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FE:Fates/if (+ FE:A) - When Two Revelations Collide

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Locations & context of those worlds: 

Darkest Revelation World [DRW] 

  • A world set 15 years into the future of the Great War between Nohr & Hoshido (the main game “war”) where things turned out badly for both armies. Anankos has taken control of half of both the Nohrian and Hoshidan Armies, which partially resulted in the Hoshidan-Nohrian Alliance.
  • This world’s MU decided to protect her mother, Queen Mikoto, and was left gravely injured as a result.
  • For the duration of the war, she remained neutral and did not declare herself as a princess of Hoshido or Nohr. However, the Hoshidan family kept her isolated in a private castle to keep her away from the war so that she could recover. All the siblings rotate every month or so to keep an eye on her during the war.
  • 15 years into the future, Kai, the MU of DRW, is Queen of Hoshido after Queen Mikoto passed away from an illness and after both Crown Prince Ryoma and 2nd Prince Takumi was abducted by Anankos. 
    • Princess Hinoka, although older than her, resigned her right to the throne to oversee and become commander of both Pegasus Knights and Kinshi Knights.  
    • Princess Sakura married King Leo to solidify the Hoshidan-Nohrian Alliance since Kai was the only other candidate to be Queen after Hinoka resigned her right to the throne. 
  • Kai has since made a contract with Naga, a divine dragon as strong as Anankos, to have her soul travel to another realm that's decades into the past so that she can find clues on how to get to Valla since Anankos sealed off the Bottomless Canyon during the Great War.
  • People who went missing and/or abducted by Anankos during the Great War are now possessed by Anankos and serve him. 

Kai’s Astral Plane

  • A unique deep realm that can stand within more than 1 time-period thanks to Naga’s powers. Kai, and several of the denizens of DRW & BRW can enter it, including her children.  
  • This Astral plane is 5x larger than your average MU Astral plane, as it’s been designed to allow Kai’s families to visit her regardless of the fact that she’s in another world. 
  • The Astral plane is divided into 5 parts: 4 cardinal wings and 1 central part. Each part is as big as a normal Astral plane. 
  • The North and Western Wings are locked to the DRW. 
    • The Northern Wing is a wing that’s dedicated to a memorial of the lost royals of both Hoshido and Nohr. Statues of Xander, Camilla, Ryoma, and Takumi reside there as well as smaller statues of the other missing retainers and warriors. 
    • The Western Wing is the area where Nohrians and Hoshidans can see each other with quick access. Portals to this wing reside in both the Nohrian Castle and the Hoshidan Castle. 
  • The Eastern wing is locked to the World of Awakening, where the Astral Children can occasionally meet up with their parents. 
  • The Southern Wing is the portion of Kai’s Astral plane where BRW people can enter. The people in BRW only know that the southern portion exists. 
  • The Central Branch is mostly a transportation hub to get from 1 wing to the other. This particular branch is the only branch that has access to the southern branch since it’s the one that has to trick the BRW from knowing about the realm of DRW. 
  • The 4 wings and the central branch are all connected by means of teleportation portals and a rail-cart system. 
    • The Southern wing is more isolated in that there’s no railroad tracks connected to it from any of the branches, however it has a teleportation panel behind the Shrine of King Sumeragi (this is what takes place of the throne in the southern wing). However this panel only has access to the central branch. 
    • The other branches are easily connected by railroad tracks and portals. The master portal is the Central Branch. 

