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The last time we saw Team Prime, the Decepticons had found their base and destroyed what they managed to call home ever since arriving to earth so many years ago. Resorting to separate for the time being until they all meet again in one location the Prime had managed to hide from his own team for quite some time. Now having found sanctuary for the time being at Griffin Rock, they now face their days having to live in a part of earth where the war hasn’t reached them yet. Though the incident that happened with the Vehicons were only known to Optimus and the Rescue Bots, each of them had their own way of coping with what happened. The humans had their ways but it still troubled them from time to time when the memory resurfaces. William Fowler and the others managed to fit in well with Griffin Rock’s society as the kids were slowly adapting back in school and somewhat normal life.

Currently, adapting to a calm environment was difficult for Team Prime to handle, Arcee often went on patrol and realized thirty minutes in that there was no threat on the island. Ultra Magnus was reading the entire library the humans have on law enforcement when he would suddenly tense and prepare for an attack that would never come. Ratchet tinkered away to make a suitable medbay for the rescue bots as he refused to recharge as nightmares still plagued him from what transpired at Jasper. Wheeljack was in his ship, anxious when the next battle was going to happen as he readied his weapons as Bulkhead spent his time with his little brother, Boulder, as the anxiety of being separated from him was taking a great toll on his mental state. Optimus wasn’t fairing well as he was constantly monitoring for any deception activity in the Monitor room.

From what happened, no one has relaxed since their arrival to Griffin Rock, The bots were on edge but they would never ruin an opportunity that the humans could live peacefully even if it was just for a short while. At their charge’s home, three familiar humans were already walking to the front door when one of them barged in. “I got a B!” Miko cheered when walking into their ‘home’

“That’s great Miko” Fowler said before frowning when seeing the broken door...again “And we talked about the door” he sighed as Miko sheepishly laughed as went upstairs to her room to put her school bag away

“So where’s my mom?” Jack asked as he made his over to the couch and plopped himself down to rest his aching feet

“Still at work, she’s probably held up from her shift” Fowler explained as he turned on the tv before taking a look at Jack and noticed his disheveled appearance “What happened to you?”

“Someone added to my file that I used to play Baseball, the school put me on tryouts...I’m one of the batters for the school’s team” Jack said tiredly as Fowler blinked in astonishment

“You can actually play? Fowler said incredulously as Jack glared at him

“No! I was surprised as you were” Jack snapped as he stood abruptly and went upstairs to take a much-needed shower

Fowler sat in the living room alone trying to figure out what just happened before Raf broke the silence. “Uh...what’s for lunch?”

Fowler looked at him and sighed as he stood to make lunch for the kids, hopefully, their kitchen appliances won’t attack them again when the electricity went haywire. While he made lunch, Miko was doing her geometry homework while listening to some rock music when her phone began to ring, not tearing her gaze from her math book. She grabbed her phone from the far side of her desk and answered, not even bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Hello?” Miko said as she began solving the math problem she was currently on but stopped when hearing the sudden silence from her phone. “Hello?” she asked again as she leaned back in her chair “If this is some type of prank, this isn’t very funny,” Miko said angrily before hanging up. Glaring at her phone she put it on silent then threw it on her bed before turning back to her homework and ignored it for the next hour.

Unknown to everyone in the house, a certain raven-haired pompous woman was in the back of her car watching the house from a considerable distance as to not cause any suspicion. She sat inside as she gripped her phone tightly as she stared at the bright blue house two streets away from the car, then asking her driver to drive them back to her company. As the people of Griffin Rock enjoyed the peace that will probably last for an hour or two, a more sinister force was planning their next move back in Jasper Nevada. Sitting on his throne was a familiar warlord as he plotted his next plan now that he has taken control of Jasper, Nevada, and managed to destroy the autobot base.

