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Swap Meat

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Ty woke to solid warm bodies surrounding him, and two hard cocks pressed against him. He smiled and slid down the bed as gently as he could. Everyone else was sound asleep, and he was careful not to wake them as he took Nick’s cock into his mouth. He took his time, feeling the weight of it on his tongue, the girth of it stretching his mouth wide. He sucked gently, his hand stroking up Nick’s thigh, and over his ass, and behind him to wrap around Kelly’s leaking cock. 


He was the next to wake up. Hips rocking into the firm grip around him, his eyes fluttered open to Nick’s freckle spattered shoulders, and he kissed them softly. He was still half asleep, not really questioning the odd angle of the handjob until he moved the arm he had wrapped around Nick, and felt another person. Lifting himself up a bit, he was able to look over and see Ty moving his head in very slow shallow thrusts. It was more cock warming than an actual blowjob. Kelly pet Ty’s hair and pulled his head forward, forcing him further onto Nick’s cock. 


“That’s it. Go on, take it all. Let him wake up buried in your throat.” Kelly purred quietly, the sight of Ty’s lips wrapped around his husband’s cock was a beautiful one. The hand around his cock stilled and loosened a bit and he tugged Ty’s hair. “No no. Keep jacking me. There you go. You’re so hot like this.” Kelly rocked his hips, fucking into Ty’s hand as he held his head in place. Nick started stirring awake, moaning quietly. 


“Fuck, yeah.” He grumbled, pushing as deep as he could, and rolling his hips just enough to get a little bit of friction. Ty swallowed around the head of his cock on every thrust, little happy sounds spilling out of him. A desperate moan escaping as he felt Zane’s hand wrap around his throat. They hadn’t even noticed him wake up. 


“Now, isn’t that a nice sight to wake up to?” He murmured, his voice still rough with sleep. Nick’s face was inches from his own, so he leaned over and kissed him, biting playfully at his lips. He squeezed Ty’s throat, making the hot wet grip around Nick’s cock even tighter, the loud moans vibrating against him. “Come on, O’Flaherty. Come down his throat so I can fuck him while he blows your husband.”


Ty made an encouraging sound at that, and Nick shuddered, groaning their names as he followed orders. They rearranged themselves a bit, Ty taking Kelly into his mouth as Zane pushed inside of him. Nick wrapped his hand around Ty’s cock, squeezing and stroking as he kissed his shoulder and began murmuring in a low growl. 


“You look so good like this. Half asleep and stuffed full of cock. You look so relaxed. Move your hips baby, fuck yourself on him. That’s it. Use your tongue more. Faster. I wanna watch you choke on my husband’s dick. Good boy.”


Ty was trembling, whimpering desperately, trying to follow Nick’s orders, overwhelmed by sensations on every side. He gave it his all, feeling Zane’s fingers dig sharply into his hips as he rocked his hips back to meet him. Nick rubbed the head of his cock as he kept speaking. 


“If you make them come in the next thirty seconds, I’ll let you fuck me in the shower while they make breakfast.”


It took fifteen seconds. 




To their credit, they did actually wash up in the shower. Wet and soapy, skin clean and slippery. Ty kissed Nick hungrily as he fingered him open. Both of them touching and groping every inch of each other they could reach. They already knew each other’s bodies so well, already in sync with each other, it was easy to shift into this. 


The tile wall was almost cold against Nick’s face and chest under the warm water. Ty pinched his nipple and bit into his neck as he fingered him. “You ready?” He purred in his ear. “All those years fantasizing about fucking me. You ever imagine me fucking you?”


“A few times.”  Nick admitted, gasping softly, toes curling as Ty’s fingers twisted inside him. “You’ve got a real nice dick, babe. Now put it in me.”


“Yes, sir!” Ty chirped, grinning as he did just that. Their moans echoed in the shower stall as Ty wrapped one arm around Nick’s waist, and used the other hand to make him tilt his head so he could kiss him again. 


It was rough and sloppy and perfect. The slight height difference between the two of them made the angle just right for Ty’s cock to keep a constant pressure on Nick’s prostate. 


“Goddamnit, Six!” Nick groaned against his lips. “Fuck me harder! Come on, baby, give it to me. Don’t hold back.”


Ty growled softly, biting at Nick’s lips, feeling his cock twitch where it was buried inside him. “Yeah? You want me to wreck you, Irish?”


“I want you to try.”