Darkest Rev World Cast 

  • Kai = MU of Darkest Rev world - Queen of Hoshido, mother of Kiragi(?), Kana, and Konna. She has been cursed to remain youthful but her soul is sent away to another world after making a contract with Naga. To many of the second generation children, Kai can be seen as a surrogate aunt/parent because she has fairly good knowledge of everyone who did disappear. 
  • Kana = the younger of the twins, is a shrine maiden in training who has dragon powers. When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, her name is Kan. 
    • Her best friends are Midori and Mitama.  
    • Midori = Cousin of “Roku” and caretaker of Kai ever since she fell into a coma. Daughter of Mozu and the missing Kaze. She’s Kana’s retainer. 
      • Her best friend is Mitama, whose a shrine maiden and also Kana’s best friend as well.
  • Konna = the older of the twins, is a swordsman, much like his mother and uncle, but also wields dragon powers. When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, his name is Kon.  
    • Both of the twins’ father is unknown, but it’s speculated to be the missing Prince Takumi. 
    • Dwyer = Son of Flora and the missing Jakob, he is Konna’s retainer and rotates shifts with Midori as Kai’s caretaker. 
      • He’s friends with Roku because of their love for sweets and baking.     
  • Kiragi = Son of Takumi and 2nd prince of Hoshido. His birth mother is unknown, but the only possible candidates are the missing Oboro and Queen Kai. He wields the Fujin Yumi as his only memento of his father while his younger “brother”, Konna, bears one of his old scarves as a memento. Kiragi cares deeply for Kai as a parental figure. He may seem friendly on the outside, but he has a deep past filled with trauma. 
      • When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, his name is Kisaragi. 
      • His duty is to be the caregiver to the Southern Wing of Kai’s Astral Plane. 
      • He has a kinshi that he shares with his Aunt Hinoka named Kintarou. When she's not riding the kinshi, she's on her Pegasus. 
    • Hisame = Kiragi’s retainer, and Hinata’s son. He’s a serious samurai that holds the utmost pride and concern for Kiragi. However, he’s too old fashioned at times and gets into conflict with his father.  
  • Takumi = Father of Kiragi and the twins(?), he is the former 2nd Prince of Hoshido. He went missing during the Great War and is now a commander in Anankos’ army. He is unmarried, but his retainer, Oboro, and Kai, are his possible marriage candidates atm due to Kiragi’s birth.  
  • Shiro = Son of Ryoma and Crown Prince of Hoshido. He’s a serious young man who is a master of both the sword and the naginata as trademark weapons of his parents, Ryoma and Scarlet. He wields the Raijinto as a memento from his father. He’s the only Hoshidan who can ride a wyvern. Like Kiragi, he cares deeply for Kai as a parental figure since both of his parents were abducted in the Great War by Anankos. 
    • When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, his name is Shironome
    • His wyvern is named Gintarou. He named both Kiragi's kinshi and his wyvern. 
    • Saizo the 6th, aka “Roku” = His original name was Asugi, but he abandoned the name to become Saizo the 6th upon hearing the disappearance of his father, Saizo. 
      • Roku views Queen Kai as a surrogate aunt. She was on good terms with Saizo the 5th, so she made up the nickname “Roku” to Saizo the 6th to help her differentiate the two. Roku doesn’t mind the nickname as long as it makes his surrogate aunt happy. 
      • His cousin is Midori, whom he’s on very good terms with. They work together to protect Queen Kai’s comatose body. His mother is Kagero, who has helped raise both Midori and Roku with Mozu’s help.
      • He’s best friends with Caeldori and Dwyer. 
  • Ryoma = Father of Shiro and former Crown Prince of Hoshido. He went missing during the Great War and is now a commander in Anankos’ army. His wife, Scarlet, was abducted during the Great War trying to protect Shiro from being taken away.  
  • Hinata = Originally Takumi’s retainer, he became Kai’s Retainer when most of her retainers went missing during the Great War. He serves her dutiful and whole-heartedly because she risked her life to save his lord’s son years ago. 
    • He’s on somewhat good terms with his son, Hisame. 
    • His wife, Hana, works in Nohr as Queen Sakura’s retainer. They see each other often in Kai’s Eastern Wing when they need to deliver messages and what not. 
  • Hinoka = Older sister of Kai & Sakura, she resigned her right to the throne due to the aftermath of the Great War and the losses of all the highest commanders within the Pegasus Knight & Kinshi Knight troops. She is now the commander of both troops and swaps between her faithful pegasus and kinshi. Occasionally goes into battle with her wyvern-riding nephew, Shiro. She’s married to Silas, who went missing in the Great War. 
    • She shares a kinshi named Kintarou with Kiragi. When she's not riding Kintarou, he is. Her pegasus's name is Sora
    • Sophie = A Hoshidan Princess who looks more Nohrian than Hoshidan, she rides her faithful steed Avel into battle but almost all pegasi likes her for whatever reason. Her best friend is Caeldori, a Pegasus knight under Princess Hinoka’s Pegasus knight troops. 
  • Sakura = Youngest sister of Kai and Hinoka, she is Queen of Nohr and is married to King Leo of Nohr to maintain the Hoshidan-Nohrian Alliance. She has a son named Forrest, and also helps raise her nephew, Siegbert. 
    • Subaki = Queen Sakura’s former retainer who is also Queen Hinoka’s second in command for the Pegasus knights. His wife, Selena, works in Nohr as Queen Sakura’s retainer in his place. He is the father of Caeldori. 
      • Caeldori = Daughter of Selena & Subaki, she is a proud pegasus knight who is trying to incorporate Nohrian magic into her fighting so she can emulate her grandmother, Cordelia, who is a Ylissean Dark Flier. She’s best friends with Sophie and Roku. 
    • Selena/Severa = One of the Astral Children from Ylisse, only the other Astral Children and Kai know of her real name. She serves as Queen Sakura’s retainer in place of her husband, Subaki. 
      • She frequents the Eastern Wing with Caeldori to talk to her parents and the other astral children’s parents about what’s going on in each of their worlds. 
  • Leo = King of Nohr, and father of Forrest. He raises both Siegbert & Forrest in hopes of them succeeding him one day since Xander went missing.
