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The last time we saw Team Prime, the Decepticons had found their base and destroyed what they managed to call home ever since arriving to earth so many years ago. Resorting to separate for the time being until they all meet again in one location the Prime had managed to hide from his own team for quite some time. Now having found sanctuary for the time being at Griffin Rock, they now face their days having to live in a part of earth where the war hasn’t reached them yet. Though the incident that happened with the Vehicons were only known to Optimus and the Rescue Bots, each of them had their own way of coping with what happened. The humans had their ways but it still troubled them from time to time when the memory resurfaces. William Fowler and the others managed to fit in well with Griffin Rock’s society as the kids were slowly adapting back in school and somewhat normal life.

Currently, adapting to a calm environment was difficult for Team Prime to handle, Arcee often went on patrol and realized thirty minutes in that there was no threat on the island. Ultra Magnus was reading the entire library the humans have on law enforcement when he would suddenly tense and prepare for an attack that would never come. Ratchet tinkered away to make a suitable medbay for the rescue bots as he refused to recharge as nightmares still plagued him from what transpired at Jasper. Wheeljack was in his ship, anxious when the next battle was going to happen as he readied his weapons as Bulkhead spent his time with his little brother, Boulder, as the anxiety of being separated from him was taking a great toll on his mental state. Optimus wasn’t fairing well as he was constantly monitoring for any deception activity in the Monitor room.

From what happened, no one has relaxed since their arrival to Griffin Rock, The bots were on edge but they would never ruin an opportunity that the humans could live peacefully even if it was just for a short while. At their charge’s home, three familiar humans were already walking to the front door when one of them barged in. “I got a B!” Miko cheered when walking into their ‘home’

“That’s great Miko” Fowler said before frowning when seeing the broken door...again “And we talked about the door” he sighed as Miko sheepishly laughed as went upstairs to her room to put her school bag away

“So where’s my mom?” Jack asked as he made his over to the couch and plopped himself down to rest his aching feet

“Still at work, she’s probably held up from her shift” Fowler explained as he turned on the tv before taking a look at Jack and noticed his disheveled appearance “What happened to you?”

“Someone added to my file that I used to play Baseball, the school put me on tryouts...I’m one of the batters for the school’s team” Jack said tiredly as Fowler blinked in astonishment

“You can actually play? Fowler said incredulously as Jack glared at him

“No! I was surprised as you were” Jack snapped as he stood abruptly and went upstairs to take a much-needed shower

Fowler sat in the living room alone trying to figure out what just happened before Raf broke the silence. “Uh...what’s for lunch?”

Fowler looked at him and sighed as he stood to make lunch for the kids, hopefully, their kitchen appliances won’t attack them again when the electricity went haywire. While he made lunch, Miko was doing her geometry homework while listening to some rock music when her phone began to ring, not tearing her gaze from her math book. She grabbed her phone from the far side of her desk and answered, not even bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Hello?” Miko said as she began solving the math problem she was currently on but stopped when hearing the sudden silence from her phone. “Hello?” she asked again as she leaned back in her chair “If this is some type of prank, this isn’t very funny,” Miko said angrily before hanging up. Glaring at her phone she put it on silent then threw it on her bed before turning back to her homework and ignored it for the next hour.

Unknown to everyone in the house, a certain raven-haired pompous woman was in the back of her car watching the house from a considerable distance as to not cause any suspicion. She sat inside as she gripped her phone tightly as she stared at the bright blue house two streets away from the car, then asking her driver to drive them back to her company. As the people of Griffin Rock enjoyed the peace that will probably last for an hour or two, a more sinister force was planning their next move back in Jasper Nevada. Sitting on his throne was a familiar warlord as he plotted his next plan now that he has taken control of Jasper, Nevada, and managed to destroy the autobot base.

“My Lord” a baritone voice said as he walked into the throne room

“Shockwave, any progress on the other Predacon clones?” the warlord asked as he watched the one optic mech stop a few feet away from him

“The clones are successfully developing as I calculated. It won’t be long until they are under your command, Lord Megatron” Shockwave informed

“Good...any sign of the autobots?” Megatron asked as he stood from his throne and made his way to the balcony to look at his growing empire on earth

“There hasn’t been any sign of the autobots since their base has been destroyed in the last deca-cycle” Shockwave reported as Megatron frowned

“Don’t lower your guard Shockwave, If I know Prime, there will be no doubt that the Autobots will be planning an attack” Megatron stated as he stared at the horizon

“Shall I have Predaking search from outside the perimeters of Nevada my lord?” Shockwave asked as Megatron thought on the idea before grinning sadistically

“He should recognize the scent of that wrecker, Wheeljack, and if he manages to offline him then it leaves one autobot out of the equation” Megatron replied as he turned to face his scientist “Give the predacon his new orders and then continue working on finding a way to cyberform this putrid planet”

“Of course Lord Megatron” Shockwave replied as he left the throne room to give his creation his new assignment

From the deepest parts of DarkMount, a large predacon was watching the developing forms of his new brethren. When the drones managed to find more Predacon CNA he was beyond pleased at the find more so than Megatron and Shockwave alike. He didn’t even twitch when hearing the familiar footsteps of his creator come into the Lab, not bothering to turn and face him, he waited until the other spoke first which didn’t take long as Shockwave wasn’t one for pleasantries.

“Lord Megatron has given you a new assignment. You shall head out of the perimeters of Nevada and locate the autobots and eradicate them” Shockwave informed as Predaking frowned but said nothing until the sudden movement of one his brethren caught his attention

He stood back when both containers broke and the liquid helping their developing forms were now on the cold metal floor as two predacons groaned. Predaking was quick to help the two off the floor as they clung to him to keep their footing. Shockwave watched and if he had any emotions he would’ve been shocked at the sudden scene before him.

“I will take my brethren with me. We shall head out during the lunar cycle and locate where the autobots are residing” Predaking informed before pausing and turning his attention back to the two predacons in his grasp. “You will be named Darksteel” he said to the blue predacon before turning to the white/grey predacon “You will be Skylynx”

The two looked at him before nodding before looking at him quizzically. “And who are you?” Darksteel asked as Skylynx murmured in agreement as Predaking looked at them

“I am Predaking, your leader”