They both laughed, and Ty kicked Nick’s legs open a little wider, both of them bracing against the wall as he gave him all he got. 


Nick pushed back against him, meeting each thrust. Their moans and cries of pleasure may have been a bit over exaggerated, just to make sure their men could hear them down in the kitchen. That may have also been why they left the bathroom door open as well. 


Their climaxes came hard and fast, leaving both of them panting and weak kneed. They stood there, Nick’s forehead pressed to the shower wall, and Ty’s face smooshed into the crook of Nick’s neck. 


“Our husbands better be making bacon.” Nick managed. “And eggs. And pancakes.”


“Those horny bastards probably haven’t even started yet. My guess is Zane’s already got Kelly bent over the kitchen island.”




To be fair, Zane and Kelly did finish making breakfast. And it was listening to the two of them in the shower that got them worked back up in the first place. And Zane didn’t have Kelly bent over the kitchen island. He had him perched on the counter, with one leg hitched over Zane’s shoulder, and the other foot planted on countertop, as he grasped at the cabinets behind him for leverage, his free hand tangled in Zane’s hair. Zane gripped his hips hard enough to bruise and kissed him like he was trying to devour him, and fucked him like he was trying to break him. 


Kelly shuddered as Zane’s cock pounded into him relentlessly. His legs trembled and he could barely catch his breath. His entire body felt like a live wire, sparking every time Zane’s cock slammed against his prostate. He could barely think, over sensitive and dizzy with pleasure. All he could do was hold on and enjoy the ride. 


He came hard, toes curling, hands shaking, crying out into Zane’s mouth. It only took a few more thrusts for Zane to follow suit, releasing his hold on him a bit as Kelly’s head rested back against the cabinets. Zane kissed his cheek and grinned as he heard their husbands come thumping down the stairs. 


“Right on time.” He murmured, helping Kelly down from the counter. 


Zane and Ty made everyone a plate as Kelly curled up in Nick’s lap, coming down from the aftershocks as Nick kissed him softly and rubbed his back. “You having fun, baby?” He murmured. 


“Mmhmmm!” Kelly moaned affirmatively, grinning. “I’ll tell ya one thing, though. I’m getting a shot at Garrett’s ass sometime before lunch!”


“Oh yeah? Well, I was planning on having him blow me. We could probably work something out.”


Zane grinned, wiggling his eyebrows as he set their plates down. “Now that sounds promising!”


“And what will I be doing?” Ty laughed with mock indignation. 


“Video camera.” The other three responded in deadpan unison before all four of them broke out giggling. 


“Alright, that actually sounds fun.” Ty conceded as they sat down and began to eat. “But if I’m filming, I also wanna direct.”




Kelly refused to move from Nick’s lap, and simply opened his mouth. Nick laughed and picked up a piece of bacon, feeding it to him. Kelly grinned, licking at Nick’s fingers. 




They kept the morning lazy. None of them bothering to get dressed after Zane and Kelly took a quick shower as well. They piled blankets and pillows on the living room floor and cuddled up, watching tv and chatting for a while. 


At one point, Nick got up and retrieved the little red flip camera and an extra bottle of lube. He tossed the camera to Ty with a crooked grin. 


“How do you want us, Mr Spielberg?” 


Ty laughed and thought for a moment, chewing his lip as he turned on the camera. “The height differences between the three of you are the biggest logistical issue.” He mused. “Baby, why are you so fucking tall?”


“Purely to annoy you, doll.” Zane drawled, laughing. 


“That’s what I thought.” He looked around the room, gaging the size of the space they had to work with. “Okay. Nick, you sit on the couch. Zane on his knees in front of you, and Kelly behind him.” He sprawled himself out on the armchair, after positioning it to get the best angle, and began filming. 


“Are we allowed to do anything on our own, or is this going to be a very naughty game of Simon Says?” Zane asked as they settled into position, biting down on Nick’s thigh as he winked at Ty. 


“I suppose you can do a little bit of improv.” Ty drawled. “Right now I want Nick’s balls in your mouth and Kelly’s fingers in your ass. Otherwise, have fun with it.”


Zane squeezed Nick’s thighs, spreading them wider so he could duck his head between them. Nick groaned at the hot wet tongue on him, and tangled his fingers in Zane’s hair. From his position on the couch, he could see Kelly, but not exactly what he was doing. He could see his arm move. Could feel Zane moaning and panting against him. Could hear Ty telling Kelly to add another finger. 