“My Lord” a baritone voice said as he walked into the throne room

“Shockwave, any progress on the other Predacon clones?” the warlord asked as he watched the one optic mech stop a few feet away from him

“The clones are successfully developing as I calculated. It won’t be long until they are under your command, Lord Megatron” Shockwave informed

“Good...any sign of the autobots?” Megatron asked as he stood from his throne and made his way to the balcony to look at his growing empire on earth

“There hasn’t been any sign of the autobots since their base has been destroyed in the last deca-cycle” Shockwave reported as Megatron frowned

“Don’t lower your guard Shockwave, If I know Prime, there will be no doubt that the Autobots will be planning an attack” Megatron stated as he stared at the horizon

“Shall I have Predaking search from outside the perimeters of Nevada my lord?” Shockwave asked as Megatron thought on the idea before grinning sadistically

“He should recognize the scent of that wrecker, Wheeljack, and if he manages to offline him then it leaves one autobot out of the equation” Megatron replied as he turned to face his scientist “Give the predacon his new orders and then continue working on finding a way to cyberform this putrid planet”

“Of course Lord Megatron” Shockwave replied as he left the throne room to give his creation his new assignment

From the deepest parts of DarkMount, a large predacon was watching the developing forms of his new brethren. When the drones managed to find more Predacon CNA he was beyond pleased at the find more so than Megatron and Shockwave alike. He didn’t even twitch when hearing the familiar footsteps of his creator come into the Lab, not bothering to turn and face him, he waited until the other spoke first which didn’t take long as Shockwave wasn’t one for pleasantries.

“Lord Megatron has given you a new assignment. You shall head out of the perimeters of Nevada and locate the autobots and eradicate them” Shockwave informed as Predaking frowned but said nothing until the sudden movement of one his brethren caught his attention

He stood back when both containers broke and the liquid helping their developing forms were now on the cold metal floor as two predacons groaned. Predaking was quick to help the two off the floor as they clung to him to keep their footing. Shockwave watched and if he had any emotions he would’ve been shocked at the sudden scene before him.

“I will take my brethren with me. We shall head out during the lunar cycle and locate where the autobots are residing” Predaking informed before pausing and turning his attention back to the two predacons in his grasp. “You will be named Darksteel” he said to the blue predacon before turning to the white/grey predacon “You will be Skylynx”

The two looked at him before nodding before looking at him quizzically. “And who are you?” Darksteel asked as Skylynx murmured in agreement as Predaking looked at them

“I am Predaking, your leader”

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From cityscapes to the countryside, the people below were blissfully unaware of everything around them as they enjoyed the normality in their lives. Unknown to them three beings flew high above them as they watched the bustling activity below them. Two of them watched in fascination as they saw the organics do their routines. 

“It’s fascinating how the organics can come up with all this” 

“Don’t get distracted Skylynx, our mission is to search for these autobots” 

“I’m not distracted, I’m searching and sightseeing at the same time” Skylynx said as he stuck his glossa at the other 

“Very mature” the other grumbled 

All the while their leader watched in amusement, flying with his brethren was one of the things he never thought could happen but here he is with his kind flying over the land below them. Though he wished it was under circumstances without the war and any autobots or decepticons involved, though the circumstances are not pleasant, he is grateful to Shockwave for bringing back the predacon race. 

“Enough Darksteel, bickering will no be of use at the moment Skylynx I know you mean well but we must focus on the objective we can sightsee later” 

“Fine…” Skylynx said before turning to his leader “Predaking, what’s an autobot? Exactly” he asked as Predaking paused in midair as the others stopped and turned to at their King questionably 

Predaking didn’t have a clear answer for them as the sudden question threw him off, his experience with the autobots was because he was ordered to fight against them. Then the incident that happened in Shockwave’s old lab destroyed what could have been a new age for the predacon race. “Truth be told, I have no clear answer. I was brought into this world the same as you two. My experience of battle with the autobots will not answer your question” 

“Then shall we study these autobots before we kill them?” Darksteel asked not liking what Predaking told them about his lack of knowledge on the autobots

“If you wish it. But do not report this to Megatron. He will be displeased if he finds out” Predaking informed with a flap of his wings as he continued their search for any autobot activity

The other two Predacons looked at each other before following their King once more as they searched for the autobots as the humans below lay unaware of their presence. Miles away from the Predacons, across the waters of Maine, the citizens of Griffin Rock were all gathered at the town square to hear the mayor’s speech about the new piece of tech coming to Griffin Rock. Murmurs of excitement were spread around as the Burns family stayed near the stage where the mayor was giving his speech. Kade had his arms crossed with his usual scowl on his face as boredom was clearly getting the best of him.