    • Niles = Retainer of King Leo and father of Nina. His wife, Nyx, is one of the abducted soldiers. 
  • Forrest = 2nd Prince of Nohr, and son of King Leo and Queen Sakura of Nohr. He’s trained in both magic and healing as a troubadour and is skilled in using his father’s weapon, Brynnhildr. 
    When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, his name is Foleo
    • Nina = Forrest’s shy but haughty retainer who assists him when he acts as a healer. Her father is Niles while her mother, Nyx, is one of the missing soldiers. 
  • Siegbert =  Crown Prince of Nohr, and son of the missing Prince Xander. He wields his father’s blade, Siegfried and fights in hopes of reuniting with him someday. He’s close with his cousins Forrest and Ophelia. 
    • When traveling to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, his name is Sieg
    • Soleil = Daughter of Laslow/Inigo, she serves as Siegbert’s retainer. She’s skillful in dancing like her grandmother Olivia, but is upbeat like her missing father. 
    • Laslow/Inigo = Retainer of Prince Xander, Prince of Ylisse and father of Soleil. He’s one of the Astral Children from Ylisse, only the other Astral Children and Kai know of his real name. Went missing during the Great War. 
  • Elise = Princess of Nohr and mother to Ophelia. She’s very close to Sakura as they’re fellow healers. Her husband, Odin/Owain, went missing during the Great war. She tends to confide in Lissa and Robin, her parents in law, about how to raise Ophelia, whose half Nohrian & Ylissean. She raises both Ophelia and Velouria. 
    • Ophelia = Princess of Nohr and Ylisse, she is a special case where she is both skilled and loves the realm of books and magic. She’s close to her grandparents who are both well versed in magic of two realms. 
      • When she travels to the BRW part of Kai’s Astral Plane, her name is Rose. 
    • Odin/Owain = Prince of Nohr and Ylisse, the husband of Elise, and the father of Ophelia. He’s one of the Astral Children from Ylisse, only the other Astral Children and Kai know of his real name. Went missing during the Great War. 
  • Xander = Father of Siegbert and former Crown Prince of Nohr who was supposed to become King, but went missing during the Great War. His wife, Charlotte, went missing as well. He is now a commander in Anankos’ army.
  • Camilla = Former First Princess of Nohr who was supposed to succeed her missing brother as Queen of Nohr, but was also abducted along with her husband, Keaton, during the great war, leaving her daughter, Velouria, alone to be raised by Elise. She is now a commander in Anankos’ army. 
  • Velouria = Princess of Nohr and daughter of the missing Princess Camilla and Wolf-tribe leader Keaton, she is raised by Elise, Sakura, and Leo. She visits Kai often with Ophelia when they need advice on things.  
  • Naga = A divine dragon from the world of Awakening, she has come forth to bring back the Astral Children that Anankos has asked for because those children have extended their contract. She has made a contract with Kai to bring them back to her and the world of Awakening. 
    • The contract is that Kai is granted various powers in return for traveling to another world in order to search for a way to get Valla so that she can retrieve the two missing Astral Children. 
  • Shigure = Son of the missing Azura and missing Kaden. His sister, Selkie, does not see eye to eye with him. He supports the Anti-Alliance faction due to the fact that he would rather not get thrown into the war along with Selkie after his parents went missing. Both Shigure and Selkie are unaware of the fact that they're of small Nohrian nobility. 
    • Azura = Missing princess of Nohr/Hoshido. Wife of Kaden and mother to both Selkie and Shigure. 
    • Selkie = Shigure's younger sister who does not get along with him. 
  • Rhajat = Daughter of Hayato and Orochi. She may look scary on the outside, but she’s just a shy and sweet cook. Due to her appearance, misunderstandings often occur at first glance. She occasionally dabbles in tarot cards and fortune-telling like her mother.
  • Hayato & Orochi - both serve Lady Kai as dutiful servants and help with mage-troops. 
  • Royal Court Magistrates and their Unions
    • The Royal Court Magistrates are the politically involved nobles and scholars who aid the Royal family in all sorts of things related to ruling and governing the nation of Hoshido. There's 2 active factions based on different approaches towards foreign policy.  
    • Ajisai (Hydrangea) Faction, aka the Anti-Alliance Faction - As the alias implies, this is the Anti-alliance Faction that has aided the Royal Family for generations with their conservative and closed-off policies towards foreigners. This faction is against Kai as a person due to her dubious origins and not being related to King Sumeragi by blood. They support Oboro as a potential bride for Takumi and want to dethrone Kai asap due to the idea that the fallen members of the royal family cannot be retrieved and that Kai is not a suitable candidate to rule. 
      • Ajisai = Hoshidan flower that represents Pride or Gratitude; Also known as the Hydrangea 
    • Tsutsuji (Azalea) Faction, aka the Pro-Alliance Faction - As the alias implies, this is the Pro-Alliance Faction of the Royal Court Magistrates is smaller but a more recently emerged group as a result of the original idea between King Sumeragi and King Garon's "alliance" meeting. Despite the original meeting to be a ruse, some Magistrates believed in the concept of open-border trades and prosperity from outside forces. The Tsutsuji Faction believes in open-borders and open opportunities for alliances  with other nations. This faction supported both Queen Mikoto & later Queen Kai's ability to act as a ruler of Hoshido since they carried different values that could give way to being a better overall ruler. They support Kai as a potential bride for Takumi and want to keep Kai as a ruler until Ryoma or Takumi return alive to take over or until Shiro can reliably rule without Kai's help.  
      • Tsutsuji = Hoshidan flower that represents Patience or Modesty; also known as the Azalea
    • To further expand on the factions, the court factions did have an issue with Mikoto, but she made a compromise for both factions: she would rule similar to the anti-faction, but allow trade among neutral countries like Izumo to satisfy the pro-faction.