Finally, Ty told Zane to take Nick’s cock in his mouth. To suck on the head as Kelly pushed his own cock into him. He made them go slow. Draw it out. Zooming in and trailing the camera along their bodies. 


“Do you wanna practice deep throating again today, baby?” He asked, sweetly. “I think Nick would really enjoy making you choke on his cock.” 


Zane was trembling with anticipation. Kelly was buried inside him as deep as he could, rolling his hips in slow little circles as he cursed under his breath. His hands squeezing Zane’s hips and stroking up his sides. Nicks grip on his hair tightened as he tried to nod.


“Please!” He tried to whimper, already wound up and desperate. 


“Okay, baby. Irish, fuck his throat. But real slow at first. Don’t stop unless he taps out. Kelly, spread his cheeks a little. I wanna see him stretched around you.” Ty stroked his own cock lazily as he zoomed in on Zane’s ass. “You keep going slow, too. I’ll tell you both when to speed up.”


Nick hissed in pleasure as Zane’s throat spasmed around him, fighting him as he pushed inside. Zane’s hands clutched the couch cushions and didn’t move, so Nick kept going, kept pushing in, making him gag and choke, the sounds and sensations only making Nick harder. 


“Fuck yeah, take it, Garrett. Come on, suck my cock, don’t just choke on it. Fuck, are you crying? You are. Is it too much or not enough? Do you want me to fuck you harder? You want Kelly to fuck you faster? Or do you just wanna stay on your knees and take what we give you while your husband watches? Wanna show him what a good boy you can be for us?”


“Kelly, go harder, but not faster.” Ty’s voice rasped, stroking himself a little more deliberately now. “You two think you can time it so you’re both fucking into him at the same time?”


It turned out they could. 


Zane was all but shaking, overloaded with sensations, cock so hard it hurt, his nerves on fire with pleasure, but no relief. Nick and Kelly’s hands on him, their cocks inside him, Ty’s voice delivering instructions. No one had so much as mentioned touching his cock. He was suspended in that moment, being used and enjoyed. He could hear Nick and Kelly’s noises over his own. Could hear what his body was doing to them. 


Nick had one hand on Zane’s shoulder, and Kelly slid his own hand up to thread their fingers together there. He looked up into his husband’s eyes, licking his lips as they moved in perfect rhythm together. 


“Fuck, that’s hot.” They heard Ty mutter. “Okay. Go to town. As hard and fast as you want. Doc, you come inside him, Irish, you come on his face. And don’t let him come yet.”


They didn’t need to be told twice. 


Zane was a mess. Ty stood and handed the camera to Kelly, who flopped down in the arm chair. Ty maneuvered Zane to lay back on the blankets, and licked at the come on his jaw. 


“That was so good, baby. You wanna keep going? Can I fuck your mouth while Nick sucks you off?”


“Yeah!” Zane gasped. “Yes. Yes, please.”


“Good boy.” Ty grinned, and licked his swollen sticky lips. He straddled Zane and waved Nick over. “Get down here and put your mouth on that cock.” He ordered brightly. 


“Yes, Captain!” Nick saluted before sliding off the couch and leaning over Zane to do just that. Ty threaded his fingers in Zane’s hair and pulled his head forward as he pushed his own cock into Zane’s soft, well used mouth. 


Zane moaned, desperate and needy, trying to buck up into Nick’s mouth as he choked on Ty’s cock. But the two Marines on top of him held him still. Controlling his movements, his pleasure, his air. He floated in the momentum of it all, and waited for Ty to tell him he could come. Which he did, telling Nick to swallow, just moments before he pulled his own cock away, and added to the mess on Zane’s face. 


“Fucking beautiful.” Ty murmured. “Kels, get a close up of this.” He ran his fingers over Zane’s cheek before pushing them into his mouth. Zane made a pleased sound as he sucked on Ty’s fingers. 


“Damn, he looks good like that.” Kelly murmured in agreement. He stopped the recording and curled up next to Nick, who was now sitting on the floor, against the couch. Nick put his arm around him as they looked over the footage. 


Ty got a wet washcloth and cleaned up Zane’s face, pressing kisses as he went. “Water.” He said, kissing Zane’s nose. “Then lunch.” He kissed his cheek. “And then Kelly and I wanna see if you can hold Nick up and fuck him against a wall.” He pressed a soft but firm kiss to his lips. “Sound good?”


Zane grinned and nodded as Nick called out “Sounds good to me!”