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Day 47 - An Interesting Package

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Prompt: Quarantine



Forty-seven. That’s the number of days Bakugou has spent locked up, just like everyone in the Japanese capital. It had become necessary considering the sanitary crisis happening not only in his country but in many more around the world ; the blond naively thought it wouldn’t last that long. Fortunately, his Hero agency has been working pretty well and he had been able to convert the entire fifth floor into a large apartment in time. Living here had made the experience comfortable.


But not being able to work was keeping him on edge, more and more with days passing. The streets were empty, quiet, and even villains hadn’t showed up — a few did at the beginning, mostly robbers taking advantage of closed stores to break in. Only the ten first Pro Heroes are allowed to patrol, working with the police to cover enough ground with such a restricted team. Bakugou is ranked fourteenth, so he’s requested to stay home like a civilian.


To him, it sounds more like house arrest and the first days at home have been extremely difficult. The blond man quickly got bored and his deep annoyance only made it worse ; he spent hours sitting and standing right away, walking from a room to another one looking for any form of activity that would calm him down. At first, Kirishima had let him adapt to this new, temporary lifestyle.


It’s just as difficult for the redhead, who feels useless too if he’s not on duty. However, he had immediately managed to put things into perspective and get accustomed to quarantine ; by the tenth day he was completely used to it, though he always misses his patrols. But after two weeks, he had had enough of the way Bakugou kept pacing up and down like a caged lion.



“We’re going to exercise daily, you and me, keep each other in shape.” He had told him one day, after forcing him to sit on the couch with him. “And if it’s not enough to tire you, you’ll go buy me a cucumber every single morning for my detox drink. And we’ll have sex. Lots of sex.”


“Great, all that shit will keep us busy for two hours.” The blond had grunted, uncooperative. “And then?”


“Then we will do what couples do! Watch movies together, play video games, cook, I don’t know! You always complain that we don’t see each other enough despite working together, and now that we get the opportunity, you waste it.”



Perhaps these last words had rung a louder bell in Bakugou’s mind than the previous ones, and guilt had twisted his stomach. It’s true that even if Kirishima works at his agency, they’re not always on patrol together because they don’t want to always be seen together in the streets ; the Explosive Hero wants the public to see him for what he is, not just Red Riot’s boyfriend — though he’s definitely proud of it.


The redhead had been right that day, Bakugou doesn’t make the most of them being together all day long.


Since then, he’s been making efforts. Every morning he wakes up first and quickly washes up, then goes to the nearest grocery store to buy a cucumber, sometimes more stuff if he notices it’s starting to lack. The cashier always gets startled when he shows up because in terms of prevention and protection, he’s giving his all: black clothes, black cap, black face mask, black gloves, black sunglasses.


Once he’s back home and puts his finds away, Kirishima usually gets up and demands that they cuddle — after all, he wakes up alone. Bakugou isn’t much of a cuddler, but there’s barely a thing he refuses his boyfriend ; so they sit on the couch and watch the news, the blond sitting with his cup of coffee and the redhead lying, his head on the other man’s lap and appreciating fingers stroking his hair.


Breakfast time passes and they spend one to two hours exercising, with reasonable breaks between two sets. They are really good coaches to each other, Kirishima knowing when to stop his boyfriend when he’s doing too much, and Bakugou making him generalise his efforts to his whole body and not just his arms and abs. After that, the blond likes to have his space so they shower in turns, the redhead swallowing his detox cucumber juice down right after. Sometimes they’re in for giving each other professional massages.


Their lunch eaten, afternoons look much the same every day: just as proposed, they watch their favourite movies or start a new series, sometime resume their paused video game or just spend time individually. Bakugou rediscovers the pleasure of reading on the balcony, looking very comfortable — and sexy — with his glasses perched on his nose. Kirishima likes to surf on the web, especially those websites where he can randomly video chat with fans.


This simple routine eventually suits Bakugou, his exuberant energy canalised and his emotions put at ease. Still, the absence of work is difficult to handle and he can’t help being a moody gremlin some days, but Kirishima respects it. This overwhelming situation even has an healthy impact on their relationship, as they take time to acknowledge each other’s thoughts and needs, to avoid having their home blown off on a bad day.


On the forty-seventh day, their exercising session just came to an end and Bakugou feels extremely relaxed. His boyfriend left to shower first and he’s alone in the living room, his black tank top sticking to his chest as he wipes his nape with a towel. He’s grateful for Kirishima who insisted to stick to these daily sessions ; at first he used them as a way to unwind, and that was the main objective along with staying in shape.


But being locked up also means he gets to observe his body and care for his health better. Truth is he’s never felt as much comfortable in his body as he currently feels ; he’s skinnier than the redhead who’s becoming a real mountain, but the way he managed to build himself throughout the years without doing too much really shows what’s close to a final result. He likes his toned chest and the strong abs he manages to keep, but he feels like he could do more with his arms.


Thing is, looking at himself in the mirror was once a pain, but now he feels confident with how he looks. He worked hard to get his body, a body that belongs to him, but somehow his pride is nothing compared to Kirishima’s. The redhead has certainly been the best support around him during all those years, perhaps more than his parents ; and he’s always been more enthusiastic than Bakugou himself about his regressing dysphoria.


Perhaps his boyfriend had known that if they hadn’t exercised at all during this quarantine, he would have gained some fat again, on those specific parts of his body he really didn’t want to. Perhaps that’s why Kirishima has made sure until today that he still took physically care of himself, so he wouldn’t fall back in a spiral of concern and self-depreciation.


Even on days when Bakugou had had to bear with emotional rollercoasters and bouts of insecurity, as a side result of his hormones therapy, the redhead had made sure to reduce their sessions’ time and rather make him do a bit of soft reinforcement and yoga postures instead of a complete training like they always do. Always followed by a warm bath and a cozy nap together, after a good lunch if they felt like it.


Yeah, Kirishima is a perfect friend and an even more perfect boyfriend. Bakugou sometimes wonders if he deserves him, but his insecurities are always quickly wiped from his mind by that red haired teddy bear.



“Katsuki!” He hears his name, yelled from the bathroom and considering the tone, it’s not the first time.


“Huh?” He yells back.


“Someone’s at the door, go open!”



Shit, he got so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear the doorbell. As fast as possible, he crosses the living room and grabs the first face mask he finds to put it on before opening the door. The delivery man was just about to leave and looks up from the delivery notice he’s writing, immediately greeting his customer.