“Does the mayor have to give a speech each time there’s something new happening here on Griffin Rock?” Kade asked as his dad scowled at him but gave a sigh either way in agreement 

“The mayor likes to...announce the new age to Griffin Rock, even when it comes to new tech” Chief Burns said as he sighed as the mayor continued his speech “But I do understand what you mean son” 

“So what do you think the mayor has in mind this time?” Graham asked as a certain green bulldozer hummed in response causing a few people to turn their way as Graham began to hum so no one would suspect anything else

The bots were tense but gave a sigh of relief as their cover was safely intact as the human's attention was drawn back to the mayor speaking. “That was close” Chief Burns said as he looked over at Boulder 

“At least it wasn’t like last time” Danny said causing everyone to shudder at the memory as they could still remember the incident as if it was yesterday 

“Now without further adieu. I now present Vigil!” Mayor Luskey said as he pulled the tarp off the new piece of technology 

“Hello, I am Vigil. Your safety is my priority” it said as the crowd was in awe at the new computer 

As everyone admired the new piece of technology, Heatwave had to suppress a groan as nothing good ever lasts with ‘a good piece of technology’ for the last couple of rescues proved that not all gadgets or gizmos are a good idea. Though his team watched in wonder at the new addition to Griffin Rock’s security and safety.

‘Why do I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well’ Heatwave thought with a frown

As the crowd began to disperse, the bots were tasked with taking vigil to the laboratory to replace the old computer that was kept there. The trip was supposed to be a breeze according to Kade but what they didn’t expect was for Vigil to have an attraction to one of the bots. 

“Hello, I am Vigil, who may you be?” Vigil asked as a certain police bot struggled not to look surprised and embarrassed at the same time 

“Uh...Chief Burns?” Luskey asked as he pointed at the computer and at Chase 

“Well you did say Vigil is very intelligent, Mayor” Chief Burns responded as he fought the urge to laugh as Vigil kept complimenting him and asking for his name 

“We can’t have Vigil get distracted, you will go ahead and make sure no one has any ideas about stealing Vigil” Mayor Luskey said as he left the team to escort Vigil to the lab

As they all watched him, Kade was the first to break out into fits of laughter as he held his sides while the others stared blankly or glared at him. Though Chase was glaring at him while Vigil kept asking for his name though when hearing a few of his fellow rescue bots snicker he turned his glare at them. 

“That’s enough Kade, we need to get Vigil to the lab, Doc left earlier to set up everything” Chief burns sternly said as his son calmed his laughing fit

“No prob dad, I’m good now” Kade said as a few laughs escaped him 

Heatwave groaned as he felt a processor ache as he had to deal with Kade’s childish behavior and Chase’s new suitor. They hooked Vigil to Blade’s hook and set off for Doc’s lab, it was a few minutes later of Vigil’s constant request for Chase’s name did the bot finally blow his cover when he told him during their trip up to the lab. If Vigil knew he was annoying he would’ve stopped a long time ago but now the team had to deal with Vigil’s constant questions on Chase’s favorite pastime, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. When they arrived, Doc was outside waiting for them but when hearing Vigil asking so many questions about Chase did he give a quizzical look to Burns' family. 

“Don’t ask” Danny said as she could see Chase’s rising temper

Doc seeing the tense mood coming from Chase he had Vigil be taken into the lab by Heatwave and Boulder as the rest of the team stayed outside. It was a quick setup and Chase didn’t need to be told twice when he transformed and opened the door for Chief Burns to get in and head back to the firehouse. The others followed suit as they drove home in silence as they felt Chase’s mood throughout the drive home. When they arrived and went below the firehouse after the Burns family went to get ready for dinner, did they see Team Prime getting ready to leave. Noticing their arrival, Optimus was about to inform them of the situation when Cody came down with a Bouquet of flowers in hand as he walked to the bots. 

“Hey guys, what's going on?" Cody asked as he noticed Arcee, Bulkhead, and Ultra Magnus getting ready to leave 

"We are heading out to investigate a sudden energon spike. We'll be back in a couple of solar cycles" Ultra Magnus informed as Cody nodded before turning to Chase with the bouquet in hand

"These are for you Chase...I guess you really made an impression" Cody teased as Chase narrowed his optics and huffed before walking away to his quarters

Team prime stared at the scene in confusion before Optimus turned to heatwave for an explanation. "The mayor brought in a new piece of tech, says it'll help keep the town safe but it had a sudden attraction to Chase. By the allspark was he annoying" Heatwave explained 

"I wasn't aware human technology can imprint on us" Ratchet said as he crossed his arms 

"They can't, human technology is not as advanced as ours. No offense" Arcee said as Cody shrugged 

"So back to the mission, are you sure that's a good idea? You're barely recovering from...are you sure you are up for this?" Boulder asked as he looked at his brother in worry 

"Don't worry Boulder, we'll be back before you know it" Bulkhead reassured but did nothing to ease the others worries 

Boulder frowned as he went off to make sure his brother had anything he needed while his team went off to do their own thing until the next emergency. Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus studied the organic flora Cody still had in his hands which reminded him of the flora from his homeworld. 

