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From cityscapes to the countryside, the people below were blissfully unaware of everything around them as they enjoyed the normality in their lives. Unknown to them three beings flew high above them as they watched the bustling activity below them. Two of them watched in fascination as they saw the organics do their routines. 

“It’s fascinating how the organics can come up with all this” 

“Don’t get distracted Skylynx, our mission is to search for these autobots” 

“I’m not distracted, I’m searching and sightseeing at the same time” Skylynx said as he stuck his glossa at the other 

“Very mature” the other grumbled 

All the while their leader watched in amusement, flying with his brethren was one of the things he never thought could happen but here he is with his kind flying over the land below them. Though he wished it was under circumstances without the war and any autobots or decepticons involved, though the circumstances are not pleasant, he is grateful to Shockwave for bringing back the predacon race. 

“Enough Darksteel, bickering will no be of use at the moment Skylynx I know you mean well but we must focus on the objective we can sightsee later” 

“Fine…” Skylynx said before turning to his leader “Predaking, what’s an autobot? Exactly” he asked as Predaking paused in midair as the others stopped and turned to at their King questionably 

Predaking didn’t have a clear answer for them as the sudden question threw him off, his experience with the autobots was because he was ordered to fight against them. Then the incident that happened in Shockwave’s old lab destroyed what could have been a new age for the predacon race. “Truth be told, I have no clear answer. I was brought into this world the same as you two. My experience of battle with the autobots will not answer your question” 

“Then shall we study these autobots before we kill them?” Darksteel asked not liking what Predaking told them about his lack of knowledge on the autobots

“If you wish it. But do not report this to Megatron. He will be displeased if he finds out” Predaking informed with a flap of his wings as he continued their search for any autobot activity

The other two Predacons looked at each other before following their King once more as they searched for the autobots as the humans below lay unaware of their presence. Miles away from the Predacons, across the waters of Maine, the citizens of Griffin Rock were all gathered at the town square to hear the mayor’s speech about the new piece of tech coming to Griffin Rock. Murmurs of excitement were spread around as the Burns family stayed near the stage where the mayor was giving his speech. Kade had his arms crossed with his usual scowl on his face as boredom was clearly getting the best of him.

“Does the mayor have to give a speech each time there’s something new happening here on Griffin Rock?” Kade asked as his dad scowled at him but gave a sigh either way in agreement 

“The mayor likes to...announce the new age to Griffin Rock, even when it comes to new tech” Chief Burns said as he sighed as the mayor continued his speech “But I do understand what you mean son” 

“So what do you think the mayor has in mind this time?” Graham asked as a certain green bulldozer hummed in response causing a few people to turn their way as Graham began to hum so no one would suspect anything else

The bots were tense but gave a sigh of relief as their cover was safely intact as the human's attention was drawn back to the mayor speaking. “That was close” Chief Burns said as he looked over at Boulder 

“At least it wasn’t like last time” Danny said causing everyone to shudder at the memory as they could still remember the incident as if it was yesterday 

“Now without further adieu. I now present Vigil!” Mayor Luskey said as he pulled the tarp off the new piece of technology 

“Hello, I am Vigil. Your safety is my priority” it said as the crowd was in awe at the new computer 

As everyone admired the new piece of technology, Heatwave had to suppress a groan as nothing good ever lasts with ‘a good piece of technology’ for the last couple of rescues proved that not all gadgets or gizmos are a good idea. Though his team watched in wonder at the new addition to Griffin Rock’s security and safety.

‘Why do I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well’ Heatwave thought with a frown

As the crowd began to disperse, the bots were tasked with taking vigil to the laboratory to replace the old computer that was kept there. The trip was supposed to be a breeze according to Kade but what they didn’t expect was for Vigil to have an attraction to one of the bots. 

“Hello, I am Vigil, who may you be?” Vigil asked as a certain police bot struggled not to look surprised and embarrassed at the same time 

“Uh...Chief Burns?” Luskey asked as he pointed at the computer and at Chase 

“Well you did say Vigil is very intelligent, Mayor” Chief Burns responded as he fought the urge to laugh as Vigil kept complimenting him and asking for his name 

“We can’t have Vigil get distracted, you will go ahead and make sure no one has any ideas about stealing Vigil” Mayor Luskey said as he left the team to escort Vigil to the lab

As they all watched him, Kade was the first to break out into fits of laughter as he held his sides while the others stared blankly or glared at him. Though Chase was glaring at him while Vigil kept asking for his name though when hearing a few of his fellow rescue bots snicker he turned his glare at them. 