“Good morning, I have a registered package for…” He looks back at the box on the floor. “Kirishima Eijiro!”


“Yeah, it’s here.” Bakugou nods and grabs his bag hanging on the coat rail, knowing he left a pen in there.


“A small sign here please, sorry, it’s required.”


“No problem. Here.”


“Perfect, have a good day!”


“Right back at you.”



The man giggles at the rather informal way he’s being answered, but he doesn’t seem to mind. The blond picks the package up and instinctively looks at the sheet, curious about who’s sending such a big box to his boyfriend. When he goes back to the living room and removes his mask, Kirishima is just coming out of the bathroom with a towel hanging on his hips. He’s drying his hair with a smaller one as he approaches the other man.



“Oh, it came faster than I expected!” The redhead enthusiastically says, taking the package from Bakugou’s hands and immediately heading to their bedroom.


“Hey, what’s in that?” His partner asks, following him without being asked. “You never receive shit, even less from Kyoto.”


“Well… A shame you had to be the one accepting it, I can’t really hide anything now. Too bad, I really wanted to surprise you later.”


“Cut the bullshit, open it.”


“Yes sir!”



What’s good when you have a hardening quirk is that you never need an utility knife ; only a finger, hardened sharply enough, and here you go. Bakugou watches quietly while Kirishima kneels on the bed and takes more boxes from what clearly looks like an ocean of green and pink foam peanuts. They’re not high enough to be shoes boxes, the blond only grows more curious and he’s pretty sure his boyfriend is going slowly on purpose.


After what feels like an eternity, Bakugou’s eyes almost pop out of his skull when four sets of sex toys lie on the bed between them. Brand new and of different styles, colours and materials. He doesn’t remember talking about buying toys… or was he drunk when he did? Also they’ve been having sex for a few months only, since they’d waited for him to feel ready… this is definitely surprising.



“What the fuck.” He can only manage to say, his usual charming self never failing to express his raw emotions.


“They’re great, right?” Kirishima replies. “I know I might have bought many at once but I’ve read so many stuff about each of them… I couldn’t choose just one or two.”


“But… why?”


“At first it was just to complete something I bought… maybe last month? I don’t know why I bought it alone, maybe because we hadn’t talked about it but I still wanted to have it. But the website had so many things and they really looked… nice?”


“You reassure me here, I really thought I’d lost my fucking memory. We never talked about buying that, right?”


“Nope, never. Are you angry…? I’m sorry I acted before consulting you, I just… I got too excited. You don’t like them?”


“Ei, it’s not about liking them or not, it’s… fuck, we’re talking about stuff that’ll go inside me and you didn’t think of asking me before buying them?”


“Huh? Inside you? No, those are for me.”





Bakugou wonders how his eyes still sit peacefully in their sockets because he can feel he’s literally bulging. His shock makes space for confusion as he looks at his boyfriend, the latter blushing and lowering his eyes while he scratches the back of his head.



“OK, alright, time out.” The blond gestures before running his fingers through his hair, earning a few precious seconds. “Babe, I think we need to have a talk.”


“You’re angry.” Kirishima says, and the way his voice drops low hits Bakugou right in the chest.


“No, no I’m not! Why would I be angry over that? No, I just mean you… you never told me you wanted to do it this way, it’s confusing.”


“Well… surprise…? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, to tell you the truth. I just didn’t know when was the right time to bring the topic up.”


“Anytime. Really, whatever it is you want to talk about, you can bring it anytime, Ei. Especially something as important as your pleasure, I mean… it matters as much as mine! What were you scared of?”


“I didn’t want you to think that you’re not enough or that I’m not satisfied with what we do, and… and I thought that even you might want to do it the other way, you know…?”


“You’re seriously asking me if I ever considered fucking you? When I have my fingers up your ass once every two days?”


“Kats! That’s gross, said like that!”


“If there’s one thing that’s not gross, it’s definitely your ass. You want me to be honest? I’ve been dreaming of fucking you.”


“Why did you never tell me?!”


“Well you seem to fucking enjoy it the way we do that shit so I didn’t think you would actually want to change?!”


“But you’re stupid?!”


“So are you?!”



Both men look at each other in disbelief… before bursting into laughter. Bakugou covers his mouth to try silencing a bit his hoarse, loud voice, while Kirishima falls on his back on the bed, laughing with his whole chest. It’s quite hysterical and they struggle to stop, every time they glance at each other only making them laugh more. When they finally manage to take a deep breath and calm down, the redhead sits back and wipes his tears away.



“Oh God…” He sighs. “We’re so dumb.”


“You more than me.” The blond nags, then gestures to the toys. “Now that I really think about it, we could have bought those a while ago.”


“Yeah, right?”


“I’m curious now, what got you started?”


“Denki wouldn’t believe me when we talked about our sex lives. He told me about way too many types of toys so it was a bit overwhelming but well… it’s him who gave me the website’s link. And advices.”


“I see… he can be quite useful from time to time. Didn’t you tell me you bought those to complete one?”


“Oh, right, just wait.”



Kirishima stands up quickly, rushing to their chest of drawers and pulling the large one with his incredible collection of hoodies inside. His boyfriend cocks an eyebrow when he sees him rummage through them to pull a box of an average size — just thin enough to fit under dozens of clothes. Has he been hiding it just under his nose for all this time?


The redhead comes back on the bed and opens the box with confidence. Lying in thin paper wrap is a black leathered strap-on… but just the harness, the spot intended for the artificial penis is empty.



“Ah, I see.” Bakugou nods before motioning to take one of the three flesh-coloured dildos, inspecting it. “It’s for those, right?”


“Yeah, I got three sizes.” Kirishima beams. “It was on special offer.”


“Oh well, if it was on special offer then. What about everything else?”



The blond smiles at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm, the latter moving on his butt to come closer to the toys and showing each of them off with a thoughtful explanation, helped by the instructions. Beside the strap-on and its three penises — with sizes named after chess pieces: Pawn, Bishop and Queen — Kirishima bought another set of three butt plugs — plentiful were the special offers — and a metallic vibrator, smaller and thinner than the dildos. The fourth toy is a simple ring that Bakugou had no idea could go around a dick with the sole purpose or staying hard for a longer time.


That makes a lot of toys, but both men would be lying if they said they weren’t slowly turning them on, lying in front of them like that.



“So…” The blond starts, his voice slightly cracking because of a sudden shyness. “When do you want to try them?”