"Cody what are these called?" Magnus asked, startling the young human as he looked at the large bot before him. 

Cody looked at the bouquet in his hands before answering. "These are roses, humans use them to show how much they love one another on certain occasions" 

"These roses remind of the crystal gardens of Iacon, our people grew flora like this" Ultra Magnus informed as he took out an old holovid and showed Cody the gardens of Iacon

In awe, Cody admired the picture as he saw how they sparkled and shined. "Some of these flowers look like lilies and roses" 

As the two talked, ratchet had to end the conversation short as he had the groundbridge up and running for them to head off on their scouting mission. Blades was quick to get Cody a safe distance away as the portal appeared a few feet away from them. Things were going smoothly until the groundbridge short-circuited and created a vortex instead. It pulled in Ultra Magnus first, then Boulder, before it could take anyone else, Bulkhead hurled himself in the portal before it closed. 

Everyone vented or panted heavily as they turned to Ratchet who looked just as shocked as them. "Don't look at me, everything was in working order!" 

Before anyone could say anything a familiar voice was heard. /Strange energy readings were detected here. I've managed to shut down the source, you are welcome/ 

Heatwave growled when Vigil ended the message. "I hate that computer" he said as he ran a servo down his face

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Everything was dark, and the feeling of the sun’s rays hitting their armor was a clear indicator that they were not on Griffin Rock. Rebooting his systems, a certain green wrecker groaned as he sat up and rubbed his helm before worry flowed through his systems as he quickly stood to look around for his brother. 

“Boulder!” Bulkhead called out as he walked around calling his brother’s name many times “Boulder! Where are you!” 

Bulkhead searched for hours until he saw familiar blue plating and sighed in relief as he ran toward the other mech. The mech was quick to hear him and turned quickly as he raised his weapon before calming himself when seeing it was only Bulkhead. 

“Bulkhead, it is good to know that I was not the only one here,” Ultra Magnus said as he lowered his weapon to the ground

“Boulder isn’t with you? I saw him get pulled in, I can’t find him anywhere” Bulkhead began to ramble, worry clear in his voice 

“Worrying won’t help us find him, we best get a move on before the Decepticons find out that we are here...Wherever here is” Magnus said as he walked out into the rocky desert

Looking around Bulkhead began to recognize the scenery thanks to Raf. “I’m pretty sure we are at the Grand Canyon” 

As they searched the Canyon for Boulder, the rescue bot was already rebooting his systems, groaning he onlined his optics and looked at his surroundings, and seeing that he was in the Grand Canyon, he concluded he was stuck in Arizona. With a sigh he hauled himself and on shaky pedes, he managed to stand upright and take a better look at where he was. He activated his commlink but only static was heard and with that, he decided he should find Ultra Magnus and see if anyone else was pulled into the portal. It was many hours when the heat began to be too much for him and he was lucky enough to find shade but lucky enough to find any water to cool him off. 

“I hope someone finds me soon,” Bulkhead said as he leaned against the cool rocks and closed his optics, hoping to get some rest 

Unaware that he was being tracked down by known enemies of Team Prime, all the while Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus were resting in a cave as the Sun shone high above them. Bulkhead stared at nothing while Ultra Magnus continued to try to get into contact with the Autobots. With a scowl, Ultra Magnus ceased his attempts and punched the rock wall to his right. Bulkhead merely stared at him in an agitated manner and he didn’t need to blow a fuse just because what Magnus was doing was getting on his nerves. 

“I’m guessing no luck in getting into contact at base” Bulkhead said as ignored the glare sent his way 

“Getting into contact with the rest of the team is of the utmost importance” Magnus said and immediately regretted his choice of words when he saw Bulkhead’s withering glare

“We find my brother first, then we find a way to get into contact with the team” Bulkhead sternly said, standing he made his way out the cave

“You’ll fry your circuits if you go out in this heat” Ultra Magnus said but knew his words fell on deaf audios as Bulkhead was already out of sight. With a sigh he stood and followed the wrecker before he did anything rash. 