“That’s enough Kade, we need to get Vigil to the lab, Doc left earlier to set up everything” Chief burns sternly said as his son calmed his laughing fit

“No prob dad, I’m good now” Kade said as a few laughs escaped him 

Heatwave groaned as he felt a processor ache as he had to deal with Kade’s childish behavior and Chase’s new suitor. They hooked Vigil to Blade’s hook and set off for Doc’s lab, it was a few minutes later of Vigil’s constant request for Chase’s name did the bot finally blow his cover when he told him during their trip up to the lab. If Vigil knew he was annoying he would’ve stopped a long time ago but now the team had to deal with Vigil’s constant questions on Chase’s favorite pastime, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. When they arrived, Doc was outside waiting for them but when hearing Vigil asking so many questions about Chase did he give a quizzical look to Burns' family. 

“Don’t ask” Danny said as she could see Chase’s rising temper

Doc seeing the tense mood coming from Chase he had Vigil be taken into the lab by Heatwave and Boulder as the rest of the team stayed outside. It was a quick setup and Chase didn’t need to be told twice when he transformed and opened the door for Chief Burns to get in and head back to the firehouse. The others followed suit as they drove home in silence as they felt Chase’s mood throughout the drive home. When they arrived and went below the firehouse after the Burns family went to get ready for dinner, did they see Team Prime getting ready to leave. Noticing their arrival, Optimus was about to inform them of the situation when Cody came down with a Bouquet of flowers in hand as he walked to the bots. 

“Hey guys, what's going on?" Cody asked as he noticed Arcee, Bulkhead, and Ultra Magnus getting ready to leave 

"We are heading out to investigate a sudden energon spike. We'll be back in a couple of solar cycles" Ultra Magnus informed as Cody nodded before turning to Chase with the bouquet in hand

"These are for you Chase...I guess you really made an impression" Cody teased as Chase narrowed his optics and huffed before walking away to his quarters

Team prime stared at the scene in confusion before Optimus turned to heatwave for an explanation. "The mayor brought in a new piece of tech, says it'll help keep the town safe but it had a sudden attraction to Chase. By the allspark was he annoying" Heatwave explained 

"I wasn't aware human technology can imprint on us" Ratchet said as he crossed his arms 

"They can't, human technology is not as advanced as ours. No offense" Arcee said as Cody shrugged 

"So back to the mission, are you sure that's a good idea? You're barely recovering from...are you sure you are up for this?" Boulder asked as he looked at his brother in worry 

"Don't worry Boulder, we'll be back before you know it" Bulkhead reassured but did nothing to ease the others worries 

Boulder frowned as he went off to make sure his brother had anything he needed while his team went off to do their own thing until the next emergency. Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus studied the organic flora Cody still had in his hands which reminded him of the flora from his homeworld. 

"Cody what are these called?" Magnus asked, startling the young human as he looked at the large bot before him. 

Cody looked at the bouquet in his hands before answering. "These are roses, humans use them to show how much they love one another on certain occasions" 

"These roses remind of the crystal gardens of Iacon, our people grew flora like this" Ultra Magnus informed as he took out an old holovid and showed Cody the gardens of Iacon

In awe, Cody admired the picture as he saw how they sparkled and shined. "Some of these flowers look like lilies and roses" 

As the two talked, ratchet had to end the conversation short as he had the groundbridge up and running for them to head off on their scouting mission. Blades was quick to get Cody a safe distance away as the portal appeared a few feet away from them. Things were going smoothly until the groundbridge short-circuited and created a vortex instead. It pulled in Ultra Magnus first, then Boulder, before it could take anyone else, Bulkhead hurled himself in the portal before it closed. 

Everyone vented or panted heavily as they turned to Ratchet who looked just as shocked as them. "Don't look at me, everything was in working order!" 

Before anyone could say anything a familiar voice was heard. /Strange energy readings were detected here. I've managed to shut down the source, you are welcome/ 

Heatwave growled when Vigil ended the message. "I hate that computer" he said as he ran a servo down his face