“Hmm, I still have to clean them.” Kirishima replies. “And we have a video conference today, remember? Better not rush this to be on time.”


“Ugh, it’s today…”


“We’ll try them later, I promise you.”



The redhead steals his boyfriend a kiss, smiling against his pouty lips and getting up.



“Go shower, you stink.” He says, hardening by reflex when a pillow is thrown at him. “Truth hurts I see!”



Bakugou sniggers but gets up anyway, heading to the bathroom and mischievously pulling Kirishima’s towel on his way. The other man gasps at his sudden nudity but it’s not like he’s shy, so he just shakes his head and follows his partner, hands full with his toys. The blond can’t help but stare at him while he showers, watching the redhead thoroughly cleaning every single toy and often eyeing each’s instructions to use the right technique.


It’s not surprising that seeing Kirishima running his big hand up and down so many dildos starts to have a little impact on Bakugou’s desire, so the latter forces himself to focus on his shower. Later, they said.


Later is later.





Dinner is long eaten and the movie finished when Bakugou gets up from the couch to wash the dishes. He usually hates leaving half dirty plates on the coffee table while they watch tv, but once again he’s been feeling quite relaxed tonight. The movie was a bit shitty — he doesn’t like the lead actor — but it’s one of Kirishima’s favourite ones so the redhead was so focused his boyfriend could pretend while stroking his hair.


He welcomes the chore with more relief than he should, while the other man heads to their bedroom to wash up and gets ready for bed time. Once their plates, cutleries and glasses are clean and resting on the dryer, Bakugou starts losing patience with the frying pan ; he should have let it soak while they were eating because now it’s a real pain in the ass to scrub the dry risotto off. It easily takes him a good ten minutes to get rid of every remains of rice and mushrooms, and he decides to give the pan a thorough vinegar cleaning.


He’s rinsing the chopping board when strong arms circle his waist from behind, a warm and very naked body presses against his back. He’s not startled at all, since Kirishima isn’t what one can call a discreet person ; he heard him come from the bedroom, his heels certainly digging holes in the floor. Bakugou grunts when his boyfriend starts kissing his ear and jaw, willingly distracting him and asking for attention.



“Ei, I’m busy.” The blond just says as he turns the water off and slightly shakes the board above the sink.


“Not anymore, are you?” Kirishima teases, his large hands roaming Bakugou’s torso under his shirt. “Can’t believe you spent half an hour doing the dishes for two persons, while I was waiting for you.”


“Were you now?”


“Hmhm. We have some things to try tonight…”



Bakugou can’t help the shiver that runs down his spine at the words, the single memory of his boyfriend’s recent purchase spread on their bed effectively turning him on. With a smirk, he dries his hands and puts the dish towel away, turning around between Kirishima’s arms and crossing his over his chest.



“Now you interest me.” He grins, shamelessly eyeing the other man’s body from head to toe, his red irises longing on his half hard dick. “You got all prepared already, I see.”


“More than you think.” The redhead says and before his boyfriend can see him blushing, he leans on and presses his mouth against his ear. “I… I cleaned myself and, hum… I have something in my ass right now.”



The blond gets stunned by the revelation, feeling a thump in his chest and a nascent warmth down his abdomen. Kirishima straightens up and looks at him, the red on his cheeks making him adorable and desirable at the same time.



“Will you show me?”



Bakugou smiles and slowly presses his thumb along his boyfriend’s lower lip, something he does whenever he gets aroused. But the redhead doesn’t move, and the blush on his face intensifies ; he’s getting shy now that they’re about to get to this for real, what makes the other softly laugh.



“It’s okay, Ei.” He says, pecking his lips. “Do you want to do this another time?”


“N-No, I really want to do it tonight…” Kirishima replies, smiling. “Sorry I just… I just imagined myself showing you my ass, and knowing there’s something inside is… is new so…”


“And it’s fine, I’m not going to laugh or anything. It kinda… turns me on. A lot.”


“Does it?”


“Yeah. So… show me?”



His cheeks remain a bit red but the younger man is reassured, and he nods with a bit more enthusiasm now. Letting go of Bakugou, he turns around and leans on the kitchen island, pressing the side of his face on his forearm to look behind him while he presents his behind. When he spreads his legs, the blond comes closer and kneels to have his head at the level of the tanned, firm ass he’s being showed.


He doesn’t even need to spread Kirishima’s cheeks to see it ; the base of the plug is there, in front of his eyes, lube leaking from the man’s stuffed hole and giving a coconut smell off. The toy is a bright orange, really eye catching, but what makes the warmth in Bakugou’s pants intensify is the little black cross that clearly was added with a sharpie, on the round base.



“Did you customise it?” He asks, placing both his hands on his boyfriend’s ass cheeks to look at his hero symbol better.


“Y-Yeah… Just the part that stays outside.” Kirishima replies, and Bakugou can hear him blushing. “Thought you might like it. Do you…?”


“You kidding? I fucking love it. Can I touch it?”


“Sure, yeah, go on.”



The blond doesn’t need to be told twice, and while he holds a cheek a bit spread with one hand, he brings his thumb closer to the plug and gently pokes at it, pushes it a bit. The other man stiffens and hisses, making Bakugou immediately withdraw his finger… until a soft sigh tells him it was actually enjoyable.


So he does it again.



“A-Ah, God…” Kirishima moans and instantly hides his face in his arms, his dick twitching.


“Felt good?” The other man smirks, now playing with the edges of the plug with the tip of his finger, nailing at the redhead’s sensitive skin around.




“More than my fingers?”


“W-Won’t tell.”


“Smart boy.”



Bakugou sniggers and brings his face closer, licking his boyfriend’s taint all the way up and emphasising the pressure of his tongue when it slides on the toy — thankfully, the sharpie is well dry. Kirishima whimpers and the blond knows what he’s going to do to hear more ; with a rather surprising delicateness, he pulls on the redhead’s hip to make him turn around, the latter now leaning against the counter and his hard cock standing proudly in front of Bakugou’s face.


Kirishima’s bigger than the average and he doesn’t like to trim, his crotch is the most amazingly natural one the blond has been given to see. And he loves it. He confidently laps the leaking head and pulls it in his mouth with a sucking sound, the younger man sighing loudly as he looked at him from above.


Bakugou smirks — or tries — and he twirls his tongue around the piercing sitting on top of Kirishima’s dick, the latter biting his lip to prevent himself from moaning too loudly so soon. He mentally thanks himself for wearing the double ball one and not the ring, otherwise he might have come just from his boyfriend pulling on it with his tongue.