“If you’re here to convince me to wait then I don’t want to hear it” Bulkhead said with narrowed optics as he kept walking 

“I’m not here to convince you to do anything, but think of Boulder, he wouldn’t want you risking your health in finding him in this situation” Magnus said as Bulkhead stopped and hearing him sigh 

“Boulder is all I have left, I lost Breakdown to this war. I won’t lose Boulder” Bulkhead said as he turned to keep walking 

Ultra Magnus frowned but followed Bulkhead, their walk was quiet and no words were needed as they searched for the missing rescue bot. Unaware of the peering yellow optics staring from high above the skies. The predacon watched them for a while before flying ahead to inform his brethren of what he discovered. Though he cursed for not flying above the clouds as his shadow was cast over the two autobots who in turn began firing their weapons at him. He used his fire breath to attack the autobots and defend himself while he put as much distance as he could. 

It was the sound of an ion blast that knocked him out of the sky and at the mercy of the autobots. Landing on the earth’s surface sent his systems offline and the last thing he could see were humans coming toward him and firing blasts of the autobots. When his systems came online he found himself in a cave and surprisingly still online. He thought the autobots would’ve left him to his fate but here he was in a cave recovering from the earlier fight. 

‘How strange’ the predacon thought as he stood and had to suppress a wince and looked over at his wind found it twisted in an odd angle ‘When I find the ones who did they will pay’ he growled as he limped out the cave only to be met by one of the autobots who had their weapon ready. 

“I see your awake big guy. Didn’t know there were more of you besides Predaking” he said as he watched the predacon wearily before seeing his wing “I could help put that back into place. It’ll hurt like the pit though” 

The predacon growled but weighed his options, let his wing heal on its own, and head to the nemesis for it to be forcefully put back in place, OR, let the autobots put it back in place and let it heal correctly. With a sigh, he knew he made his choice as he slumped on the ground and waited for the autobot to fix his wing. The autobot turned his weapon back into his servo which the predacon found curious and stretched his neck to get a better look. The autobot watched as the predacon sniffed his servo before he slowly walked to his right and watched as the predacon eyed him. Placing two servos on the dislocated wing he looked at the predacon and hoped he wouldn’t be ripped into pieces. 

“Now won’t rip me into pieces right?” He asked as the predacon huffed at his question but nodded 

It was without warning that his wing was put back in place with a sickening pop and sending the autobot flying into a boulder. With a groan, the autobot looked at the predacon who was growling in order to cover the obvious pain he was in. Hearing the transformation sequence from his comrade he looked over to the distance and saw a familiar truck coming their way.

“Ultra Magnus is not going to be happy” He groaned out as the predacon crooned in curiosity when said autobot finally arrived and seeing the scowl on his faceplates made he young predacon flinch back but returned the scowl with a growl

Ultra Magnus sighed as he looked over at his companion who laughed sheepishly as he stood and walked over to him. “Do I need to ask how you ended up a foot away from our prisoner?, Bulkhead” 

“That’s best to say for another time” Bulkhead responded but scowled as the predacon made a gurgled like laugh 

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The day could have gone worse for Boulder, though he didn’t really mean for Primus to actually take his word into account when he was frustrated. Being strapped on a human truck and bolted down on its trailer wasn’t a part of his agenda. He sighed and began to think back on how he ended up being in this mess in the first place. Beginning to recall how he ended up as a captive for some humans, he felt stupid for trusting new faces too easily. The entire memory was embarrassing, he first awoke to the sounds of vehicles coming toward him, blinking his optics open, he stared quizzically at the newcomers. Boulder smiled, thinking he was going to be rescued, he introduced himself to the humans and one of them greeted himself as Leland ‘Silas’ Bishop. That was where everything went downhill, Boulder wanted to ask them more questions but screamed out in agony as he was shocked by some type of weapon. It was a while when his systems fully rebooted that he found himself bolted and covered in a tarp. 

‘This is bad’ Boulder thought as he silently tested the strength of his restraints and seeing no luck of them moving an inch. He sighed and decided keeping quiet was a better idea at the moment and wondered how everyone else was faring better than he was at the moment. 

It was bad, the people of Griffin Rock were trapped in their own homes since Vigil declared everything a danger to them. The bots were locked up in the bunker with piles and piles of many roses, and other flowers that Vigil managed to get for Chase along with teddy bears. Heatwave was close to burning everything that Vigil kept giving to the police car, Arcee was contemplating blasting their way out but the explanation the Burns would have to give to foreign technology and the smoking hole on the entrance hatch to the bunker would be difficult. Optimus couldn’t do much as he was still in recovery and from Ratchet’s orders was not to regain command until he was cleared for duty. 

