit can’t believe I am resorting to this, but oh well what can you do when you’re desperate. And yes I do read FMA, A:TLA, YOI, Merlin, Haikyuu!, One Punch Man, Gravity Falls, and HTTYD.

Thanks for reading!!!!


To anyone who isn’t SomeReallyCoolUsername reading this: why would you read this???