The redhead runs his fingers in the blond bangs between his legs, this simple gesture inviting Bakugou to open his mouth wider and swallow half his dick in one go. What he didn’t expect is the hand sliding between his legs and roaming his ass cheek, two fingers suddenly pressing against the plug at the same time he’s being sucked off.



“Oh f-fuck!” Kirishima gasps for air and thrusts his hips unintentionally, making his boyfriend gag.



But Bakugou is used to it so he quickly readjusts himself and relaxes his jaw to welcome more thrusts as he plays with the toy in the redhead’s ass. He grabs its base between three fingers and teases Kirishima’s hole by slightly pulling at it and pushing it back, the other man having to hold onto the counter’s edge. His fingers harden around the wood, and the pure ecstasy on his face sends his boyfriend off.


The blond keeps his little play with the plug as he moves his head again, swallowing more or Kirishima’s cock with each thrust. It only needs a short moment for Bakugou’s nose to brush against natural black haired pubes, and he inhales deeply before withdrawing, lips tight around the redhead’s throbbing length and tears threatening at the corner of his eyes. It’s a miracle he doesn’t gag once more.


When he moves forwards again while pulling at the toy, Kirishima brings his hand to the back of his head and pushes on it with a long, low moan, his dick swallowed by Bakugou’s throat as he comes. It’s a surprise for both of them, the redhead usually lasting way longer ; he immediately lets go of the blond hair and watches his boyfriend withdrawing, his tongue and lips coated with cum, only to receive more on his face.



“Fuck, I’m sorry I…” Kirishima breathes. “I didn’t control it…”


“Damn, you really enjoy having your ass stuffed.” Bakugou comments, coughing a bit then licking his lips to remove cum on them. “That’s sexy.”



The redhead furiously blushes but ends up smiling since he can sense the genuine — and horny — sincerity in his boyfriend’s voice. The blond stands up and removes his tank top to wipe his face and neck with it, black immediately stained with white, almost translucent liquid. Kirishima grabs his waist and pulls him closer, his hands moving to his small but rounded ass. The tip of his fingers brushes between his legs, feeling his slightly soiled underwear.



“You’re wet…” He says, his voice hot against Bakugou’s ear as he slides his middle finger against the latter’s underwear, right between his thighs. “Want me to take care of that?”


“Not yet.” The blond smirks, biting Kirishima’s lobe before pulling away. “I want to see how else we can please that ass of yours before.”


“Remind me to have you sit on my face once you’re done with my ass.”


“Sure will. Now get that fucking cake in the bedroom.”



The redhead heartily laughs and takes his boyfriend’s hand with his, pulling him towards their bedroom. His grip seems to grow tighter as they walk, and Bakugou can’t help but look at him, wondering why Kirishima looks like he needs to hold on to him. He certainly doesn’t expect to see him slightly limping.



“The fuck, why are you walking like that?” He asks, earning an offended look.


“I have a plug shoved in my ass, Katsuki.” The other man replies loudly, insisting on the words. “I don’t get to walk like that often, you should try someday!”


“Tch, bet no one could tell if it were me.”


“Careful with your words, I might make you wear one on a date outside.”



Bakugou snarls and pulls his boyfriend in the room, closing the door behind them and eyeing the toys placed on the bed. The redhead really prepared everything, it’s almost cute. He gets lost in his thoughts for a moment, brought back to reality when Kirishima clears his throat ; he’s kneeling on the mattress, legs a bit spread.



“Will you keep those?” He asks, showing the other man’s black boxers with his chin.


“Want me to take them off?” Bakugou smirks, playing with the elastic around his hips. “Might play with your nerves a bit.”


“I’d rather have you playing with something else, come on…”



The gleam of lust in the redhead’s eyes is enough for his partner to give up on his teasing, the latter immediately jumping off his underwear. He closes the distance between them and puts a knee on the bed to be at Kirishima’s level, grabbing his nape to pull him into a kiss. When turned on, Bakugou can show himself quite passionate, literally devouring lips and tongue like his life depends on it.


Not that Kirishima complains, he returns everything eagerly. Teeth clash against each other and saliva drips down their chin, the redhead closing his hands around the blond’s hips. When Bakugou withdraws and goes nibbling at his ear, softly pulling at his piercings, the younger man can swear he could have come again.



“Come on, take it off…” He moans, feeling the burning stare of his boyfriend on his ass.


“Lean on.”



The order is simple, and Kirishima obeys ; he moves on the bed to have enough space and grabs his pillow, hugging it and leaning on so his butt is up in the air. All ready to be presented to Bakugou, who doesn’t waste time coming closer and spreading his cheeks to look at the plug.



“Be gentle.” The redhead asks when he feels fingers grabbing the base of the toy.


“Always fucking am.”



True to his words — or almost — the blond softly pulled at the orange plug, watching it slowly stretching Kirishima’s hole when coming out. It’s somehow surprising and arousing, how he was able to fit the largest part of the toy inside, and Bakugou has to bite his lip when this pleasant view is emphasised by a soft moan escaping his boyfriend’s lips. When it’s fully removed and leaves the redhead with a puckering, slightly stretched hole still dripping with remains of lube, the older man feels the urge to fill it again.


At the moment, all toys are forgotten as he pushes a finger inside, feeling the warm wetness that’s still there. The way Kirishima immediately tightens around him like he’s really not full enough achieves to make Bakugou’s abdomen twist.



“You’re so eager…” He murmurs, repressing the need to touch himself as he wants to give his boyfriend his full attention. “Did you use the edible one?”


“Y-Yeah… Katsuki, please…” The redhead pleads, turning his head on the pillow to look at him, face flushed.


“What do you want, Ei babe? My tongue or a toy?”


“Can’t have both…?”


“You horny bastard.”



Bakugou removes his finger and looks around him to find the small white bottle ; coconut isn’t his favourite and he largely prefers raw rimming, but it will do.



“Hold your ass for me.”



Biting his lip, Kirishima lets go of the pillow and buries his cheek in it as he moves his hands to his ass cheeks, spreading them. The blond refrains himself from moaning just at the sight, and he brings his face closer while working the lube on his fingers. One warning lick and he presses his tongue inside, slightly startled by how much he can fit in one go thanks to the plug’s previous stretching.



“Oh God…!”