“I’m getting tired of this, I say we shut off that bucket of bolts once and for all” Heatwave snapped as he saw another bouquet of flowers being sent by a drone from Vigil 

“I agree…” Chase said as he took the bouquet and threw it behind him where it landed on the ever-growing pile of gifts

“How? We are locked in and Vigil already knows that there are more ‘rescue bots’ here” Arcee bluntly said, making Heatwave growl in frustration

“Though Vigil is taking extreme measures, he is only doing what the humans programmed him to do,” Optimus said as he walked out the medical bay with Ratchet following behind him 

“Though his programming must've had a glitch in his mainframe is making Vigil act this way” Ratchet hypothesized as the most logical occurrence 

::Whatever is causing Vigil to act this way, we can’t let it continue. At this rate he can deem us threats to Griffin Rock:: Bumblebee said as he then pointed over to Chase ::No matter how much he likes Chase, Agh!:: The scout rubbed his helm as he glared over at the enforcer and immediately backed down when seeing tire rims wrapped in a blue bow in his servos 

“That is beside the point and one that shouldn’t be brought up again” Chase snapped as Heatwave slowly took the car part away from his servos and set it beside their makeshift couch

“We need a way to get out of the firehouse and somewhere Vigil can’t detect us” Wheeljack began before a smirk graces his face

“Wheeljack” Ratchet warned, crossing his arms as a scowl appeared to show his disapproval 

“Relax Sunshine, it won’t be as bad as you think” Wheeljack reassured but did nothing to ease the worry on everyone’s processors 

With a groan, Heatwave placed a servo on his helm and shook his head. “This is not going to end well”

It wasn’t surprising that things did end badly but not in the way everyone thought, Wheeljack for once managed to not blow anything up during their escape. Though Chief Burns did wonder what happened in the bunker after seeing the destruction that Wheeljack’s tempering with the ground-bridge had caused. Ratchet and Optimus stayed behind, though unhappy they have to deal with the mess while the others fix Vigil, or offline the computer if he can’t be reasoned with. 

::So what now?:: Bumblebee asked as he looked over the town ::We can’t just walk up into town, the humans will see us and no doubt Vigil will know we are more than robots::

“And Vigil is more than just a computer, he has already proven he can do things that no other human technology could do in their lifetime” Chase informed as the others looked at him in surprise “It doesn’t mean I am enjoying the attention he is giving to me” he snapped as they awkwardly stood in the outskirts of town as they looked anywhere but Chase

“Let’s get a move on, Hightide knows about the situation and he’s expecting us in a few clicks” Arcee informed as Blades sighed when he saw his friends follow Arcee deeper into the forest

“Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to end well,” Blades said as he followed the others as the sudden feeling of dread washed over him

As they moved on from town, Boulder in the meantime was now in some lab in the middle of nowhere. His communication systems were easily disabled and having humans whisper and murmur about his biology was uncomfortable to hear at all. They didn’t waste any time looking into his internal systems and as much as the entire ordeal made him scream in agony. He became numb after just a few hours of them cutting off his armor and draining a small pint of his Energon. The only thought on his mind was whether his big brother would find him with reinforcements in time before the humans managed to offline him. Closing his optics, he drowned out the human's excited whispers and murmurs, he didn’t think much of their screaming and machines being destroyed. Boulder was far too weak to be concerned with what was going on in his surroundings and feeling someone being close to him. That was what caused him to weakly blink his optics open and see two yellow optics staring straight at him. Staring at those optics closely he noticed something different about them besides the color. Everything went black before he could think more about the other as the exhaustion finally won over. 