[I’d list everyone else when needed. ]

Brightest Revelation World [BRW] 

  • A parallel world of DRW in which the Great War has yet to occur. This is the world where Naga sends Kai’s soul to in order to find the whereabouts of a 2nd possible route to Valla. 
    • Naga sends Kai’s soul about 25 years back into the past, so right after Sumeragi’s assassination and around the time the human doll is created.
  • Naga sent Kai to BRW because this world had the highest outcome of optimal peace and prosperity without Anankos’ interference.   
  • The biggest difference between DRW and BRW is that the MU of this world’s memories Pre-Nohr was ripped out of her during the sealing process and placed into a human doll created from thousands of human lives (think the philosopher's stone). 
    • The human doll was created during the massacre of Cheve and several towns nearby. The body itself was taken from a little girl who looked identical to Kamui. 
    • The human doll is where Kai’s soul is sent to. 
    • The human doll is almost indestructible, with the exception of it being weak to the Omega Yato. King Garon’s plans for the human doll is to use it against the Hoshidan Army after Queen Mikoto and Kamui’s assassination. 
  • The human doll is raised to be a fighting machine and has the capability to transform into a dragon at will. 
  • This world’s MU lives her life similarly to DRW’s MU prior to her coming of age, but she has absolutely no recollection of Hoshido due to her memories being ripped out during the memory-sealing process. 

Brightest Rev World Cast

  • Kamui =  MU of Brightest Rev world - Princess of Nohr & Hoshido. Her memories of Hoshido are non-existent as they are trapped inside a human doll. She lives most of her life inside a Nohrian Fortress. 
  • Kai =  the human doll with Kamui’s memories, but the soul of DRW’s MU. Once Kai takes over the doll, she eventually breaks out of the jail with the aid of 2 sympathetic children who later become her “retainers” and escapes to become a mercenary and eventually tries to return to Hoshido. 
    • Chikage = Friend and self-proclaimed retainer of Kai. He’s a Hoshidan tailor who got kidnapped during a skirmish and forced to work in the prison Kai & Toshiko was locked up in. Cousin of BRW Oboro. 
    • Toshiko =  Friend and self-proclaimed retainer of Kai. She is an apothecary whose parents’ lives were lost in the massacre for the human doll. She was a potential candidate to be the vessel of the doll, but did not have the strength that Iago was looking for at the time.
  • Garon = King of Nohr whose being possessed by Anankos. His grand scheme involves using Kamui as a puppet and sacrifice for Nohr while the human doll would become a human weapon against the Hoshidan family. 
    • Xander = Crown Prince of Nohr
    • Camilla = 1st Princess of Nohr 
    • Leo = 2nd Prince of Nohr
    • Elise = 3rd Princess of Nohr
  • Mikoto = Queen of Hoshido who misses her daughter, Kamui, dearly. 
    • Ryoma = Crown Prince of Hoshido
    • Hinoka = 1st Princess of Hoshido
    • Takumi = 2nd Prince of Hoshido
    • Sakura = 3rd Princess of Hoshido 
    • Azura = Princess of Nohr who lives in Hoshido.