The redhead moans loudly and can’t keep his mouth closed when the hot muscle pumps in and out of him. Bakugou sure knows how to use his tongue and he never ceases to surprise him ; the latter knows how his boyfriend gets turned on by the sounds he makes, so he lets his hoarse voice be heard every time he pushes inside. And it works, Kirishima tightening every single time.



“Watch out.” The blond warns him when he pulls away while still close enough for his hot breath to tickle the sensitive, wet skin.



The warning doesn’t really work as a newly lubed finger replaces Bakugou’s tongue and makes his boyfriend gasp. A second one joins soon after, the stretch not hurting as much as usual and rather instantly feeling incredible. Kirishima always becomes a mess easily when being fingered, and it only make the blond want to make him go limp. But this time, he doesn’t answer his instinct and takes more time easing his hole with two fingers, while his free hand pulls the vibrator closer to them and pours lube on it.


Bakugou secretly made some researches on the toys during the day, so he knows what to do with them, how to properly use them and if they can be lubed — it’s just as new to him, the only toy he has being a small satisfyer. He makes sure to cover the whole length of the toy and slowly removes his fingers to be able to hold it with his right hand.



“I’ll use the vibrating one, is it okay?” He asks Kirishima, slightly leaning to the side for his boyfriend to see his face and smiling at how the redhead is almost drooling on the pillow.


“Yes, it’s so okay.” The younger man looks at him and smiles, the blush on his cheeks and the drops of sweat on his forehead making him so beautiful it’s breathtaking. “Do you need the instructions? It’s different from yours so…”


You’ll be my instructions, babe. Don’t hold back, okay? And if it’s not good, we stop.”



That’s something most people wouldn’t know nor envisage, but beside his taste for roughness Bakugou is always careful about his partner during sex, especially when trying new things. Kirishima smiles lovingly and nods, his boyfriend taking the signal and looking back at the pretty, muscled ass before him. He pushes one of the redhead’s hand to replace it with his own to give him a break, what the other man welcomes with gratitude as he grabs hold of his pillow instead.


Slowly, Bakugou pushes the tip of the toy inside, the sudden cold of metal and lube making Kirishima instinctively pull away, but it only lasts half a second. The blond purposely doesn’t activate the vibration yet, wanting his boyfriend to get used to the intrusion before adding more sensations. The toy isn’t as thick as the dildos, the purpose really not being the same, and it helps a lot ; it slowly but surely sinks in the redhead’s stretched hole, the latter sighing with every new inch.


At some point, Bakugou stops pushing and gently makes the vibrator move back and forth, just enough for both the toy to adjust to Kirishima’s walls and Kirishima to adjust to the new feeling.



“Feels good?” The blond eventually asks as he stops moving once more.


“Hm, so good…” His boyfriend moans and takes a deep breath. “Y-You can turn it on.”



Bakugou waits a few seconds before pressing the power button just under his thumb, the toy starting to vibrate on its lowest intensity. The sound that escapes Kirishima’s throat is low and gets cut short by his loud sigh, his fist hardening and turning the pillow into shreds. From behind, Bakugou sees his body instinctively push backwards as if needing more ; the blond’s eyes focus on the other man’s filled hole and how it puckers around the metallic length, like trying to take it more.


This sight sends shivers down Bakugou’s spine, straight to his crotch. He begins moving the toy in and out of Kirishima, slowly, listening to the latter’s moan growing louder by seconds passing. The redhead is panting and it encourages the blond to press the button shaped as a plus sign, the intensity of the vibration increasing a bit just like its sound.



“Fuck, Katsu—ah!” Kirishima cries out before muffling his own moans by burying his face in the pillow he’s tearing apart.



It’s incredible. Bakugou isn’t the one with a vibrator shaking his insides yet he can almost feel everything himself, just by watching the toy and listening to what it does to his boyfriend. He maintains the pace of his movement, gradually pushing more of the object inside and getting amazed by how much more than his fingers Kirishima can take and still begging for more, his plea muffled but discernible enough.


The blond is about to lose all his composure and touch his engorged clit as he increases the intensity again, when something unexpected happens ; in his move to spread a bit more his own kneeling legs, Bakugou’s wrist involuntarily moves as well and gives the toy a new angle. The next push hits straight on Kirishima’s prostate, the latter raising his head and snapping his eyes open as he let a cry out and comes all over the bed.


His boyfriend gets startled by the naked, suddenly violently trembling body under him, and stops every movement. What he doesn’t realise is that the tip of the vibrator is still brushing against the redhead’s pleasure spot, and it’s wrecking him in the most pleasurable way. Kirishima pants loudly and cries Bakugou’s name, his aching cock spurting white, even more than for his previous orgasme.


When Bakugou finally snaps out of it and looks between his partner’s legs, he stays dumbfounded for a second before smirking. Oh, so that’s it.



“Damn, Ei…” He whispers. “You’ve never come like that before…”


“A-Ah… Kat… suki… so good… so good…” Kirishima pants even once he comes down from his orgasm, his eyes half closed and his face pressed against the pillow again. “Gods, so good…”



His arm goes a bit limp and he can’t help but letting go of his ass cheeks he’s been holding since the beginning. The position he’s now in is really alluring: ass in the air, knees digging and arms dead on the mattress… and his face, his face tells everything. His eyes are hidden behind a veil, the kind that makes him look like he’s having a delicious daydream, and his lips are swollen from being bitten too much.


Bakugou is this close to lose it.



“Let’s remove that, alright?” He manages to say with a not too lustful tone, one hand caressing Kirishima’s thigh.



With the utmost care, he turns the vibrator off and pulls it out, the redhead’s hole instantly puckering at the sudden nothing to hold tightly. Lube leaks straight from it and until Kirishima’s sensitive balls. He looks so beautifully submissive it takes a great effort to Bakugou to not put his tongue back where it was just a few minutes ago. Instead, he puts the vibrator away and stands up to grab the box of tissues.


When he comes back near the bed, the redhead is slowly letting himself fall on his side and very slightly unbending his legs. He’s covered in sweat from his two orgasms, loose hair stuck to his forehead, cheek and nape, and his breathing is slowly coming back to normal. Bakugou smiles softly as he sits, making sure not to sit on cum, and gently helps his boyfriend to sit up.


Both men eventually faces each other and the younger one smiles with his half closed eyes, looking so beautiful it takes his partner’s breath away. The blond moves every strand of red hair away from the precious face, pulling a tissue out of its box to wipe a sweaty forehead and gleaming cheeks.