The unknown stranger stared at Boulder’s prone form before looking over at his comrade who held a deep scowl on his face as he snarled and snapped at the air. “He’s not here and we’ve searched everywhere!” he roared as he punched the human equipment that was still standing after the fight 

“We will find him soon Darksteel, on the other servo we did find what I believe to be an Autobot due to its symbol,” The other said as he frowned at the strange symbol on Boulder’s chest “Though it does not appear to be of any Autobot symbol I’ve ever seen” 

“Forget the SYMBOL! My brother is missing! I should have never let him go on his own!” Darksteel growled out as his leader frowned once more 

“Skylynx is capable of handling himself. But for now, we take this mech to out temporary lair and see if he knows anything about the Autobots” he said as he turned to release Boulder from the chain pinning him to the ground

“He doesn’t look like a bot meant for war, Predaking,” Darksteel said one he took a closer look at the green bot 

Predaking looked down at the bot he now carried in his arms and had to agree with Darksteel. The bot seemed as if he never experienced combat in his entire functioning. “No, He doesn’t. Let’s get out of here before the humans decided to come back” He said quickly 

Not wasting any time they made their way out the cave the humans decided to reside in and transformed into their beast mode. Predaking had to settle Boulder on the ground first before he could carry him in his clawed servos, and took to the sky and avoided going near the ground as a precaution. The two flew for hours until they arrived at their cave, Darksteel was the first to transform into his Bi-pede mode to take Boulder from his King then walk into the cave. Hearing his leader transform behind him didn’t make him falter on his task, no matter how protective Predaking suddenly seemed. Darksteel continued to analyze his wounds and tsked at the damage the humans caused. 

“He needs a proper healer. I’m not qualified or trained to do any medical work” Darksteel informed as he took one more glance at their guest

“Then you’ll have to train yourself then. I’ll be back with materials needed to heal him” Predaking stated before Darksteel could utter a single word. The predacon was already walking back out of the cave and flying into the night sky. 

Darksteel stood in place for a while not comprehending what he heard, he blinked not once but three times as the conversation finally sunk in. “Why do I even bother at this point?” he sighed before turning around to face the green mech “You must’ve done something to make Predaking want to help an Autobot such as yourself. At least, I think you’re an Autobot?” 

Boulder didn’t reply which wasn’t surprising as he was still in deep stasis to recover from the traumatic experience with the humans. Darksteel said nothing as he began to analyze more of Boulder’s wounds and winced at the torn wires and missing plating. The first thing this mech needed was Energon and quickly, the young predacon pulled out a cube of Energon from his subspace and moved closer to the unconscious mech. Darksteel tipped the mech’s head slightly and began to pour the Energon down the mech’s throat. Being a medic wasn’t a part of his programming but he was willing to learn if it meant finding his brother quicker the sooner the mech was healed.

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Things weren’t going as planned, but then again Bulkhead was the one who charged into battle and ignored everything Ultra Magnus had planned. And getting stuck in a cave with the only entrance was the predacon's fault. Now they all sat there, Bulkhead and the predacon looking sheepish, as Ultra Magnus glared and mumbled his displeasure. 

“One simple plan, we’ve agreed and strategized on one plan” Magnus began as Bulkhead groaned 

“Come on Magnus, I said I was sorry” Bulkhead groaned but with a piercing glare from his superior he shut his intake 

“And then you had to involve the predacon into your rampage against M.E.C.H which cost us the battle” Magnus hissed as the predacon growled but remained somewhat calm “Now we are stuck in here thanks to the both of you” 

“At least we managed to ruin Silas’s plans” Bulkhead offered but it only made Magnus scowl more “Okay shutting up now,” he said as the predacon yawned, making his boredom known

The young predacon ignored the two autobots and looked back at his wing, he shifted his shoulder struts and winced a little as the sore muscle was still tender. With a huff he laid his head between his two front paws, the bots weren’t as bad as he thought nor what the Decepticons said they said they were. To say not transforming into his bi-pede mode to talk with them was disheartening until his wing healed properly. Bulkhead was nice and overprotective but from their recent actions, he had to admit they could both be hard-headed as the humans say. Though he disliked being called predacon as if it was his designation, he has been coming up with a few plans to tell them his identity but they all proved useless when it came to the more complicated parts. 

‘How did Predaking deal with being in beast form for so long and without talking for that matter’ he thought with a frown before picking up a familiar scent ‘oh you’ve got to be fragging kidding me’ with a groan he stood and began to follow the scent deeper into the cave, hearing the Autobots beginning to follow didn’t deter him from his goal. 

“What’s he doing?” Bulkhead whispered as Ultra Magnus shrugged as they continued to follow the young predacon 

“He might’ve picked up a scent familiar to him, let us hope it is energon and not more of his comrades,” Ultra Magnus said, tensing already as he could hear faint sounds up ahead of them. 

“that’s reassuring Magnus” Bulkhead muttered as he continued to follow the young predacon through the cave network of tunnels

Ignoring the other two, the predacon was happy that they let him continue on his path before he stopped and ran off leaving the autobots to chase after him. Running through the maze of tunnels in the dark was easy if you were a beastformer and not a couple of grounders who kept tripping over their two pedes during their chase. Bulkhead lost sight of him when he rounded a corner and when he followed suit with Ultra Magnus in tow, they were met with two predacons in their bipede form. 

“SKYLYNX” A blue predacon snapped as he saw his wayward brother smiling cheekily at him and their leader 

“We can reprimand him later, Darksteel. For the moment we deal with the two Autobots” Predaking said as he turned to the wreckers 

Seeing the upcoming fight, Skylynx got in between the two groups and growled as he gestured to his already healing wing. Predaking stood his ground as did Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus as they wearily watched Predaking examine the splint on Skylynx’s wing strut. 

“How did this happen?” Predaking calmly said as he stood up from his kneeled position as he turned to the other two bots 

“MECH managed to ambush us and managed to injure your comrade during the battle” Ultra Magnus informed, tense as he and Bulkhead watched all three predacons wearily

“He is well taken care of...Megatron had made it clear that Autobots do not keep prisoners” Predaking muttered as he recalled his own interaction with the Decepticon Lord

“We autobots may not be saints but we don’t deactivate any Decepticon prisoners just because we are in a war” Bulkhead said before taking a step back when Darksteel was suddenly in his personal space “I uh...can I help you?” 

“You look similar to that green bot we found when we infiltrated a secret human base. Though he is much smaller and has a lighter shade of green for a paint job” Darksteel informed before yelping as bulkhead ran right past him and further into their temporary den “Was it something I said?” 

“The mech you described is his younger brother. We have been looking for him until we came across Skylynx. Then had to defend ourselves against MECH” Ultra Magnus informed before they all followed Predaking deeper into the cave to see Bulkhead kneeling next to an injured Boulder.

“What happened?” Bulkhead asked as the tone in his voice spoke volumes to his rising anger 

“MECH” was the only answer that Predaking had as he motioned for his younger companions to get behind him, afraid of what the autobot would do in his anger 

Ultra Magnus walked up to the distraught mech and laid a servo on his shoulder, a silent command for him to keep his emotions in check. With a sigh, Bulkhead gave one last look at his brother before turning back to the others. 

“Thank you...for patching him up,” Bulkhead said, giving a faint smile 

“You are welcome autobot but Darksteel is the one you should be expressing your gratitude, he managed to heal your brother well enough even with no medical training” Predaking informed as he couldn’t help but gloat as Darksteel shook it off but was secretly enjoying the praise.

“Ratchet would be impressed with his work. Not even a rookie medic does this good of a job on their first patient” Ultra Magnus said as Darksteel smiled at the complement 

“How long has he been in stasis?” Bulkhead asked suddenly, sitting beside Boulder as if he just had a nightmare reflux 

Darksteel hummed as the answer was a mystery to him. “When we found him, he was already in stasis but that was a few solar cycles later. With us, he was in stasis for six orns before you found us” 

Bulkhead had no response as he leaned against the cool rock wall and let Magnus do the talking until they went their separate ways. Darksteel frowned but let the matter drop and went to inspect his brother’s wing strut, a few quick examinations were enough to tell that his wing strut was healing nicely. Luckily he had no need to dislocate it again to realign it properly for his brother to transform into beast and mech form. Skylynx grunted as his wing still ached from being realigned but hearing from Darksteel that he would be able to transform back into mech form soon was a relief. 

“You autobots are not what Megatron pointed you out to be” Predaking quietly said as Ultra Magnus hummed in response 

“Megatron is good at telling lies, it is how he built his army and convinced innocent sparks to join him” Magnus informed as he recalled old times “But he wasn’t always like that, he was once a minor, gladiator, brother, friend, lover...but he changed and so did his revolution” 

Predaking didn’t need an answer to know who Megatron once cared for so deeply enough for him to constantly seek him out during battle. Instead, he asked, “I see...he used his silver glossa to trick us into serving him then” 

“I will not hold it against you and your brethren of any deed you may have done. But Wheeljack may be hard to convince” Magnus chuckled as Predaking snorted 

“We have a lot to discuss on our new alliance then if you are willing to have us in your troops,” Predaking said as Ultra Magnus smiled 

“We would be honored to have you on our side,” Magnus said as he held out his servo which Predaking gladly clasped in his own