“You gorgeous idiot…” Bakugou sighs as he removes red stains from Kirishima’s lips and chin. “You bit yourself.”


“Couldn’t help it…” His boyfriend smiles. “You made me feel so good.”


“Wasn’t really me.”


“That toy wasn’t moving alone, you did most of the job. And it was amazing…”


“Good, because it was just as amazing to watch.”


“Ah, you liked it huh, you little perv.”


“Guilty as charged. You were so fucking hot, Ei…”


“Was I…?”


“Of course, you’re always hot as hell but just now it was beyond everything. Your hole is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.”


“C-Cute? Katsuki!”



Kirishima blushes intensely and laughs, the compliment rather original and completely unexpected. Bakugou joins in and sniggers before stealing him a kiss.



“How are you feeling?” He asks, holding his boyfriend’s nape and his experts fingers massaging there.


“Better than ever.” The redhead doesn’t hesitate to say. “But there’s something I really want…”


“Hm, bring it.”


“I… I want you to, hum… I want you to fuck me.”



The blond shivers, hearing these words for the first time from Kirishima’s mouth and God if it doesn’t sound fucking arousing.



“Ei, you…” He starts, cupping the other man’s cheek. “You just went through two orgasms, don’t you want to take a break?”


“But why?” Kirishima pouts. “I want you.”


“I want you too, babe, but a third orgasm so quickly… your pretty ass needs some rest too, it must be hella sensitive now.”


“Wouldn’t it make it even better?”


“It could hurt, Ei, and the… the dildos are bigger than the plug or the vibrator.”


“Katsuki. If it hurts I’ll say it and we’ll stop, so please… please, I really want this, I want you so bad, please…”


“Wait, what are you… fuck, don’t cry!”



They’re both shocked as tears escape Kirishima’s eyes and run down his cheeks, Bakugou immediately pulling him against him. That is new too, crying after sex.



“Ei, for fuck’s sake…” He whispers. “Don’t cry, it’s just… it’s just sex.”


“Sorry I…” The redhead sniffles. “I got overwhelmed, I didn’t mean to cry…”


“It’s alright. Look at me.” The blond pulls away and holds his boyfriend’s face. “Are you sure you want to do it one more time? You don’t want to wait for tomorrow morning or something?”


“No, I really want to try now… if you want it too.”


“Fuck, Ei… of course I want it, just want to make sure you’re not rushing things. It’s some big step, I can’t just put that fat fake dick in you like I click my fingers.”


“I’m not rushing, I promise. If it hurts, I’ll tell you and if I realise it’s too early for it… then we’ll try another day.”







Bakugou smiles and wipes the few tears away from Kirishima’s face, pressing their lips together as to seal their promise. He then stands up and quickly goes to the kitchen to take a small bottle of water in the cupboard ; the redhead catches it in mid-air when he comes back to the bedroom and throws it at him, ordering him to hydrate like the elder he is.


While the younger man drinks and wipes a bit the cum he left on the mattress, the blond takes the black leathered harness, still empty of any fake dick, and inspects it. That shit looks tough to put on ; the only thing he knows is where’s the front, thanks to the round spot where he’s supposed to thread a dildo. But for the rest…



“Come here, let me help.” Kirishima puts the bottle aside and gestures his boyfriend to come closer.



Bakugou obeys and walks to him with the harness in his hands, not knowing what to do with it. The redhead takes it from him and pulls on the adjustable straps to make them loose ; he then shows the other man how to put it on and helps pulling it all the way up until it’s at the right place. The blond looks at him tightening the straps back up around his waist and ass, until it fits him perfectly.


It feels a bit weird, Bakugou isn’t used to have straps under his ass cheeks like that… but he doesn’t dislike it. The leathered jockstrap is rather comfortable and from what he sees, he looks hot with it.



“Baby, I think you might need something to put there.”



Kirishima’s voice draws him out of his self-admiration and the blond clears his throat, walking to the side of the bed where the box of dildos awaits. All three of them are there, clean and ready to be used.



“Which one do I take?” He asks, looking up.


“The smallest one, it will do for a first time.”



Bakugou nods with a smile, glad his boyfriend is being reasonable. He grabs the one that's shorter in length and slightly thinner than its buddies, but still quite interesting. As he comes back in front of Kirishima and gives him the dildo, the redhead seems to know exactly what to do, as if he trained. He immediately threads it to its spot, making sure that it’s well placed and fixed before removing his hands.


And Bakugou gets startled by the slight loss of balance he instantly suffers. It’s not much, he’s not falling or whatever, but the feeling is new and weird.



“You might need a minute or two to get comfortable with it.” Kirishima smiles. “I read that it’s normal the first time, maybe… walk a bit with it? I also read that some people literally spend a whole day wearing it, you know, doing their stuff like dishes, watch TV and everything.”


“You've been reading a lot lately.” The blond laughs but starts wandering around the room, eyes attached to the dildo. “That shit feels weird as fuck.”


“Yeah but you’re so sexy walking around with it like that… might come just by seeing it.”


“You better not!”



The redhead laughs heartily and watches Bakugou walk for a few minutes until it’s noticeable that he gets more comfortable. He’s even trying some of his training kicks and the whole show is hilarious, until Kirishima grunts because he wants attention too. The older man sniggers and climbs on the bed, standing on his knees as his boyfriend pours a good amount of lube on the dildo and runs his hand on it — that looks both weird and amazingly arousing at once.



“I’m a bit frustrated though…” The redhead pouts while lubricating the toy. “I purchased a small vibrator attachment too but it’s still stuck somewhere… maybe even lost.”


“And?” Bakugou cocks his eyebrow.


“Well, it’s supposed to vibrate against your clit, you know… so I’m not the only one feeling things.”


“Tch, what if I don’t feel shit, it’s no big deal. Didn’t you tell me you would have me sitting on your face after that?”


“Yeah but…”


“Then I’m good, don’t get all worried. Don’t regret something we haven’t started, okay? And when that vibrator thing comes, then we’ll try it.”



Kirishima eventually smiles and pulls at Bakugou’s nape to bring him in for a kiss. The blond smirks and pushes his tongue against the redhead’s, making him dizzy with one simple kiss only him seems to know the secret of. When they part, the younger man turns around and positions himself the same way as earlier, explaining that it’s better for a first time. His boyfriend nods and gently grabs his hips to manoeuvre them until his ass is at the dildo’s level.


As a precaution, Bakugou uses his fingers again to make sure Kirishima’s stretched enough for what’s coming. It’s just slightly thicker than the vibrator so he only needs to reopen him a bit… adding a third finger when two are being swallowed by the redhead’s hole like they’re nothing. The new stretch makes the latter gasp for air and ask for a moment, which his partner gives him without questioning anything.


It takes a few minutes for Kirishima to adjust to three fingers, Bakugou taking his time moving them in and out until the stretch’s burn makes space for a more pleasurable sensation. When he removes them, he swears he can hear both his heart and his boyfriend’s accelerate. Slowly, he brings the tip of the dildo closer to the redhead’s entrance, waiting for an approving nod to push.


He takes it slow, himself not used at all to what he’s doing. The head goes in quite easily, Kirishima moaning and fisting the already destroyed pillow as he gets ready for more.



“I-I’m putting more, okay?” Bakugou warns as he pushes a little more, still as slowly.


“Oh God…”



The way the dildo disappears in the redhead’s hole looks even more impressive than with the previous toys, the blond finding himself unable to take his eyes off of it. He gets a little too excited and a move of his knees makes his hips thrust a bit harder.



“Ah!” Kirishima cries out and hisses.


“Shit, I’m sorry.” Bakugou bites his lower lip and stops in his tracks. “I… I slipped.”


“God damnit, isn’t slipping supposed to happen like, only in really lame porn comics?”


“You mean the ones you hide under your socks?”


“Don’t you dare mocking me when you have those old magazines from the sixties or whatever.”


“It’s vintage and collector, asshole.”


“Oh yeah, speaking of that!”



The blond cracks up at the unexpected words, but at least their short stress died down. With more care this time, Bakugou resumes and it takes a few more seconds and one pause before he’s fully inside. It feels so strange to know what he’s doing that he stays like that for a moment, unable to move on his own until it’s Kirishima himself who uses his always so soft words to guide him.


The blond listens and starts pulling away, just on a few inches before thrusting back in. According to the redhead’s advices — and growing moans —, he keeps his first movements subtle to get the hang of it. He never thought thrusting wouldn’t be innate! He feels a bit frustrated by how he needs to be guided and take time to learn how to thrust, when it looks so easy for his boyfriend. But hearing the latter panting and moaning from such minimalistic moves is enough to give him his confidence back.


After a couple of minutes, Bakugou is confident enough to make his thrusts more shallow, gradually. He holds onto Kirishima’s hips to keep his balance and focus on what he’s doing, the other man trembling under him and panting loudly.



“Ow fuck, fuck…” The redhead moans. “Feels so good, Katsuki, yes…!”



Bakugou gets filled with pride at the praising, only encouraged to give more of himself. The painful stretch is long forgotten as he fastens his thrusts on his boyfriend’s demand, and starts panting himself from the new effort. What he doesn’t expect is his chest feeling a bit tighter by seconds passing, cold sweat running down his nape and forehead. Is it normal? His breathing gets louder and he doesn’t realise he’s started hyperventilating until Kirishima turns his head towards him and grabs his wrist.



“Katsuki, baby…!” The blond finally hears the call and looks at his boyfriend. “Take a break, stop moving, it’s alright.”



He finally notices how loud he sounds and how difficult it is to breathe slowly, and stops thrusting though he stays inside. The redhead’s frown betrays his worry as he caresses Bakugou’s wrist with his thumb. He moves on the bed to free himself from the dildo so he can turn around and kneels before the other man, gently holding his face and looking at him.



“Hey, it’s alright.” He softly says. “Breathe in and out, everything’s fine.”



To help, Kirishima takes deep breaths with his nose and exhales with his mouth, until Bakugou copies him. It takes several long seconds until he’s breathing normally again, frowning at what just happened and feeling… like shit.



“Sorry…” He says, voice so low it’s almost imperceptible.


“What for?” The redhead asks in return, kissing his forehead and wiping his sweat with his thumbs. “There’s nothing to apologise for.”


“I got… like, really overwhelmed, I don’t know… god I feel like shit, I’m so sorry Ei…”


“Hey, I’m not mad at you, don’t stress yourself even more. You got overwhelmed and it’s fine, it’s all new to you just like it is to me.”


“I don’t know what happened, I… it’s just that, like, doing all of this and hearing you enjoying it, it… it felt good for me so I don’t get why the fuck I reacted like that. Must be br—”


“You’re not broken, don't say that. You can get positively overwhelmed, baby, it’s all good. And before you say it, you didn’t ruin anything.”


“We both know I did.”


“Not at all. You said you were hearing me, did I sound like I wasn’t extraordinarily pleased?”




“See? So it’s alright. It’s alright, baby, I’m here for you.”



Kirishima gently presses their lips together as he runs his fingers through blond hair, in a soothing gesture. Bakugou stiffens a bit but feels the genuine love and concern conveyed by the kiss, and he eventually returns it, his body relaxing. He always gets impressed by how his boyfriend’s words are enough to make him come down from any negative emotion, can it be anger or sadness, frustration or anxiety.


When they part, the blond struggles to look at the other man in the eyes, still feeling shameful despite himself.



“Baby?” Kirishima pushes his chin upwards and smiles at him. “We can stop if you don’t feel like doing it anymore. I promised to tell you if I wanted to stop, but it works for you too.”


“I don’t want to stop.” Bakugou shakes his head and his looks away, a blush appearing on his cheeks. “I just… I want…”


“Yes? What do you want?”


“I want to… see you. While we do it.”


“So romantic…”



With a sweet smile, the redhead grabs his boyfriend’s nape and pulls him into a kiss as he leans back, drawing him with him. Bakugou smiles as well against his lips and lets himself been pulled, kneeling between Kirishima’s spread legs. Following the latter’s guidance, they just kiss for one or two minutes, hands roaming each other’s sweaty skin until they’re both relaxed enough to resume.


The blond prevents himself from asking where the redhead was taught that flexibility, when the latter pulls at his own knees to bring them close to his face. Bakugou gulps at the extremely open position and looks at what he’s doing when he lines-up the dildo with Kirishima’s hole again.



“Do you think I can go back in just like that?” He asks, slightly insecure.


“Yeah, it will be fine.” The other man smiles and rests one leg on his boyfriend’s shoulder while still holding the other one. “Come, baby.”



Bakugou answers the call as he pushes inside again, surprised by how it slides easily. Kirishima immediately moans and lets his head fall on the pillow ; seeing his face feels so much better, his forehead gleaming with sweat and cheeks flushed, his eyes sparkling and his wet lips shining… the blond looks at him for a second, engraving this picture in his memory before resuming his paused thrusts.


He quickly gets the hang on it again and this time, it works. He looks between their bodies to watch the dildo being engulfed by his boyfriend’s hole every time he pushes in, finding the sight absolutely beautiful. But it’s nothing compared to Kirishima’s broad chest rising as he pants, or his parted lips as he moans Bakugou’s name. It’s like they’re calling for him and he doesn’t ignore it, leaning on as much as he can to capture them.


The redhead’s moans are swallowed by open-mouthed kisses, Bakugou’s tongue doing the job alone when he’s too gone and keeps his mouth open. He grabs hold of blond hair while his other hand lets go of his own leg to grab at the sheets, hardened fingers piercing through it like it’s the thinest fabric ever. His toes curl in the air and he gasps for air when one thrust lands directly on his prostate.



“Ah…!” He cries, raising his head on the pillow as a wave of pleasure shocks his entire body, his back arching. “Yes…! Please, again…!”



Bakugou doesn’t even think, he just acts. His next few thrusts reach their goal each time, sending Kirishima higher and higher until his whole body stiffens. His back doesn’t touch the mattress and both his hands are now destroying the fitted sheet as he comes for the third time tonight, cum splattering both men’s chests. The redhead’s moaning voice is like a perfect combination of clear and hoarse, and he doesn’t mind being loud ; much to his boyfriend’s pleasure.


The blond gradually slows his thrusts down, following the way Kirishima’s body loosens under him, his back falling back on the bed. He’s panting loudly, eyes closed and muscles going limp. But he still is so beautiful. Bakugou uses all his strength to hold himself on one arm so he can move his boyfriend’s bangs away from his forehead. He's completely stopped moving now, and he moves back on his knees to remove the dildo.


Kirishima hisses a bit at the move and lets his legs fall back on the mattress while his hands soften back to their normal state. When he opens his eyes and raises a bit his head, he sees Bakugou pulling at the straps to loosen their hold and make the harness slide down his thighs. The redhead’s stare longs on the other man’s body, the muscles he worked hard to build, the tattoo covering his left shoulder and pectoral, the silver ball piercings under the lines of his Adonis’ belt.



“Hey, baby.” He calls, beckoning him. “Come up there, I’m not done with you.”



Biting his lip, Bakugou puts the harness aside and straddles Kirishima’s body, moving on his knees until they’re on each side of his head. He can feel the redhead moving as well, stretching and spreading his legs before he catches hold of the blond’s thighs.



“Hold on.”



Knowing what he wants, Bakugou leans back and places his hands on Kirishima’s thighs behind him, holding himself with no difficulty. Next thing he knows, the redhead raises his head and his lips are on his clit.



“Oh fuck…” The blond groans, this single contact making him feel like he’s about to implode.



Bakugou tightens his grip on the thick thighs, panting as Kirishima licks and sucks, voluntarily making noise and humming, his hot breath tickling his boyfriend in the most pleasurable way. The blond is on the verge of his orgasm since he’s been craving touch since they started in the kitchen, thus the redhead chooses to play with his tongue all around the swollen spot, just to make the moment last a bit longer.


But Bakugou’s had enough.



“Ah, Ei…” He moans and bites his lip. “Fucking make me come.”



Kirishima doesn’t need more and goes back to suck on the blond’s engorged clit, applying just the right pressure on it until Bakugou finally lets himself go and trembles from his considerable orgasm. His hoarse voice lets beautiful moans out as he sees stars, and his quivering arms start abandoning him. The redhead anticipates by bending his legs so when his boyfriend gives up on holding himself, he can lean back against thick thighs.


With firm hands, Kirishima helps Bakugou to sit on his abdomen, holding his hips while the other man comes down from his climax, trembling legs spread on either side of his boyfriend’s body. They’re both quiet, the redhead’s breathing came back to normal a few minutes ago while the blond’s is slowly calming down. They just stay in this position, the younger man’s tanned hands caressing anything they find ; hips, thighs, knees.


When Bakugou eventually lowers his head to look at him, red eyes meeting, they both smile at each other and Kirishima holds him by the waist while he sits up. The blond ends up sitting on his boyfriend’s lap with his legs circling his body, and he lets himself get embraced as he rests his head on the other man’s shoulder.


For a well-deserved moment, Kirishima runs his fingers on Bakugou’s back, drawing circles here, unwinding a muscle there. In return, he’s feeling his nape being massaged by one hand, his scalp by another one.



“Baby?” He calls after a few minutes, voice soft and fingers still tracing imaginary figures on the blond’s back.


“Hm?” The latter replies, never really talkative after sex.


“If I go take a bath, do you come with me?”


“Like hell I wouldn’t come.”





Kirishima smiles and moves on his butt, grabbing Bakugou’s thighs and holding him firmly while the latter holds onto his neck. The redhead stands up after a few tries, his lower back feeling a bit sore, and takes his time walking to their bathroom. He sits on the bath tub’s edge while it’s getting filled with warm water, taking advantage of the moment to press kisses on every inch of skin his lips find.


Bakugou grunts and shakes his shoulder away from kisses, but he doesn’t mean any harm by that. He’s even smiling, while his face his half buried in Kirishima’s wild hair. It does take a moment but they eventually lie together in the water, the blond huddled against the redhead who holds him tight and whispers sweet words.


Of course, too many lovely compliments get the better of Bakugou, whose soft side shows up as he straightens up to kiss his boyfriend’s lips. Once, twice… many times. Just gentle kisses showing his he grew addicted to this red haired moron, a moron who manages to bring the best out of him every time he smiles.



“How’re you feeling?” He eventually asks.


“Like I’m sitting on a cloud.” Kirishima smiles. “What about you?”


“Exhausted, but good.”


“Then everything’s fine.”


“Except the bed sheets.”


“I’ll replace them tomorrow, we’ll sleep in the guest room tonight.”


“And you ruined my pillow.”


“You can take mine. Or use me.”


“Stop having an answer for everything, you smooth bastard.”


“Yes baby.”



Kirishima smiles and lets Bakugou take his lips for another round of soft kisses before he just rests his head on his strong shoulder. The redhead keeps his voice low as he talks to him, only noticing that the blond has fallen asleep when a small snore interrupts him. Another power specific to the Hardening Hero : soothing Bakugou Katsuki to sleep.